Monday, 06 December 2021 09:37

If you enjoy reading our books, if you just LOVE our products ...

And even if you don't hehe. (since a lot of Bozos dont, lol) 

This is going to be short, sweet and simple - if that is the case, either way, please do two things. 

One, please leave a review via the review link you got in your email post purchase (from the website). 

If you have bought off Amazon etc, please leave a WRITTEN review there - in addition to the rating. 

And two, another great site to leave reviews? 

You can find Rahul Mookerjee on there too ...  

And that, friend is that. Back soon - oh, and if you ain't taken advantage of these huge offers we've got going on HERE -, then please - do so NOW. 

Again, I'm not going to keep repeating myself on this one. Some of these offers will end like tomorrow IIRC ... 

Get in NOW, my friend. 

And please do the above - and please let me know! 

Thank you! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In addition to the 10% auto discount you get for leaving reviews, I'll even do up another special offer for all of you that leave reviews - please leave one - and then let me know! 

PPS - I'll share a great review from there shortly - stay tuned!! 

Oh, and before I FORGET -

A quick question I gotta ask - with all the whinging and "sqawking" about prices as of late ... (and no, not ALL of you getting this email have been doing that, but a sizeable portion has, as you can tell from the last email I sent out on Bozo Flix) ... 

It beggars the imagination - a lot of these people have not signed up for the Ship - and they have NOT partaken of any of the offers we have going on, despite them being REAL discounts, real offers ... 

Some are tyre kickers and Bozos in general, and thats fine. 

But for the rest of you - WHAT is the reason??

A LOT of you have not taken advantage of the offers, left reviews, or done much at all to be honest. 

Friend, 'm not sure whats going on, but this is highly unlike you. 

So do write back, let me know... 

We'll listen, as always! ?