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I gotta say - I love it!

If just for their childish, desperate retorts ...

And it makes my stay on Pinked-Out all the more worthwhile, especially given all the Nazi feminists and Tom Tom's that seem to be inhabiting the network if you get my drift. It's still one of the first ones I'll be leaving, but not now my friend.

Not now.

One of the first things Glyn Bozo said after being booted back to the United Kingdom from the Phillippines (visa overstay yet again!!! what a fellow!) was post a picture of a first class plane seat (he was in economy obviously, but his bloated ass couldn't fit in the seat -much like THIS person couldn't ) ...

And he posted.

"China. I'll be back! Someday!"

Poor China.

Even they dont want Glyn Bozos there.

He transcened Tom toms and lunacy x 1000 ...

Anyway, one of his posse, some dude named Harald who claims "Israel is an apartheid state" "Hamas are freedom fighters", is ostensibly a "traitor" from a Western country - and he doesnt know the meaning of
acronyms such as "Wrt" and "Tom Tom's" despite being a marketing manager in China (tells you a lot about the general level of the white faces getting hired there, eh. The real qualified bunch left in 2003, with only a smattering of us left behind!) ...

.. And I've been having a lot of fun with him!

He's been calling free media a "parrot" and those that Tom Tom free media (rightly so) "parrots" and then he claims Tom Tom is "a navigation tool before Google" (no doubt he Googled that bit) and why wa sI insulting him.

I gotta say.

The Tom Toms, especially the typical Tom Tom's are nothing if not blooming (not) genuises that make not only Barney Fyfe look like his IQ is OTC but also Glyn himself. Even he's smarter to a degree.

Just dont get him near a washing machine, hehe, or he'll go to town!

Anyway ...

These people are so stupid that any sort of rational discussion doesnt work with them.

And of course the level of Tom Tomming depends upon how desperate they are to curry favor with their Chinese owners/girlfriends/wives/what not, yes, it really IS that bad. Thats how badly some of these idiots have painted themselves into a corner.

I wrote about them, and keep writing about them too ..

But, Bozos and Tom Tom's aside, here are some decidely Non Tom Tomming remarks made on one of the greatest fitness books of yore - and TODAY indeed - Animal Kingdom Workouts.

I keep going back to Rahul's work as I have so much money to burn. Disappointment yet again. His writing style is very poor and the content focuses only upon himself.

Done by the Tom Tom "el supremo" Glyn Schofield, who never bought the book in the first place, hehe.

(the "verified buy" proves it).

And then one of the best guys ever said this -


This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one's own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Glyn Schofield, you're a clown and quite clearly you've never worked out in you pathetic little life, because if you had you'd know what's important in a "training book" which is the training information it supplies not whether it has typographical errors, "I mean come on man training books are about training not writing style".

Warmest Regards

John Walker.

Anyway, what can I say. Hehe.

Both decidedly not "tom tomming reviews", except from different ends, the former review from "el buttsack" if you get my drift and the other from the brain (the real brain).


Which one you read and pick up on - well - up to you!

But really this course is a must have for any serious trainee, so if you ain't got it as yet, do so NOW.

And last, but not least ..

Tom Tom's?

Well, it's not only fun to eff with them but it makes me sales galore, much like buzzing around with the trolls do. Hehe. Im luving in it all!

And thats that from me. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Pinked-Out never fails to give me writing fodder. Hehe.

Anyway, before I jump into this, ever notice one thing guys - and gals?

That marketing, when done in China involves ... almost exclusively GALS?

I'm not sure if that is an East Asian thing, or just China ... but China, whether it be factory workers posing with that highly idiotic "love sign" made with the thumb and forefinger (I mean come on guys, the ROW all knows it means one thing ---- MONEY!!!!!!! Which is of course what the lovely gals WANT, more so than any others on the planet, therefore all the books I've written ont hat too, but anyway, this is not about that ...) - or girls promoting household products or what not -or girls putting black guys into the laundry and out pops a Bozo like "shemale Korean dude or something (I say something because a lot of those guys - just UGH!) ... is ALL about so called promoting and "using their girls".

