Thursday, 03 June 2021 17:50

A far, far healthier and as good alternative to - maple syrup!

Nothing if not a glutton at times as I like to say, hehe. And I am!

But of course, Eat More - Weigh Less - or Advanced hill Training, depending upon how you look at it takes care of the fat accumalation and thus forth!

YES, the stories I mention on the sales page - right down to the FIGURES - are spot on true, and they'll be the same way for you too if you dot he thing.

But, can't keep burning the candle at both ends and neither would I advise anyone to.

But the occasional indulgence is fine!

One of those for me is chocolate - and pancakes!

The first was an admittedly unhealthy dessert I just had - chocolate cake. But, I had it last year and not after that, so ill be fine!

Second, the pancakes!


And healthy too!

I remember when we (ex girlfriend and me) went up to New York, and visited Vermont. We literally carted back crates of beer - and maple syrup!

Straight from Vermont or Canada (some of it).

The real deal!

Awesome stuff!

And of course, I remember all the all night breakfasts at Shoney's.

My favorite was Waffle House though!

Anyway, what I BE waffling about now, you ask.

("waffling" is Aussie for babbling. Hehe).

Basically this.

I had pancakes tonight, and chose HONEY - natural - instead of maple syrup - and it was great.

Great, great, great!

The GENUINE maple syrup is great too, if you can find it.

Unfortunately a lot of the stuff out there, especially these days is fake, and jampacked with too much sugar, preservatives etc.

And if you're a Simple and Effective Diet reader, you know what I say about sugar possibly being the MOST dangerous thing, even ahead of alchool (which is packed w.sugar) for weight loss!

Rightfully so.

Anyway, the honey was great.

And at this point, you might think I'm working up to "an alternative to being a lazy ass".


I am, but we'll get to that later.

First, its about ... :an alternative to an even deadlier in my opinion plague (certainly worse than this silly Wu Flu).

The dumbphone addiction that has taken hold of damn near everyone in society and the "video mania" i.e. if it's not on video, people won't "read it"!

I'm the opposite.

If I cannot say it in writing, I wont - and I do NOT watch videos. That much has been made clear, hehe.

YEs, I created some great videos for the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

But thats a different story -s ome of the exercises you "need to watch" to get the form down etc.

And I'll probably create more for my other courses etc depending upon demand.

Anyway, thats the extent of my videoing (no, I dont do You Tube and the other nonsense bar a few snippets).

I know.

But thats me!

Anyway ...

Dumbphones do the following (amongst many other things) -

They humb your brain to the point of addiction - much like drugs.

Dopamine "drip" x 1000 - and the withdrawal effects are much the same the minute the phone is taken away!

They KILL Creativity.

They WASTE time/

They turn you into a lard ass and lazy phock!

And far, far more.

Dumbphones, my friend are by far the mot useless thing ever invented, and many of my customers dont even have 'em.

I only use 'em for the banking and such ...

And as Charles Mitchell once famously said, "they've got dumbphones out there to addict us all, but they can't cure knee problems for folks that can't do sprints".

He's right.


And a far better alternative (oh, the Charles comment has been well addresse din an email a while ago) ...


Which people do way too less of.

Makes you more creative, reverses the dumbphone effect, makes you a better writer, forces you to think, expand your mind, vocab, broaden your horizons and much else not mentioned here!

Much more else thats not mentioned here. (just dont read the porno Bozo Schofield is addicted to!)

And that, my friend is the "gyan" for today.

Thats Hindi for "advice".

dont know WHY this "redneck from Texas" or "hombre from El Paso" or any of the other 2000 plus names on the list or "illegal at the border", hehe (nah - really - no!) used that term, but I felt compelled to, so I did. LOL.

And I'm out!

(The Bozo did once make the comment about me being illegal or some rot with his "its' only whites allowed in America" retarded statements, but coming from a Nigerian (most likely) with a fake passport running around in Britain, thats a lot. HA!).


Rahul Mookerjee

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