Tuesday, 11 May 2021 17:24

The big bad men that eat all the food in the house while the kids and "women" STARVE (right!)

Chuck made the comment about the Bozo eating all his food, making a mess, and a pest of himself (and drinking all his beer for which he got thrown out of Chuck's beer house as well in his underwear, of course) .. .

"He eats all my food, he drinks all my beer!" was the refrain.

Of course, in that case it was ... WARRANTED.

But anyway, this brings to mind something else.

I remember growing up in India, there used to be a washerwoman and their family - with a strapping young lad of about 23 or so.

My family never really liked them.

Mom used to choose another washerwoman ...

But, she often made teh following comment about dude.

"He's so big and fat! He must be eating all their food!"

Which thinking about it ...

Maybe he was a bit fat, but certainly not as obese as I got at a certain stage, and certainly NOT as obese as certain women get if you get my drift.

But anyway ... I remember thinking that was a silly comment.

I mean, dude was working - and he can't even EAT?

Then of course, years later, I often heard this from another lovely lady if you get my drift.

In a direct or indirect manner, when it was no warranted.

Blame games are what Nazi feminists love, my friend, and you should avoid them like the plague - more in the book.

But sometimes they are so ridiculous and NOT true ... that ....

I swear, if I tell you some of the nasty things I get accused of all the time, it reminds me of ...

Well, Wei Jia Jiang from CBS and President Trump.

Jiang constantly asked him questions in what even I thought was a MEAN, Nazi feminist tone!

Right down to her accusatory eyes.

And Trump rightly called her - and the media out for being hostile and told them to play nice.

Which of course, the Bozos didnt like!

Ever notice why a lot of reporters, especially those that ask SNARKY questions are female?

But anyway, women!

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em, except I've perfected the art of the latter, because you live with them, and they turn into Nazi feminists (I'm sure there's SOME good women out there - I'm sure YOURS is the exception to the rule, yada, nada, schnada. I sure hope so, bro!).

B/C I ain't seen an exception to this rule in my very storied life so far!

Anyway, women!

I've had a girl in China once exhort me "not to eat rice" at night because I'll get fat.

Then I had one tell me to eat "double dinners" (way back in the day during THOSE days when I was talking about food portions in China etc, of course, if it led up to something? She'd probably swing the other way!).

it's just retarded, my friend. Retarded.

Anyway, I gotta tell you ...

The ONE course you can buy to piss the Nazi feminists off, more than all my others is Animal Kingdom Workouts.

It'll make you hungry as a horse, even more so than the rest of what I promote.

Speaking of which, I'm off to gorge on some EGGS, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I'll give you TWO , or maybe ONE guess to guess whose got WEIGHT PROBLEMS, hehe.

PS #2 - But of course! You can't body shame women, but you can call MEN all the nasty names you can. I know. I know.

... but guess what, I could care less, and those names WILL be called if a woman deserves it.