Of course, if you look at Party Leadership, its all men.

Carrie Lam was the solitary sorry ass figure during 2019's "60 year of Communist Rule" madness.

Their military parade didnt involve men - it involved ... women - in mini skirts!

I mean, China Tom Tommer or not, COME ON!

Apparently the ROW missed this. Some of us didnt!

But really, fighting wars in miniskirts - thats a new one!

Maybe in bed, hehe.

Maybe that was the point.

Maybe that IS the point, one of the huge points about China and why Bozos flock there by the dozens to get laid (these guys are usually the sorts like Schofield who even Paid Hookers would run away from at first sight).

The "we're Gods in China" nutjobs living off their Chinese wives and girlfriend and unable to do a damn thing without them.

(in some cases that involves wiping their own asses).


(and the asses part is true).

(Schofield .. LOL. Believe it or not, he once did the dirty in a classroom in China - I know, I know. Thats a stretch too far even for Glyn you'd say. Well, it's not. There's proof there!)

Anyway ...

Red tourism.

It's hilarious.

I just saw an article on it in She - En - En ...

And while y'all can read the article, it prompted a huge yawn for me - basically its about trying to monetize the rampant jingoism going on in China for years, and especially since 2018. Nothing more than that.

What caught my attention was of course, the gals.

With "fists" made if you get my grip. LOL.

Drift, hehe.

But Gorilla Grip wasn't what they were referring to. LOL again.

The Bozos will make the connection instantly.

Jerk, boy, jerk!

And it's precisely this sort of moron that "red tourism" panders to -people (even expats) too brainwashed to see beyond the bloody obvious and of course, I feel sorry for kids in China that go through all this - 8 hours plus - in schools daily and it's only increased.

Sure, not ALL of them end up brainwashed, but many do.


Anyway, again, if you dont believe the giddy limits the PRC is taking it's jingoism to?

Well, Google away my friend. It's all there.

Except, and that brings me to my next point.

Googling isn't the magic end all and be all it's touted to be.

Soemtimes, solid experience is what is needed.

Not jerking off in Mama's Bedroom while watching ass porno on Google or what not.

(and thinking your Vee - Pee - Enn protects you - guess what - to us IT goo rooss - it doesnt. Schofield for one will find that out in a few months).

So if you want to say "Hindu pushups! PFF! Why should I buy the System! I can Goggle it! (I mis spelt that one on purpose) It's been around for years!"

Well, by all means do so.

But remember the vast majority of so called experts out there are promoting rubbish that doesnt work in order to generate the mighty BUCK.

I won't do that - ever.

I could care less about the buck - I mean, I DO care - but the first thing is YOU.

If something don't work, I won't promote it - ditto for the easy sheeze workouts being pandered around these days.

Fuck that.

Charles Mitchell was right when he asked me never to become a pussy trainer just so I could make more money!

Really - Eff that.

I mean, this panic-demic for one.

You've got idiotst hat have taken the panix-ine - not tested obviously - with Google at thier fingertips to tell 'em all about it and the side effects and the harm - both MENTALLY and physically (mentally is more important) ... - they take it, they get side effects themselves, they "re-get" the Plague from China themselves ... and they still Tom Tom panixines!

Even when doctors with double doses are dying in scores around 'em.

Its just inexplicable, but thats what panic conditioning - and FEAR once instilled into your mind will do to YOU, my friend.

But anyway, not all things can be Googled.

If you want to, be my guest.

But you're missing out!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And please, please - those looking to do business in China - stay away from the idiotic Tom Tom sorts mentioned above. If you want to really talk to someone about it (though really, these days you dont need intermediaries for the most part in china IF you know what you are doing) - then talk to ME - someone thats been there, lives there, done that, and so forth!

PS #2 - Oh, almost forgot. Fast and Furious Fitness - Collector's Edition. The clock BE running out on this one!

Sunday, 23 May 2021 09:12

The Egg Pakoras in the great city of Khajjiar!

Written by

I've written a LOT about that "city" - well, it's actually a tiny little hamlet in India. Hehe. That I've been to in 2011 I believe and then in 2016.

I'd love to go there someday!

The 2011 trip was awesome - did a drive - the longest I had ever done, and in INdian conditions back in those days and even now, driving non stop for 14 hours was something. I could barely move after I was done (remember, tiny economy car, no power steering etc) - and I was cramped, and ... well, if you've seen a certain picture of me with my right arm raised in VICTORY - on the hill (in India - different location though) ... well, thats what I did after the drive.

Good thing I had plenty of food and a bottle (Two) of whiskey and a wife that wasn't quite as you know what back then as she is now, hehe. She was drinking too!

And the scenery was just damned beautiful!

If you like "hill stations" as the British called it, then you need to visit India - someday - after the plague!

Believe me, India - the India most people know is dirty, and a pain in the ass, but visit the hills, and you'll be AWED and swept away.

Lots of people, Indians included miss the sheer beauty of the Himalayas.

Paradoxically, although India ain't quite high on the list of places I'd love to or even like to live to say the least, the Himalays are #1, and not because I can stand on one leg there, make my own "solan" beer from spring water, hehe - and meditate for the rest of my life without a care in the whole wide world!

Nothing but fresh air, beer, cold water and solitude!


Well, huning and gathering!

I'd love it.

Anyway ... I'd miss you guys! And my Wifi, hehe.

I'm sure I could hook up a computer, write my books on one leg, and to you as well, hehe.

Anyway, jokes aside.

The first time - I have written a travelogue on that which I'll be sharing on this or the other site soon enough (those that want it, let me know and we'll figure something out).

I've got plenty of other travelogoues all in India I want to write about, but China as well!

China's a great country to travel in too. And possibly less of a hassle in many ways, and my adventures there - well, let's just say I ain't even gotten started.

Anyway ...

So it was 11 AM in the morning (first trip).

(Happier times as a customer famously once said after reading Fast and Furious Fitness!).

I was sitting there with a "Godfather" can of beer (large, red in color).

I was FAT as PHOCK!

And I was eating fried egg and some "batter" on it - fried egg batter and onions and dip and it was damned good, so damned good!

I dont know if it made it to Dish Delicious. But it should well have!

And my stomach was expanding with every burp it seemed, hehe.

Those were my fat days (well, some of them).

But it was one of those trips which was truly happy, and unlike the other Bozos that show up there in their cars and don't budge from their luxury hotels during the trip - I mean really, guys, get REAL! Why would you travel to such a scenic place - then sit and do "F all"????? - yours truly can't remember much time in the hotel at all except at night.

Pun intended.

... under the starry skies, with nary a peep to be heard, the hyenas that howled at 3 in the morning, the dogs that kept 'em away, and the PG Wodehouse like environment, all so nice it could be "Aunt Bertha's" or "Aunt Agatha's - or the jovial Aunt Dahlia's country home in Ole Blighty.

I miss the place!

Anyway, great trip it was.

And thats the "balloon Rahul" memory for the day, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I did prick the balloon, and how! Find out more HERE.

(I was too heavy to float tho, hehe)

PPS - My lovely wife once posted it on Freakbook, I believe -social media or something, and I got the comment of "enough already!" from another girl who was oddly enough phat as phock herself, hehe. Oh well.

The wife wasn't though. (not then at least). Like David and Goliath almost, LOL.

Wednesday, 19 May 2021 03:58

The more you do it, the easier it gets . . .

Written by

This, of course, could be applied to anything.


Life, success, business, relationships, the "sack" (not the sort you know who in Brum likes) and anything really.

I received a newsletter from another company this morning which was saying basically "just do it".

Glad to see more people getting on the bandwagon!

They were basically saying "it's far better to test and iterate than try and get all your ducks in a row first. The more you do it, the easier it becomes to hit send!"

(They're a newsletter company).

