Monday, 09 August 2021 06:12

I want two answers from YOU, friend.

This might sound a bit odd, but I've been thinking about if for days, I haven't come to any conclusive answer either way. 

And as A tom tommer recently told me. 

"You're an odd dude!"

That I am friend, but a sensical odd dude, hehe. (He broke group rules, was booted, so was bitching)

Anyway, yes, conclusive answers... 

On two questions I'm going to ask YOU, friend. 

Now, before I start please - please - do NOT get back with "you think too much". 

Thinking too much is a good thing. 

If you're thinking right and the right WAY, which most people do the polar opposite of. 

And please dont get back with silence or apathy. Hehe. 

If you do ... 

... well, nothing. You do. But I want them answers, hehe, and I want 'em from YOU. I.e. YOUR VIEWPOINT!

First question, something you might could help with. Second, maybe ... maybe not. 

Without more ado. 

First, WHY are more people not leaving reviews? 

Friend, it boggles the mind. 

You get a 10% auto discount for leaving reviews, 10% for sharing, then you get a mention on these newsletters, special coupons etc ... the whole shebang. 

It ain't that you dont love the products. 

You do!

(or, you wouldn't be buying). 

I could go on Google. 

I could wax lyrical about "why people dont leave reviews". 

I've got tons of reasons why. 

but I want to hear it from the horse's mouth - YOU. 

The review link is there damn near everywhere - most of all, in the purchase email you get. 

Some of you have bought products, not left reviews for all. 

A few days ago, I pondered if "maybe they like some products more than the others". 

But the reviews are equal amongst all, so that ain't it either. 

Apathy or "do nothing" - or "we're too busy" - well - I dont buy any of those reasons, and I hate it when people tell me that anyway, because it's not true, if you truly want to do something you'll find time for it - plus, clicking a link and leaving a review for something you LIKE - I mean trust me, if people didnt like it, you'd see all sorts of Bozo like BS out there - but it's mystifying to me!

A person, of course like me who emails Amazon back with comments on how to improve their service - unasked for. 

No, I dont have too much time on my hands, before you ask ... 

My former friend Charles did. Hehe. 

(Unfortuantely he never used it productively). 

Try writing over 10,000 words a day, working out - and doing all else I do, then tell me about "no time" ... 

Hell, try, 500 or a 1000 a day and keep it up for amonth. 

So it ain't the no time BS either. 

So folks, for this one - please, YOU TELL ME. 

Aint nothing wrong with spreading the word, is there? 

And even if the review isn't 5 star, so what?

yes, most are. 

That isn't a double edged sword i.e. I'm not telling you that only 5 star reviews will be accepted, approved, what not - hell, that link you use? With your email? i.e purchase email? 

I can't even modify that review unless I got into the DB to do it, and trust me, I'm not in the least bit interested in doing that. 

It's there for a reason, I set IT PURPOSELY so I couldn't modify it so people would feel more comfrortable. 

After Bozo Keith said this "This author only wants FIVE star reviews". 


Maybe we all want 5 star. 

What wrong with that? 

But I want HONEST above all - so folks again, write back and tell me!

YOUR words and answers are what count. 

I've emailed some of you personally as well for it, but ... 

But anyway, question numero TWO!

That being, what the hezey. Hehe. 

I even forget what I was going to ask you. 

I guess, what I'm saying is why people ignore the sensical and embrace the nonsensical ... 

Especially more so these days. 

You have Jassy jumping about her super skinny self, yet when I tell her she was "normal" in 2019 without this gym madness (trust me, she ain't doing it because she wants to be super skinny, if that were to be the case, she would have done it a long time go. Dig beneath the surface, you'll likely find that her big ticket investment clients want it, so in a tough market...) 

... which is fine, but SAY it. 

But yeah, I know y'all can't help me much with the answer on that one. We all know it, already!

People just dont want to come out and say it. 

Running scared, apathy, all those reasons... 

Anyway, I'll be happy if you can answer question numero ONE for me definiteively, hehe. 

And leave more reviews, please! 

Timothy, PLEASE - use that link you get in your email. (and the rest of you too, hehe). 

(he liked "Jump Rope Mania"!) 

"Makes me feel like a boxer doing these routines, Rahul!" 

So said the man himself... 

But anyway, yeah. 

LEt me know. 

I'll be listening!


Rahul mookerjee