Monday, 15 March 2021 09:29

Why 0 Excuses Fitness becoming a GLOBAL phenomenon benefits you (and more on reviews).

Y'all probably noticed one damn thing by now. 

That the recent email glitch hasn't slowed anything down at all. 

If at all, it's INCREASED sales, site views - both from the DOERS and the Bozos, both of whom cannot get enough of me. 

That bit aside, though, what I am saying now is this. 

GREAT things have been happening as of late, and in a so called depression, we're "thriving and spawning" like never ever before! 

Which, of course, is one reason I've been known to offer (no, I ain't gonna use the term "hand out!" because it is NOT!) generous discounts to some people - especially DOERS and repeat customers that deserve it! 

And while you might think THAT is the reason I'm saying what I am (it's part of it, but not hte entire shebang by a long shot), you'd be wrong. 

Or, off base. 

The real reason is this - it allows the bodyweight Guru to serve YOU MORE!

Thats right. 

Serve - YOU. 

Give you - the DOER - what you like (and in an insane, perverted Bozo like way, I'm giving Schofield and his posse what they like ie public humiliation for free). 

Except, unfortunately, it isn't a Domina doing it. My hairy self is. LOL. 

Poor Bozo. 

But he likes it, else why would "Poodle Schofield" keep coming back for the pet on the head! 

Anyway, pink poodle puppy panty wadded Schofield's aside ... 

IT allows ME to give YOU  -the DOER - MORE OF what you want. 

Believe me, the books I have right now? 

They, as you might imagine, as the doers KNOW - barely SCRATCH the surface of what I got to offer ya. 

Both in terms of fitnes,s and life. 

Remember what a great customer of mine from Greece once said? 

"I introduce you to all these other books in the hope you give us something more. I see something in you!" 

That was Panourgias from Greece!

Hey P - Great stuff - I've finally got through a few of those books - and I hope you're doing great with the FITNESS videos in the System!

Truly a purring Rolls Royce, and the next thing for yo ushould probably be Advanced Hill Training, or the book on pull-ups, or perhaps,both, I dont know. 

But he was right. 

I've got so much to offer, and I bring it to you anyway NOW, but I plan on doing seminars etc in the future as well. 

Fitness seminars, and more . . . 

And obviously, the "more the merrier" in that regard. 

While what I am doing now can be done "as things are now", I'd never settle for anything less than max. 

Remember the boss at THAT job that said "maybe thats why we never grew beyond a certain point"? 

Well, yours truly isn't of that bent of mind!

I think big - do big - and want YOU to do the same!

But anyway, last, but not least. 

Y'all probably have also noticed my insistence bordering on "obsessed with" - REAL REVIEWS

One reason obviously is to push the Bozos away. 

But the second, of course, is to grow - that select bunch of doers - until we truly SWEEP the globe, my friend, which we soon will! 

And all the other reasone mentioned above. 

And again, please do NOT think I'm "too busy to reply. 

I might be, yes. 

But I have always got time for YOU - the DOERS! 

PAnourgias once told me "Just tell them to do what Rahul says, because it works!" 


and thats why you haven't seen lengtheir reviews from him, but remember - even if you've said it before - even if you think I'm busy or what not - I NEVER TIRE of hearing how my products have helped YOU because thats what it is all about! 

Last, but not least, Charles Mitchell - 

"... after getting on these, my grip has never felt better!" 

(fingertip pushups in Pushup Central - he (in his own words) thought "there was nothing beyond the two knuckle fingertip pushups in karate training until he got to THESE!)

And he isn't the only one. 

John Walker - 


The exercise in this book is quite difficult to master but once you crack it, it will blow you away at how good it makes your entire body feel, I’m 63 and let me tell you, this one exercise has done more for my overall wellbeing than anything else I’ve ever done. A masterpiece, thank you."

And so on, and so forth. 

This, my friend is what it's ABOUT. 

Real stuff, real benefits, real man training, and ...well, need I say more? 

So don't hesitate to buy products - but remember - WRITE IN and let me know too!


Rahul Mookerjee