Wednesday, 07 April 2021 16:02

Why darling men shouldn't bother with 0 Excuses Fitness (and our products), hehe.

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There's a great, great guy I followed on "Pinked-Out" if you get my drift. 

(It's a social media network - the only one I still occasionally check, and only what my contacts or what not have posted at that)

(It's quickly turning into a freak-book like Morass though - speaking of which - FB - wait for me to get my account deactivation requests in for ALL my accounts - the latest stunt Bozo Zuckerfield and his apparently Chinese wife pulled about allowing ads with slave labor from Xinjiang there??? UNACCEPTABLE!). 

Nike has come out and said it. H and M has said it. The WORLD has noticed it for ages, and has been saying it ever since Mike Pompeo spearheaded the effort, and here we have Freak-Book and Shitter (to an extent) doing all they can to undo that good work. 

Not acceptable. 

Some things just aren't. 

Anyway, there's a great great guy on that network. So helpful that you cannot help but like him. 

He's one of those guys you instantly put the "good guy" tag to (much like the exact opposite "barbarian" springs to mind when you look at yours "truly unruly"). 

Never says a word wrong, never puts a foot wrong, is helpful to the point of being fastidous, replies to ALL Messages from everyone ... Great guy in general, and so he gets certain "girly comments" directed at him from time to time, hehe. 

Here's one - 

Important reminders for all of us, my darling - thank you for sharing. It’s the green one, for me... ??

In response to one of his uber helpful posts. 

Then he replied with "Thanks! You matter!" 

Her - 


And this should be enough by itself to tell you why I'm starting to avoid Shanked-In like the plague from China as well. 


But anyway, I couldn't help but join the love fest. 

Yours truly - 

Dahhhhhhh-liinnnnnnng .... ? But really, he's a great guy!! Hehe.

And he IS, lol. 

Anyway, all that aside. 

I cannot remember the last time (except when in "lust" and there have been plety of those times) - ANYONE called me a Dahling. 

Bozo "Darling" Schofield once sent me the comment about "a face a Mom would hate". 

I dont know so much about that, hehe. The notches speak a different tale!

The Bozo was self projecting in that case. (and in most others). 

But Dahhhhhllliiin? 

I've never been called that, and I never WANT to be. 


I'm happy with unruly ruffian, hehe. 

Or "wilddddddddddddddddddddddd and untamed". 


Or maniac. 

Or any of the other (or wolf) names I'm so often called!

And I suspect if you asked the 0 Excuses Fitness posse, they'd say the same thing. 

We're REAL MEN. 

We dont believe in frills, fancies, and BS. 


OUr workouts are brutal, and we BRUSH aside mamsy pamsy stuff like the above. (and therefore, in many ways the ladies "try to" hate us, hehe, but they dont quite succeed). 

NIce guys finish last? 

Maybe, maybe not. 

I'll leave THAT for the other site! ;) 

But he's a great dude, and I mean it, and in case you didnt notice, hehe, this whole email - or most of it was writtien in a FUN spirit. 

We're certainly open to Jane Fonda types and Dah-lings too provided they DO the thing (not that dude is that type, I wouldn't think he is at least). 

And that, my friend, is the entertainment for now. Golly, that book I wrote TIRED me out!

And thats another reason why the wackos that complain about price etc get the boot promptly regardless of reason. 

When I put a product or book or course out, part of ME goes into the course, and a LOT OF ME, actually - given I write in the flow. 

I've been known to hammer out 20000 plus words in one sitting, and that takes some doing, friend, and do it in the flow, and it'll exhaust you - and even me - for days!

(in my case, I was back to my 8K words a day the next day I believe). 

But anyway, that book is on the other site. 

And for here? 

Well, remember that week long 30% discount we've got going on, darlings, and darling-esses, hehe. 

It won't last forever. 

I'm out!

BAck soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - A reader from Kuwait of all places wrote back about the Bozo of all things. Golly, we sure are getting around aren't we!

"Where is Bozo" was the comment from "Adel". 

Well, Sir Adel, I have NO idea. He's AWOL or up in ass or ... I dont know, probably on another bender or something. Maybe if we call "Dah-ling" loud enough he'll emerge with red spots on his cheeks on all ends, hehe.