Monday, 09 August 2021 10:42

Why my 8 year old little one has MORE SENSE THAN MOST ADULTS, and whose "really pulling the strings"!

Sage, so damned SAGE!

And so happy I am right now!

TRuly a chip off the old block. 


And here's the thing , with the Universe listening, and me being in full flow, what I BE talking about now - well, it was a conversation I just got done with my little girl (well, first the wife, but it "transferred to her" pretty quick as the wife gave me the expected "who are you!" response) ... 

I told them about the article I sent you in the last email - tailored, targeted and designed to scare YOU, friend, with examples that seem so real life that they likely are, except they never gave you the full picture!

My wife was like "so what benefit can the UK get from you". 

....  (in other words, who does he think he is. This arrogant snot!)


But my little girl didnt say a word. 

And later on, we had the conversation about ... well, she told me some news she had heard on the Tee Vee Shee Vee. 

I keep telling her to regard most news as a joke.. 

She's caught on oh so well!

Dad, they showed that 30 people attacked a Hindu temple. 

Now, she was watching some India based news. 

Does that news ever tell you for instance, when someone attacks a Christian or Muslim church? 

Dont get me wrong, it's wrong nonetheless. 

But they keep tom tomming their own view does the media, they never ever give you the entire PICTURE!

My daughter then so sagely told me about .. well, before that, it was somethig she didnt understand. 

Something about my wife and her job, some "recruitment drive" or some nonsenese to which "50 or 100 people come! Yippee!!" 

The sheeple, in other words. 

I wasn't shy of saying it. 

And on that note, one person (before I wrote this) asked me what a Tom Tom was. 

I tried explaining, hehe. 

On WeChat. 

I said the Brits could probably explain it the best, but that it was an idiot who followed dictum blindly without question, and while saying it, I did the "Tom Tom" with fists up in the air too! 

Later, daughter asked me the same thing (she didnt understand what "drive" meant - and the school obviously don't teach her) - and I told her. 

Honey, the typical Tom Tom's and their numbers have inreased exponentially. 

Dad, what are Tom tom's? 

I repeated. 


And then she astounded me - though really I wasn't surprised. 

She's got a great example to follow, and its the Universe speaking to YOU through me and her!

(Interesting how the Tom Tom's all get pissed when they hear me tell her to follow my example, and when I say she's got a great Dad to emulate. &, do all they can to STOP her from doing so. 

They dont get it, the Tom Tom's, do they. Hehe. Its all mental. Thought transmutes -if you KNOW about the ether we ALL LIVE IN!

The DOERS never do - they agree!). 

(Of course, when its something negative, they all jump on the mournful bandwagon of "Her Dad oh, woe be ME!!!!!!!!!!!")

Few better people to emulate than Rahul Mookerjee, my friend, and that aint even Tom Tomming. 

It's a FACT. 

In life, fitness, whatever. 

MOst of all saying it like it is. 

"Dad, the kids are being puleld into the teacher's dictatorship, the teachers into the administrator's, and the government of course tells the admins what to do" ... 

(You might think it's me saying that, no?) 

Yet, it was an 8 year old when I was ranting about the brainwashing going on in Asian schools (China being one prime example, but others including INdia have jumped on that bandwagon as of late). 

And she finished off with this. 

"Who is rEALLY pulling the strings, Daddy?"

Wonder if WeChat is listening, hehe, because after that LONG conversation I got two message. 

one, good news. 

And two? 

"Big Boss is listening!" 

I shit you NOT. I can show you if you dont believe me!

Anyhow, two things - 

One, her question is an interesting one. Though people blame the politicans I'd blame the sheeple and the people REALLY behind the scenes. 

Google and other search engines that actively collude with those tracking YOU right now. 

The all invasive Microsoft. 

Those thinking devices. 

And much, much more. 

And two? 

The Univese, my friend, actively tests us - and gives us choices. 

Pass 'em all, you SHALL suceed - either life or fitness. 

I've just given you many examples, if you've got a pulse, and you know the S of Spiritual, you'll KNOW WHAT I MEAN!



Rahul Mookerjee aka a REALLY BLESSED DAD!