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Oh boy!

I got the idea to write this to you as I was working out today.

As usual, a solid workout that left me sweating and burning FAT for way longer than it should have (or shouldn’t, hehe, depending upon what and how you look at it!).

And before I start, let me warn you. This is a LONG post, and much like the last one I did up will probably offended the “drooping lilies” and “wallflowers” amongst you. As well as the liberals, hehe. Big time.

And the China tom tommers. And probably just about everyone else with no sense, hehe.

Disclaimer out of the way, let me sink my CHOPS into this. YEE- HAW!

(Sorry, couldn’t resist! ?).

What should we start with, I’m thinking.

Let’s start with the Chinese foreign ministry and it’s most vocal “spokesperson” (read hired stooge).

Zhao Lijian.

This joker probably needs no introduction to those of you that have been following the news and his stupid, asinine and ridiculous tweets which place him right up there with the Grade A Hannibal Lecters (minus the physicality and BRAIN) locked away in Baltimore, MD. Hehe.

Some of the stuff he tweets is just so stupid that it begs you to say “WTF” (even if you don’t swear!).

And his latest tweet on the India-China situation, and the Chinese being “concerned” over the Chinese app ban in India as the latest step towards eliminating the rogue dragon from everyone’s life (as well as his demand that India be “responsible for Chinese apps” or some such B.S.) really led me to think he’s on speed (in addition to being an obvious paid stooge not to be taken at face value, or at all).

Unless fraternizing with or otherwise listening to self righteous pompus (and self ENTITLED) jackasses bray on is your thang . . .

China calling India out.

I mean, give me a break.

China complaining as usual about being the “victim” and attempting to play said card yet again.

The above x2.

China calling the kettle black. Par for the course.

And the latest is just so idiotic I couldn’t help but goggle.

A country that blocks pretty much any and all the whole internet is getting their knickers in a twist about their neighbor very rightfully blocking some of their spyware.

For those that don’t know, I’ve been a very vocal critic of Chinese apps since the start. WeChat, for one, is loaded with irritating, schooboyish spyware and buggy design etc that causes it fill up your phone space rapidly.

As opposed to more sane apps like Whatsapp etc (I’ve been using it for years and it’s yet to fill up 1 GB. WeChat fills up several gigs just in DAYS).

And that’s one reason (other than the obvious) that I said the app ban was a good thing.

And of course the China tom tommers jumped on the “nutjob” bandwagon almost instantly!

“Whatsapp sucks!” was the first comment I got . . . (and no, it doesn’t. Use WeChat for any length of time, and you’ll see what I mean!).

Anyway, why do I bring this up?

For the sheer brazen effrontery and the lunacy behind what he said. The obvious lunacy. And I don’t mean the person who said Whatsapp sucked!

But then again, that shouldn’t come as a surprise to those of you that have been in or otherwise dealt with the vast bulk of mainland Chinese.

Think it’s just politics, as the Chinese like to say when attempting to deflect blame?

Think again. In fact, think several times.

“Self entitled” is an adjective that describes the vast majority of mainland Chinese to a T, my friend (not to mention “brainwashed” and the “money is God” mentality which I referred to in an earlier post and for which Deng Xiaoping is WRONGLY blamed).

Sorry if that offends, but it’s nigh on TRUE.

And it’s no surprise that the “little emperor” mentality (i.e self entitled KIDS) is also a huge problem in China. Guess where those kids learn from.

Don’t believe me?

Try this one on for starters.

In my last apartment in China, I had a problem with the neighbors parking their shoe rack RIGHT OUTSIDE my apartment.

And while I politely told them at the time of moving in to move it, they didn’t.

Now it wasn’t “right outside” the apartment. It was a few feet away, so I still had space for my own stuff.

But, they were IN MY SPACE, and INTRUDING upon MY SPACE.

Something I paid rent on a monthly basis for, and amazingly enough this continued for a couple of months until I got “the red ass” and complained to my landlady.

Her response was that she would go to the management and “hope” that the problem got resolved.

Hope?? Huh?? I mean, lady, I’m paying RENT here, and you hope that the neighbors don’t intrude upon my space??

When asked, their stock answer always is “He’s not living with a huge family so he doesn’t need the space”.

Um . . . first thing you know, it hardly matters whether I’m a single man living in a palace or a shed.

If I paid for it, its MY SPACE. End of story. I Could care less which neighbor feels entitled to more space that they did NOT pay for (and didn’t bother asking me politely for, in which case funnily enough I’d probably agree!) and need for whatever ridiculous reason.

Anyway, then landlady tried to coerce me to “pay the utilities for that month first before we went to the management office” (despite said utils being due at the end of the month).


I refused, of course.

And pretty much told her I wouldn’t pay her any more rent either if the damn problem wasn’t fixed.

And it was the next day.

Think that was a one off?

In the apartment BEFORE that one, same problem. And same issue, except in that case the landlady tried to support me, but the management wouldn’t.

Apparently lady next door could hog all my space for her stuff but I couldn’t even place a potted plant outside my door or my workout shoes out to dry . . .

And again, I dug my heels in.

Refused to budge.

Balaam’s ass I can be at times!

And the lady eventually got pissed off when the management decided there was no point badgering me and started to badger her, saying if she did the right thing first, then I’d do it too.


My own space. No I wouldn’t!

And in a huff, one fine day she moved out.

Little does she know, of course, she has an entire book dedicated to her (not fitness obviously). And I’m making GOOD money off that book, hehe. Always on the outlook for an opportunity I am ain’t it?

How dare he, I hear the righteous nutjobs saying.

Well, I DID DARE, and I did it. Brazenly.

But hold on. On to story #2. Get a coffee, my friend. This is a long one!

So, I’ve spoken at length about the travails I’ve been experiencing with the last web host and just how brazenly unprofessional these guys are.

Not to mention scammers and BULLIES, but we will get into that below.

These guys, FWIW, would take my site down EVERY few days, and leave it offline for hours. When it WAS up, it would be slow as molasses. Think more than a few people accessing it, and the whole damned thing freezing up.

When I’d contact them about it, without exception, every time they would get back with “don’t get on chat with us! We’re busy! Send us a ticket!”

Huh?? Busy?? For live chat which is THERE to listen to customers and their complaints or reports??

As for tickets, they would never ever get back before a day or two, if even that. In an industry where 15 minutes is the NORM, not the exception . . .

The final straw came when they brazenly up and redirected my domain to a competitor site in the guise of fixing a problem.

And when they claimed for the nth time that “Data loss was no problem!”

Yes, that’s what they said!

“Oh, it’s just 2 or 3 days worth of data lost during the move!”

(this when they’d move servers willy nilly without bothering to even inform the customer. And data loss while moving servers, and it not being their problem??)

But wait. It gets better. I won’t expound more on the past here, but for those interested – check out the post HERE –https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1811052&p=10241613#post10241613

I moved away from these guys, of course, and the current web host is the exact opposite.

I’ve got nothing but good words to say about them and their staff. So amazingly professional and courteous they are that I find myself sometimes wondering if they’re for real. Maybe Ive just been out of the US of A for too long and forgotten what REAL customer service is like!

These guys are based out of the US of A, yes, and I cannot say enough good things about them. In fact, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been using them, and I’ve already given them a LONG testimonial - - a glowing one, something I never ever do in that short a time frame, and rightfully so!

As for the last host, I still host a client site with them.

And today, as usual, it was down. As it has been for the past 3 days.

Red ass again, folks.

Got in touch with them. Asked them to read a ticket I sent, and their response was - - you keep bringing up old issues! We resolved that months ago!

(and it was just a couple of weeks ago to be frank).

And it wasn’t that issue. They didn’t even bother reading the ticket.

Asked them to fix the problem, which was to be honest such a schoolboyish issue that even yours truly could have fixed it if I had the necessary permissions etc.

“You know everything, don’t you!” was their response.

“Oh that’s right! You know everything!”

And amazingly enough after this, they wanted me to upgrade to a more powerful server despite their stunning lack of service!

All I was doing was trying to back up my site, and their system wouldn’t let me.

Hmm. Their hosting would be “due” in a month or so. Coercive bullying, anyone? I wonder if they’re Chinese owned . . .

And when I asked them to back it up, something that can be done with a mouse click and takes nary but s few minutes, they took more than 20 minutes to even start.

I got aggrieved, and tried again.

And got this from them

“Who do you think you are? You’re backing up your own sites!”


I couldn’t believe I read that right, so I re-read.

And I did read it right the first time!

Venkat (their rep) probably has no clue, but I emailed the entire chat transcript to myself, and it’s been saved for posterity on my hard drive and elsewhere as well.

Lets forget for a minute I’m a paying customer.

And I am.

Let’s take into account the hassle these guys create for their customers and the brazen nature in which issues are ignored when brought up!

And when they’re confronted about it, that’s the response they give. Now you understand why I wonder if they’re Chinese owned, hehe.

My friend (or perhaps friend before) Charles had this to say about ‘em the last time this happened.

“Get used to it! There’s nothing you can do! They took your money, and . . . “

He DID say he felt my frustration, of course, but this sort of response is the exact reason why people and companies are getting more and more brazen about lack of service (those that don’t give a rip about customers that is).

Um, no, Charles, there IS plenty I can do . . .

(Curiously enough Charles had a similar situation where his landlady gypped him out of some money and he moved heaven and earth to get it back as opposed to resort to the “there’s nothing I can do” thing. OF course, in that case he wasn’t the one who had to actually resort to EFFORT to get it done . . .

But still . . . I mean, Jesus. I’m paying, and there’s nothing I can do?? Get real, man. Seriously).

And now that we’re past all this, why do I bring it up?

Well, first because being brazen is something I highly advocate in terms of marketing.

And if done right, it can reap rich dividends. HUGE ones in fact. (and I should know, hehe).

But ONLY IF done right.

And most people don’t do it right.

Simply copying someone else’s style doesn’t make you right, my friend. It has the potential to actually drive people AWAY . . . Just look at what is happening with mainland China as a prime example!

(And Donald Trump’s soaring approval ratings).

And the main fact is this.

You can be brazen, but end of the day, what is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong.

It’ sjust as simple as that.

And if you’re on the wrong side of the equation, expect your brazenness to cause YOU trouble down the line, not anyone else!

Lots of people have asked me how to market their stuff the way I do, and my answer has always been (until now) – easy as pie.

And it is, if you know how!

But as of late, I’ve been thinking.

Since so many people want to know, I’ve been doing that as part of my coaching program, and currently I’m communicating with no less than FIVE people that are interested in these services.

Drop me a line here if you so choose,and we’ll go from there.

Whoa. The first marketing link in over 2000 words. So much for Rahul just “sending emails to make sales”.

Which he does, to be frank!! Heh.

And on that contradictory note, I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S – Does the landlady situation I mentioned above sound like the current China-India situation? Intruding and being brazen about it. Bullying. And so forth. You be the judge!

P.S #2 – Client site will soon be sitting on another server. The hosting company there knows about the last host, and in one word, this is what they said “absolutely outrageous!”.

P.P.S – We are supposed to be taking the pictures for “Animal Kingdom Workouts” today. See how that goes, or if! ?

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Saturday, 27 June 2020 09:52

Why I LOVE Mike Pompeo

I’ve made very little secret of the fact that Donald Trump is, in my book, one of the best damned Presidents ever.

Ever, if not THE BEST (since Raegan, who is also a close contender).

And with good reason.

Of course, this invited criticism from many quarters, most notably the China tom tommers, an idiotic group (and usually made up of losers incarnate) that find every opportunity to tom tom the evil CCP regime, and IGNORE the evils it has perpetrated (and continues to do so) all over the world.

And while there were a fair bit of these in my own personal contact list (given my long history with mainland China that is to be expected, I cut them ALL out of my list early on this year).


Well, my piece on CUTTING losers OUT of your life should explain it . . .

As well as my piece on China tom tommer and why they IRK the heck out of me . . .

It’s insane, but some people still get pulled into the “Chinese girls are easy” and “cheap beer” lure and think that’s the way it’s going to remain forever!

Anyway, I could wax lyrical about all that, but the above two pieces do a pretty good job of explaining exactly who the tom tommers are, and why you should cut ‘em out of your life pronto (and btw, this goes for tom tommers of any nature!).

Anyway . . .

Donald Trump is known and has been known for saying it like it is – a trait that I much admire, and something I’ve lived my entire life on the basis upon.

The nail that sticks out often gets hammered the most, my friend.

So said Uncle Bob, a close friend of yore . . .

So be it, Uncle Bob (but you’re right!).

My friend Vincent, a U.S. (former) Marine once made the following comment to me when I asked him this.

“If there was a competition between Trump and myself in terms of SAYING it like is - -who would win hands down?”

“Probably Trump”, I continued, laughing.

My friend laughed too.

“Maybe, but it’s by no means a foregone conclusion”.

The year was 2018, I believe. Yes, 2018 . . . or perhap the end of 2017. No, was 2018 . . .

And we hadn’t heard of a certain Mike Pompeo by then . . .

This guy (especially as of late) is emerging as a very strong contendor!

Not only does he say it like it is, but he says it like he MEANS it.

One look at Pompeo (and one read of what he says) is ENOUGH to convince you that THIS MAN truly says things he feels strongly about, and believes in!

He believes in a cause, and while so does Trump, the sheer candor and verve (not to mention the WRITING STYLE) with which Pompeo expresses himself, boldly and unafraid is what endears him to me.

I’ve often been noted for my brazen and UNAPOLOGETIC style in terms of saying it like is.

And as Pompeo (as of late, again) launched into factual yet scathing criticisms of what is wrong with the world today (notably a certain rogue nation), I have this to say – if the man wanted to be a writer, he damned well could be!

HIS writing is one that really impresses me, as his statements do.

While Trump issues off the cuff comments (and don’t get me wrong, he too says it like it IS) – Pompeo takes things to another level in terms of keeping it real and really BACKING up what he says in terms of FACTS!

And those facts make it impossible for people to argue with him, especially the Chinese and the tom tommers (pretty much the only people left in the world now along with certain leftists who are still CCP apologists).

Those FACTS also make it easier for him to be hated.

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson (an utter nutter if there ever was one) once made a comment along the lines of “We want Trump to get reelected since you unite China against Trump”.

An idiotic and inane statement if ever, but if there is one person they can’t say much about or against, it’s Pompeo.

And it’s the same thing with me.

It’s NO secret that a LOT of people don’t like me.

It’s NO secret that a lot of people hate my guts (as Michael once told me all those years ago, hehe).

And it’s no secret that I piss a lot of people off for saying it like is (I once made a comment about a restaurant in China being expensive - - at the age of 24 - - a long, long time ago, and I still remember the hate directed at me for making what was a FACTUAL statement).

True hate only comes when you’re saying it like is, my friend, and those facts hit home.

And in terms of fitness, I’ve been known for saying it like it is as well.

Here are some FACTS that make people want to “pick me up” and “throw me out of the window” :

  • If you’re fat, you’re FAT my friend. If you’ve got a massive belly hanging down over your pants, and can bench a somewhat decent amount, that doesn’t make you fit or even strong in all regards. You’re FAT. It’s just as simple as that, the same as if you were skinny !!
  • I’ve written about that before, of course. And on that note, YES, big guys can do pull-ups, and if you can’t chances are excellent and second to none that you are a bonafide lardass bar NONE.
  • Bodyweight exercises DO build strength, and a ton of it. The fact that you can’t do them in high reps doesn’t mean they don’t and for FACTS to back this up . . . well, I believe I’ve written about that as well before, no?
  • If you’re sitting around doing nothing with your life, and making no attempt to change “what is” (and instead be content with a life of mediocrity in all regards), then you are . . . well, mediocre. There ain’t no two ways around that!
  • If you’re wasting time all day on social media, and yet have no time to improve your OWN life, or at least START ,then you’re even more of a loser.
  • If you’ve got a weak grip, then you’re not strong my friend. TRUE strongmen have grips of steel, and if you don’t believe me, ask whoever you DO believe, and you’ll see what I mean.

And so forth.

Oh, and pushups DO trump the bench press any day of the week, hehe. That should probably be #1 up there! ?

Last, but not least, what next, you ask?

Well, perhaps I’ll ask Vincent who would win the “3 way in terms of brutal honesty between Trump, Pompeo and myself”.

We’ll see how that goes, hehe.

For now, it’s adios - - and if you workout today - - make it a super one!


Rahul Mookerjee

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