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Wife beater beers, The article the Bozo would love, and MORE!

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I gotta say this, friend. 

Boozy Bozo thinks he's puilled off the trick of a lifetime, but he hasn't. 

Then again, tricks. Perhaps he has. Ugh. 

Recently, I saw some article from I believe Al Jazeera (interesting how these damn devices have a mind of their own, think, predict, and show you exactly what you were thinking a while ago! THESE DAMN THINGS TRACK YOU!) about how "Carrie Lam" is destroying democracy in Hong Kong, Repression, and more. 

Which is all true. 

Repression Central, I call it. 

SAD TO SEE THIS HAPPENING TO HONG KONG, I'll never stop saying it!

But that aside, the article called her "Beijing's head girl". 

Which of course, Glyn would LOVE to be called that, eh. 


Blowing the hockey field and so forth ... 

Yours truly knows one damn thing. 

Yours truly "abstaining" I should say. Caveman, what have you ... beer drinker "el supremo". 

He wouldn't want head from ole Carrie, especially not the "rabbit" like picture Al Jazeera posted of her if you get my drift, I prefer my bits where they are and not Bobbitted or what not. Hehe. 

I really wouldn't! 

But again, sad what is happening to Hong KOng. 

And it's sad, despite Chinese women for the most part being the most aggressive in terms of feminism, and usually often Nazi feminism, there aren't really that many female leaders in the country. 

Guess why, folks. 

There is reason, and it ain't "male repression" either. China is actually one of the few countries in the world WAY safer for women than anywhere else. Women have all the rights they could possibly ask for and more. 

And yet ... hehe. 

Despite the men there literally salivating like Bozos after the few available women (supply and demand) ... 


Enough said. 

Anyway, BEER!

Some idiot posted an ESL job on WeShat, that I twittered 

"free diet" was supposed to be one of the so called benefits. 

Typical of ESL ... Eh. Dancing monkey galore. 

(watch the Tom Tom's attack me for saying that, heh) ... 

Hell, Bozo loves free. 

for me, my idea is BALANCED diet. 

A beerin each hand, hehe. 

And preferably a Corona, if not, the "Wife Beater" beer I so love!

STELLA  ARTOIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's stupid, the rap that beer got. 

"Because men get violent after drinking it". 


Drunken women aren't violent? Have never been? 

Get real, folks. 

More to the point, you can get drunk off any beer, liqor, or what not ... 


So why just Stella, hehe. 

Not the prison Stellas the Bozos love, heh.

But ... point made, I believe!

anyway, idiots won't get any of the above. 

thats fine. 

And the idiots and Tom Tom's will skip right past, or hemph and haw at the LAST day remaining pre-order for Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness

But the doers, the real men, well, they'll be placing their orders now. 

PLACE that pre-orer now, my friend, before the price goes UP. 

And you'll officially be not just a card carrying member of the "Rahul Mookerjee's Real man Club" - but a PLATINUM card carrying member!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Do this now, friend. Really. Time ticks away with every second. Stop thinking "should I' or would I. Sometimes, ACTION I REQUIRED, and prompt at that!