Sunday, 07 March 2021 07:32

Why I never ever stress over "plans" - even when they don't seem to be "happening" - and why NO-ONE believes that I think that way.


I never, my friend - in my entire life have stressed over, or even "consciously" fretted over TWO things. 

One, "the plan via which a certain goal will be accomplished". 

And two, "what will happen tomorrow, and worry etc related to the same". 

Knowingly or not, I've always lived in the present for the most part. 

And - in the FLOW. 

Things just "happen" with me. 

Now, the key area where I didnt really focus as much as I should have in my 20's and thereabouts was this- concsious goal setting. 

This, my friend is the most important part of all this. 

Consciously setting a goal and BELIEVING it - without being a "Doubting Thomas" and wondering "just how the heck am I going to do this" is key to anything. 

Don't get me wrong. 

Plans are damned important. 

And you need 'em. 

Yet, as Napoleon Hill rightly said in Outwitting the Devil, isn't it better to leave the actual planning to a "power" that knows WAY more about it then us mere mortals? 

I'm paraphrasing, but thats the gist. 

And I agree. 

I've always done that all my life, and things have always WORKED out. 

Including in terms of fitness. 

Of course, belief is key - which is what most people need to work upon. 

Believing that you WILL achieve the goal - no matter how "removed from current reality" it looks right NOW in the PRESENT. 

Believe me, some of the things I've done (no, they ain't necessarily related to money either) ... I'd never have in my wildest dreams imagined those things would happen to me, and yet, WITHOUT any conscious thought, they did. 

Such is the power of living int he FLOW. 

Business wise, folks often ask me why I "write when I feel like it". 

And why not have a set schedule every day when emails go out at a TIME on the dot, etc. 

Because, two things. 

ONe, I live in the flow. 

And two? 

To me "when I feel like it " isnt what it means to most lazy asses throughout the world. 

To most people, subconsciously those words means "put it off till the last possible moment". 

To me, it means giving my subconscious a creative job, and it doesn't just respond with one email. 

It responds with usually 4 or 5, hehe. 

Overdeliver while underpromising is not just my mantra. 

YOUR subconscious does it too . 

And is doing it NOW. 

Anyway, I cover the life part of this in coaching calls etc. 

But fitness wise, my friend, there it lies. 

Set the goal FIRST. 

SEE it happen first. 

FEEL it happen first. 

And then, my friend, in this case you don't even need to worry about a "plan". 

I've laid it all out for you ... 

You simply need to browse through our products, and find what fits you best NOW. 

Not what your conscious mind tells you. 

What you FEEL. 

Your FIRST choice. 

Do it now, my friend. 

The rest will "come" if you let it. 

And that my friend is one of the most valuable things I could ever tell you, and I have now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, Pushup Central is REALLY rising up the charts as we speak! 

PS #2 - As I look at the title of this here email, I Realize that I forgot to address part of it! 

Well, no-one thinks I dont plan because the plans are so perfect when they do arrive! 

And so it shall be for YOU if you let it.