Friday, 23 July 2021 04:20

Why I'm so sick of big tech, and more control over people in general everywhere...

I sent a lengthy email to Google's CEO this morning - one of many, which unlike at Amazon (kudos Jeff!) - will probably never be read - or responded to - other than the rote copy and paste nonsense I keep getting from 'em. 

Their service in short - is just pathetic. Google takes the very dubious honor in my opinion of having the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE out there globally - and thats saying a lot given the number of companies I deal with daily and comparing it to their shitty service. 

Anyway, I've already gone into details before on that in emails etc. 

Let me just say there is a REASON behind first, the founders of the company giving Google up (at that point - it was doomed I thought - and given whats happening now, it's on a slow but steady decline which could be precipitated ANY MOMENT). There is reason behind a lot of the VP's of the company and other people in senior leadership positions quitting because they just weren't happy with the direction the company is goin gin. 

Unlike at Amazon, where Jeff Bezos remains, for now, firmly on the board in a leadership role (essentially the new CEO reports to him) - with Google, I think it's the new CEO Sundar Pichai and he reports to the Board, but it's unclear, at least to me, if the founders Larry and Sergey have anything to do with the company now. 

Perhaps not - probably not from what it looks like. 

More to the point though, here's the thing. 

With big tech being SO BIG - there is no way you can simply "use someone else" because there is no option. 

For instance, a lot of my customers have told me that there is no-one out there putting out books and workouts like mine, so it's either my books or workouts - or none for them (since they prefer REAL MAN workouts). 

Which is true!

But ... it's different with big tech. 

Not choosing or choosing to buy fitness products from me is one thing. 

With "not using Google", it would mean I'd have to stop using their search, emails, everything else they offer - which has becom so big that there isn't much compeition other than Amazon, to whom I'm steadily moving over to in every regard. 

There is a MONOPOLY. 

that is never good. 

Because monopolies anywhere, my friend, are either promoted by dictatorial regimes - or they LEAD to dictatorship in some way, shape or form (Google's customer service is a prime example). 

Not only that, there is too much CONTROL everywhere - starting from this mask wear nonsense everywhere (which granted, not all of us wear, but still - you HAVE to in some places!) - to vaccine passports and other nonsense (people are protesting against that though - which is good) - and RULES imposed by cumbersome goverments everywhere i.e. "it's my way or the highway " and customer service - dealing with unique situations? Forget about it!

It's just pathetic how our freedoms are being stripped away, our data being mined daily, and people lik eyou and I - and indeed people in general - there ain't a damned thing you can do about it, my friend. 

So, where am I going with this? 

I dont know ... 

I dont so much care about the side effects or negative effects - if there are some positives to be gleaned from the relationship. 

Amazon is the best at mining data, and knowing what customers want. Way better than Google or anyone else out there.

But there are just so many benefits out there for the business minded person that want to do biz with them, so I do ... 

But other than them, I dont see ANY big Tech company that offers the same "benefits - losses" ratio. 

Anyway ... 

As I'm off for another frustrating round of paperwork that should never have been had to filed in the first place, I'm out. 

And remember - last day for Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness to be offered at the price it is. 

It WILL go up after that - so reserve NOW if you want in 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee