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Not just because they’re the bread and butter of ANY business which is a fact a lot of so called business men and women do NOT realize as theyre chasing the almighty buckola, which of course runs away as fast from them as they chase it...

But because you guys are guys that GET it.

Anyway, more on this beneath.

But I still remember what a person told me many, many years ago (he was on the list when I first put out rahulmookerjee.com – those were the DAYS!).

“With a father like you your daughter need NEVER worry about getting unfit and eting too much etc”.

(This was in response to an email about how infants and kids instinctively know they have “had enough” and STOP eating, period, regardless of how “delicious” or yummy the food is in front of them (unless its chocloate, hehe)).

As adults, we could learn a LOT from infants - - both w.r.t fitness – and life – and BREATHING

Anyway, he said that in response to that post (which I’ll share to you guys probably one of these days. It’s an all time favorite! Probably second after my hill climbing workout post) ...

And as I sit here writing this to you, typo ridden or what not (and the SQUIT workout as well) .. .I think what he said was right.

Kiddie fitness proves it, for one.

And the term my little girl came up with does too!

She’s the most inventive and ingenius ever. We call her (or at least I did) “Little Einsten”, right down to the messy “lab” of hers. Hehe.

Yours truly hates disorders and chaos, but sometimes there is more function in dysfunction and more ORDER in chaos than is visible to the “naked eye”.

Now, squits. 

Is What I did today for a majority of MY workout.

What is it, I still remember asking my daughter when she coined the term.

“Dad, it’s a combo of squat and sit!”

And shes right.

And what it ALSO is a stretch for the AGES, bro.

A stretch that most in the West, and even most modern Asians could NOT get into – or hold – for any length of time.

And a stretch thats functionally one of the most useful ones.

Move over splits etc.

When you gotta take a dump and there ain’t no toilet in the woods, then it’s time for the bear to do what it does eh.

But you can only do it if you can GET into position first, and SPLIT seconds count. Hehe.

(I still remember a bus ride back from Hong Kong where all water I drank was (in Bruce, an old friends terminology) “clamoring to come out”! And th ebus ride took forever, and there was a traffic jam and I was wondering if I’d have to pull out the ole bottle, hehe).

(He didnt say clamoring, but you get the point!)

But anyway ...

One of the most functional stretches ever.

And it’ll give you a workout from hell in a way you have NOT experienced before if you do it right!

And it’s mentioned in my latest book “Isometric and Flexibility Training”.

And another most functional and NIGH USEFUL stretch to get rid of back pain, feel great, and lose WEIGHT – big time – is mentioned in 0 Excuses Fitness

And the best darn exercise which is and has gotten RAVE reviews is nothing but a solid derivative of this ...

And on yet another note, I’ve been going back and forth with a customer Charles, and he’s “impressed that I hadn’t forgotten or ignored or “dismissed” his requests for new books which he made last year”.

Early last year.

Yours truly does have the memory of an elephant, but he has it even more so for you guys.

Because y’all are what make it worth it!

And thats why I ENCOURAGE people to contact me directly in case of any questions – leave reviews – keep the feedback coming – and so forth!

All for a good cause!

I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the courses above, and don’t forget Advanced Hill Training – another GEM of a course right there.

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