(I dont use them - but there's a special Twitter offer I have for my subscribers there and THAT offer utilizes this company. It's a $49/month offer bascially for TWO great newsletters a month, and given one of them in paperback format costs over $50 the last I checked, well, it's a great deal for those that do sign up!).

Speaking of which, remember - the monthly newsletters once I start going "in earnest" will be posted here.

They can be bought as regular products, but remember, all free for the Ship members who are already getting a "version" of it every month.

But for the Twitter guys, I plan on ramping things up depending upon demand, so if you're interested, sign up now!

First issue starts June 1 if everything goes well.

But anyway, they're right about one thing - persistence.

Persistence truly is the mother lode of success.

That above quote is MINE - a Rahul Mookerjee quote.

And if you're serious about success at fitness, or life, or anything, you'll want to print out and keep it where you can see it all the time.

Along with this one -

Persistence is to a man's character what carbon is to STEEL.

So true - that was the great Napoleon Hill. Truly a visionary years ahead of his time . . .

Anyway . . . back to the "now".

I have never ever been one to sit around and wait for condtions to be just right and/or ideal or what not.

IF I want to do something, I want it do it - NOW.

I dont procrastinate.

I just get down to it - and just do it!

Hence all my books, born mostly on the spur of the moment.

I dont wait for the right conditions for anything, because life is short, my friend.

The conditions will "never be right" if you keep waiting for them to be so, other hand  if you DO - and keep doing - you'll notice yourself "moulding" said conditions yourself and making life dance to YOUR tune as opposed to the other way around.

And the more you do it, the better you get at it!

And the more natural it becomes.

Writing. Pushups. Pull-ups. Squats. Running Hills. All of it!

Even "the sack" for those of you inclined in that regard, hehe.

Point made, I believe . . .

And the last one I want to make is this, that a lot of you have been waiting for the "right time" to get (for whatever reason, this particular book) - Animal Kingdom Workouts.

The time, my friend, will never be just right - if you want it - get it NOW.

If you have questions, I'm right here to answer 'em too.

And I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Now IS the right time to snap up the last couple of copies of Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition from when I first stated in 2010 (right here on THIS SITE!) ... (the site hasn't changed much at all has it!) ... because once gone, guess what - they're gone - so those interested - get your roll on NOW.

PS #2 - There is some wierd incompatiblity "code" issue with sign ups on the other site. Should be fixed soon, in the interim, contact me if you want IN on the daily fitness tips from there - currently no pop up is showing there in that regard.

Monday, 17 May 2021 09:35

Just why have people become such LAZY phocks?

Written by

If you've seen the last email I sent out from this site (posted under Blog) - you know what I'm talking about.

I swear, I'll tell you one damn thing.

If I wanted to  I could make a veritable FORTUNE right now.

Not by selling my books or products, although thats a plan in the works.

Not by selling books on the other site.

Not by writing.

Not by calling the Bozo out.

Not by tom tomming.

But by selling "get slim quick without exercise" potions and slimming pills and a bunch of rot.

I mean really, just how lazy and desperate can folks get??

And this is in the midset of lockdowns or gradual reopenings - in both cases, most people have "F all" to do (and while you might be busy otherwise, thats not an excuse to skimp on taking care of health).

It's a mindset thing too.

People don't do what sets them FREE.

And thus, its always staying frustrated, complaining etc - and never actualy either working out or DOING something to improve their situation.

I know a lady right now putting on more and more weight than ever.

She's done everything the Chinese do.

OR Japanese, and Korean, and what not.

Or Indians for that matter.

Traditional Asian food.

Starving herself.

Drinking warm water and nothing else during the day.

Milk coffee when she feels hungry.

Some sort of wierd "legs" up stretch which to be honest is a "modified" yoga move, but the original is what counts, not the modified one.

And so forth.

Yet, she and scores of others despite all this hoopla and worrying about the external stuff (see yesterdays email) are getting fatter and more miserable by the day despite what they claim.

Think it's ladies alone?

Think again.

Think several times.

And it ain't just Bozos either.

It's people in GENERAL getting lazier, mushier, and FATTER by the day and complaing and pissing and moaning and whining and groaning and what not.

