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Why woke will be the death of us all

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I simply don't get it. I thought the word "retard" covered it all, but apparently not ... 

Check out a couple of instances . . . 

Yeonmi Park says she was robbed by three women, bystanders stopped her from calling police (

If you don't want to click, and really, it's utter garbage - last year, during the BLM madness in Chicago or what not, a North Korean woman was robbed by three black women. 

Incredibly, though bystanders saw the incident - they didnt want her to call the cops!

And even more incredibly - 

The three black women were whining about the following. 

"Im not a thief just because of the color of my skin". 


I mean, these women rob another lady (so much for Nazi feminists loving their own????) - and then are SEEING robbing - and claim they're not robbers and thieves - but astoundingly, they have the "cojones" to turn around and say "the robbed is the problem, not them!" 


Fuck that. 

I'd call them robbers to their fucking face regardless of color!

OK, the cops eventually did get 'em. Credit to the OUTSTANDING men in blue that are hardly ever allowed to do their job right!

But still, it's unbelievable that the public - bystanders, even would do that?? 

Even in China, that would never ever happen, friend! The bystanders if anything would take the thief and either pound him, or hand him in to the cops. 

I mean, pathetic really, this woke culture when the entitled and THIEVES themselves are Tom Tommed as "moral and righteous" and all of the rest of us are the problem! 

That reminds of a certain Bozo Schofield who is of course the very definition of woke except he's such a lunatic that even the woke run away from him. 

But his entitled and all untrue rants, his blatant racist behavior and then turning around and Im saying "I'm not racist! I'm not a thief!" despite all the proof to the contrary and claiming he's not abusive despite all the proof to the contrary - THIS - my friend - is what the Woke culture is doing everywhere!


(then you had an older Karen in the link above point to the Korean chick and claim "thats the problem we have with racism". 

Again, wtf. 

True, East Asians are amongst the most racist in the world, even to their kind, but in this case - case by case! The girl did nothing wrong!) 

And a store owner did ... 

'You are not a chick': Video shows argument between trans councilwoman and store owner over anti-transgender sign (

Apparently a store owner in Washington had a sign saying "if you're a dick, you're not a chick". 

He's right. 

You ain't! 

Ladyboy or third gender perhaps. 


Even on the other site, where I write about sex, erotica, fetish and everything so hot that it makes "studs and ladies alike blush" (I was recently told that by a 6'3" muscle monster) ... I write about MEN And WOMEN.

Not "in between's" or other nonsense. 

I mean, perhaps that plays into the mental side of the games etc a little, but by and large, all about MEN and women even at it's most "blase and debase" as I put it there (for a few books). 

I'm 78 fucking years old, dude said. 

I went to Vietnam to fight for this shit. 

I'm supposed to care about some asshole's feelings? 

Absolutely not! I've got FREEDOM OF SPEECH!



The way to win, friend, against this lot - is fight - and KEEP FIGHTING. 

Not necessarily upfront either, as in the book on Nazi feminists ... but when you CAN fight upfront, DO SO! 

President Trump is doing it. Those of us with any balls and REAL MEN are doing it! And so should you, friend, if you see this sort of lunacy around YOU. 

I mean, when you have idiots impersonating you and asking you (or your colleagues, or what not) for your views on the Chinese government and such ... 

Gorilla Girl Sophia recently asked me that. 

I thought about it - was she being "paid to do so". 

Somehow, I doubt it ... Hehe. But one never knows! 

It's actually true that a lot of Bozos from China's low level spam factories have been impersonating people and writing to their colleagues etc, asking them for their views on China and what not ... Anyway, more on that later. Boozy Bozo would probably tell you about that too, except even his spam factory kicked him out "too much trouble" was what they said. 

I feel ya, folks. LOL. 

A great customer from the UK said it best when he said the following when it comes to views on the wokey lunatics above. 

"When you estabilish Deli as a seperate country, you could make whatever law you wanted for the Nazi feminists, SJW's, faggots and other Bozos out there - throw 'em in jail forever - or bullet to the head if you wanted to!" 

(He was being facetious to make a point, but he was right on this one "if there is anyone that could do it, it would be you!") 

And he was spot the hell on in terms of the POINT he was making i.e. REAL MEN are needed NOW more than anything else!

Not that I would - hehe - as I mentioned here. I dont even like LIVING there!

(not because of the city per se, but certain things just aren't available - other parts of the country are far better, far more liveable. Much like I wouldn't really want to live in Beijing or most parts of Guangzhou in China - Shenzhen, perhaps - but I'd rather a so called tier 2 City with a far better lifestyle and a more relaxed pace, the outdoors etc!) 

But really, folks. 



For what is normal and right. 

And keep doing real man workouts. 

And if there are THREE books I can tell you to get NOW, friend are these (in the real man regard). 

Pushup Central. 

Animal Kingdom Workouts (truly, this one will really bring out the BEST BEAST in you). 

Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness. 

And on the last note ... 

I said I'd pull the pre-order by today. I was going to, but after getting this. 

"Money's a bit tight, can you hang on a bit for this please! thanks mate!" 

This from a great "potential" customer in - I believe - Ireland!

I dont know if we've got any Irish on board here? 

Probably people with Irish blood etc, but Ireland proper, not sure!



Their cricket team did a fine, fine job of whomping the Poms in the World Cup in India "wayyy back in the day", hehe. I still remember Kevin O Brien whacking them out of the ground!

Plus, Irish beer, can't say enough good things about that either. Hehe. 

So - - OK, we'll extend it by a few days. 

But get your thang on, time's a ticking, folks. 

And thats that for now. 

Remember, to encapsulate - 


And do what it takes to win. 

Train hard, train BRUTAL - train real man - and gET the books above if you haven't already!


Rahul Mookerjee