Wednesday, 01 June 2022 06:10

The good ole V.C.R . . .

It's funny, these conversations we have in our head - often turn out to be exactly that in real life!

I was telling my friend - or, talking to him, rather about everything going on - global politics, and what not - and how strangely enough or maybe not, during the War of Bangladesh, it was the US that sent in a battleship to intimidate the Indians and "stop" them from "liberating" Bangladesh (because of the the pro Pakistan US stance) - and how the Soviets tailed it wth their subs instantly, and how it became just another showdown between the two superpowers at the time ... 

(Kennedy didnt much like India though, I believe, hehe). 

... How India after independence in my opinion - staunch and unwavering started off on the wrong foot by being hopelessly pro Soviet (Nehru I believe was a great poet, but a piss poor leader, as for Gandhi, my opinion of him is very well known - I dont think for one minute he was the man responsible for Indian independence as is commonly claimed, it was the guys who DID - who actually FOUGHT - that were responsible, not Gandhi who even in prison had a nice lifestyle at the time and ...) ... but anyway, how India made a lot of mistakes, numero uno, or one of them being literally making a gift of TIbet to China, refusing the chance to join the UN security council and so forth "let China do it" - "Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai" nonsense (the Indians and Chinese are brothers, yeah, in poetic la la land, thats a great utopian concept, real life works differently) - and how if India had been more pro West at the time (Though given India just got its independece from a Western power, thats understandable!) - India would be, economically at least, most likely in a far better position than now, and many other things. 

I remembered an argument I had with my good friend Vincent about this one 

I was talking to him about how the guys that really DID in India i.e. that FOUGHT against the colonial Brits - how they had to literally flee to Germany to seek help - NOt because they were Nazis, or pro Nazis, but "your enemy's enemy is myf riend" - and oddly enough to Russia as well (USSR then) to seek help, neither country really gave any sort of help but they did some covert things behnd the scenese, allowed these guys to get private militias together and so forth - and how my friend then said I could never support that. 

Which I guess from his standpoint, he's right. 

I get it. 

But you do what you gotta do, from an Indian standpoint back then, these guys did what they have to, if they didnt, the country would never have gotten its independence, period. 

Whether or not thats a good thing or bad is debatable for SOME people (some people make this argument about look at Hong Kong under the Brits, their economy and such - but a tiny city and a huge country - different!) , for me, I'd rather my independence as yall know! 

But anyway - - they've made some pretty good Bollywood movies as of late on all of this, all remembering the old days when things were real. HA!

And I was telling someone "there's really no Bollywood crap song and dance etc there, you can fast forward past the one song or so in it" ... 

Fast forward? 

Now it's pretty much "drag the slider". Heh.

I caught myself in the nick of time, then remembered the good ole days when we had VCR's - do yall even remember those days. Hehe. 

We used to pop the cassettes in and either (in my case) record WWE (F) back then Monday Night RAW! (is WAR!) because i had to work that night, or even younger than that, the weekend movie would be delivered by "Star Videos" next to our house, hehe, and we'd all watch it together as a family... 

I believe I still got ONE DVD player lying around somewhere, the other I gave away brand new (even DVD players are hardly used these days!). 

Anyway .......

Interesting memory that. 

I dont know why I felt compelled to share it, but when I did 0 Excuses Fitness, when I Started, MOST people, even those that were and are KNOWN superstars in fitness - did NOT - I repeat, NOT have ebooks or products out on the scale I do. 

To me, I saw it coming, and I built the entire site based upon the "e concept". 

Download - and enjoy - and have access to it via your account. 

And of course, for the dinosaurs out there like you and I (that word is copyright the great Brooks Kubik, hehe) - we have paperbacks and hardcovers. 

One of those SHOULD be delivered to my daughter today, Mystery of the haunted school or whatever it was she ordered from Amazon (seems she does most of the ordering even at 8 years of age, lol). 

Anyway - fitness wise, dino way is the best way to go. 

Tried, tested, just flat out works, as you see the world "go back to the old days" more and more, remember some of us that never moved forward in some regards. Hehe. 


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