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Tuesday, 22 March 2022 07:41

Do I need to warm up before doing pushups and squats?

A question ALL of you (me too) have thought about, no doubt. 

In 0 Excuses Fitness, and indeed with all my bodyweight writing, I often tout one of the benefits of my type of exercise programs as being "there is no need for lengthy warmups". 

Indeed, there isn't - especially when you compare it to warm ups you DO need before lifting gigantic weights in sets and reps. 

Think about it, if you're just out of bed, you bend down and stand back up - or you do the same thing, lift up a huge barbell, and stand back up. 

Point and case, or the other way around, #2 is an open invitation to injury and worse. 

I'm not quite at my wife's level who claims "dont lift anything at all for a while after you wake up". 


But the point - with exercise routines like pushup based programs, or squats - you just "do it". 

You don't necessarily need long warm ups, or warm ups at all. 

Yet, despite that being the truth "aint that the truth" (as one person recently emailed me about pull-ups) - the reality is far more complex. 

Matt Furey for one, wrote in Combat Conditioning that "I dont need a warm up at all" for these exercises. 

Talk to him today, he'll tell you all about warmups ... 

And that was likely the case back when he wrote the book too. 

Personally, for me? 

I dont warm up with special exercises, or at all. With my hill climbs, I just walk up the hill to warm up!

But slowly, while I stretch out, getting the blood flowing, and with regular bodyweight stuff indoors? 

It can be tough to jump straight into 500 squats without straining something, what I do is the exercise - except in lesser reps. 

For instance, I might do 10 squats, then I might jump around a little, then I might (and do) do isometrics. 

I've found isometrics the best way to warm up - not necessarily stretch before a workout, but some of the "get loose" movements included in Isometric and Flexibility Training - especially the "bird" movements - and some of the "leg lifts" included in "Advanced, Profound Isometric and Flexibility Training" - THESE give me the best warmup and only warm up I ever need if I do at all.  

Pull-ups, I'll warm up with dead hangs, an exercise unto it's own. 

Pushups, I'll do the isometric pose - or a few easy reps before "getting into it". 

And so forth. 

Thats what I do, my friend. 

It's likely what most people do as well, although you'll see you need less and less of a warmup as you start to really "get into" all this... 

Thats it for me for this one. Movement, as always is key, and is the best warmup ... 

Back soon - be sure to grab your copy of the "sizzling hot" 0 Excuses Fitness System 

PS - Here is what someone wrote back on the now "defunct" Linkedin Account. 

"Wow, hairy chest, so sexy!" 

Ugh ... 

I can't guarantee it'll make hair grow on your chest. 

(I dont know if that was Glyn in one of his "sissy"as he likes to call it avatars) .. 

But these exercises will make men out of boys, that I do guarantee!

Sunday, 20 March 2022 17:14

Jumping Jacks vs Squats ...

Its something I've been meaning to address for quite a while!

Squats, for reasons we all know (they're tough!) - are not done in general, at least not in high reps and as they should be - by most people regularly. 

Even when "every day people" feel the burn and the heart pump you get from squats (or even lets say sprints and such) - they neglect to do it daily. 

Jumping jacks, however, seem to be a whole different ball game for many people. 

It's a pretty good exercise, and I've mentioned it in Corrugated Core

It DOES do a pretty good job of burning fat - and improving flexibility - and endurance in general. 

It makes for great recovery, and even better "finishers" - sets of 100, if you can do 'em - will really get the heart going. 

But there seems to be a perennial debate about "which is better for weight loss - or muscle gain - or overall health and fitness - and such". 

Many people, my wife included, are under the very erroneous idea that wrestler's have "protruding stomachs" due to large number of Hindu squats and Hindu pushups. 

This way of thinking is more common than you'd think, my friend - and yet, it's FOOLISH - and shows how people that do not DO the thing make judgements. 

It's diet that causes a gut, nothing more, nothing less..diet, and inactivity. Certainly not exercise of any nature!

