Friday, 20 August 2021 06:50

Has Boozy Bozo forgotten about me? And more...

Some random thoughts, but first, an interesting one!

Bozo Schofield and his tales, and I ain't even gotten started - truly legion, hehe. 

If he had any brains, ah, but wait... he doesnt. 

But anyway, here's what I just got. 

"what about that fat ass that keeps sending you this stupid thing" (this guy was referring to a review he posted on Amazon, specifically, THIS one). 

Lots of people want to be studs, hehe, but they aren't willing to pay the price, so they post inanity on websites which is free, and requires NIL effort (both are important for the Bozo, but the latter more so - he's just incredibly fat and LAZY to be honest. Does nothing, like his friend says, "sits around all day eating all my food and drinking all my beer, becoming a phat phock and burden in general we do NOT want to carry" - and trolls. Hehe. That thumb gets a lot of workouts!). 

(thats what I should have emailed back, come to think of I'll do it NOW. My bad!)

But anyway, Schofield? 

Trust me - he ain't forgotten squat. 

He's just at a loss to DO something. 

Hes tried all he had, and failed - the reverse of what he wanted happened. 


Thats why I love these trollly sorts, it's so easy to get their plans to backfire while benefiting YOU, friend. 

Unfortunately, the world in general gets intimidated and cheated by them, and of course, won't learn how because "it should be free". 

Well, be my guest. Hehe.  

Same thing for ... well, combating Nazi feminism

Everyone wants to do it. 

No-one's got the - well, I should say "precious few have" the gumption to actually do it in a SMART MANNER! 

Then, of course ... 

But anyway, enough on that. 

I haven't forgotten about the Bozo either, and I'll be sending you some updates on that shortly too. 

Neither have I forgotten the hordes of Bozos that sit around "lurking", beady eyes peeled looking for "free stuff in his emails and how to copy him to market". 

"Learn for free from him". 

You can, to an extent, but that will backfire upon YOU, my friend, unless you do it right. 

Trust me on this one. 

You cannot simple reverse engineer these emails and expect results - it won't happen. 

Frustration won't make it happen either. 

But, a good start would be doing what I did in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales - note, it should be 20, the sheer value I give yo u- and note - that is the START. 

And, incorporating the life tips in Zero to Hero! (again, just the beginning). 

Anyway, Boozy Bozo ain't the only one thats being a Bozo. 

The number of Bozos is legion globally, and is only, as Daniela said the other day "global problem". 

Not just customer service either, as I watch the idiots on WeChat either post retarded photos of ridiculously expensive apartments interspersed with "beautiful" pictures of themselves "hoping someone will buy" (hint - anyone with real brains wants service in that regard, not idiotic drama and Nazi feminism) ... or, and this I really don't get "selling it for cheap". 

Dont get me wrong - auctions and garage sales have their place. 

Hell, Gorilla Grip (Advanced!) is being auctioned somewhere right as we SPEEK. 

But, if you bought a nightie or lingerie for X amount, sell it worn for 1/2 X? 

I dont know, I dont think anyone actually buys it - people will wait for the latest coupon from Amazon or whatever and just get it brand new!

Again, dont get me wrong. 

SOMETIMES, it's worth it. 

When moving between apartments, I often hold garage sales. 

Hell, I sold my old power bank to Sophia the "I want large mammaries" girl. Heh. 

But ... most part? 

Id rather just give away. 

That coul dbe a flatscreen TV I am about to give away - or a perfectly functional oven I just gave away. 

People - dont - get it. 

At this time, and indeed all times, you have to GIVE - with an open heart FIRST - before you can recieve, yet, nutjobs are doing the opposite thing globally!

Or, an old DVD player. 

IF you really want to "help" someone, half price ain't it. You just give what you no longer use away!

I often put old clothes etc outside my apartment - the lady comes every morning, and she takes it away. 

Some people like the Bozo toss it in the trash "to be mean". 

"How dare she make money off my trash". 

Small minded thinking, and thats saying something! 

Anyway, what can I say ... Bozos. Ugh. 

But anyway, and again, ... real reason I'm writing to you? 

I ain't forgotten you. 

And despite me raising the price for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness like I said I would this morning, I ain't forgotten YOU - again. 

Which means, of course, a gift for YOU - and all the other nutters lurking. 

Let me take that back. 

The lurkers, wel,l I dont want their business. 

I only want doers. 

And, here is a superlative discount offer for you - Lumberjack. 

Thats right. 

Thats the discount code you use during checkout to get a 20% off on the pre-order price for this truly special, once in a lifetime book - (hence all the opportunities to get in while the price is "comparitively low" etc). 

This ones so special I might not even put it on Amazon. 

It'll be sold - but only HERE most likely ... 

Jury's out on that one. 

But, most likely so due to price etc, that is how it will pan out. 

Perhaps elsewhere, we'll see. I've already got plans for a solid video on it for one!

And anyway, thats that. 

Rest assured the Boozo will be back, hehe. 

And rest assured the discount code will work for you - but ONLY for this product. 

Get in while you can, friend, and dont forget to checkout the new paypal design during checkout - it truly rocks!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - This product is one prime example of why it makes so much sense to just say "fuck it" and be a member of the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship, period. 

Other than all the golden goodies I mention on that page, remember, you get access to ALL products for a lifetime free (digitial download) - so long as your membership stays valid. 

To me, it's a no brainer... calculate, and you'll see. Hehe 

And no, you cannot sign up and refund instantly or within a day or two. 

Once you're in, you're in. No refunds, no exceptions. 

So there it is, friend. 

Back soon!