Tuesday, 20 March 2012 06:55

Another good one for the books

Had a great workout this morning - one straight out of Fast and Furious Fitness. One that had me panting like a runaway steam engine and feeling like I'd been run over by a truck in 30 minutes flat - and then a shorter workout in the local park that hit the grip and back especially well. Great workout, one for the books as it were.

And thats how your training should be as well. One good workout after the other, day in and day out, leads to rapid overall improvement in health, stamina and strength - and more importantly, building up a "repository" of good workouts also ensures you have something stacked away for a "rainy day" - as in, when your too sick to exercise, or maybe recovering from an injury and so forth.

Most people think that they'll lose the progress they've made if they stop exercising due to factors out of their control - but it's important to remember that if you already have a base, you'll eventually get the building built. What's important is that you keep trying to move forward; and that you keep piling on one good workout after the other - the rest will take care of itself.

More on that later.

Anyway, I thought I'd mention that I didn't hit some of my best numbers today during my workout. Didn't quite get the times I'd like for my jump rope routine, but on the other hand, I did my pushups in lesser time - and, if you can believe it, with BETTER form than before. Yes, that sounds hard to believe as I say I do my exercises in good form anyway, but there's always that little bit of room for improvement - regardless of how experienced a trainee you are - and those of you that have been training regularly know what I'm talking about.

So remember that not being able to hit personal bests during a workout is NOT an indication of a bad workout. In fact, and I've said this before as well, it's better NOT to shoot for a personal best in every workout.

And that's it for the day - as I said earlier - another great one for the books! If you train today - make sure you do the same thing as well!

Best regards,


PS: - If your searching for routines that you can follow year after year, and still not get bored doing them, then Fast and Furious Fitness is just what the doctor ordered.