When the problem could be solved - - how?

By getting their RUMPUS in high gear.

And one of the programs that will not only motivate you to get off your ass and DO (well, one of the many - but this is for lard asses and couch potatoes that haven't budged an inch for years) (the sweat on Bozo's couch - I've seen it - makes an outline, literally as he sits there growing lardier and fatter by the day) is this one - Animal Kingdom Workouts.

So simple that even the laziest of people should - or would be motivated to try it.

Of course, there is one category of folks beyond help.

Beyond all the above.

It's those I mention ont he 0 Excuses Ship page (those I do NOT want either there or buying my products).

It's the grade Z+++ +buffoons that claim "it's too easy " and "its too simple".

For you folks, well, NOTHING I have to offer will help.

Until I sell the supplements I've mentioned above i.e. the lazy man's manna from heaven.

And pigs will fly out my ass before that happens.

And thats that for now.



Rahul Mookerjee

Some people just dont know how well they have it in terms of being molly coddled!

I've written galore about how people are using this panic demic as an excuse for all sorts of thing.

Binge Eating. Drug overuse (and abuse). Alcoholism.

(I even read they've set up a "mobile shooting van" in the UK if you get my drift - not the Government obviously, but some "kind soul" who claims "they'll do it anyway"!)

"So what! We're not living in normal times!"

Drunken and other inappropriate behavor

"Self compassion! I'm practising self compassion!"

Getting FAT as phock - even phatter than before (curiously enough these same pople were hardly fitness fanatics before - it's just now that the panic-demic, or so called anxiety demic has given them MORE of an excuse to do less) - which is PATHETIC.

I will say it again: we are not living in normal times. Therefore, why should we hold ourselves up to normal standards?

Stressing about gaining a little weight only makes it harder for me care for myself. I’m already worried about the pandemic, I already have OCD, I’m already not sleeping that well. I don’t need to add another ingredient to an anxiety-cauldron in danger of boiling over.

A pathetic little Tom Tom wote this, and she kept babbling about how "these are not normal times".

I wonder if this idiot ever heard about the famous Claude Bristol saying that he made popular.

"As we think, so we are!"

And of course, these idiots - the sheeple - are the first to stick their heads in the sand and want lockdowns etc, while denying the fact that maybe, just maybe, all this was spread - why?

To engineer global panic, crash economies, and so forth!

Gaining weight can be worrying, but if you packed on a few pounds over the pandemic, I say don’t stress. You can always lose it later, when you’ll have more freedom, energy, and means to do so.

Why not NOW, lady?

My pants feel tighter, I’m eating more, I’m moving less, and I feel more sluggish. That’s enough information to tell me I’m not as fit as I used to be.

But frankly, I don’t care.

Anytime I read rubbish like this from female versions of Bozo Schofield (this one is al of 4'11 inches tall too apparently - ugh - I can just imagine) I gotta say, I dont know how lucky people have it in some places - or should I say, I dont know if people even realize how lucky they are to have their lights on, government assistance (that a lot of Schofields use for purposes they were never intended for) - 911 to call anytime they feel like "checking themselves into the loony tune bin" - and so forth?

This chick claims "it's not an emergency" so she doestn need to be fit, and it's fine to turn into a lardass because "she's so stressed out and anxious".

She never did say WHAT she's anxious about and why.

Of course, being she's "living in a climate controlled comfortable environment" as she says, gorging and stuffing her gourd daily, and seemingly has nary a worry in the world, why WOULD she be anxious? 

Bored, yes. Excuse maker and whiny, yes. But anxious? Hell no! At least I can't find one single reason for her to be anxious , and if I get it right she's from .... Canada, which while it might have some restrictions etc, in the overall scheme of things is hardly the "anxiety ridden" mess she claims she is. 

I wonder what people like this would do, for instance, if they were suddenly stuck in a life or death situation like in India.

Or China in some regards.

Or, Israel right about now ...

The fact is, my friend, its MORE important than ever to be super fit - NOW - using methods you can use on the road with you!

