Sunday, 24 October 2021 07:06

Why I'd rather REST AND RELAX on weekends as opposed to anything else. (and certainly running after women and "doing tasks")

It sometimes amazes me, the similarity I see between a lot of my customer's private lives - and what I've seen growing up - and what I continue to - and the constant reminder of "why I CHOSE to be the way I am". 

Growing up,and indeed until now, the concept of "life should be relaxed" was never a thing. 

Its always rush, rush, rush - if you're free, then "find something to do" - if you're earning money comfortably - then "slog to earn it" - or so forth. 

Basically all "driven" by my mom who always needs to "have something to do" - except that isn't HER doing something, it's her tossing the entire house up and down, involving all and sundry - on a weekend at that - when it's time for all to rest and relax. 

Apparently weekends and holidays are when "work gets done". 

Which to me has always seemed the most inane thing ever - yet, women in general, I've always seen it that way with women!

Could be ANY woman I've been with for that matter, right down to women "hurrying on holiday" so you can see more places. 

I mean, Jesus Christ, why GO on a holiday if you gotta rush through the whole goddamned itenary without pausing to rest, relax, let it all sink in? 

Perhaps that is why, as John Walker said - I'm the guy thats lived life on his OWN TERMS and will continue to as well. 

I figured it out, yes, I'd have to - or I'd have gone bonkers by now - or become a Glyn like cuckold. 

It's amazing so many men put up with it of course, the constant do this, do that crap! 

The constant "there's something to be done around the garden". 

The constant, "there's always something to do be done around the house" - usually the most ANNOYING, insane crap ever - which requires you to wake up at freaking 6 o clock on a weekend of all things!

John, looking at how my mother does it, always has, always will - I feel you! 

But of course he's different from my Dad in that we share most of the same values (myself and John - and a lot, if not ALL of you customers!)

Most of all, a LOVE for hard training, and a knack of sorting past the BS, and saying it - and doing it - like it is!

But really, this insanity that women get up to "housewise", just insane, even more insane that men put up with it!

I'll be back. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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PS #2 - There is a reason I wrote the book on COMBATING and profiting from Nazi feminism. Believe me, there is!