Tuesday, 16 March 2021 15:47

Why you should do it RIGHT or not at all. (preferably the FIRST TIME).

Recently, I made an investment - a fairly minor one - or so I THOUGHT I did. 

The money - or again, I should say, the transaction - never went through. 

I asked customer care what the deal was when the "transaction" never reflected the next day. 

Much like a highly moronic bank I used in the past that would take DAYS or even months (in one case, they took THREE years and it took me numerous rounds of badgering, pestering, and offical complaints to get it resolved) to reverse "transactions that did not go through" - customer care never replied. 

Four days later, I asked them again. 

Today, six or so days later, a reply came "regretting the inconvenience" and "could I please try again". 


Will I? 

I dont feel like it, thats for damned sure. 

Maybe if their customer service had been up to the mark, but given it wasn't - and the abnormal delay - I dont think I'll be proceeding after all, my friend. 

If they had their shit together right the FIRST time, and yet goofed - would I give them a second - and third chance? 

I think YES, brah. 

Sometimes though, you have to do it RIGHT the first time. 

Or, "next time may not come". 

Many a times, sales can be like this. 

You strike when the iron is HOT. 

Same thing for getting a product here. 

If you feel the urge to get a product now, then get it NOW. 

That discount, for one might not and will not last forever, and the urge, which is probably your gut saying "Dude, do the RIGHT THING fitness wise for a change!" is guiding you in the right direction. 

Postpone, and the time may go away. 

it may never happen. 

Claude Bristol makes an excellent point in the Magic of Believing, and this has been repeated in Think and Grow Rich, Zero to Hero!, Gumption Galore, and ANY other book on succces of note - that being, when the urge strikes to do it - do NOT postpone what you have to do. As Napoleon Hill rightly said in Think and Grow Rich, NOT doing so could be FATAL to your success. 

Or, you'l lhave to wait donkey's years for round #2, if at all. 

Point is this. 

Fitness wise, same thing. 

Lets taking losing weight, and lumping muscle on to your frame, two things everyone wants. 

If you go with the Bimbos and Bimbettes jacking around on the treadmill for hours "the treadmill to nowheresville" and the idiots that tell you "it's about keeping your heart rate in the target 80%" (while these same morons suffer one heart attack after the other), and then get no results, you're less likely to want to go for round #2 w.r.t somethign that DOES work. 

Demotivation, my friend, is contagious. 

Building muscle, same thing. 

Try building a load of muscle with shot shoulders - painful elbows - a wonky lower back - and pain so severe in the upper body that you can neither lift your arms up to put on a shirt, nor to hang a painting, and if you had to carry Granny up a flight of stairs. 

Lets FORGET about that last one! 

Start right, my friend. 

And it's much easier when the path has been BLAZED and laid out for you. 

I've been saying this forever. 

The only difference now is I'm getting sick of ungrateful folks (those that are) - the price wank jobs and the like - so I have Not reduced but INCREASED the prices on some of my stuff and that is how they will stay. 

They're still way more "affordable" than the idiotic memberships at a gym, fancy gadgets, dinners out, expensive liqors and the such ... 

Truly a case of priorities. 

I know where mine lie. 

Do you? 

Only you can make that choice - but remember. 

Do it right - or not at all!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And to add on to this - when you invest in my products, please remember that while pulling the credit card out STARTS the process, it doesn't take the first step for you. YOU have to do it. YOU have to be willing to put in the hard yards as I tell you. Way too many people buy something and expect it to "perform miracles". Not how it works, bro. Not!