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Thursday, 23 December 2021 10:30


Be .. like an Abrams tank, my friend - the famed M1 Abrams. 

That tank, along with the Marines in it was orignally the cover for Battletank Shoulders - before I changed it to the great Doug Hepburn on there NOW - and if ole Doug was here today physically, he'd be the first one recommending these workouts. 

Doesn't get any better than a monster - a legend for the AGES - Doug Hepburn recommending something, does it? 

But more than strength, more than fat loss, more than gumption, more than building a REAL MAN INDOMITABLE spirit, more than all the benefits I mention on the sales page, here is another I didnt word there- or I didnt mention it explicitly. 

These workouts teach you, and give you the DESIRE and will to be BOLD - BRAVE - RELENTLESS, and KEEP GOING NO MATTER WHAT. 

I dont care what the situation is, or how hopeless it seems.

You fix your eyes on your TARGET much like the Marines, Navy Seals, and special forces everywhere do, and you block out the bullshit. 

Then you become a tank - literally. 

You keep rolling, period. 

Sometimes, you might get stuck in the mud. Or, your hands might bleed hwile doing that medley of handstand pushups, pull-ups, Gorilla Grip work and a lot of other stuff that is there in the workouts, truly unlike ANY other anyone, myself included has ever put out. 

Then you get out and PUSH that damn tank till it moves again on its own.

Yes, they used to do that in World War II when the need arose, most specifically during the German miscalculations in Russia. (when the snow and slush wouldn't let the tanks roll normally). 

You do what you can with your bandaged hands - or busted chin (which as I told you, happened to me once when an idiotic pink dog showed up woofing anyway) - or thumb poppingin and out. 

You just keep going, period. 

You dont stop. 

Like my friend from the Marines once told me. 

(about the Paras in India toughening their recruits up by sticking their heads in rotten animal carcasses for one)

(and drinking crushed glass during grad time- yes, that happens in reality too! (its like sand once you get it right, but just the thought will make a man out of you!))

"They do all that so they can keep going even if they lose an eye or whatever it is". 

And he is right. Spot on.

You BULLDOZE through obstacles, or you make your way around them, you make them disappear. 

You just do it, you just KEEP doing it!

And there it stands, my friend. 

In life, fitness, anything - THAT is the spirit required. 

Far too few people have it these days. 

And the workouts in this book, the SPIRIT in which I wrote it, it will bring you that indomitable WILL and GUMPTION to keep going, keep going, no matter what, and ultimately GET to where you WANT to be. 

And that, my friend is really all that is needed. (and what it is all about, truly about). 

NEVER GIVE UP - on any goal - fitness or anything, for if you persist, you shall GET. It's as simple as that. 

I'm sure you agree!


Rahul Mookerjee 

Monday, 13 December 2021 13:43

Mountain climbing at HOME, and more . . .

Some of you will guess what this email is about, especially you Corrugated Core fans - where I cover the mountain climber in great detail. 

Thats another course I need to put a video out for, by the way! 

But for the rest of you, it ain't climbing actual mountains at home I'm referring to. 

You COULD climb stairs repeatedly, especially if you live in a skyscraper or 20 plus storey building, and get a great workout in while you're at it. 

But, the mountain climber I'm referring to doesn't require you to climb anything - or anywhere - except perhap get rid of the mountain of FAT a lot of people have on their belly and core! 

It's easy enough to do in theory - in THEORY being the operative word here!

Basically, you get in a plank position, then bring one leg up beneath your chest, then retract - then go with the other leg. 

You go as quick as you can, for me, that means two "ups" per second or faster. 

And you go for at least ... well, as long as you can go, but most people, even seasoned fitness fanatics will be out of breath and ready for a rest post a minute or so continously of this (much like with the bear crawl in Animal Kingdom Workouts - another great, great fat torching and core movement). 

But back to the mountain climber - clients of mine have used this ONE exercise - in conjunction with some exercises in Corrugated Core - and leaned out amazingly fast, my friend. 

Think "six pack" within a month - from "flab - o - central" 30 days ago. 

This exercise, quite literally works the cardio system BIG TIME. 

It's variants can be classifed as advanced plyometrics - and that will be there in the book (advanced plyometrics). 

Not only this, if you're having trouble doing pushups etc, well, this position will get you ready for the plank and/or pushups since you're IN the same position anyway while doing 'em - except it's more of a core / fat burning movement you're doing. 

There have been people that have reported dropped > 10 kg within a couple of WEEKS of doing this exercise - and nothing more - and no actual climbing. 

Just imagine how much more they'd shed if they combined it with walking, climbing actual hills outdoors, pull-ups, etc ... 

Why do I bring this up - well, just another way YOU can shed fat this winter, my friend - while you're all covered up in clothes. 

You might think SUMMER is really when you need to show off the abs, but truth is, unless you prepare for that in winter, you'll never have 'em to show off (if that is your thing) during the summer. 

At least that is my take on it, contrarian as ever!

In Corrugated Core, virtually ALL the exercises I give you can be a workout unto themselves. 

And you can weave a very creative workout indeed with a lot of those exercises - which daily won't take more than 10-12 minutes tops if you do it right.

You could also go multiple times if you so choose per day, and not tire yourself out with meaningless, mind less pavement pounding ... 

Corrugated Core, my friend, is truly a book for the ages. 

Truly a book to build functional abs, HARDCORE ab training as one of the reviewers said, as opposed to fancy shmancy beach boy look. 

(much like with all my other books). 

And in the festive season, with all the feasting going on, I think there is no better book for you to get - and benefit from - along with Eat More- Weigh Less, of course. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 13 December 2021 06:22

Lets suit up - and BOOT up - ladies!

Interesting how thats often used for the most alpha of males you'll ever see, the most macho, virile, rugged and so forth . . . 

I don't even mean "hidden desires" here - this email isnt' about that. 

It's just about when MEN - real men - such as in the Expendables, maybe - now there's a movie with very little romance, although the second movie had a wee budding bit of it! (I still remember my friend Jay watching Rambo II in 1990 something, and telling me "great movie, little bit of romance, great body (sly) - and lots of action!) ... 

Sly is nothing if not SMART. 

I dont think it's a coincidence that Expendables II had " a little bit of romance" like Rambo II, and none of the others did!

The tough guy with a soft exterior. Or was that interior. 


Sly, you're a genuis and legend, I'll never stop saying it. 

Because it's true. 

But anyway ... 

You know you're in good shape when non faggotty (the polar opposite of Bozo Glyn, for instance) look at you with women, or just in general and they notice YOUR shape more than hers. 


As Carol once told me. 

The boys are looking more at you! 


And they weren't gay either. 

This, of course, reminds me of Bozo Schofield ... another one of those anecdotes, before I tell you what I was originally goin gto tell you. 

Bozo apparently salivates over memes such as "if you look at this, and not me, you're a faggot". 

With sneering women showing their boobs on one side, and a huge fat "member" if you get my drift on another side. 

Bozo apparently (from what he once drunkenly told me in a 3 AM message) "meditates" to that daily. 

Truly a lunatic, yet, for nutjobs like him, I guess if thats what he wants, thats fine, but at least stop being faggotty about it! 

Be open about it, at least, not a perv, of course, expecting Glyn Bozo to learn all that is like asking a brick wall to make sense (it probably would, more than him). 

Anyway ..............

Suit up, ladies!


Yours truly is NOT the type to wear suits, or formal attire. 

Or to own or wear excessive jewelry. 

The other day, my friend made the comment about my dumbphone (in an era where most people change their dumbphones as often as their underwear) .. 

"Youre STILL using that!" 

Showl am, hehe. 

There was a period in my life where I had two pairs of jeans (light blue, dark - both STRAIGHT cut, tapered - showing off the body) - and THREE pairs of polo Tshirts, and I'd recycle those till they were threadbare. 

Nothing to do with money either. 

I just didnt need anything else, except my workouts!

I'm minimalistic in most regards, my friend 

You don't need a lot, especially the crap constantly shoved down our throats, oddly enough what you really need is never mentioned. 

Anyway ........ 

Im about to suit up and boot up for a long workout. 

I invite you to join me. 

And if there is one course that imbibes that spirit, that feeling, it is Eat More - Weigh Less. 

I Dont know, I just feel INSPIRED and raring to GO when I see that on the cover - that being me. hehe. 

But it's true, YOU too can feel the VIBE!

I'm out. 

If you ain't gotten the course, do so NOW


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 11 December 2021 12:59


Ever seen the Denzel Washington movie "Man on Fire"

It's about a burnt out (agent) guy I believe who is tasked with protecting a rich guy's daughter and his "wife" (there is a reason for the quotes) in Mexico. 

And he goes there, does, and ... well, what can I say. 

Not one of Denzels best movies to be honest, but the man is a legend and does a fine, fine job anyway!

And for me, today - its literally "traps on fire" 

Have you ever felt your entire upper body so sore you could barely move - or take a shower after your workout (as happened to me years back when I Was doing NO pushups, but pull-ups galore?)? 

Not just your upper body though - have you ever felt that deep, deep soreness in your muscles? 

And specifically traps - SWOLLEN traps that feel like they're about to burst, and when you touch them, you KNOW they're raw - and have had a great, great workout?

This morning, I did Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - a basic workout - and a basic jump rope workout (which I Showed you). 

What I didnt show was advanced club swings and pull-ups after that - but then I did give you a brief snippet of my grip training. 

But in the middle, the 100 pushups I did? 

Were all mostly done on my back, if you can believe that. 

Thats right, my friend. 

Years ago, I wrote about 250 pushup workouts where most of it was accomplished "on my back". 

I wanted to see if I still had it in me to do those - and 100 of them were done in that style today. 

True, I did normal fingertip pushups and other styles too - but the 100 I'm talking about? 

Are reverse pushups - and the best darn exercise ever - and table pushups!

My oh my. 

Combine THAT with club swinging, and youll know what the term "traps on fire"means. 

Most people think doing heavy shrugs - sets of 10 with the heaviest you can cuts it. 


That might build some muscle and give you a great burn - and thats fine 

But to really twist and train the muscle inside out, from all angles and viewpoints - "back and forth" if you get my drift - those REVERSE pushups are an absolute must - so is BRIDGING. 

The lower back gets plenty of work with those movements, but so does the UPPER BACK. 

Charles Mitchell I believe it was who once told me he was fairly good at handstand pushups and regular pushups, but the reverse work - GOT him every time. 

And it will, if you dont got the flexibility in the traps!

Flexbility in the traps and shoulders, of course, has never been an issue for me since I started those workouts - and of course, it's another core area that Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness targets. 

And that, my friend again - is the story of the DAY. 

There's plenty of reverse work shown in the 0 Excuses Fitness system (the videos) so get them NOW if you have not already. 

And, place the pre-order for what is possibly going to be my BEST book ever, the next level beyond Animal Kingdom Workouts, which many have said is already my best book ever!

Out for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. - Remember to stretch and strengthen at the same time with isometric movements, pauses and "motions" that the greats such as Gama and others used (I've gone one step ABOVE AND BEYOND in this great, great course) - get "Isometric and Flexibility Training" NOW if you have not already. So worth it!

Saturday, 11 December 2021 12:15

"Bodyweight training is where it's really at. The gym is for fools!"

This one's yet another one thats sure to cause a lot of angst. Hehe. 

But, it's true - and one of the off the cuff, yet TRUE comments made by a friend of mine "Prem" - who much like "Tan" (who very kindly took the pictures for Battletank Shoulders, one of the most awe inspiringly brutal trainingt courses out there - ever) - took a great little "snippet" video for Gorilla Grip that some of you have asked for (specifically, a bit of grip work on the monkey bars). 

The last video I took in that regard during Chinese New Year, well, that was done on my Xiaomi, and I ran out of space, hence the "tiny" video. 

But I've gone one better this time, you'll see when I finally get it up. 

For now though - three great new videos up here (0 Excuses Fitness - YouTube) for "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness" - which you really need to place a pre-order for NOW ... 

And join the legions that are doing so/have done!

There is a damn good reason the pre-order process has stretched out as long as it has. 

Anyway, he was telling me about pull-ups, and how, much like in 2018 - he's unable to do a single one, or hang on to the chinning bar. 

"Because you never got your ass down to seriously trying", I gently admonished. 

And he didnt!

I remember, the day after or so, he never did any - and he was off to the gym a few days later. 

He was telling me about how these days he does 30-40 pushups daily - in sets of 15, the regular pushups, he says he does them in proper form along with squats, a 100 at a go. 

Let me see you do the squats, I asked him. 

He showed me - but he barely went "almost" halfway down on each rep, so I corrected him. 

"Hmm", he said. "What benefit does going all the way down get me?" 

Well, so I told him about all ths "ass to grass" benefits i.e. improved flexibility, flexor strength, far greater work load on the hips and thighs, therefore, greater work done by the lungs, all in all, a far superior workout. 

And he was doing regular squats, not Hindus. Which is fine, of course... 

Pushups, I dont know. He says he does them in proper form, so we'll take his word for it!

"I could do 40 of these at one time:", he told me - wistfully pointing to the dipping bars. 

One set, I asked? 

Yes, was the answer. 

Which that, now if he could do them at one time, thats pretty good!

Right now, of course, he's not doing ANY. 

But anyway ... 

He made the above comment about gyms - and I laughed - more than "music to my ears"- I'm so used to people telling me this when they see me do bodyweight!

"Machines, etc - all USELESS" - I told him. 

And then I Told him about the "Stand on your feet" training done in the gym or elsewhere with weights - if you do that right, now that will get you places. 

Still doesn't hold a candle to bodyweight training, of course, but its real training if done that way - either Lumberjack style - or military presses etc. (or overhead presses). 

Anything that requires you to stand on your feet and hoist. 

Now, Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness features NO weights. 

None that are easy to grip like barbells and dumbbells. 

The machines, well, those are for buffoons - Ive always said that!

But anyway .............

Great to hear my friend say that himself!

And it just shows you the POWER bodyweight training has - the sheer appeal - and the sheer results. 

Here is a review (for Animal Kingdom Workouts) that comes to mind in that regard. 

From John Walker in the UK - - 


This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one's own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you're a clown and quite clearly you've never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you'd know what's important in a "training book" which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, "I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style".

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

The bolded part sure is KEY!

I'm out. 

Be sure and pick up the CORNERSTONE of alll bodyweight training right here - the 0 Excuses Fitness System - if you have not already (and many of you haven't at the time of writing this). 

And, leave a review, please!


Rahul Mookerjee

Thursday, 09 December 2021 14:57

That book on DIPS!


I've asked once, and some of you have responded, but if this email is getting to YOU, my friend, chances are you have not responded to that question of mine as yet. 

So, two questions really - or one, depending on how you look at it. 

DO you want the two new books on "advanced bridging" - and the new book on dips which I might start very soon? 

I dont ask in general before putting courses out - sometimes, people dont know what they want, and its best to GIVE it to them (as I did with two of my greatest and most popular courses Pushup Central and Animal Kingdom Workouts)


and https://0excusesfitness.com/animal-kingdom-workouts.

But sometimes, it's honestly best to ASK first. 

So, write back - let me know - along with "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness" - and the above two - "advanced plyometrics" is also in the works. 

And on that note, a LOT of you - over THREE THOUSAND, actually, and counting, as of now, have placed pre-orders for Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness

Truly a course which a lot of folks "really" want though they might not say it upfront - and the pre-sales figure PROVE this. 

If you want in for that course, make sure to get in your pre-order at the link above. 

And I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee 

Saturday, 20 November 2021 07:51

Pioneering "Torchbearer" ? Fitness!

Fitness Pioneer, and pioneer in many other regards you ask ... 

Well that I am in no uncertain terms, I ain't even bragging. 

Trust me, when people say my books are the best out there, these are real DOERS saying that - when greats like Matt Furey, my books - such as what I have on isometrics for one - are being hailed as truly the best, better than anyone else - then it;s truly a case of just stating a fact. 

And what I hope YOU GUYS will do - i.e "better the Master"! 

Especially in terms of PUSHUPS to be honest - fingertip pushups for one! Hehe. 

And, the super advanced 'arms out' pushup I teach you but, Jason, who I wrote about before - Jason, please be careful!

He literally slammed his chin into the floor doing these!

Super tough, super tough ... 

As is the upcoming course - truly level #3 (After Advanced Hill Training and Animal Kingdom Workouts) in BEAST LEVEL TRAINING!

I dont market it as such, since each book stands on its own. 

And is trolled on its own by pioneers at it, such as Glyn the Bozo, hehe. 

Bozos aside... 

Let me give you one great addition - that i've added NOW - to Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness - for free, but caution - you may end up injuring your feet or worse if you ain't careful!

Select a mudgar of a considerable size and weight that you can handle without drama. 

For most of you, believe it or not, believe me or not, but you better - it won't be more than 5kgs tops. 

Trust me, these mudgars humble the strongest of men - and women. 

Just trust me on this, other than pull-ups, there is NO other great equalizer and supreme test of real fitness and core strength (though pull-ups are better in that even the slighest extra weight maks it harder to do)... 

Ever seen the Olympic torchbearers running? 

You dont have to run with these, because no-one will be able to. 

But you HOLD the damn thing like a torch - Olympic torch. 

Thats it, super steady. 

And you workout with it - back - and forth - literally in and up down "tricep press" position. 

Nothing quite makes the triceps zing and sing as these exercise - done with PUSHUPS! 

(to open the chest up). 

(and the deep, deep breathing these invoke). 

A super advanced variant of this is to do a pushing varaint of this, which I wont mention here since it's too tough - or maybe I will in future. I dont know. 

All yo uneed is a few reps of this per day to both make gains - and progress. 

And believe me, the sweat you'll work up and the heart - THY heart you feel thumping - these workouts will give you cardio x 1000. 

And then some. 

Well my friend, thats it for now. Place your preorder now - and lets GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember to check out our compilations special - super savings! ???

The courses above are not part of it as yet, since #3 isn't out - as yet. 

But, email me for a special on that if you so choose with specifics!

Sunday, 07 November 2021 17:19

The latest inane trolling Glyn Bozo and company are doing on the great course "Shoulders like BOULDERS!"

I am SO glad I have the picture on the cover I do now for that book! Hehe. 

Although it attracts the most number of idiots, trolls, price wankers and such - it attracts real customers and real men too !

And I'd rather have ONE of the latter, along with 100 of the former, which any of us (the latter) could swipe away with one grizzly bear like paw if we wanted to ... 

... SOmetimes I dont. 

(as for the former, well, I've shared pleny here - the latest "belchworthy" rant, Bozo Keith James claiming "the author looks like he never trained" - just hilarious eh - and many others!) BUT!

My eyes goggle at the latest lunacy Glyn bozo posted on the book - something so blatantly hilarious and abusive both that Amazon promptly removed it - much like the hilarious, weepy rant - and abusive too if you can believe that (yes, Bozo makes it possible) on Fitness Pioneer Volume One

This one was even more ludicrious. 

I dont know if Bozo is drunk or high on , I dont know, bleach that he poured down /up his hoo haa... 

But it's something my friend (also an erotica writer and hes constantly checking for his book reviews on Amazon etc) sent me via screenshot. 

My reaction? 


Before "LOL" ing (laugh out loud) out loud, it's so inane. and INSANE!

But it's Glyn Faggoty Bozo to a T. 

Here is the review, if you can call it even a pseudo review. 

"Horrible fellow!" was the title. 

"This book was written by a faggot. He likes Chinese <bleep>. Do not buy Rahuls' book, he knows nothing about training!" 

There was more - in Chinese. 

Something about a toothbrush and some unprintables (yall can guess) and clear "copy and paste translation" the Bozo is using to "appear Chinese", and a host of other abusive, racist words. 

None of which bothered me. 

I rather hope the review comes back, hehe. 

But thats OK, but that was the review. 

Now, trolls and inanity aside, lets look at this. 


As an outsider. 

As someone that knows Rahul Mookerjee - or doesn't. 

As someone who is gay, or bi, or in between, or whatever they call them these days (no disrespect, promise). 


Let's even assume you're the Bozos's best pal, and looking for ANY sad excuse to "rant" against me. (I know you ain't, I'm just sayin...) 

Let ME put myself in the eyes of the BEHOLDER. 

(And, despite what I say in my own books about looks not being everywhere, despite me being a chameleon, despite me saying how the most outwardly "alpha" males have "different" preferences in bed often, despite all that) ... 

The EYES OF THE BEHOLDER! Do it, ...  

... I just did, and I'm struggling to figure out how that MAN on the cover of the book is "faggotty"? 

You could call me many other things, many people do, some warranted, most not. 

All believable to a T, but "faggot"? 

I mean, look at the picture. 

Then tell me!

I dont think so, hehe. 

It's so bleeding obvious, and the Bozo is getting desperate again apparently "lack of attention in Socksford most likely". 

Not to mention his latest deal is some nonsense about a Chinese guy he met somewhere and he's now salivating after him - now those, I DO have the screenshots, and i'll share 'em, maybe. 

Maybe Bozo felt guilty? 

But really, its insane. 

Anyway, this is a great book, my friend. 

And if you've bought the book - which many have - BE SURE AND LEAVE A REVIEW!

I've gone hoarse saying it, this is YET another reason we need decent - and REAL reviews 

And Glyn, like your friend Chuck says (or former friend). 


So sayeth the horrible fellow. 


Anyway ... 

The next book in the progression, and a REAL BEAST - and MEANIE of a book is BAttletank Shoulders. 

If you haven't got that book, along with Animal Kingdom Workouts, you're missing out - and you must get 'em! 

And again, please leave reviews!

Alright, my friend, I'm out. Twitt erfollowers will see Bozo's latest review in all its lunacy very soon!

At least he posted under his real name (his new account) this time. Thank Bozo for small mercies. 



Rahul Mookerjee

Sunday, 24 October 2021 15:11

A "belchworthy" review for Shoulders like BOULDERS!

Saw the following gem of a so called review by a (you got it, Price shopper) on no less than Amazon - 

(for Shoulders like BOULDERS!

(it was absolutely hilarious, and I'll address it soon, but first, here is the rant) - 

His name "Amazon Customer" - which given he never BOUGHT the book to begin with (I believe he looked at the picture on the front cover, and got pissed off, and perhaps the free preview).  .  . seems suspicious. Bozo, anyone. Hehe. 

Here is the review: 

This is asinine. Everything this "author" has belched into this book can be learned for free on the internet. Research Logan Christopher, Paul Wade, and Beast Skills. Do not, under any circumstances, pay this charlatan $80 for information that can be found at no cost on YouTube.

This guy sounds suspiciously like one of the Bozo's friends, I must say!

And obviously, the last line - as it is with these idiotic price shoppers - ever notice ALL The price shoppers "end" their silly rants with price? 

Shoulders like BOULDERS! attracts a ton of these wackjobs and morons. 

Anyway, the "learn for free" part. 

First, if it could be learned for free, well, I'm sure the guy could learn it for free, except he was too lazy to put it together himself, and someone else did (though it certainly ain't free info - nigh NO-ONE teaches the handstand pushup the way I do in the book - not even the people he mentions) ... and he got pissed off about it. 

Second, the price ... yawn. We've covered that enough times. 

Third, Joo Tube, well, by all means, if this guy wants to learn from there - obviously it wasn't working for him? 

Really, and I've grown sick of saying this, whether or not you can find the info for free elsewhere hardly matters, does it? 

What matters is that someone has put it together into book format for you ... someone has put together a FAQ on the exercise for you (which this jackass never mentioned), someone has put together years of experience, and "read between the lines" in a book like this ... 

Again, I suspect it's the picture on the front cover that ticked him off. Hehe. 

So be it. 

It wil remain as is, where IS!

But really - "charlatan" ? 

This guy never mentioned, of course, what I keep asking such people - how many handstand pushups he can do, or IF he can even do one. 

Clearly he hasn't read Battletank shoulders, which is basically Volume #2 in this series - - those workouts would put many a grown man - used to physcial training - to SHAME - and clearly he hasn't gotten the memo about doing > 100 handstand pushups daily (yours truly). 

But I get it, I'm a charlatan. 

Climbing hills more than six times a day, doing the above workouts - doing Advanced Hill Training - going for long swims - all sounds like stuff a charlatan would do. 


Glyn Bozo and his pals may fit the charlatan category - or scammer

Yours truly - if there ever was ONE person that is the exact opposite of that category - it is me - and enough said on that one already. 

Now, last, but not least Paul Wade - i.e. Convict Conditioning? 

I've read the book, I've no idea if he's actually a convct - I liked the book by Charlie Bronson much better - but Wade's put together a decent book, but I felt he spends WAY too much time and "pages" on the simplest of things. 

I dont know, that - along with the "lights out!" and other theatrics aren't present in my books (dont get me wrong, I'm sure there is a reason Convict Conditioning has those) - and they never will be. 

I would rather go barebones and do it my way - and give it to you my way because that is what WORKS. 

I haven't seen Paul Wade teach anything spectacular in the book either - any of you have? If so, let me know!

And Chris Logan? 

He's great at handstand pushups, yes. 

Ive read his manual, but again, nothing that struck me as "so out of the ordinary" ... 

Of course, both of THEIR books are priced a lot lower. 

And given this jackass never BOUGHT the book to begin with - well - there it is. 

I suspect it's either Glyn Bozo or Charles, or someone of that ilk (probably not Charles, hehe, but perhaps a friend of the Bozo's, much like the "Keith" guy who popped up briefly in the middle for the same book). 

Ya'll have any thoughts on this, write back, let me know - and NO, the review will not be taken down. At least I hope it isnt even though it's clearly a trolly review. 

Some monuments to idiocy must stand. 

And on that note, I'm out. 

Get this book - truly one of the best out there for building SHOULDERS - like the proverbial BOULDERS!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - His review subject was "Do not buy this book" along with the one star rating. Geez, about as useful as the rest of his so called review.. hehe. 

Sunday, 17 October 2021 06:10

Let's talk Animal Kingdom Workouts, two great reviews (one not, hehe) - and why my books focus on ME - and therefore YOU!

Yes, like I said - I dont know how the title got so long. 

But lets talk training, let's talk books, lets talk - one of my best ever books (although I think the book on isometrics and Pushup Central would stake some serious claim to that title) ... if not THE BEST EVER - personally, if I had to choose, I'd probably choose this one just because how BRUTAL the regimes - or routines - which feel like regimes from the Colonial Era, hehe - are. 

Trust me, Battletank Shoulders is the book most talk about when they talk brutal workouts. 

But Animal Kingdom Workouts is equally, if not more brutal - and even quicker in terms of delivering results, and if you're sitting there thinking "it's too expensive", then you're a fool my friend, because this is one of the best books overall you can ever lay your hands on. 

Anyway ................. 

Here's an interesting Bozo review that came in last year ... 

Badly written, boring

I keep going back to Rahul's work as I have so much money to burn. Disappointment yet again. His writing style is very poor and the content focuses only upon himself.

Now, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to guess that this is the Bozo himself writing this -the way he puts the words in the subject line of his drunken review (he got toasted one night and left a bunch of hilarious reviews that I've been exploiting ever since, hehe - always the opportunist I am) (and also an expert in how to turn a troll's game onto himself or herself in a manner that truly makes the troll feel like what he is (in this case a grade A buffoon)). 

 Badly written? 

For the Bozo, yes, since it didnt involve me putting in "asses" in there (though the gorilla on the cover, well, as a 6'3" black guy "giggled" at me "some things are best left unsaid!

He also said some of my words (he was referrign to the erotica writing) made him "blush and turn pink though he was black". 

Which I get, hehe. 

Even the Bozo thats been downloading them off free off pirate sites or whatever hasn't complained about those books. Interesting how it works, the trolls actually buy the books they never claim to have bought, and dont buy the ones they so called troll (because the writer is so much better than they could eve be, hehe) ... 

But anyway, boring? Badly written? 

Most people LOVE this book - those that aren't put off by the price. 

Bozo was apparently, which hey, I get. LOL. 

Sitting in Mom's basement, with the plague from China havin taken his source of income i.e. scamming gullible Chinese women away, and of course yours truly calling him out and continuing to (on the Fitness Pioneer review he wept about how "what can I do to my friends!") ... 

Well, whatever I do, it doesnt involve butts Glyn, hehe .

But anyway, the "content only focuses upon himself" thingie. 

Lots has been made of this (in general, not my books or not). 

Apparently you should focus on the reader - THEIR NEEDS , THEIR ASPIRATIONS, THEIR DESIRES. 

Yet, here's the thing. 

There is a difference between selling - and executing. 

Yes, sales is 90% of the job. 

And in sales you do precisely what I say above. 

Or you'll never make a dime selling anything. 

Trust me, I'm a natural born "salesman" - the REAL sort that actually sells, and sells OODLES of not just fitness books, but many others. 

I've done it naturally - I;ve HAD to - since I was born! 

But in the book???


I dont sell in my books, friend, unlike some other idiots (in the fitness biz too) - that "sell you other books" in their books. 

Believe me, while I do have links to my other books at the end - in SOME of my books - thats the extent of it. 

Other than 0 Excuses Fitness, you do NOT need to buy any of my other books to benefit from anything I write in any book - and that too because it's a baseline of sorts, along with Gorilla Grip

Now ... 


Yes, hell yes, I focus on not me , but what I DO in the book. 

Glyn Bozo is just so stupid - but of course, for a monkey that equates teaching to showing up drunk in class, singing ABC and then pulling his pants down to take a dump right there in class (and no, I'm not making this up either - it's a TRUE tale - ask a certain "Roya" for one) ... it's all been well documented, including him getting deported, thrown out from Chuck's house in his underpants etc ... but he's just too stupid to get (and many are) - that it's about the teacher teaching, not, as in Glyn's monkey ESL jobs, the students teaching. 

You learn from the MASTER. 

You learn from someone that has HONED his craft to perfection - so you can hone yours. 

When it's time to learn, you shut your yap - and LEARN - unless it's time to ask questions, which I encourage all the time in any class I teach, have ever taught, or will teach. 

REAL questions, not Glyn"s "Madam can you show me your soles" idiocy. 

Apparently according to him another reason beyond his wild fetishes is "my feet are like a girls'" (Glyn told me that). 

Like, Glyn, really, who cares... and back to his nonsensical reviews.. 

I mean, it's stupid - without telling you what I do - and how I train - how would you learn from me? 

Bloody obvious, I'd say, the Bozo missed the train on that one, as he does all the time (though whether the train ever showed up is debatable). 

And it is only by focusing on how I do things that I can focus on YOU - and tell YOU what to do - therefore focusng on YOU - to get in the best shape of your life. 

It's so simple. 

Glyn Bozo clearly doesnt know what training means (which I get - for him the tongue in ass is the only training he does). 

And neither can he differentiate between fiction and INSTRUCTIONAL MANUALS... 

Anyway, why me say it. 

Here's another review that truly NAILS it ... 



This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one's own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you're a clown and quite clearly you've never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you'd know what's important in a "training book" which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, "I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style".

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

Now, that my friend, is a real review - and the bolded parts are what you should pay attention to - and if I had to really, really give you "why you should get this book" in a few words - THAT is the reason - or those are the reasons why. 

Or, you could read the LONG list here... 

And while the sales letter may have Tai pos, the book, probably not. Hehe. Though there might be the odd one, I dont know, and I dont care. 

Because "dats not"what it's about, friend. 

OK, enough talk from me. 

Just man up and GET the book already, a lot of you just keep looking at PRICE, I dont get why. 

you want it, you know it. 

I know it. 

And it's one of the best fitness investments you could ever make. 

So, just "effing" do it... 


Rahul Mookerjee

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