Friday, 27 August 2021 12:11

Why Charles the former friend is far more complicit in "enabling" the Bozo's lunacy than either he realizes - nor admits.

"Because he's a smart guy, it's sad..." 

"Because he's one of the few friends I have..." 

But before I get into all that and what Chuck meant by smart is that the Bozo is nothing but smart at trolling - lets face it, God gave him the same amount of "physical grey matter" up there that he did all of us. 

What Bozo chooses to do with it, much like Hannibal Lecter chose to do with his smart - super smart - genius level intellect is another matter altogether. 

Of course, Hannibal knew about the power of sexual transmuation by force. 

Yours truly does by "default" and choice. 

As Napoleon Hill rightly wrote about in Think and Grow Rich - its sexual transmutation - i.e. transmuting your sexual desires into things other than "sex" in terms of physical expression is really what elevates a man to the status of "true genius". 

Trust me, it's true. 

It isnt merely about abstaining, writing erotica, sending drozzled (I mis spelt on purpose) messages to women pestering them or so forth. 

It's about transmuation proper, a lesson and book unto itself in all regards. 

But I remember, every time I sent Chuck audio notes on WeChat, he was always too busy to listen. 

And, secretly with Glyn, he trolled me later about my complaints of "if you dont listen to me, how the fuck can we have a conversation". 

He ain't the only one guilty of this either. 

SO many times when I've explained a point in detail, when I've sent several messages across, when I've poured deep energy into saying what I am, or writing - Bozos globally don't read them. 

Or, they will listent o ONE audio note. 

Or, ONE text message. 

And just cherry pick and reply to that as opposed to the whole picture. 

There are few things that infuriate me more than that. Either have a fuckin conversation, or don't. 

"Jesus, man", I remember me telling him once. 

"I mean, if you dont listen..." 

Bozo trolled me on that one. Hehe. 

But, really, think about it - who is the one making sense? 

Incredibly, despite Chuck not having any time for real, meaningful conversation, he had all the time in the world to twiddle his thumbs and text inanities, participare in WeShat groups, and of course, the crux. 

(and dont even mention ESL, he's got ALL The time in the world for that infancy-cum-lunacy) (and the most surprising, perhaps - despit eGlyn screwing him over in a horrible manner multiple times, in a wierd sort of way, the two keep going back to each other. They truly do deserve each other! - AND EVEN MORE STRANGE - he continues to feed him money! (which of course lapdog Glyn laps up happily)) 

Listen to ALL of the Bozo's rants. 

I still remember him saying in FEIGNED - the word is important - EXASPERATION once. 

"Glyn sends me 200 -300 messages every night when drunk, I wake up, I gotta listen to them all!" 

He did. 

Yet, he never had time to listen to a friend that was actually trying to help him improve his life, sharing things only REAL friends would with each other, it never being reciprocated. 

Truly, it takes us a while to find out who our REAL friends are!

Its about if the person uplifts, motivates, inspires, all in a way that might not be palatable to you at the moment, or you dont even know its happening, but it is. 

THAT is a person that is really helping you, whether they're trying to or not. 

Most aren't that sort, unfortunately. 

And much like the horrible events unfolding in AFghanistan (though with this idiot Biden in office, was only to be expected and worse) ... 

The Teleban - pun intended - claims they never did it. 


I somehow, don't buy it... 

They might not have directly done it, but I bet they know very well WHO did it, and THEY provided the breeding ground for them to do it, and always have and continue to do so. 

what a bunch of LOSERS. 

And of course, Hiden Biden refuses to confront 'em. 

Wonder what itll take, an utter and bigger catastrophe again?

Trust me, even China - historically always on the side of terrorists (like their support for Hamas) isn't entirely comfortable with the lunatics now controlling the country that borders the restive and occupied region of Xinjiang for one... 

Thats China for you, Hypocritical to a T. 

They say they do all they can to eradicate terror to justify the worse than Nazi atrocities being committed on the Ughurs daily. 

Yet, they support the exact same thing abroad. 

Maketh nil sense eh. 

ONe of those facts no-one wants to talk about "because", but I just did ... 

anyway, fuck these losers. 

Stop - if you are - enabling them is the only message here. 

And, stay AWAY from them - as far as possible. 

Remember, you truly are the sum of all the people you hang out with the most!

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Rahul Mookerjee