Tuesday, 30 November 2021 05:14

More on the inane video gazing going all these days...

Just insane, my friend. 

It's one thing in China where people kept referring to dating as being "people on their phones chatting with others or watching videos or what not - as opposed to, you know, LOOK - and TALK - to the person next to you" ... but the malaise has well and truly spread to the ROW. 

Y'all no doubt know this... 

Yesterday I was walking in the park and met a few people - by chance. I wanted to get out of the house a bit and WALK so I did that, but I met these people by accident, and then stopped to chat. 

Of course, they were all on their phones. 

It's interesting - or not - how people cannot step away from their bloody devices for ONE damn minute - while working out, they must have it, while on the throne they must have it, while eating it they'll cast surreptitious glances at it  (if not focused on the idiot box) ... and so forth. 

It's addiction x 1000. 

Of course when you tell these people that, you're met with furious "why does it bother YOU!" - or "it's MY life!" - or just indifference ie whatever. 

Peopel are turning into zombies and robots more than ever now. Sadly, at a time when we need people to be the polar opposite!

"I dont care". 

I know. 

But you do, friend, deep down inside you do ... 

Anyway ... so, I was talking to guy #1. 

Good guy, NOT a bad person, yet, he had his video on full blast while chatting to me. 

"Are you busy", I asked casually - hoping he'd get the hint. 

No, no - he replied. 

I'm just listening to the video. 

It went on at full blast while I was standing there, we were "talking" as he was staring away at the dumbphone (and really, given the crap most people watch these days, all astrological crap for the most part - you'd think the video could WAIT?) ... 

... and of course, after that, he had a "call". 

I wonder why he stepped out of the house in the first place. 

Guy #2 was better, but that might be because I just met him once - the first time (and he too, of course, was on the phone for part of our conversation). 


I was asking about his business. 

"Zero", he replied with a caustic sort of smile, given he's in the travel industry, I believe him. 

Speaking of which, the latest covid nonsense they're sprouting all over the world, Omnicron or what not ... 

I mean geez, give me a break - countries finally open - and now after a day or so of opening, bang - shut again. 

Dont say I didnt tell you - I've been saying forever they're going to shut it all down come Christmas time, and that is exactly whats happening. 

Anyway, these videos. 

Astrological crap, and other nonsense about "when the world will end" or "what to do to improve our lives" and other junk. 

Seems all one has to do is become a "Baba" in saffron robes, pick up a million or so utterly USELESS followers on social she-dia, and you're set. Thats how far people's brains have degenerated these days!

Next day these clowns get deplatformed. 

They're back to square one. 

And the people following them get suckered in by a new patsy. 

Not so here, my friend. I'm actively getting OFF social media - all of it - and I've made no bones or secrets about that fact for a long, long time!

Anyway ... can't the bloody videos wait? 

I mean, is it not just fucking RUDE? 

You're talking to someone, yet, you have the phone on at full blast, sad part, people just dont GET IT - or even think it's rude anymore!

And it ain't just women either in case you're wondering - men are just as Bozo like in this regard. 

"Watch the video!" 

Um, no, I'd rather READ it - or write it - or say it!

I'd rather not kill my imagination, the only thing I watch is how I want my own life to be - either in my brain - the best way - or outside. 

The best videos for me are those that I've watched in my own mind - of myself - repeatedly, and those are what bring results. 

I'm sure the third gentleman I met - old man - with NO phone (thank you!) - woul dagree!

He used to be a businessman - retired now. 

And I finally had a great, great conversation with him - much lik eI often do with the other old man from China. 

Seems to be that age group is the only one that knows what respect is about, that age group is the ONLY ONE that knows that life goes on ... that age group is the only one with any SENSE LEFT!

As Phil from another business told me, these 24 year olds preaching about "the world ending". 

Some people seem to be getting it though. 

My wife and daughter were recently talking about "not watching phone post midnight". 

As if until midnight wasn't bad enoug, hehe. 

And we'll see if or how long that lasts. 

Anyway ...................... 

UGH is all I can say. 

And, a great (Horatio, I believe) saying I learned the other day which struck a chord, and how. 

Deep within the infant's breast lurks the father's nature, ready to spring anew. (I morphed a few words, but thats the gist of what he said). 

So true. 

"Chip off the old block is my daughter". 

(I musta missed the bus on that one though, hehe). 

Anyway ..........videos, ugh. 

But they do have a purpose, and thats why I created those fine, fine videos for the 0 Excuses Fitness System, which will come to you at a 30% OFF - but only if you act NOW. 

Time be running out on that offer, so act NOW. 

But thats the only time I'll do videos, when it's something that cannot be taught via the written word. 

I understand folks might disagree. They likely will. 

So be it. 

But, the offer stands valid no matter what, so get your mitts on it NOW. 

Start thy Christmas on a BRIGHT NOTE, and not all the rubbish doom and gloom being spread. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee