Sunday, 22 August 2021 16:50

Why dealing with or listening to the "its just...." crowd is a sure shod recipe for getting "just a big fat zero" - and more! Hehe.

My friend, 

It might sound insane and incredible, but if you'd ask my "wife" about my fitness prowress, she'd scoff. 

Him! She'd say. 

What does he know about fitness. 

I know, I know. 


But, for her to say that sounds incredible anyway doesnt it? 

Her claim - or "logic" behind that is "he once used to be SOOOOOOOOOO phat" - and not the results that followed thereafter. 

Certainly not the fact I could do way more at that phat phocker status than either other phat phockers or the average Shmoe at the JIm could in a lifetime - or tries to in one. 


(oh, and to the other person who wrote in asking about "why I bring up the bad things also" (he was referring to women etc) - well, because I write about it all. The good, bad, Bozos and the Ugly. Hehe. And personally, I think what I write about, especially when it comes to these damn women affects WAY more of us than care to admit).

Anyway ... thats neither here nor there eh. 

So back to it. 

"Its just bodyweight exercises!" 

Just pushups!

Oh, those, just squats!

Oh, thats just a book ... 

And so forth. 

Yet, how many books have THESE bozos making the comments written - or done pushups - or squats? 

Nil in most cases, and less in the rest. 

Dont get me wrong. 

I'm not for blind Tom Tomming of any nature (one reason why I dislike the China Tom Tom's so much). 

You'll never see  me writing or advising you about "how to be a Bozo" (well, I can on that, hehe aka "The Glyn" - but seriously, no) - or "how to make a million dollars" - until I make it myself. 

Or whatever goal or result it might be. 

And if the other person is damn good at it, a damn sight better than ME, I'll say that. 

You'll never catch me saying something -ve about my wife's cooking - because she's so damn good at it!

Funnily enough, this "it's just ..." thing doesnt apply to all the astrologers she follows with their only claim to fame being "x number of followers" - which I call out, because as I've said before, they can be deplatformed at ANY TIME. 


Happened to Trump, can happen to YOU - or them. 

Hell, you ain't gotta be Trump - its happened to me on LinkedIn - no "1 million" followers - but I had a hefty 6 k or so - all gone - just like that - with the wind. 

Writing, articles, everything...

If I didnt spread it all out over other platforms, and focus on my own stuff, Id be wailing right about now. Hehe. 

(not really, but you get my point!) 

But to simply claim what the other person is doing as "just this or that" and not be able to do it yourself is a fuckin copout, friend, and anyone that does that knows it. 

And saying like Chuck once did "I was zero before, and zero now" - well, true ... but it's also a statement that smacks of LOSER. 

Sorry, friend, but it's true. 

Show me the man who says I was zero - and less - and I TRIED my ass off - failed - tried - failed - and keep trying - THAT IS the man I respect!

In other words ... 

I can tell you how much I deadlifted back in the day, Chuck. 

You won't see me making silly remarks on (if you ever) your posts on that. 

But how many pull-ups can YOU DO? 

How many extreme pull-up or grip workouts have YOU DONE? 

And so on and so forth. 

The "its just" brigade is way more common than you'd think, pal. Avoid 'em like the plague!

Oh - and one last night thing - those claiming I am a hypocrite because I "once did weights". 


I never denied I lifted weights - when I was a phat phock!

I never did boobybuilding though, no. 

Hence, no books on that (though I've been asked, I wont do it, not because I couldn't write one on it, but because I dont like it or support it, and would therefore be piss poor at it, and plus it's not good for you, period) ... 

But you'll find, Chuck, most bodyweight gurus have done some sort of weight training - either in the gym or "irregular weights" such as in Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness (far better IMO) ... not to mention kettlebells, barbells and the lot. 

The reverse isn't necessarily true. 

Most weight lifters may MOVE to bodyweight only - or in conjunction with other things once they get tired of injuries, lack of progress, or simply wanting to try it. 

I dont know why thats the case, but it is!

And that, friend, is that. 

Stay - away from the Tom Tom's and its just's - your life will thank you for it!


Rahul Mookerjee

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