Monday, 05 April 2021 08:27

Internal cleanliness

In an increasingly fake up, made up world with unnatural fads (the latest being that Chinese girls apparently have to fit into Tshirts and corsets meant for girls that are KIDS, not adults) and if they dont, they're fat - I gotta say this. 

I gotta be honest about the above too - Chinese women, and Asian women in general seem to be under even more pressure to fit to the "skinny" look more than other women globally though this idiotic trend of starvation is there everywhere for both guys and gals, but more gals from what I have seen. 

DOnt get me wrong. 

There is no excuse for being a lardass, either female or male, and having too much Schofield like man tits or junk in the trunk or what not (I mean Glyn in the UK - that dude I write about often - the troll - if you newbies on the list dont know, check out the blog for "what he be yammering on about" in that regard) . . . 

But unnaturally thin?


Not for me, but apparently I'm the only one out there too. 

Doesnt bother me though. 

But anyway in his 1914 course on Wrestling and Physical Culture "lessons in Wrestling and Physical Culture" (no, Mr Tai-PO doesnt sell it - and has no plans to) he mentioned something very interesting - aside from the deep breathing part that yours truly talks about in Corrugated Core too - something which most people MISS. 

That being, that (as he says, I'm paraphrasing as usual) ... the office worker dressed in all their finery and nice soaps and what not may appear to be cleaner than a laborer working in muck and grime all day. 

But are they?? 

I dont think so, my friend. 

Neither did the good Farmer. 

When a man that can survive a hangmans drop (20 foot neck they say!) speaks, you better listen for one. 

And when the bodyweight guru speath, Rahul Mookerjee, you better listen too! 

Like I said, I'm nothing if not humble with a very capital H ... 

Puerile comments aside, I feel great after that workout - I took a cold shower immediately thereafter (no, I didnt ease in - I just turned it to freezing COLD). 

My heart rate went up again. 

But the SWEATING I did before that, my friend, was really what got things "feeling clean internally!" 

When you have a good sweat, your skin CLEANS itself - and so does your BODY - better than ANY soap,lotion, gel, or what not gizmo can. 

There is a reason the Finns, hardy people - sit in a boiling sauna for hours, then immediately thereafter jump into the ice cold Arctic. 

And workouts have much the same effect as the former, except perhaps BETTER in a way - definitely better in most ways - though saunas benefit you immensely too. 

No, I'm not going to end this by saying if you dont have a sauna do Jump Rope Mania!. 

That you can do anyway. 

But the point is, yours truly does not ... 

Use hair gel (despite having long hair). 

I dont get it trimmed at regular intervals. 

My face hasn't seen a proper razor for years. 

I dont buy clothes until my closet bursts. I dont even have any formal wear lying around!

I dont have formal shoes. 

I dont wear suits and ties. 

I dont use perfumes. 

I dont use fancy idiotic lotions, face washes, body scrubs and what not ... 

The closest I get to any of this is a simple body wash or soap - shampoo - again, the simple type - and a bit of lotion fo rmy uber dry skin (I dont apply it where Schofield prefers i.e. front and back, and no "JO" jokes either, because that ain't what I be talking about) ... and DEODARANT. 

That last bit is what I Cannot live without if you were to ask me, hehe. 

One of those things, like beer. 

And sunglasses!

Point being, internal cleanliness. 

If you're constipated for days, for one, all the deodarants in the world wont mask a nasty stench and scent coming from you. 

If you haven't worked out for days, have indigestion andt he like - same thing. 

You know the healthy, glowing look when you see it, and it requires very little, if anything artificial. 

Alright, enough of this. 

Some of the best stuff to clean you out internally is right here - Isometric And Flexibility Training, unlike anythign I've ever put out before. 

And some of the best workouts? 

Well, Battletank Shoulders is one! 

Getting more and more rave reviews by the day, and even with the recent price rise, it's WAY TOO CHEAP, I still think. 

You might not think so. 

But if you think about the money you waste on a cup of coffee at the store daily, cigarettes, daily booze, fancy shmancy dinners out, accrouements for the car you dont need, the latest Apple phone or what not ... think about this (and mostly the Jim memberships getting MORE expensive and burning a hole in your pocket daily and monthly which you hardly ever USE) . . . 

Thinking, my friend, is the hardest job as Henry Ford rightly said! 

Do so, if you so choose. 

In the meantime, I'm out. 

Back soon !


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Please do not write back complaining about price. When something delivers results that are out of this world, then it WILL be priced accordingly, and like I said, I still think it's a bargain for what it is being offered at. As a customer once said "I have no doubt they are worth every bit!". 

I mean, lets see, you wouldn't complain about a tiny dinner at a 5 star hotel being sold for what it is, would you? Or fancy shancy nights out at the latest pub? 

Then why my products

Point made, I believe . . .(I could of course end this with yet another whiny rant on price I received while working out, but I wont!)