Done right Hindu squats - and indeed bodyweight squats are the best "crunch" for the entire body you can think of. 

And in terms of fat burning, and general exercise - I'm here to tell you jumping jacks, while great - don't hold a candle to high rep squats done right. 

Trust me on this one - or do both, and you'll see. 

First thing you know, jumping jacks are far easier on the legs than squats. 

The very fact the legs don't BEND a lot during the movement proves this - sure, jumping rope involves no bend in the legs too, but jumping rope is an entirely different ball game with high jumps etc involing plenty of bend in the legs. 

Second, there is nothing that compares cardio wise to the "thud thud thud" you'll feel deep down in your chest while and when doing high rep squats - with the possible exception of sprinting hills, nothing at all, my friend. 

Again, you'll have to DO them to see ... 

Last, variety - squats have a LOT more variety than jumping jacks do! 

There are SO many different ways to do 'em - the same holds true for jumping jacks, but in that case the variants are far more similar than with squats. 

Now, if you're one of the very voluminous crowd that loves jumping jacks and can't get enough of 'em - well, goody on you - like I said, they're not a bad exercise at all. 

Mix them in with squats though - in the SAME movement - and NOW you're really talking (much like a jumping jack equivalent of the burpee). 

I'll have more on this in the future - stay tuned. 

For now though, if you were to ask me as a brother "if I had to choose one" (my daughter keeps asking me hard to answer questions like this, hehe) - I'd unequivocally answer the SQUAT. 



And I'd tell you to learn how to do it pronto and then start doing. 

Alright, thats it for this one. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Corrugated Core is a must have if you want a REALLY strong midsection, not just "beach boy abs". If so, get it NOW. It truly is "hard core training for a hard, hard core" as the "man" himself said!

Thursday, 17 March 2022 11:22

What writing books taught me about isometrics - and workouts in general!

Yours truly, pull-up stud - pushup monster - Mr Handstand Pushup - Mr hill climber - and many, many, many more (including the well deserved "bodyweight exercise guru" moniker I've gotten over the past few years). 

Exercise champ, fitness freak, fanatic - and more ... and yet ... 

Despite all that, despite all the reps, the sweat, blood and tears, gumption, heat, cold, everything - you know what taught me a hell of a lot about exercising that nothing else ever did? 

Writing books. 


No, not just the writing part. That, for me, was easy. 

It was the "taking photos" part - and not because I couldn't find people to take the photos. Hehe. I found plenty! 

It was because, my friend .... 

... Well, take what I have on the homepage of www.0excusesfitness.com as an example. 

Me doing a one arm reverse pushup (at one point, I was going to put myself doing it on fingertips there - which is in the book on reverse pushups, of course). 

Just getting into a reverse pushup is hard enough for most people, let alone hold. 

If you do a one arm - and one leg hold like I am - to DO that itself is tough enough. 

And just holding the pose long enough for Cindy to take it ... Gawd, Golly, and everything rolled into one, I still remember shaking to the core as she got it right. 

And she was a good photographer. 

With my daughter, it often takes more than one take - usually four or so - that is if Madam doesn't zone out in the middle of a photo!

You can often hear me HOLLERING. 

"Honey, HURRY!" 

Are you DONE as yet already??

I mean, its hard enough getting into some of those positions, let alone hold for time long enough to get a perfect photo. 

Some may not think it's a big deal. 

Well, I have this to say - the next time you do a TOUGH Stretch and come out of it - try getting a picture taken of it - a perfect picture showing the onlooker via pictures alone, "how it's done". 

And you'll quickly start hollering Uncle yourself, hehe. 

Seconds will pass - interminably slowly!

You'll wonder "just why the heck doesnt this photographer be DONE with the picture!" Hehe. 

And more. 

Pushup Central, for one. 

Try the extended arm pushup on for starters!

In the book, youll see me doing it on fingertips. 

Try HOLDING that pose - let alone the actual pushup. 

Then, holding it perfectly for time as someone takes the picture. 

It ain't easy at all, friend. 

DOING the actual exercise is often easier than holding the isometric. 

And thus my contempt for all the bozos out there who claim (despite the plethora of evidence out there stating the old timers all did the so called easy stuff to build incredible strength and power, despite the "easy stuff" being the most important ie basic stuff always being the most important) "it's too simple" 

Just static stretches, an idiot once wrote about my great book Isometric and Flexibility Training. 

It wouldn't surprise me if this bozo couldn't bend down to tie his own shoelaces. 

But anyway, there it is. 

Isometrics, my friend, I've often said gives you a workout from hell, and if you dont believe me - just TRY some of what Ive got - not just in the initial book, but the advanced one as well. 

And then get back and tell me. Hehe. 

As for me, I'm yet to master the clapping pushup - WHILE someone takes a perfect picture of it in "slo mo" hehe. 

That'll be in the Advanced Plyometrics book. 

Well my friend, I'm off for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Only those that have DONE the thing will truly grasp the truism of what I say here, the rest, well..

PS #2 - One of my best books ever, and a book that will make you feel like a billion bucks even if you're long past what some consider "spring chicken" stage? 

Well, go HERE and find out!

Sunday, 06 March 2022 09:07

Why everyday is indeed leg day for me!

My friend, 

So it is! 

I saw that quote from a person I dont know on Twitter "everyday is leg day for me" - I can't quite remember how the rest of it went though. 

And dude is spot on from a certain angle, indeed, more than you'd think. 

It's always been that way for me with my daily hill climbs - back then - and now. 

True, hill climbs may change to jumping rope, or squats - daily, 400 - 500 of them without exception. 

And it often does. 

But leg day it is for me all the time, leg, back and stretching - but in a pinch, the first two, in even more of a pinch, the first. 

There's always time to get isometrics in. Ditto for legs (or any workout, actually, if you know what you're doing and HOW). 

Ole Steve Austin it was, I believe who once made the quote about "I dont care what else you do, how shitty your diet is, if you're doing tons of squats, you're going to grow". 

And I'm seeing the truism of that right now with my own body - and have been for years in terms of leg training of ALL kinds. 

Coming from a guy who became a super star from humble beginnings of having to wrestle long ass nights on a diet of nothing but a couple of potatoes a day to sustain that massive bulk - well, I'd think ole Steve KNOWS what he is talking about. Experience, my friend, is a teacher sage and better than all others. 

The school of hard knocks, like I keep saying. 

Now, the clowns who claim "it's about training body parts" one day at a time, well, I've debunked that shit enough times. 

Monkeys dont train one day in one day out, do they? 

You dont see an ape claim "my lats are tired, so I wont climb that next tree tomorrow". 

Or do you? 

Do you see Mr Tiger claim "paws sore, so no walking for two days and 48 hours now"? 

I didnt think so. 

But to those saying "we can't work body parts hard enough with the same exercise daily" - though we do it daily - well, I'd agree. 

Dont go all out daily, friend. 

Doing so - well, it might work for a while, but eventually, you'll find variety is not just the spice of life, but the curry of improvement - perpetual growth. 

I do 100 x 4 squats some days. 

Somedays, I knock out 500 without stopping. 

Someday, I'll do sets of 50 till I get to 300, then in the evening, one set of 100. 

Or, if the goal is 250, I'll break it down that way. 

Key thing, I do something - daily - and that something turns into much more than what I "planned" for - even on the days I feel BLA!

And this, my friend, is the ticket to super fitness - and growth - at anything. 

Put in the work daily. 

Go the hard yards - or easy - but go either way. 

Adopt the philosophy in life, see where you go - PLACES!

Other than that well, heavy squatting and leg training does for the body what nothing else can - back included. 

Leg and back training done daily will make men out of boys, and fitness phenoms out of couch potatoes and lard asses. 


I should know. 

I used to be the last at a certain stage!

