Sunday, 12 February 2012 13:00

Walking and fat loss

From time to time I get asked about my thoughts on walking. Specifically, what I think about walking as a form of exercise, and whether or not it will help them get in shape fast. 

And, I almost always give them the same answer - which is, yes, walking's great - it will HELP you get in shape - but it isn't the end all and be all of "cardio" exercise as it's often made out to be.

What do I mean? Well, I train outdoors at a local park sometimes, usually in the mornings, and I see many folks getting in their daily walk. Regular walkers these, some of them walk for an hour on a daily basis. And this is great, but you wouldn't know that they train regularly it by looking at their physiques. The average person I see there is pot bellied, bent over and most of all, EXHAUSTED - and they look it as well. And I'm not passing judgement on any of this - but I believe that they deserve BETTER results, especially considering the dedication they have to their routine.

Now before you jump on me saying that I'm wrong, and that walking's a good form of exercise, hold on. I personally walk at least a kilometer or so daily, and have nothing at all against walking. The old timers did plenty of walking as part of their daily workouts and it's something I recommend as well - as it has a host of health benefits. And yes, if one is overweight, it will help in fat loss as well.

But, and here's the point - it will HELP in fat loss. As in, it will AID fat loss - but you still need to blast your fat cells with a different sort of workout in order to achieve optimal (and relatively quick) fat loss. And this goes for folks at all fitness levels - it doesn't matter if you are a rank beginnner, or advanced trainee. Walking's great for overall health as well, but by itself, it simply won't get the trick done - and the folks in the park stand testament to what I am saying.

Note that I am referring to walking as most people do when exercising - not "power" walking, or walking at a brisk pace up a hill as I used to do daily in China. Most folks walk at a pace that is slightly above their comfort level, and maintain that for an extended period of time, say an hour or so. And while this has plenty of health benefits, it simply won't blast the fat off your body at the rate you want.

I personally combine my walking with other exercises that get the job done in QUICK time. These are all exercises that I describe in Fast and Furious Fitness. Do them regularly, and combine them with walking - and you'll start to marvel at how fast your body rids itself of unwanted fat, and the improvement in your overall health and stamina.

All for now - back again tomorrow. Don't forget to have a great Sunday!

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