Thursday, 27 July 2023 12:47

Always a reason,my friend. Always a reason, and usually a damn good one at that!

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There is always a reason for everything once you get in touch with the FORCE, the Spirit, the Universe. 

And I often step out of the house - to walk - and get more ideas than I already have in my already very fertile mind. 

I get them all the time. These walks, by the way. have got nothing at all to do with fitness - except when I get an idea like I did today - that has to be done NOW. 

I mean NOW. 


The way I was dwadling, although I Did not waste my time - I was doing isometrics which would kick most folk's ass from here to Timbuktu and then some - but once I got that idea, man! 

I literally HARED to the park I hadn't been to for ages, like 5 months. Too damn hot, too many damned mosquitoes, but I had to test myself on two things I aint done for a long time - that time frame. 

Dont even ask me why the cat crossed from left to right, why my LEFT calf been twitching before I even worked out today and such. 

Always a reason. 

If you think positive, you'll attract that x 1000 anyway - so there it was, thick bar pull-ups, you ask? 

Felt so damn easy I could do 300 of them instead of the 3 I videod. 

Then monkey bars, which most gym goers and so called fit adults cannot even BEGIN to do right let alone at the advanced level I do 'em at. 

I was amazed at just how EASILY I slipped into them damn positions! 

And it's all on youtube, I'm not even going to link 'em here. 

I ran out of data, or I'd live stream yet again. Mental note, get the unlimited I had before, I canceled that because I rarely step out, so I have 4GB per day now, thought that would be more than enough, it aint either on 5g plus connections. Hehe. 


Other updates? 

Selfie stick long delayed, soon to come, not so I can show you my pretty little face, but so I can FILM myself working out better, angles and such. 

And that, my friend is that. 


Always a reason for it ALL. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - INcluding why I did not post on this site for like freaking forever. 

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