When that gym is closed, or blown apart, whichever it is, you got one thing left.

The one thing that people hav ebeen using for centuries to turn into fitness phenoms.


And a MIND.

The latter controls the former, and if you let the latter run riot by thinking what you shouldn't, you're a fool. Simple.

As an aside, of course, panic is hardly "new".

I remember back in 2001 when 9/11 occured, classes etc were cancled (which I understand - completely understand) . . . but what I did not understand was the long ass lines for gas forming up "because we might have to attack Saudi Arabia".

And, of course, my girlfriend at the time.

I was getting a few beers.

"I'm going to get drunk today" announced my girlfriend suddenly.

"Didnt you have something to do", I asked her (she did - she had plans).

"I dont care! I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stressed!"

And get drunk she did, which  given she was a looker wasn;t a bad thing ... (for me).

But, it does sum up the panic / excuse mentality that a lot of people have PERFECTLY.

Nigh perfectly.

Avoid, my friend.



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, you can never ever go wrong with great bodyweight exercise programs. Start right HERE.

PS #2 - Whats that? I hear you say "I dont care"?

Well, my friend, what if YOU had to run a mile at top speed NOW to save your life?

What if you had to FIGHT your way out of a situation where noone was there to do it for you?

What if you had to be self reliant and grow - and fetch your own FOOD?

You dont think physical fitness comes into any of that?

But wait, who am I talking to.

If whoever is reading this is part of the "excuses" club, they'll never get it.

The doers  DO though - and more kudos to THEM!

I guess this one might come across as a bit strange, but bear with me ...

As of late, especially on Pinked-In-Out, a social shedia network I'm about to leave pretty soon I think (much like I left Freakbook, and never returned), I've been seeing scores of people post news.

Some post news, and then their comments on it either way which is fine.

Either they support it, or they don't or they're in the middle. All good!

But an increasing number of people - specifically bozo expats from China it would seem are posting China news - sometimes "sort of critical" of China, but you'll notice its like a robot posting.

They post the news as if it's a computer spitting it out.

And they never post THEIR views on it.

And those that discuss, it seems they're just "watching from afar" with the "oh, I'm just putting it out there" excuse wihch is spiel so full of doo doo it STINKS to high hell and beyond, because these same people wouldn't miss an opportunity to openly Tom Tom if they got the chance (and they often do).

Hell, even the Tom Tom's at least have one side they took.

But these folks ... I get a feeling of they want to call China, or whoever out.

But they just dont have the balls or fortitude to do so.

I mean, else, why post the way they are?

Beats the very purpose of a discussion.

Even She N N and Fox-x-y news don't just "tell you the news".

There is always some sort of "discussion" on it?

An interview, a discussion, something ...

These folks are just too SCARED to say anything it seems.

Then on another note, I was seeing a post about how social she-dia these days is taking posts such as mine (with plenty of cuss words etc in it) and "filtering" so that the bare minimum of people see it, and the Tom Tomming posts get pushed up to the top, or idiotic diatribes about how "freelancers making money spend it on their annoying pooches" (I mean, a dog's a dog, but some of those damn things the Chinese and certain girls like - they resemble pink rats more than anything else with bows tied around their neck yapping all damn day long).

Give me a German Shepherd ANY DAY of the week - a REAL DOG!

And my favorite by far.

Anyway ....

Yours truly remains the same, I'm never ever scared to post my thoughts or views on anything anywhere, and if I had restrictions of that nature - I simply wouldn't post or talk about it as opposed to "talk but have no opinion" as I find that pointless.

Plenty of controversy everywhere I go. Hehe.

And I make plenty of great claims too - all can be proven!

For instance, in Advanced Hill Training I tell you that you'll probably lose X amount of kgs per workout .. or something like it.

Animal Kingdom Workouts (#2 in that series by most regards) makes a claim of "turning into a super human with the exercises and courses therein" - and again, if you do what is told - you'll turn into as close to a super human as you can get.

Some of it causes plenty of angst amongst the nutjobs that don't "do" (the claims etc).

