Monday, 13 February 2012 07:23

V-Day special offer

Love is in the air - literally. It's that time of the year again when couples look around for the perfect partner, propose to each other, or, for those of that you that are married, simple "celebrate" their love.

Personally, neither me nor my wife are too sold on the entire concept. I like the idea, but I also believe that love is not something to be "celebrated" on ONE day - you should appreciate it on a DAILY basis. But, I understand that many of you look forward to this day - and with good reason. And if you fall into that category, you are likely looking for "that special" gift for your beloved. 

Well, one of very best gifts you can give your beloved one is the gift of LIFELONG strength, health and fitness - without any fancy bells and whistles attached. And so, to celebrate this special day, I'm going to offer you a 25% discount on my best selling Fast and Furious Fitness book. That's right - 25%. All you have to do is enter in the following coupon code "78VH98A" (without the quotes) on the order page, and you'll be all set.

My wife officially thinks I'm off my rocker on this one, so this won't last forever - in fact, I plan on pulling the plug on this by the end of this week. So HURRY - drop whatever your doing, and ORDER NOW.

But wait. That's NOT all - I'm also going to offer you a FREE copy of the Simple and Effective Diet. That's right - it will be YOURS - FREE, alongwith the book. All you have to do is use the coupon code I've mentioned, order the book, and shoot me a quick e-mail with the subject line "Rahul, send me my free copy NOW" - and you will have a copy of the Simple and Effective Diet in your inbox within 48 hours at most.

This is a savings of OVER $13 - For information that you can use your ENTIRE life - and get great results from. And again, remember this wont last forever - the early bird gets the worm. And if you're smart, you know what to do.

Order now, and thank me later.

Best regards,


PS: Don't hesitate, dilly-dally and hem and haw. Do not fall into the trap of  thinking "it's just another offer". It's not - and an offer like this is not likely to come down the pike anytime soon. Get in while the going's GOOD, and take advantage of this NOW.