Monday, 12 March 2012 06:02

Whooping the Monday morning blues

If your like most people, you know what I'm talking about when I'm referring to Monday morning blues. The dreaded 6AM alarm clock, hungover and tired body, the extra-hurried commute to the office before finally collapsing into a cubicle - we've all experienced it - including yours truly.

Now, working from home may alleviate these pains somewhat, but not everyone is in that position - and let's face it, if your working a successful business from home, you'll need to devote time and brainpower to that as well.

Anyway, we hear a lot being talked about on Monday morning blues, and how one can beat them. I've read some decent suggestions out there, including "making a to-do plan for Monday on Friday itself", "getting sufficient sleep", "not hitting the snooze button", and so forth. Some of the stuff being talked about is downright ludicrous as well - I saw someone say "do nothing but relax on the couch" on Sundays. And thats likely worse for you than a hectic Sunday.

But, amidst all this, I've never ONCE heard exercise being talked about. Nowhere have I read that getting a quick workout in (and I mean QUICK) before work, or breakfast, or as soon as you wake up will do more to thump the blues than any other technique will. You can hit the snooze button all you like, but you'll still feel grumpy when you make it in to the office. Other hand, work up a fantastic sweat for a bit before you leave - and you'll feel on top of the world, and ready to tackle your week with renewed vim and vigor.

And the amazing part is that you don't even need to exercise for an hour to get the "feel good" endorphins kicking in. Short, intense bursts of exercise will do more for you than spending an hour on the treadmill watching TV or chatting with the chick next to you on the leg press machine. I did a 15 minute burst this morning that got me huffing and puffin (followed by a 30 minute killer workout a bit later that had me sopping with sweat from head to toe when I was done) - and I'm ready to battle an army now.

Of course, you need to know WHAT to do - and how to put a good routine together, but thats no problem - I've already done the "spadework" for you in Fast and Furious Fitness. All that remains is for you to grab your copy NOW.

Still don't believe me? Still think that a nice heavy breakfast is what you need for that pounding hangover to go away? Well, do a set of 100 pushups the next time the blues roll around - and then tell me. I don't care if you do one pushup at a time, or 10, or whatever it is - just do the pushups, and make sure you do 100 of them - and don't dwadle while doing them. And THEN tell me how you feel.

I bet you'll feel far better than you would have if you chugged down a gallon of coffee and a ton of greasy food to boot.

And that, my friends, is today's tip. Have a fantastic week ahead, and remember to get your workouts in!

Best regards,


PS: Start your week off right, and you'll breeze through the entire week like a hot knife cutting through butter. Yes, it DOES work that way! Fast and Furious Fitness is a must-have that will get your week started in the right direction!