So be it!

Never one to back down I've been, and never will be.

Anyway, we're receiving plenty of interest for the last remaining copy of Fast and Furious Fitness - Collector's Edition, so if you want in, jump now.

No, NO plans for a reprint for this one down the line!!


Rahul Mookerjee

This just follows on from the Trump marketing thingy I told you about in the last email, except in a different way.

Trump, my friend, is controversy himself you might argue.

The point is this though - people are IDIOTS in general.

Pinked-Out had a post about Trump helping the Vets, visiting injured folks in hospital, and so forth, and along with that that the caption "Does this look like a man who would disresprect our troops?"

I Couldn't agree more!

And I posted the following.

Trump is the ONLY President that did something for the cops and Vets - and miliary in general. Respect!!

That, of course was enough to bring the liberals out (point hit home).

This is business channel ... please stay away with your political opinions especially if they are that controversial

Um ....


Can someone point out what was controversial in any way about what I said?

Another person asked him that to (on Pinked-Out), so we will see what/if he responds with.

But really, this Bozo posted pictures of Trump in hospital himself, and when someone responds with what the meme says that HE posted, he gripes.


Anyway, whats the world coming to my friend.

Isn't helping the vets and miltary supposed to be apolitical?

BIden, Hiden that claims he's "far better than Trump in every regard" - just what did HE do for the troops?

Big fat zilcho.

I wonder if these buffoons actually talk to the troops and find out who they support?

I wonder if they know how many Trump ballots - military ballots - were found in the trash pre -election?

Then they bitch about "no the election wasn't stolen".

My ass.

A hairy one at that.

The Marines, especially - where Trump support is still solid.

There is a reason they aren't buying into this whole panixation panic, and I dont blame 'em!

Anyway ...

Controversy, right down to the Bozo has always been my middle name too, along with brually honest.

My most controversial book though is right here - Isometric and Flexiblity Training.

Just a must get!

And it works.

Perhaps thats why it's so controversial.

And maybe yours truly, Trump, and a few others on this list - we're all "brothers from a different mother", hehe, if you get my drift.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

P S-  More TRUE and insanely controversial claims made HERE.

I DARE you to prove 'em wrong!

You won't be able to!


At the outset, yeah.

Yours truly "El Cowboy" is often called that, hehe.

Along with "Hombre" too!

All par for the course.  I could care less, except if it comes from the Bozo, and it did.

On that note, Bozo disregarded my last warning to him.

He's truly choosing the hard way over the easy way.

Steve Austin was the best, on that note.

"Vince, we can do this the easy way - or the HARD WAY!"

So be it, Bozo Glyn from "Rumpus Ville".

It might not happen today, it won't happen tomorrow, and I doubt it'll be six months either.

But you'll know when it does - much like you NEVER thought your racist trolling was gonna come back to BITE you in the (chuckles) rumpus, and it did, this will too.

Except, I won't just grind you into the dust though - I'll make you wish, most likely metamorphically, but who knows - I'm skilled in many areas - that you were never born, and that ugly face never "made it's way into the world".

It' belongs right there in the sewer with the Big Booty Blowhards you're referring to, Bozo.

Right there with the 300 ton TURD in the Birmingham sewer.

Glyn, for that dont know is one of those guys thats that ugly (I've let it be until now, but his racist comment spurred me to say what he said about me, hehe - yeah - this Bozo actually projected his ugliness complex on me, lol) that (and remember, Bozo didnt say this - he stopped at ugly) that if a newborn was coming into this world head first, if he saw the Bozos' leering like paedophile lard butt face near him?

Poor kid would scoot back into the safety of the womb.

Honest, thats how scary he is.

But he doesnt scare me.

And as of now, it's OK - Bozo made his choice, and so have I.

Anyway, on other notes ...

Big guys?

I mean, dude, here's the fact. I'v ebeen picked upon by nothing but "Big Bozos" my entire life - and its rare that I even ever fought anyone my size.

My size or less, I'll just NOT be motivated and lose the fight.

I might lose with a guy twice my size and better skills than me, but guess what, Bozo Blow - The King of all Trolls, I should say - basement dweller cretin "El Supremo" - I WILL be motivated in that case.

Oh, yes, I will!

To me, it's no big deal and therefore credit to fight someone I could either easily beat - or an equal, even.

To me though, if I can fell Goliath, and I have all my life - THAT TO ME IS SOMETHING!

Therein lies the lesson for YOU, the dear reader.

If you gotta fight, stand up for the WEAK.

Fight the damn bullies EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!

As I told my little girl - never give up - never, ever!

You may lose the battle, but you pick yourself up no matter what - and you find a way to WIN!

When I Tom tom my gripping strength, it's because I've measured it against the best of the best.

When I tom tom my handstand pushup abilities, it's because less than 1% of the population can even get into a handstand, and less than 0.1% can DO it.

So said a customer, not me!

When I ...but you get my drift.

It's about BETTERING those better than you, my friend.

Thats how true greatness is accomplished.

But yes, sometimes we gotta get our hands dirty, and at some point with Blowfield, that is precisely, much like last year, what is going to happen.

I'm sure he hasn't forgotten it.

Neither have I forgotten any of what you did, Glyn.

I let it go for years, but no more

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Rolls Royce of Fitness is a must grab for you that is going bonkers "stuck indoors during lockdown". Trust me, as a great customer said the other day, workouts done like this are a great way to blow off steam.

"I dont know what I'd do without my workouts. I'd go insane!"


And to my email guys - thank you - you're the BEST! Especially you, Tomek!

Sunday, 02 May 2021 10:51

Why LICKDOWNS are another means of global CONTROL

Written by

One's gotta be a total BOZO to not see it, honestly. An ignorant MORON!

And really, a great customer of mine said this a few weeks back.

"This whole Wu Flu thing was set up to control the populations" (amongst other things).

I agreed with them, but I spoke more about controlling through panic, which i've spoken about so often that post - Apoclyapse (hehe) you'll find me STILL saying it.

Hopefully people in general will listen it.

Right now, Hannibal is indeed leading the very willling sheep to the slaughter.

And as the world's second most, or most, depending upon how you look at it moves closer towards imposing complete lockdown, and has been adopting China like surviellance tactics on social She-dia etc (increasingly, Twitter is banning posts in India much like they banned Trump in the US - posts critical of the government and such) - right down to the latest ie using "students" (medical students" as front line warrior, shades of China's "Great Leap Backwards" in the 1960's and the devastation internally caused by this (no war!) comes to mind.

They won the war with INdia, yes.

but internally - they were destroyed due to their own policies at that time, one of which included getting KIDS - yes - KIDS to berate parents who didnt support their country's restrictive BS.

And it's only gotten worse.

Right now, their censorship is the most sophisticated in the world.

When you think China, you think JAIL.



Well, that still happens, dont get me wrong -Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia etc.

Big time.

But they only put people in jail that they can benefit from - remember, Commies only do things if there is any advantage to them - they do NOTHING WITHOUT REASON!

And right now, my own WeShat messages are being censored - probably personally by someone who doesnt want to.

I can feel it!

It ain't the Bozo reporting me on WeShat either.

They know how the Bozo is. Hell, they deported him, never me.

But I never broke a law. Hehe. He did - many!

But I do say and do certain things that skirt the edge of "censorship" - like this post, and my site is blocked in mainland China, but I could give a rats ass LESS to be honest.

And right now, it's happening.

But right down to the inane control of locking people up at home, scaring people big time, vaccines that were neither tested nor do they effing work 100% - and the fact that India had NARY A CASE before the last year's mad lockdown done on the spurt of the moment (I didnt misspell) - for a REASON! - people still don't get it!

I give up.

All I will say it this, and what Trump has been saying all along, and what I have too.

I truly believe the elections have been stolen.

I always did.

And I truly, truly believe - precautions - NOT PANIC!!

For whoever wants to listen, that is.

And I'm out. '

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No link in this one. Take that for what you may!

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