Friday, 14 July 2023 10:16

"But thats all you need!"

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Aaron, a friend of mine that helped me ... well, that was Vincent I believe - move into an apartment - I did not have a vehicle at that point in ... what was it, 1998? Came to my apartment, and I told him it was a studio apartment - small, tiny - but I was happy with it. 

As a struggling college student at that point, though I never viewed myself as struggling, and probably therefore never really did, but thats a different story. 

I mentioned how I "rigged" curtains - so no-one could peer in through the window (you'd be surprised at the number of jackasses that have tried to peer in through the blinds). 

Basically a velvet sheet I had lying around that I taped - with celltape - to the window on top of the A/C - hehe. 

Aaron looked around, and nodded approvingly - while I was a bit ... not embarassed, but trying to explain things, and he made this comment. 

"But thats all you need!" 

And true, in relation to my goals right then and there which was to have a space I could cook all the food I liked (not just in the microwave - hehe) and drink all the damn beer I wanted - it was what I needed. 

That goal hasn't changed until today. 

Now, I still remember Maria a girl I know until today telling me how "your apartment looks like a 5 star hotel" in 2004 I believe (in China). 

To her it probably did. 

But, it served much of the same purpose then (with the hill) that it would today. 

Hey, I'm a simple guy at heart, and to all these people that keep asking why I dont have a fancy office setup, refuse to make fancy videos etc (I don't even like videos that much, I finally caved into demand a couple of years back, but I'd rather WRITE) ... 

... Hey, all of that is great. 

Having a Sidney Sheldon like house on a remote deserted island with nothing but the sea to keep you company is fuckin paradise to me.  

Other hand, you have Jeff Bezos who was using used doors for desk well into Amazon's journey of becoming a success, refused to trade in his beat up Honda for something better until 10 or so year after, I believe 20 - he founded Amazon ... 

It's about priorities. 

Its about me spending money on what I want. 

Indulgences make you feel good, too many of them make you WEAK. 

If you're already sitting in the lap of luxury, why would you aim for more, to keep making yourself better? 

That ain't me saying those with non spartan surroundings are idiots, or it's a non worthy goal. 

None of that. 

But for me, this is what works, and I've been on all ends of the spectrum, and will continue to be as long as I exist. 

I dont need nothing fancy to help yall, my friend. 

My mind is more than enough. 

And thats truly, as Steve Austin would say - the bottom line. 

And no there ain't nothing wrong with wanting more and getting more as I have either... 

OK, enough spanners in the works. 

But to a lot of you asking about the office setup from the bedroom, thats why (main reasons). 

More later, I'm sure. 


Rahul Mookerjee

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