Sunday, 22 August 2021 11:47

Buttler Glyn, and the red chilis (and the rants, oh my!)

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Glyn Bozo's rants in "Keeping it Real in China" aren't just famous, or infamous. They might have just gotten him kicked out of the PRC too - back last year. 

Or year before that, I Dont know. 

He was in jail I believe for a short while too, but not in China/HK. Probably the Phillippines, and of course a certain Mandy and several OTHERS are hot on his heels too. Hence the relative silence from the But(tlet) Bozo... 

(though he's reading all of this, teeth bared, believe me). 

Seriously, this guy's obsession with anything "Rahul Mookerjee" Or "Michael Brown" is truly OTC. 

And it's a Godsend too, hehe. 

I couldn't have asked for a better "stimulant" in many regards. 


Hey, just look at the Bo(o)zo, inspiration galore!

Best part, it's all true. 

Like that infamous rant he once went on. 

No sex involved, no Madam's, no idiotic "I want to be her toilet" or whatever he likes. 

Just a day long bender, and oh my, the cussing... 

I remember wondering what set the Bozo off THAT much. 

He's always nuts, yes, but wasn't quite THAT batty ever - till then. Of course, little did I know!

But apparently what this idiot was doing was pretending he was a maid or cook for some girl, taking pictures to"show her" - and was chopping chilis or something. 

As he told Josie "he's into pain" - I'll spare you guys the gory and vivid details, but if you think "things inserted into orifices, not necessarily all solid either, you get the drift". 

People love that sort of pain too! 


But anyway, in his excitment Bozo forgot to apparently wipe his hands on the apron, and then rubbed his ... 

I know. 

But I'm not going there, because that ain't what happened. 

Although he does "that" quite often what happened THEN?

He ended up rubbing his eyes. 

What a genius, while they were full of red pepper "Cayenne" powder (Bozo apparently even showed up at a "Jack's" (foreign owned") Deli" or something to buy it). 

I can't remember the name, ah, now I do. 

Corners Deli I believe. 

And the rant that ensued ... my oh my. 

Like a four year old, to be honest, you might say, but these sorts have that kinda mentality, and no, I didnt write to you to tell you just this. 

Thats the tip of the Bozo iceberg. 

I wrote to you to tell tho, as in the last email, this guy is a godsend. 

I told you how in many regards in that email. 

but for this one, fitness. 

Know the #1 requirement I have for any book? 

It isn't how much it will help you, it isn't real man training, it isn't REAL training, it isn't building insane levels of power and strength the Bozos can only gawk at, it isnt fitness from the inside out, any of those thing sy'all know... 

Nah, I just giggle and ask myself another one of those questions. 

If you can imagine me giggling that is, but when it comes to Bozo...

"Will Glyn Schofield in Brum troll this". 

And, as a great customer once said, "if the trolls troll this the most, it must be worth getting!" 

Pushup Central certainly is! (on both fronts). Hehe. 



That ain't #1 by far. 

But it is #100... and it's on the list, yes. 

Trolls, my friend, are a true indicator of your success or lack thereof. 

ANd the minute you know you got something (or someone) like Glyn Bozo obsessed with you, and his posse, well... 


Anyway, I'm out. 

Remember to pick up the best damn fitness system here. 

You will LOVE IT, friend!

(no Glyn Bozo in it or any of my books, dont worry. He gets a mention in the book on Nazi feminism, but thats it). 


Rahul Mookerjee