And if you're currenty at "pudgie wudgie" status and crave super fitness, well, get on the fitness routines mentioned HERE

Again, the link is HERE

5 great videos, two great books, and a ...well, special "intro" as well. Hehe. Which I created on the spur of the moment. 

Get to it NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 29 January 2022 10:35

The Mecca and Medina of Leg Training!

// Start Quote

No discussion of plyometrics would be complete without mentioning what I Consider to be the most explosive, and results producing training combination ever i.e. Hill Sprints with Plyometrics.

Or, land sprints if you don’t “got” hills around!

In Fast and Furious Fitness, I say that sprints are literally the “Mecca and Medina” of leg training, and they are.

And while sprints are incredibly hard for most to do, and sustain – they’re also the key, as mentioned in Advanced Hill Training – to burn fat off your body at record speeds, and improve health and overall strength and conditioning even quicker.

Your body was meant to be a Ferrari, not a Ford, and if you take a look at the impressively muscled physiques of most Olympic sprinters, VS the “skinny yet not too strong” look most marathoners have – you’ll get the photo.

The latter category “pounds the pavement” with “slow” long distance cardio supposedly good for you.


Ive cited cases of WORLD class athletes brought up on this nonsense; the minute they stop playing, their health goes down the toilet.

Look at the great Saurav Ganguly for one, champ Indian cricketer, yet never very good at sprinting between the wickets – and after he retired, a few years later he’s in the hospital to get angio plasty done.

I believe he did a whole lot of “slow” cardio, and he ain’t the only one either.

Other hand, sprinters, wrestlers, boxers, martial artists, some of the most superbly conditioned athletes out there – they do EXPLOSIVE movements.

Plyometrics, in other words.

Their workouts don’t take all day and forever – whatever they do, they do it quickly, and work up a massive sweat while at it.

And when you do hill sprints, remember you’re doing one of the best forms of plyometrics there is.

Now, I’ve covered sprints galore in Advanced Hill Training, so y’all that don’t have a copy of that book will want to get it NOW.

But, for now – remember two things.

One, the importance of BREATHING right when doing these, or any exercise.

Dont breathe in a shallow manner, and don’t – on the other hand, as I state in 0 Excuses Fitness, pant like a runaway train any more than you have to (in the 0 Excuses Fitness System videos, I tell you how to recover from that type of feeling as well).

Second, hill sprints work best when with quick plyometric movements.

Of which you saw some in Advanced Hill Training.

And here, we’ll take plyometrics to the next level – with exercises you might never have heard of before.

Enjoy, and last, but not least – exercise CAUTION when you begin. Some of these exercises will make you very sore and unable to move for days when you first start!

/// End Quote

Well, my friend, I dont know what takeaways you'll get from this, but if you're reading between the lines, plenty. 

That is an excerpt from the soon to be released book on EXPLOSIVE, advanced plyometric conditioning that will blowtorch fat off your body at stellar, warp speeds - and condition you like never before. 

Combine this with Advanced Hill Training and my other books if you want the lean, mean, FEROCIOUS body of an ANIMAL, a wild BEAST. 

Still to come - but coming soon!

Just wanted to share this - thoughts, comments, all welcome!

Back soon


Rahul Mookerjee

Wednesday, 26 January 2022 05:37

Some of the horribly form mangling forms I see on the "table" pushup

I just had to write about this as soon as I saw the man himself DOING it. 

My word, my word. 

The table pushup - or the "faggoty" pushup as a certain "Mydnight" once claimed - LOL -and then he was soundly refuted, not by yours truly, but by former cheerleaders, gymnasts and such getting back and saying "THAT exercise is one of the hardest to do! Youre doing great!". 

Not that I needed the validation, but I was. Hehe. 

And that exercise is a super, super exercise. 

Anyway ... 

He was likely joking in his "dark" style. He's actually a great guy, and I love the dude. Hehe. Especially his dark sense of humor. 

