Friday, 06 August 2021 16:31

The apoplyatic fit that is SO TYPICAL of Tom Tom's and liberals globally...

It's hilarious, isn't it friend. And it transcends politics - into LIFE. 

A perfect example of what I mean here would be a person who is probably the MOST unfit a person has ever been to be President of the United States of America ,the "leader of the free world that forgets where he is half the time" - and is a doddering old fool apparently that doesn't like any of his opionins challenged even a LITTLE. 

Look at the out of control crowds when he speaks, and look at Biden desperately trying to control them when protestors show up. 

"Let him speak!" 

No-one DOES let the protestor speak, of course!

The most baffling, or perhaps not, thing with Creepy Joe is his tendency to look like he's going to have an aneurysm anytime actually, you know, ASKS him something or challenges him on something - anything. 

"Come on!" is his angry, baffled response, like a cranky Grandfather woken up from a siesta. 

Or, he'll challenge other old men to pushups and running and what not. Crazy! 

It's hard to believe that (in my book) one of the, if not THE best damn Presidents the US ever had, the Trumpinator, is only a few years younger. 

True, he got upset too, but he didnt throw a fit - never!

He engaged with people - very vociferiously and vigorously, but he kept the conversation going as opposed to Biden who you can just see HATES being challenged on his BS. 

He ain't the only one either. 

I've seen a long list of Tom tom, assking Bozos and liberals act this way. Especially those who think "their way is the only way in life". 

"Maybe you know another way, but I haven't seen it!" 

OK, so why not let me explain it!

"I dont want to hear it", they holler. Be sensible!

Sensible my ass. 

When sensible is refuted logically, these Tom Tom's take refuge in yelling and theatrics like Creepy Joe does. 

Advances, or tries to advance bloody mask mandates while ... he pays people more to stay at home than actually, you know, go out to work. 


It really is!

I cannot believe even Liberals are that stupid (maybe they are?) to believe that lockdowns aren't the real killers in terms of economies. A third grader knows this!

Yet, the vast majority of sheeple don't know it apparently - or don't care anymore. 


And why just Biden, friend. 

You've got a sitting VP "Hyena Harris" who blatantly lies when asked questions half the time and cackles like a hyena to boot as if to say, how dare you ask me!

Of course, Biden was probably the one she got it from. Ever seen the debates in 2020? 

Every time Biden was asked a question he couldn't answer, he first laughed in a "guffaw" sort of manner (cross between a hyena and an elephant with a fish craw stuck in its throat) - a wierd, creepy sort of "haw haw haw" laugh (Harris is no less creepy though to be frank) ... and then blew his top. 

Boggles the mind - truly the mosy dysfunctional admin ever this!

How we ALL miss not just the Trumpinator, but the uber solid and dependable Mike Pence...

Anyway, I'm glad to report there are still plenty of us sensible folks out here. 

Yours truly being one. 

Precautions, friend, not panic!

Governor Ron Santis in FL - has my highest recommendation - GOOD MAN!

Governor Abbot in Texas. 

And other "conservatives" who really should be called "sensible folk". 

I dont get it, this constant panic, madnes. 

Just what the heck are people thinking, friend. 

It boggles the mind!

Anyway, yours truly has always been up for an argument. 

And usually I win it - because I'm uber logical. 

The tom tom's call it "useless logic". 

Because it doesn't agree with their Tom Tomming and Tom Foolery, hehe. 

So be it. 

I am going to continue to rail FOR what I consider is the most important thing for all of us - FREEDOM!

Remember, folks. 

Bottom line is this - when America does well, the rest of the civilized world does too. 

So no, to the Tom Tom's claiming "it's just US politics", it ain't eitehr. 

It's LIFE!

Anyway, had to say that. So I did!

And remember, the pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness WILL end by tomorrow, given both phone and laptop are back to "normal" - for now, heeh.

So get your orders in while you can before the price goes up, up, up!

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee