Saturday, 14 August 2021 09:17

What if you changed "I wish" to "what if", my friend?

Phock, this damn thing crashed while writing it!

But as I wrote it, the Universe was speaking to me - right down to a voice telling me "dont tell her!" 

I wont. Hehe. 

Beyond that though ... 

Tom Tom's and idiots and Buffoons that are neighsayrs, kindly dont read past this. 

Freebie seekers, dont either. 

Those that believe it's all motivational gobbleydook with no basis in the real world - kindly dont read. 

For the rest of though - doers - kindly do and please READ!

Let's face it. 

HOw many times per day does the average person, you, me, everyone use the words "I wish"? 

Recently, I was talking to a dude, a guy who I met in 2013 with regard to certain goals I have. 

Right from the minute I met this dude, right from how he was introduced to me, in a way most people wouldnt understand or even begin to comprehend - right, play of words - and the four ones above - just words, but they make a hell of a difference, friend, a HELL Of a difference!! - to your life - and results - or lack thereof - anyway, right from that point, I knew three things. 

Ambitious, the right guy to do what I wanted to get done then - and the person to work with on that. 

Great guy as well. 

Now, he was saying something along the lines of "Man, I wish someone would get that for me!" 

He wasn't referring to a handout, he ain't that kind of guy. 

But, it got me thinking. 

How many times do you, friend, say or think the following. 

"I wish my life was better"

"I wish I wasn't going through this". 

"I wish I wasn't married"

"I wish I was in better shape!" 

"I wish I had a lifestyle lik eRahul where I could do exactly as I please, when I please, make $$ to boot... and the rest of it"

(on that note, freebie seekers, like a certain Mr S, if you've made it this far - free coaching - nah. Please leave NOW. 

While YES, I AM giving you the secrets - some of them - for free here, they ain't the entire picture. 

But, a huge part of it anyway!) 

"I wish I ... " 

Lets face it, all of us do it - and sometimes, often, we ain't even aware of it.

Then we console ourselves by looking at the rest who're in the same boat. 

Miserable, unhappy, sad, UNFULFILED.. 

yet, what if, my friend, just what if ... You changed this thought to - for example. 

"What if I was fit enough to do 500 pushups per workout?" 

Thats it, and keep THAT thought in mind other than "I wish I was ...?" 

Words make a huge fucking difference, friend. 

And are ultimatly what seperate the true doers from the wannabe and Bozo sorts. 

You might not think so but words make you picture and FEEL a goal - and the intensity with which you feel is what attracts, or helps you attract, NOT the other way around i.e. just saying it without meaning it doesn't do an iota or fig leaf of any good whatsoever. 

When you say what if, if you do so right, you'll start to notice two things - 

One, how you FEEL. You'll automatically, even if you dont want to, picture the life without a spouse - or with more money - or being super fit - or job of your choice - big house - whatever it is!

This, my friend, is how you start to attract. 

When you feel it, you'l have it. Simple fact of life, and you'll be on the way to getting it too if you ain't already. 

Second, you'll be elated at the world of possibilities opening when previously yo uthought "impossible". 

Trust me on this ...

Try this trick fitness wise with any fitness goal you have for just a week - and report back in terms of your progress, and how you feel (and do so with deep emotion, the goal must be meaningufl to you). 

And next, remember this too. 

I ain't given my copies of Fast and Furious Fitness away for free. 

No way ... but I WILL give 'em to folks interested, and now that I've put out feelers, a lot are. 

But yet - I'm putting it on hold. 

I want YOU the list to have plenty of opportunities to get it FIRST because you deserve it!

So, repay that faith, friend. 

Go ahead and get these now. 

Trust me, pure gold, you will ALWAYS cherish this one book - as I do so deeply. 

Hence, I talk about it so much, or I wouldn't give a rip either way. 


Rahul Mookerjee