But anyway, this morning I woke up and viewed a video of ... well, a guy that BROUGHT this exercise to the mainstream years ago. 

I love the guy again, and I'm not going to kick ass and take names, but dude's got serious weight loss to do, I'll say that!

But anyway, that aside ... 

The "table" pushup is one which really exposes the fat around your belly - ass - and LOWER abs -BRUTALLY, more than anything else. 

Ya'll - those of y'all that are overweight won't be able to do this, period. 

And even a lot of "fit" people when they start, their lower backs cave in when trying to do it the movement. 

It's hard to enough to get into the position and hold - and then do the exercise for reps. 

In Pushup Central, I give you a super advanced variation on your fingertips that will smoke the forearms like never ever before - if you can even DO 'em. 

Believe me, much like the extended arm pushup on your fingertips, you'll want to be DAMN Careful when you do them on your fingertips. 

Yes, even grip monsters like me have to focus and really concentrate EXTRA HARD on this one!

Anyway ... 

I saw "guru" post a video on it. 

Apparently it's how you exercise after a huge meal, which I Really dont agree with. 

Right after a huge meal, you do what Mr Tiger does i.e. REST- and sleep, if you have to, but you certainly don't do pushups right after, or any intense exercise, and certainly not the "Table" pushup. 

Given the guru, and I respect him, dont get me wrong, and I won't name him here - but those of you in the know will have guessed already - is himself constantly talking about the ways of the animal and how humans should train like animals (and he is RIGHT there) - you'd think he'd have this one down pat. 

Anyway, video also had this bit about "getting power glutes" with this exercise. 

He's spot on there. 

The table pushup will build your glutes and lower back like nothing else. 

It will also burn FAT - if you do it right, and guru was barely able to do IT, let alone do it right. 

Anyway ... 

Some of the most common mistakes, and I Saw this in Matt's video too. 

(ok, I had to KATN - Matt, my friend, if you're reading this, please know that I would have posted this as a comment in the comments section of your video, but I respect you too much to do that - it would no doubt start a cat fight of sorts, so I'll just say it here). 

(as for y'all, well, you know ME. Leave comments publicly anywhere on anything, or email me - I love brutal, and would never mind. Hehe. So long as it's honest and not Bozo Schofield trolling..) 

(even then I wouldn't mind it, see my video on how I deal with trolls). 

Anyway ..... again. 

When doing this pushup, your entire lower back should be aligned naturally and when you think you're doing it right- you're NOT. 

You really need to tighten the GLUTES - and "push" the entire pelvis up so that your neck is not looking at the sky in a position parallel to your body - but your neck is PERPENDICULAR to your body. 

Looking backwards, not necessarily up. 

The latter is an easier way to do it, maybe when you start you can do it that way. 

But you need to be really concentrating on the lower back muscles and the GROIN area (i.e. lower abs) - and glutes on this one. 

Second, HOLD at the end of each rep, and then bring yourself back - in perfect form - which means your ass doesn't just come back DOWN or where your arms are - you end up with your buttocks being "behnd your arms". 

Again, remember. As I have said before, if you are doing this right, you will feel the stretch at the base of your neck - big time - and your GLUTES. 

Most, even those with good intentions don't do this right. 

Form is paramount my friend on this one, or you won't get 50% of the benefit you would by doing them in proper form. 

And Matt, in your video, I'm sorry to say it, but you weren't doing them in proper form. 

In fact you were barely DOING them at all to be frank. Maybe that was ONE reason behind the video ie. showing beginners how they do it, I dont know ... ? 

;-) Hey, I love marketing as much as the next person. Hehe. 

Maybe he was doing them after a while. Hey.I get it!

But that form wasn't right, and what do I know. I'm anal about form, as a lot of you are!

Do it right, or not at all ... 

Anyway ... 

Kick ass and take names is right. Hehe. I've always done that on auto pilot. 

But remember, youll want to WATCH me do this exercise. I put out a short Youtube the other day on it, but for long exhaustive videos, view the "pushup" video and "workout" video in 0 Excuses Fitness, you'll get the hang of it. 

And ...remember, get the book Pushup Central, it truly is a one of a kind book, and both kinds of table pushups are covered it and then some. 

"Some of those pushups are almost undoable!" 

I remember Charles Mitchell saying this. Albeit in different language. Hehe. 

They're doable, and they'll make a MAN out of you - see the reviews for the book. 

Im out. 

GET the books above - NOW. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 22 January 2022 06:58

Why soft and flexible is the way to go.

Murli, a customer that left a great review for 0 Excuses Fitness once remarked to me the following. 

"My muscles are soft and flabby NOW, Rahul. But when I used to play cricket (he's from India) you should have seen me!"

And he made some imaginary "muscles" and tightened them all. 

Those were the days when climbing four flights of stairs to the office would leave him winded and red faced for like at least 10 minutes. 

All credit to him, he got on the bike - and did pushups etc - and lost a ton of weight. 

I've no idea if he's still kept it off, we haven't spoken in a while. 

But when he said this back in... I think it was 2008? I still remember thinking "what is he talking about". 

But I said nothing. 

In China, they have a saying about "soft muscles" - and it's meant in a complimentary term. 

People in the modern world have been taught that "tight" muscles - even when you're not exercising - is the way to go. 

The "puffed, buffed" look - chest out, and so forth,muscles ready to "break loose of the T shirt" at any moment ... 

... That is what people have been conditioned to believe is desirable and aesthetic, so much so to the point that movie stars routinely puff and buff with weights or bodyweight exercises before shoots. 

"To look pumped"

Maybe it's fine for movies, but in real life? 

I'd rather have .... 

... before telling you, let me ask you this. 

If you've been training 0 Excuses Fitness and BREATHING correctly for any length of time, you've likely noticed a few things. 

One, the increased ELASTICITY of your muscles, without even focusing consciously a lot upon it. 

And two, the increased "fluidity" and "flexibility" you have - especially if you're an Isometric and Flexibility Training devotee- which you should be. 

Not only that, you'll see that when you exercise - your muscles are like iron yet otherwise, you're walking around RELAXED - with "soft" muscles. 

This, my friend, is the way to go. 

As you get better at the Hindu squats, a lot of the pushups I teach you, you'll be amazed to see how you can pop off a 100 squats that the guy with perenially "pumped" quads couldn't dream of doing.  

It's about ELASTICITY. 

A relaxed muscle when coiled can always exert more force - that matters - as opposed to if you're tense throughout the whole movement (yet another reason I keep emphasizing full reps). 

In martial arts, they're huge upon relaxation - both mental and physical. 

Look at a tiger in the wild, my friend. 

When resting, feel it's back - or a housecat's. 

Smooth skin, you'll feel the muscles underneath it, coiled, strong, yet NOT pumped. 

Yet, when that cat wants to move - BAM!

At that point, those muscles turn into IRON -flexible rebar. 

THAT is the sort of strength you want, my friend. 

From 0 to 100 like a Ferrari, not "creaking up" like an old Ford or whatever. 

Sleek, cat like explosive strength, power and endurance, thats what all my programs give you, my friend. 

And you'll want to start right now, right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

Sunday, 16 January 2022 09:12

The perfect "T inducing, fever banishing" - workout!

I've been writing about how I've been a bit sick - well, more than a bit - over the past few days. 

And how I didnt let it stop my training - even for one day. 

Maybe I went light yesterday - I did (50 pushups is super light for "Mr Ironman that routinely kills it"). 

(still too much for a lot of you reading this, I know!) ... but I did SOMETHING. 

That thing about committment, that thing about ... ACCOUNTABILITY, if just to myself. 

I long ago made a promise to myself that come rain, hell, high water or shine, I'd train everyday, if even for a second or so. 

If all I could do was isometrics, I'd do it. 

If all I could do due to health or some other issue was a gentle walk - I'd do it. 

And so I did yesterday, 50 pushups. That was IT. 

The fever and chills returned at night. 

They may or may not again tonight, I dont know. 

What I Do know is this I've been working all morning, yet, workouts were at the top, forefront, and back of my mind. 

I gotta do some pushups, the thought kept popping into my head!

As I was laying the foundation for other big - nay, HUGE things to happen - I'll keep y'all posted when they do, I did 2 pushups. 

Thats all. 

But the shoulders are still sore and hurting like someone took a hammer to them. 

So I thought. 

I walked over to the chinning bar, thought I'd do a dead hang and thats that. 

No big deal, eh. 

I pumped out 5 pull-ups before I knew it!

And from that point on, it was GO - until now. 

Now, 300 Hindu squats and 50 pull-ups might seem undoable to a lot of you. 

And for me, it's not a lot actually to be honest. 

But it's still a workout, even if you do the squats like I did in sets of 100 insead of 150 as I normally would have, and the pushups in sets of 5 evenly, instead of 3, 7, 8 and so forth. 

And it's the perfect T boosting workout. 

I figured I need all the T I can get to get rid of this nasty crap virus for one. 

And two of the exercises that get the lungs pumping, muscles working, and T ZOOMING through your whole body - well, pull-ups and squats. 


There's other great ones, of cours,e including handstand pushups, but nothing quite beats the squat/pull-up combo, and those that have done it will attest to the sheer efficacy and lung buster and feel good nature of these workouts. 

Now, the exercise that REALLY gets t pumping - and everything going - and builds muscle like there's no tomorrow, fries fat off your body like nothing else out there? 

I wish I could have done it today!

But I'm not qute THAT crazy - as yet. Hehe. 

Time's young though!

But sprints, my friend, the way I described in Advanced Hill Training take the above effect - and AMP it up by a factor like 10 or more. 

And if I had to choose ONE exercise - but you gotta do it right, and most folks don't - that really burns fat and builds muscle like there's no tomorrow, it's this one. 

Get the course above, and get cranking on them NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 08 January 2022 07:09

Why keeping it real is what its all about!

A lot of "gurus" - fitness included are guilty of not doing just that in my opinion. 

A lot of so called "life gurus" or motivational so called experts as well ... 

Let me ask you, the majority of these motivational speakers out there for one - how often do they focus on the NEGATIVE  part of things, which to be honest makes up the majority of anyone's journey to achieving anything noteworthy? 

How often do you hear "think and you'll attract" (dont get me wrong, it's true, but...) - while these people paper over the bad, often long periods of bad - in their own lives? 

Maybe that is their version of marketing i.e. "saying what people want to hear". 


To me, I'm one of the best marketers out there - in my not so humble opinion, hehe - but me aside, to me, it's about keeping it real. THAT markets better for you than any number of snazzy campaigns, ads, airy fairy tales etc could... 

To me, it's about doing what David Goggins , pull-up stud - once said. 

"It's about putting your entire life, no matter how fucked up it is, on a BILLBoard out there on the busiest highway out there!" 

He's right. 

Fitness wise, I see so many gurus - so called gurus - putting out pictures of themselves that were taken when they were doing the exact opposite of what they advocate, for one. 

For instance, training with weights when they advocate bodyweight .. 

Or, following super strict diets - but claiming later "diets aren't the most important thing" ... 

I dont know, to me? 

When I wrote Fast and Furious Ffitness in 2012, I showed myself off in the shape I was back then - certainly not the lean and mean me you see in 0 Excuses Fitness, and thats why there is a difference albeit slight in the two books, as I told you what I did then. 

I still did pull-ups, handstands etc ...  but the two books are different, crack them both open, you'll see what I mean. 

When I wrote Eat More - Weigh Less, I had the shittiest diet ever, drank tons of beer - and still lost weight like a mo.fo on steroids - natural as ever - and I've included proof on the sales page. 

When I wrote Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - within WEEKS! - you see me doing each of the exercisesI advocate. 

In my videos, my writings, everything, I've always belived the real you will shine out no matter how much you try to hide it  - or not. 

I never do. Hehe. 

Because to me, keeping it real is what its about. 

You're not always going to have the best days - or best workouts. 

You're not always going to pop off 500 squats at one go, even if you have done 1000 of them at one go in the past. 

You're not always going to be "feeling like doing it". 

Key is lighting a fire under your arse though,and showing up daily, and doing the very best you can. 

Applies to life, fitness, emails, anything you do. 

Do so for a year starting today, and I'll guarantee you - that looking back, in hindsight, once the year's over - you'll see yourself getting to results you previously thought completely "ungettable". 

In the trenches advice that almost no-one gives, but I'm giving it to you straight. 

Just as I do in Zero to Hero and Gumption Galore! - two motivational reads with no fluff you'll want to grab NOW. 

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

Wednesday, 05 January 2022 06:50

Why I never do "stripped to the waist" in terms of videos, pictures etc.

If you do a Google on the legendary Matt Furey (to me he's a legend, anyway, if just for his marketing and "Combat Conditioning" book, and several of his other training methods) ... you'll find a lot of criticism on him. 

Mostly about how he markets - from Bozos that are jealous of his bestselling status (the book above was one of them). 

And about his condition. 

Matt was a weightlifter back in the day, and one of the pictures on his website shows him lean, mean, ripped and shredded to bits. 

I've no idea how functionally fit he was back then, going by the picture - NOT AT ALL compared to what he is now. 

A lot of folks mistake him for "soft" now. 

Truth be told, the man's aged yes, but he's still kicking butt though (at least in my opinion). 

And tons of people make the following comments about him. 

"Ever since he stopped lifting weights, you've never seen him shirtless". 

ie. they claim his bodyweight routine didnt work. 

Now, I dont know about Matt - he could answer why himself. 

But personally, me, I've often been asked that - back in the day especially. 

The 0 Excuses Fitness videos were taken in a vest, but thats as far as I was willing to go. 

Cindy did take pictures of me "Stripped to the waist", and I put them on the cover of 0 Excuses Fitness - initially. 

(And one of them is still floating about on Instagram!). 

But, I dont know. 

It felt unnatural to me ... 

It felt like I was "showing off". 

I'd rather display my phat phocker status more as it MOTIVATES and INSPIRES if you are a DOER. 

And - so - especially after I got the snarky "you can do what you are in China, being a porn star!" comment from the wife - and others "you're an Indian pornstar!" - I removed the picture ... 

(but mostly because it felt unnatural to ME). 

I dont know, I just prefer filming myself with a T shirt on, or more, or vest, but nothing less than that. 

I believe your shape shows - regardless of what clothing you might try to flaunt it in - or hide it in. 

Strong legs, a strong NECK, forearms, traps, all these things just SHOW regardless. 

And the reverse too. 

Now, interesting bit? 

I've often TRAINED shirtless - in public. 

But it was on the hill, either in the blazing hot afternoons "I dont see how you do it!" - or rainy, cold weather (I know, hehe) ... or when people weren't around. 

Or, during the times I mentioned in 16 Inspirational FItness Recollections during those tropical thunderstorms when it would soak you to the bone one minute, next minute you'd be sweating - literally. 

I'd be drippng sweat,quite literally. 

"THIS is hill climbing", as Kathy, a student I was training at the time once remarked. 

So I'd often do shirtless then. 

In the past, I've written about a secret "core cooling" technique - even when you're in top shape (especially then) it works. 

Its called lifting your shirt up to your midsection, and going like that. 

Looks goofy, I know. 

But it WORKS. 

So I've often done that outdoors, yes. 

But pictures wise, I dont know ... 

I'd rather do natural. 

I always will!

And I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - PIck up 0 Excuses Fitness HERE

PS #2 - And Ive gone shirtless on beaches during my phat phocker days as well. Hehe.  

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