Tuesday, 27 April 2021 13:18

Why using "unnatural keywords" and "messing up Google rankings" is the ticket!

Check out this gem, folks -


       Love that you are paying attention to building your online presence! However, there are many issues that are definitely messing up your organic rankings. I’m going to point them out without taking much of your time.

Your website uses a lot of unnatural keywords and Google’s latest algorithm updates hate that! It’s in dire need of proper indexing, the design is not mobile-friendly, and your URLs are all over the place.

While your social media pages need more work, I found multiple instances of duplicate content on your website. No wonder it is not on the first three SERPs!

Want to fix all this? We are offering you a WEBSITE ANALYSIS REPORT that highlights all these issues and more. Say yes and we’ll send it over!


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Best wishes,


This nutter even highlighted the last two sentences in green - and first in yellow.

Ugh. Green hats and what not is what it reminded me of ...

Then this -

"Want to make a website ranking go down! Contact me!"

Maybe that was the Bozo himself . . . one of his numerous nicks.

Needles to say, neither of these idiots got a reply.

The first sent it in w.r.t a different website I administer (not the fitness sites).

And the second wasn't with regard to this one - it was the other site.

But anyway the "beautiful wife" told me the following the other day :

"Everything has a good and bad! Every person has a positive and negative side to them (or perhaps she said good and bad, I can't quite remember. A few brain cells died off that night, heh)"

(Except yours truly, of course, who only has a "bad" side).

But it got me thinking.

Indeed, everything does have a good side to it - or bright side to it.

Even Napoleon Hill said it when he said that "Every adversity, every mishap, every bad circumstance carries within it the seed of an equivalent of greater benefit (not the flower of full blown success, but the seed from which it may be said to germinate" (I'm paraphrasing, but thats the gist)

IT's true.

It applies to EVERYTHING.

Joe Biden, for instance.

I really dont think he's the right choice for President and to me, he's just a stop gap measure till 2024 - if he makes it that long without "losing it all" (God help us if Kamala Harris becomes Prez tho!)

(now there's an even more unsuitable candidate)

To me, Trump is the REAL President.

But anyway, even "Hiden" Biden did a damn good job when he approved the $2 trillion or whatever infrastructure plan - urgently needed in my opinion. I dont know if that was more him or the Senate that got it pushed thru - but either way - thats one of the few good things I remember him doing until now (at least in my own opinion).

And even yours truly ... the good side is at least with me, what you see is what you GET.

You know where you stand!

And fitness wise, same thing applies.

Sometimes, a "strength overextended can become a weakness" .

This wasn't orignially said about fitness, but it does apply.

Lets say you're damn good at pull-ups, and ignore pushups to the extent that - as happened to me - when you finally get down and do 'em again - your mid back is so sore you can barely lift your arms up to take a shower!

To me, thats one classic example.

Or, if you're a super hill champ - like I was - and again, ignore upper body completely (although yes, upper body gets a lot of work when you climb hills - you still need more!) in favor of hill climbs . ..

Or, if you ignore the WEAK links in the chain - usually grip and neck for most.

Good and bad to everything indeed!

It's our job to minimize the bad, and maximize the good ...

On that note, a great quote at the start of Sly Stallone's "Get Carter"

I dont remember this one at all, so I'll try and get it aas close as I can, but it's there right at the start of the movie.

"Man's only good this side of the grave lies in knowing he's evil!"


Couldn't have said it any better!

Like I said, I cannot remember the exact quote so if anyone can find it - let me know - much appreciated! But thats the gist.

And fitness wise, there it is.

Good and bad to everything - and overemphasizing a strength, my friend, to the exclusion of your weakness - always bad!

Try and avoid that tendency if you do have it.

On that note, I'm out - back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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(And thats why I am mentioning it so often as opposed to in March when I completely forgot about it after the first coupla times)

(I learn from my mistakes. Hehe).

PS # 2- And I'll be most happy to use unnatural words to amp my search rankings or lack thereof. Thank you, anyway!