Sunday, 24 October 2021 15:11

A "belchworthy" review for Shoulders like BOULDERS!

Saw the following gem of a so called review by a (you got it, Price shopper) on no less than Amazon - 

(for Shoulders like BOULDERS!

(it was absolutely hilarious, and I'll address it soon, but first, here is the rant) - 

His name "Amazon Customer" - which given he never BOUGHT the book to begin with (I believe he looked at the picture on the front cover, and got pissed off, and perhaps the free preview).  .  . seems suspicious. Bozo, anyone. Hehe. 

Here is the review: 

This is asinine. Everything this "author" has belched into this book can be learned for free on the internet. Research Logan Christopher, Paul Wade, and Beast Skills. Do not, under any circumstances, pay this charlatan $80 for information that can be found at no cost on YouTube.

This guy sounds suspiciously like one of the Bozo's friends, I must say!

And obviously, the last line - as it is with these idiotic price shoppers - ever notice ALL The price shoppers "end" their silly rants with price? 

Shoulders like BOULDERS! attracts a ton of these wackjobs and morons. 

Anyway, the "learn for free" part. 

First, if it could be learned for free, well, I'm sure the guy could learn it for free, except he was too lazy to put it together himself, and someone else did (though it certainly ain't free info - nigh NO-ONE teaches the handstand pushup the way I do in the book - not even the people he mentions) ... and he got pissed off about it. 

Second, the price ... yawn. We've covered that enough times. 

Third, Joo Tube, well, by all means, if this guy wants to learn from there - obviously it wasn't working for him? 

Really, and I've grown sick of saying this, whether or not you can find the info for free elsewhere hardly matters, does it? 

What matters is that someone has put it together into book format for you ... someone has put together a FAQ on the exercise for you (which this jackass never mentioned), someone has put together years of experience, and "read between the lines" in a book like this ... 

Again, I suspect it's the picture on the front cover that ticked him off. Hehe. 

So be it. 

It wil remain as is, where IS!

But really - "charlatan" ? 

This guy never mentioned, of course, what I keep asking such people - how many handstand pushups he can do, or IF he can even do one. 

Clearly he hasn't read Battletank shoulders, which is basically Volume #2 in this series - - those workouts would put many a grown man - used to physcial training - to SHAME - and clearly he hasn't gotten the memo about doing > 100 handstand pushups daily (yours truly). 

But I get it, I'm a charlatan. 

Climbing hills more than six times a day, doing the above workouts - doing Advanced Hill Training - going for long swims - all sounds like stuff a charlatan would do. 


Glyn Bozo and his pals may fit the charlatan category - or scammer

Yours truly - if there ever was ONE person that is the exact opposite of that category - it is me - and enough said on that one already. 

Now, last, but not least Paul Wade - i.e. Convict Conditioning? 

I've read the book, I've no idea if he's actually a convct - I liked the book by Charlie Bronson much better - but Wade's put together a decent book, but I felt he spends WAY too much time and "pages" on the simplest of things. 

I dont know, that - along with the "lights out!" and other theatrics aren't present in my books (dont get me wrong, I'm sure there is a reason Convict Conditioning has those) - and they never will be. 

I would rather go barebones and do it my way - and give it to you my way because that is what WORKS. 

I haven't seen Paul Wade teach anything spectacular in the book either - any of you have? If so, let me know!

And Chris Logan? 

He's great at handstand pushups, yes. 

Ive read his manual, but again, nothing that struck me as "so out of the ordinary" ... 

Of course, both of THEIR books are priced a lot lower. 

And given this jackass never BOUGHT the book to begin with - well - there it is. 

I suspect it's either Glyn Bozo or Charles, or someone of that ilk (probably not Charles, hehe, but perhaps a friend of the Bozo's, much like the "Keith" guy who popped up briefly in the middle for the same book). 

Ya'll have any thoughts on this, write back, let me know - and NO, the review will not be taken down. At least I hope it isnt even though it's clearly a trolly review. 

Some monuments to idiocy must stand. 

And on that note, I'm out. 

Get this book - truly one of the best out there for building SHOULDERS - like the proverbial BOULDERS!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - His review subject was "Do not buy this book" along with the one star rating. Geez, about as useful as the rest of his so called review.. hehe.