Saturday, 17 April 2021 10:43

On "don't I have any brains" - and why the INDIRECT mode of attack (or reply) is sometimes the BEST

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So, I gotta say this. 

Sometimes, MR Direct has "learned" to be indirect - and even more devastatinly effective, hehe. 

And I knew this for a while now of course. 

But anyway, recently I got the following thrown at me by my "wife" (all I did was ask her something about the daughter). 

"Dont you have any brains?" 

Now, she probably didtn mean in the rude manner she said it, but my hackles were UP. 

Believe me, if someone says that to me in real life they better EXPECT A FIGHT AND THEN SOME!

But then I relaxed. 

There's no point engaing with women directly, my friend, especially not when they do all they can to pick fights and engage in stupid "shaming" techniques. 

They're attacking you, the RATIONAL MAN in those ways because you cannot attack back (and if you do, how dare you - and if you simply bounce the same back to them "how dare you"). 

So sometimes, my friend, the INDIRECT mode of attack - and thereby profiting from it - is better. 

Think about it. 

What good would it do to engage in an inane argument with someone acting like an utter idiot (vast majority of women "in a relationship" - they're the exact opposite before that) ? 

None at all. 

Not to mention "you'll always lose" (as the man). 

Instead, figure out how to work it to YOUR advantage. 

This will be in the book on Nazi feminism - already IS, but in different words (tip #13 or something, definitely before #15 in the 46 tips so far...) 

But anyway, Bozo Schofied the "rumpus loving woman" who also likes being a servant is a prime example. 

Engaging directly with him all those years would have got me? 

Jack squat. 

What he wanted. Hehe. 

Instead, I let it "ride for a while". 

And now, payback's indeed not so "sweet" as it is hilarious in many ways. LOL. Even the Bozo knows it. (hopefully he does). 

I say hopefully because ... 

With regard to Schofield I just thought he was some idiot that left bad reviews on products just for the hell of it, I had no idea how mentally deranged he really is, seems like the poor little chap was at the back of the queue when they were dishing out the brains.

So said a customer recently ... (and more have too, but he was the most verbose of the lot on it, and said it the best). 

Yes, the Bozo is indeed suffering from bipolar and OCD and "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" and "schizoprenia" amongst many things - even Hannibal Lecter would shy away from him!

Anyway ... this applies to fitness too, my friend. 

Pull-ups, for instance. 

That exercise which the "phat phocks" so hate . . . 

(because nothing calls them out more than that) 

(nothing pisses them off more than seeing a stud do pull-ups willy nilly while they yank cords on the machine or their own or use inane grips or what not). 

When I got to that level at pull-ups, it didnt come quick - or easy - and it sure didnt come (beyond a certain point) from doing pull-ups and just that! 

I mention this tale in the revamped "Pull-ups - from DUD to STUD - within a matter of WEEKS!" (well, revamped in 2017 so if you've got it recently, you're well up to date). 

It came from doing something you'd never think worked (two things actually). 

When I got to the current level I am at jumping rope, for instance? 

Again, it didnt come directly from "just jumping rope" though that was part of it. 

And grip wise, same thing - although that is probably the only area where direct work was very much more responsible than the other areas, though even grip is a full body thing - not sitting on your ass and doing just forearm rollers or what not. 

Far more productive ways!

And to end this off, here's a silly review (though genuine one) - 

(or part of it) 

I was especially put off by the author citing a conversation he had with an American marine. He didn't really quote any of the conversation nor report any specifics and so it seems as if it was included to link his workout with the cachet of the Marines. He also mentioned he hadn't done a single pull up for months, but his grip had got better! He doesn't say what he has been doing instead, he certainly doesn't seem to have included it in this book.

Oh yes, it DOES, my friend. It does!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Full review on Amazon UK, but I'v ementioned it so many times here that ... 

PS #2 - Know the sign of a TRUE BUSNINESSMAN? 

Shantaram, in his bestselling novel ; a mammoth bit torn apart twice at that in prison, said the following about the time in an Indian prison where the guards literally brutally beat him to literally - shreds. 

Indian prisons are probably as brutal as Chinese minus the politics. 

"All the time they were flagellating me, I was thinkng of ways to profit from it!" 

SAGE Greg. Sage!!