Friday, 27 August 2021 10:51

Why Chuck's advice to Buttler Schofield is being "roundly ignored" right about NOW. (as it always was, of course!)

Some bozos, my friend - just dont give up. 

Nor do they listen to advice - even when it's good for them. But thats ok, if they did - they would not be Bozos! 

(such as lot of people on this list who won't buy products "because they're too expensive" - anyway, more on that below). 

I can still hear Chuck telling the Bozo, despairing of his million rants, and perhaps even, as he did all those years ago, sympathizing with the But(t) Buttling Butler "once" - or a little. 

Poor guy, chuck probably still thinks. 

and therefore, Chuck, you enable him again ... 

But anyway, despite what he's done to Chuck and Chuck's weird obsession with Bozo ("he's one of the few friends I have" - well, the fewer the better, but hey, who is yours truly to say eh. Hehe. I certainly ain't Rockefeller, Chuck!)

He was great. 

But, he doesnt make it into the list of greats - top greats for me. 

Ford and Bezos do. 

And the advice, you ask 

As you read this, remember what I said about Bezos saying about PASSION. 

You dont choose your passion. IT chooses YOU. 

Remember what I said. 

You don't chase your passion. It chases you. 

(consciously you don't, unconsciously it does, hence RESULTS!!!!!!!) 

Trust me on both fronts, it's true. 

"Just ignore him! He'll get bored after a while!" 

Except, Rahul didnt ignore the Bozo. Hehe. 

I might consciously ignore him, and did all those years ago even subconsciously i.e. "let bozos be bozos" after he trolled, but these days, while I might pull that act again, I'm not quite ready to do so yet. 

But, that isn't important, really. 

Whats important is this, friend. 

Bozo will never forget me - because he's literally OBESESSED with me. 

PASSIONATE about seeing what "Rahul is up to". 

Perhaps even more so than some of my great customers, hehe. 

And I can feel him looking on as I type this. 

Believe me, silence is golden, so many people dont say much these days, but they ALL READ. Hehe. 

And for the Bozo, trolling and hating Rahul (an dothers, but Rahul bieng #1) is a passion. 

He will never outgrow that, hehe. 

IT will chase him, as will the ass whippings that I enjoy - dispensing so much - and he loves getting so much. 


I better not go there. 

But yeah, other than those things, and being Josie's toilet, or servant, or other rubbish, best not go there - again. Bozo loves some things about me that you REALLY don't want to know about. 

And I REALLY DONT want to think about, it makes me SHUDDER. 


El creepo is the Bozo, and thats putting it lightly for Schofield, as many of the women he's cheated would agree. 

Or, lunatic par excellence. 

But it brings up that point I brought up before, friend. 

IF YOU on this list "want" to get something but never do "because of money" - then YOU, I'm sorry to say are NOT passionate about fitness, and will never get into the best shape of your life. 

I've recieved emails for months on Animal Kingdom Workouts from people "that would buy if the price wasn't so high". 

I never reduced the price an iota. 

I increased it. 

Because if you're truly passionate, friend, you'l find a way - and likely have already. 

If you truly want it, you'll fork out the bucks for what matters. 

And those that arent, and no, it isn't about the crazy world, finances, or any other nonsense. 

It boils down to this. 

DO YOU want it? 


Then come get it!

And that, friend, is all there is to say. Come to think of it, if you really want it, I wouldn't be asking you this right now ... 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Sorry, Luke. I'd love to, but nothing doing! 

(An extremely polite dude, but price, it will remain what it IS) 

(it might even go UP - probably will). 

(no I aint worrying about if people will buy. Like I said...)