Wednesday, 18 August 2021 09:21

The Gorilla Grip Auction!

Interesting, my friend, interesting. 

I just recieved yet another "nth" notice from a courier company (delivery company, express company, kuaidi, whatever you call it, hehe) - to the notice of one of my books "Gorilla Grip (Advanced)" supposedly been stuck at custome somewhere, and them wanting the "import duty" or what not applicable from me. 

This message and the emails came to me for months, then stopped. 

Now, I have no idea why. 

The book was supposed to be sent to a customer from the US - but at the last minute, we changed how it was sent - and it never crossed any borders, let alone into Asia. 

But apparently the "canceled" order on Amazon or whatever it was never reflected globally. 

One of those things, and today, I received some "long overdue notice" from some "import export adminstration" or some nonsense, some "non official" committee or something (beats me how they got my address???) ... stating that the "professional and technical manual" would be put on auction if I didnt retrieve it or some nonsense. 

I've even got the photo. HEhe. 

Much like I still have the photo somewhere of being served with a notice by my management in China and being threatened "we call police for breaking you peace!" and "creating mess" - all for what? 

Tossing beer bottles in the trash. Hehe. 

Some broke, which caused a catastrophe (personally, a cranky neighbor complained - PLUS, of course in Chinese... hehe. If I had done the same if it happened to me, literally no-one would care! and of course, the cleaning lady who couldn't sell the bottles for a profit or what not) ... 

Hey, it wasn't like I was tossing them down from the 11th floor like the Bozo was, bringing women of ill repute back home (Bozo was, he was paying them to -ugh, you know what) ... 

So his notice was warranted, mine maybe not... 

(though yes, plenty of "women" came, but I never got the ill repute thing served to me, hehe). 

But it's interesting. 

THey never told me where the book would be auctioned and "proceeds would be used to pay something off". 

No amounts mentioned!

So, some lucky dude will get it - except where, how and when - I have no idea!

I'll keep y'all posted. 

Last I did auctions was on She-Bay, I dont particularly enjoy them either. 

(nothing against 'em, just a hassle the way I see it). 

Anyway - I wonder what'll come of that!

Will keep ya'll posted, but in the meantime, remember, my friend - building your grip is paramount to fitness at any level. 

And the Gorilla grip series is one you simply must have. 

Pick it up now, either individually, or in compilation format, you'll love it - and benefit like never before. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS -And do NOT forget the book on tips - Volume two, yes, on it's way, maybe in a few months!