Thursday, 08 April 2021 08:55

Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand!

So sage, my friend, so sage! 

But anyway, where did I get this one from? 

Well, I recently chanced upon a "hoodie of sorts" that I just "liked" for no reason and bought. 

It's grey in color, and has a bunch of writing on it. 

Oddly enough, for me, I did not even read what was written. 

It was right, I knew it, and I bought it. 

As I laundered it (yes, men, I do my own laundry whenever possible! - why? Well that will be in upcoming BEHEMOTH of a book I'm writing NOW - more on that later) . . . I read the words. 

And found on the top of the Tshirt the following (what I just said). 

And it's so true!

There's other stuff written on there too, including a bit about "finding the KIngdom of God FIRST, and all else later". 

Oddly enough, though I'm not religious, I couldnt agree more. 

You find SELF and SELF EXPRESSION freely FIRST, and it THEN follows from there. 

Anyway, religion and God (or Goddess, hehe, for those familiar with my other writing) aside, I've often seen fathers, for instance, take their sons under the wing and teach them to do certain things. 

Changing a car tyre, for instance. 

Or as I saw in THAT job, the boss getting his HIGH SCHOOL son to sit alongside the three "leaders" of the company at the time (yours truly - sales , HR manager and general de facto, and Operations Manager). 

He was literally getting an education for free listening to me talk on the phone. 

And watching the Operations Manager do what he was. 

Smart guy (the father). 

He understood that you do NOT, as I was told, tell your son that you're not going to amount to anything and start at the very bottom of the ladder or else. (and stay there permanently most likely).  

You put him in a TOP management position and tell him that is being GROOMED for that very position. 

Look at what Donald Trump's father did. 

Look at what OTHERS fathers DO. (I mentioned one case above). 

Look at what Napoleon Hill says in Think and Grow Rich about the advantage of starting off in a position where more people that MATTER can see you and where you actually have some authority, as opposed to "being a monkey" at the bottom. 

In all the jobs I DID stay with to an extent, guess what sort of position I STARTED OUT in. Those that put me int he position above, rightly so, and that COMPENSATED ME for it WHILE I was in the position. 

Anyway, my own life aside, that is why I bring this up (and it's what I do with my daughter). 

From a young age, my own daughter has been involved in ALL I do, even when she doesnt understand it. 

The books. The pictures. The "why's" The wherefore"s - ALL of it. 

It's a REAL LIFE education, my friend, and one that down the road will benefit her FAR more than the shmuck or lack thereof taught in schools these days. 

Dont even get me started on the latter. 

Tell me, I forget. 

Show me, I remember. 

INVOLVE me - I understand - and then DO - myself!

From handstands to books to pull-ups ... THAT is why my little girl "does". Not because I forced her to! 

Or even asked her to. 

I involved her, so she does. 

(and she built up her own interest in it because "Dad does it"). 

THAT is what YOU should aim at if YOU Have kids of your OWN, my friend. 

But anyway fitness wise, that is why Mr Caveman put out not one, but SEVERAL videos for the Rolls Royce of Fitness, because for once, I wante dto SHOW you how to do it - and INVOLVE you (especially the workout video) in terms of doing WITH ME!

Please do write back if you've seen the workout video and let me know if you did indeed follow along (many and most have!). 

It's why I take so many pictures for my books, even though they're all done in my man cave, hehe, and even though some think sometimes they're overkill and redundant. 

Because until I do in person seminars (very soon) that, along with my coaching calls are the closest thing YOU can get to "in person" from me, my friend. 

And that, my friend, is truly that. 

If you ain't yet partook of the videos, then do so NOW. 

So says Mr Cowboy from TX, and he's loving it, and so will YOU, hehe. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Be on the outlook for a MEGA book on combating Nazi feminism and BENEFITING from it in ways you never thought possible. Believe me, this will be WORTH the wait. No more details now - but if you're interested, let me know - its one of those silent afflictions people deal with all the time, and I'm determined to end it to whichever extent I can myself.