Saturday, 12 March 2022 12:40

"He thinks he is like God" - and why I could care less if people think my work is not "work".

And how this applies to FITNESS, my dear friend. 

Last night, I got into it with a good friend - not in a "bad" manner, but we seem to get in each other's faces quite often - which isn't entirely a bad thing so long as its done "in the right spirit" if you get my drift. 

I sent him a meme about some idiot that apparently VP Harries supports - i.e. some transgender dude that was participating in women's swimming - on the female team - and apparently won a host of awards as well - competing against women - which is obviously a BS competition, as "her" horomones are all male, and that gives "her" an advantage anyway! 

Incredibly, we are starting to live in a society where it's becoming normal for four year old, no less, in Scotland to "question their gender orientiation" or some rot, where "same gender or is it sex? Or what is the word now??? bathrooms" are or "should" be the norm, where apparently even sports competitions aren't spared!

Dont get me wrong, if some guy wants to be a woman (Bozo Schofield being one shining example of this lunacy) - - by all means, do it. I'll support their right to do so. 

But there is a line and limit to everything which the current US leadership for one, easily the most pathetic ever - and one that has literally made the U.S. a massive laughing stock all over the world - seems to have forgotten how to draw. 

Not that Sleepy Joe or Hyena Harris could draw much of anythign anyways. 

But adoption by same sex couples - a huge NO for me. 

Ditto for transgender sports competitions against "normal" males or women. It just don't work that way, friend. 

Of course, I'm in the minority there apparently!

My friend claimed "it wasn't everyone that thought the US was a laughing stock". 

"Anyone with any brains can see what the current leadership is doing", I retorted. "The U.S. was RESPECTED under Trump? Now? Just look at when Putin chose to attack for one, he knew no-one would do a damn thing about it!" 

This was a friend who had claimed prior to the invasion that "Russia wouldn't dare to do what it's doing". 

He would not listen to me when I said China is actively supporting Russia financially, so they could care two hoots less about the sanctions - most of them toothless anyway, and the energy section isn't included anyway. 

He wouldn't listen when I told him the Russians might not have money, but they have a DAMN strong military in many regards. 

Therein lies the marriage of convenience, I tried explaining, he parroted some line from CNN to the contrary. 

She En En. Hehe. 

Now, of course, he is being forced to eat humble pie - again. 

"Rahul, you're just a God!" he went in an irritated manner. 

Really, I tittered back. 

"Yes. You think you know it all, you think you're like God!" 

Um, I've never belived in God, I told him. So that statement makes no sense, even if I did, I'm certainly no superhuman - I simply make use of my brain, while the world in general doesn't. 

(and subconscious). 

His next statement validated what I said. 

"You think everyone around you is an idiot, me included!" 

I tried telling him "I never said that" (I didnt, and I hadnt thought it either), but of course no dice. 

"I'm off to work", he grumbled. "Not like you sitting at home doing nothing!" 

Which was another interesting point, one I keep bringing up. 

Despite it being the internet / dumbphone era, people have become - or always were - so dumb collectively that work is only work if you grind it out for hours under the sun picking cotton (metamorphically speaking). 

I've never understood this, bro. 

:Lets say you make $500 a day, lets say you make it by sending out two emails and goofing off the rest of the day - - - and lets say you make it by working 10 hours a day. Or more. 

The money looks the same in both cases, no? Feels the same, no? Buys the same things, no? 

Just why people have this idea that money needs to be earned by crawling on your elbows through broken glass or what not mystifies me, but hey ... 

... I could honestly care less. 

If someone wants to work at 5 different convenience stores and claim "thats the ticket" - then thats fine by me. 

I'd rather do it my own way. 

And I'd rather people consider it "not work" - less competition for me. Hehe. 

This, my friend, is the same thing fitness wise. 

200 squats and 20 pull-ups is more than what most people can do in a week. 

For me, I breezed through it like it was nothing (so would a lot of YOU reading this, i.e. the 0 Excuses Fitness converts). 

Took like what, I dont know, 10-12 minutes all in all. 

And it burnt fat, built muscle, gave the ole midsection another tune up from the inside out, and much more, and all QUICK. 

Fitness, my friend, doesnt mean you need to spend all day in the gym, or hours on the treadmill. 

Ain't nothing wrong with quick and dirty workouts that not only accomplish the same thing, or MORE - in way less time. 

Think about it... 

When I told my friend (this same guy) what a great customer of mine once also told me, in a different aspect i.e. he said his immune system would whack covid (it did!) - I told my friend (when I had the flu) my daily squats and deep breathing would banish any so called virus ... he got sarcastic again. 

Bear in mind, he is obese, and claims "he has no time to workout". He's got time for hours to chat to people on the phone, but ask him to change a car tyre, he doesnt do it for weeks, then drives on a flat to the store to get it changed, and complains when the damned thing tears. 

I mean, really, dude, I told him. Just call AAA or something if changing a tyre is so much hassle (I suspect he doesnt know how to do it). 

All this doesn't take away from the fact he's a great friend. 

Has had my back many a times before ... 

But every time I talk about my workout, he goes back to the God motif. 

"You're Mr Fitness, Mr Karate, how could I ever compete!" 

Dude, just get fit yourself, I keep telling him quietly, but of course, the sarcasm never stops coming. Hehe. 

I also told him I have never trained Karate, only Taekwondo. 

"It doesnt matter! Judo, Karate, Taekwondo! They're all the same!" 

To say the above statement is utter lunacy would be doing it a disservice... it's utter lunacy x 100. Oh well. 

"You think you know it all!" (back to the "God" motif)

Which is funny, because one can sense the underlying impotence and disdain for what I do and how I do it in his tone - yet, one can also sense he knows the results. 


Poor dude. 

Caught between a rock and a hard place... 

Anyway - I dont care what comments you get, my friend. 

Just remember, RESULTS count. 

Whether you work smart - or just "hard" - is, well, up to you ... 

And I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee