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Charles Mitchell, a customer of mine once made the following comment about learning of my "love" - and great aptitude for Math. 

(remember, walking in drunk for exams, acing them all, hehe) 

(that's a TRUE Tale!) 

(as most of mine are) 

"If you wrote a book on Math (or maybe he said Calculus) I'd buy it too!" 


Perhaps he would. 

But I dont have any plans to become Professor Rahul, despite a long ago photo on Facebook that caused people to call me just that. 

True, it was me in one of my more idlyllic, "staring into space" moods... bearded, with glasses, yet the surroundings where it was taken was anything but. 

A lesson to all social media addicts and "judging how his life" is right there. 

Tru, Tom Tom's - perhaps you ccould - but people that know how to read minds, camouflage etc - not so much (yours truly). 

Parenting is also one of the areas I could write tomes on, as I'm sur eyou've learnt!

And I'll always remember what my Dad's friend once told my Mom when she was trying to stop me from guzzling cold BEER ... 

"How will you stop him when he's no longer at home!" 

SAGE, hehe. 

From a man that did it himself! 

But more sage was this comment he told me . 

"No matter what you do, even if you get a girl pregnant, come home and tell your parents". 

Ah, if only I could. 

I remember asking my father about it the next day (I was 17) 

He said I shouldn't take "the words literally but the meaning". 


Therein lies the nub, my friend. 

In my family, it's always been "pleasing my mother first and foremost above all". 

Kids be damned, world be damned, all of it be damned. 

Maybe thats good for cucks and Nazi feminists, but for kids growing up? 

(and I'm glad to see more people are coming out with all this after reading what I write - a lady recently wrote about how her mom told her "you've ruined my whole life!" - so much for women supporting women eh? As my "wife" said, women are often each other's WORST enemies!) 

Yours truly never ever had the reassurance that no matter what I do, I could tell my parents and "ultimately " all would be fine. 

I remember my Dad once telling me when I quizzed him on why he had kids. 

"Because they turn out alright in the end". 

He was saying - or hoping "turn out as Mommy wants". 

And from a guy that has been put in the role of "unwilling enforcer" (which trust me, he's LEAST suited to be) his whole life, I found that interesting - and not - both at the same time. 

But anyway ... 

For me, with my daughter, I've always told her this. 

No matter what you do, you'll still be my little girl. 

I mean every word. 

Not for me the "my house doesnt include you" (when it comes to my daughter) and other nonsense people like to spout. 

I'll support her till the day she passes - or I do. Hehe. 

Now, this needs to be taken with a grain - or pinch - of salt. 

I do NOT mind I will support her being a brat - not working hard - not wanting her to go through the school of hard knocks, and so forth. 

I WANT all that to happen i.e. "naturally". 

And certainly, some of the parents that do their best to cover up horrific and grisly crimes their offspring commit, both male and female - I would never go to those extremes. 

But, other hand. 

Children need to KNOW that their parents, and Dad plays a huge role - has their BACK growing up. 

THAT is what I never had, and THAT is what I want to give most to my daugther, and THAT Is what I am telling you, my friend. 

Kids need to know there is a line to everything. But, they also need to know your parents have your back no matter WHAT. 

And that, my friend, is the message for that one, as this afternoon I sit and ruminate about a lot of things. 

Ok, enough on that. 

Kids also need to knwo that fitness is numero UNO, friend. 

And two things - one, ADULTS need to set an example first. 

And Two, if you've got young kids, they need their OWN programs to follow. 

And that, my friend is that .

You know whats coming next. 

Take action!


Rahul Mookerjee

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(I mean jeez, dude, or lady, you can always get the free stuff from the site, but why clog up a list if you never have any intention of buying anything?) 

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