Thursday, 29 July 2021 04:13

Why I really, really, think we need to stop using "mental health" as a crutch!

As I read about Simone Biles withdrawal from the Olympics due to "mental health issues" or what not - I had a bad feeling. 

Not so much the "right wing" comments made about her in terms of not supporting the country, ceding space to the Russians and so forth ... 

I dont think it's about that - to me, thats not the feeling I got. 

I've never seen the lady Tom Tom the left, or take a knee, or any of that nonsense, so it ain't about that. 

But to me, this constant reliance on "mental health as a crutch", constantly whining about depression as an excuse - constantly bitching about "I need time for myself and to hell with my work and responsibilities" and so forth ... all of this to me paints a picture of a mollycoddled and overcoddled bunch of frigging BRATS. 

Might be acceptable as a kid. 

I dont know, we got the hell beat out of us for being that way if we dared to!

Kids these days - the polar opposites. 

But you'd think adults would be better - not so, my friend. 

Bozo Schofield is just one of a long line of lunatics - another one wrote this morning about how "you're not indisciplined or lazy! You're just facing internal resistance!" 

It's this exact same pandering I hate - this exact same nonsense you hear a lot of the self help gurus spout - who curiously and oddly enough, or maybe NOT - used the exact OPPOSITE philosophy to build THEIR OWN BUSINESSES UP!

Just do it, in short!

Biles ain't the one throwing a hissy either in sport and pissing off due to mental problems or what not. 

Look at cricket, for one (I dont know much about gymnastics other than it's a great workout, and my advanced book on pull-ups contains some of the exercises gymnasts do - Fast and Furious Fitness does as well if you read between the lines - and of course, Shoulders like Boulders - and Battletank Shoudlers!) ... 

(Ever seen how a gymnast is built? Wonder how he - or she - got there? 

Ever seen how wrestlers are built? Wonder how he - or she - got there? 

It ain't pumping boobies at the Jim. 


I could give you advanced gymnastic books right now that would make one arm pull-ups look easy peasy for one. Trust me, I did them myself at the age of 26 - I know!) 

And this link when (and ESPECIALLY this one)  someone called the great "table pushup" gay might be interesting ... ) 

But anyway, cricket. 

I remember Jonathan Trott, a highly popular English cricketer quitting in the heat of the Ashes battle beteween Oz and England. 

"I have mental issues", he whined. 

Marcus Trescothick, another potential England great if not for his mental health nonsense was the same. 


To hell with talent. 

IT's about perseverance, gumption and CHARACTER!

The Aussies are as tough as nails (except the Tom Tom's that ran away to China) and so was that cricket team back then led by Iceman Steve Waugh. LORE!

Graeme Smith from South Africa. TOUGH BASTARD!

Jacques Kallis - 10 times as tough probably! 

Kevin Pietersen who the idiot ECB dropped due to calling out Bozos for what they were i.e. Bozos - toughest of the tough - gave it back like nothing to the Aussies INT HE HEAT OF BATTLE!

Yet, we dont hear about these people. 

We hear about the bozos whining about mental health and shedding tears. 

Let me tell you one thing, friend. 

It ain't about mental health. 

It ain't about using depression as a crutch. 

It's about you being a SISSY i.e. when times get tough - YOU look for an excuse, and I might as well be writing to Simon Biles or any of the individuals above. 

I've never once been afforded the luxury of anything like this. 

All my life, I've taken action when required - and when a battle was there, I never backed down. 

Got my ass beat on many an occasion - handed out an ass whipping on a few others too!

Trust me, when that Gorilla Grip reallty gets in, it does NOT get off. 

Like my buddy from the Marines told me (see the sales page for more) "You've got an unnatural pull to your grip - once you get him - pull him towards you - you've got him - he's gone!" 

(remember, this from a guy that outweighed me like David vs Goliath, lifted massive stuff all his life, not just the Jim either, did bodyweight, was in the Marines et al) 

Some might think I'm letting my secrets out here. 

No I ain't. 

Because if you know how to, there's counters for being pulled as well!

The DOERS know!

But anyway, my buddy. 

He was once in a situation where they stuck a knife in his back. 

Perilously close to his kidney. 

I think he was held captive for days as well. 

Had to smear camel shit on his face to "get out of there" - yes, what PG Wodehouse wrote about in comedy i.e. "Bertie smearing his face with boot polish so he could escape off the boat with the Negroes" in "Ask Jeeves", I think? wasn't entirely comedy!

Comedy only works when it's based upon real life, and Wodehouse was a genuis in getting to people's feelings. FEELINGS!

But with all this, what do you think he would have done, or where would he have gotten if he moaned about "I'm feeling depressed". 

He didnt. 


He got on with it. 


And thats what needs to be done. 

I mean, Simone, come on! 


And if it was a torn muscle or something, hey, I get it (though I've heard of people competing with broken ankles and far worse!) 

But this weak, sorry ass cop out of mental health - sorry, but it doesnt cut it for me. 

Ever see the Russians for one use this as an excuse? The Bulgarians? The Indians? Ever heard the Gama when he was 9 years old competing at Hindu squats against accomplished adult wrestlers, BEATING them at squats for hours - then being bed ridden and unable to walk for  a week (true story) - complain about "feeling depressed"? 

Not a chance, friend. 

He went out there, became a PHENOM  - the likes of which no-one has been able to match until NOW. 

Probably never will eitehr. 


Not mollycoddled sissified brats pandering to the depression bandwagon (grossly overpaid in some cases). 

Anyway, what do I know... 

But I DO know this, my friend, that much like what happened to the young Gama, if YOU overdo it when you first start with HIndu squats, you're in for a rude, rude awakening, friend. 

I remember I pounded out 100 the first time (or close to it) and was walking wobbly for days. This AFTER all the hill climbs I did!

So watch the videos, read the book - and start easy!

And use proper form. 

And most of all, more than anything else - show gumption and CHARACTER, friend. 

The world needs YOU. The world needs IT. 

Most pertinently, YOU NEED IT!

It's what will help you over the coming years more than anything else - trust me!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - When I had my thumb injury, and many others - one of the most painful ever for most people, I was still pounding out fingertip pushups by the dozen - with the injury. 

With my sprained "front of foot" (a huge golf ball like LUMP) - I'd walk up them hills! 

Truly the Ironman - and NONE Of it would have come without mental strength. 

When I spoke about those travails in Gumption Galore and the book on Nazi feminism, I wasn't whistling Dixie out of my ass. 

NEVER did I have the crutch of "I'm depressed, so I need help" - never ever!

And never would I want - LOSERS "whine about doing their best". WINNERS GO HOME AN DFUCK THE PROM QUEEN!

Not me saying that. 

Sean Connery saying that to Nicholas Cage in "The Rock" when Cage was whining about "I'll try" or some nonsense.