Monday, 10 May 2021 17:10

Why apathy is the one thing I cannot stand

I've always been a "wear his heart on his sleeve" sort of dude.

I've never been one to accept the status quo.

I've never been one to "accept" life's reverse gear - no matter what.

And perhaps it's because of all these attributes, and many more that I've had an existence (thus far) and experiences (thus far) that most wouldn't in several lifetimes.

The ups, the downs, all uncannily reminds me of my favorite author Napoleon Hill, to whose life mine seems to most closely resemble in most regards, along with Donald Trump's bar the "public part of it" and as far as I'm concerned, thats perfectly fine by me.

Both great examples!

But I've always been a yes or no guy too.

Like it or don't!

No "in between".

And what I cannot understand over the past few years, or maybe I can, is the APATHY that is slowly taking root and STRANGLING people globally.

Some countries, the people are even more apathetic than the others.

China to an extent.

India -big time. And it's getting bad in the US too in terms of people "not caring about anything".

My friend, I dont know if you've noticed this, but apathy and fear?

Was exactly how the Nazi movement took hold, and it's precisely how any dictator CONTROLS!

The people either don't care , or are too scared to speak out, or a combo therein ...

And both, to me are toxic.

Problems stay unaddressed. Progress don't happen either on a personal or other level. Nothing really "moves" or happens. (I mean, if one doesnt care, then ...)

I've been noticing this a lot with my social she-dia posts where people "stay away" because it's controversial, some of it, but the "views" etc are through the roof.

People come to my social media stuff, and say "yes, he's right".

But, for some reason, they dont feel comfortable saying just that in public despite yours truly being happy to be the nail that sticks out!

Anyway, I dont get it. Really.

If you wanna say something - say it!

And in terms of this list, though I must say this is a very responsive list - so I'll say, a few other lists I have ...

I keep telling people on another business list of mine this - if you'v ebeen on the list for more than 5 years, haven't bought a product, haven't read an email or the bare minimum, and so forth ...well, WHY are you on it?

Of course, with an especially apathetic list like that one (though the biz vertical in that case has got something to do with it), I just cull folks personally.

No sense keeping the dead wood on.

But really, I'd rather you, or anyone be more than a bump on a log when you read these emails, my friend.

If you like 'em, say so.

If you hate 'em, say so!

Same thing with reviews etc, I cannot remember the number of times I've asked people to leave reviews pro-actively, but they "forget to", or just omit it (Which is fine, I get it ... I'm not the best in terms of that either).

But I don't know, the apathy is STUNNING - especially when our freedoms are globally being taken away step by step, and NO-ONE seems to care, in some countries more so than others ...

Anyway, write back - and let me know what you think on that one!

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In terms of a "different kind of move", constipation, IBS etc - all problems I'm very familiar with myself have all shot through the roof during the current Plague. People are sitting and doing NOTHING.

I dont advocate this at all, as you know, but if you gotta sit, at least do it the way taught in Isometric and Flexibility Training.

LOTS of your problems will disappear. Try it, I'm telling ya!

PS #2 - Folks, you'll never understand the value of what you have, no matter how trifling it might seem when it;s gone. Wake up, and smell the roses - NOW!