Life (82)

Many have commented on my very “storied” and indeed COLORFUL life thus far.


And rightly so. I’ve done things most wouldn’t in several lifetimes, and I don’t mean just training wise.

I mean the combo – the medley – the “all in one” package.

(who charges a PACKET and a half too, hehe)

Training wise. Writing wise. And doing what I do with all my other businesses (some of them you’d be hard pressed to believe it’s actually ME doing it, hehe).

And yet, I do.

I continue to do the unexpected, pull Houdinis when I need it (if I do), pull rabbits out of hats, and … do pretty well while doing all of that I’d sa

Other than the mosquitoes that sometimes buzz near me. Ugh.

Like the trolls, kinda of, I swat ‘em away.

But trolls, my friend, are an indicator of your success.

The more you have, and the more they’re “jealous” of that one crab leaving the bucket (believe me, to me, I haven’t left – Ive got so much more I gotta accomplish! SO MUCH!) - the more YOU succeed, bro.

Trust me on this one.

It’s been proven time and time again.

I don’t quite do what Dan Kennedy taught everyone to do .. that being to raise your arms and scream HURRAH! The first time you receive a trollish review.

I DID do it for the Gorilla Grip “price shopper” review in 2017 tho right after I revamped the course with some blazing hot tips and stuff.

And I’ve never looked back since then, because trolls = WINNING for me.

And yours truly has never lost the WAR. I may seem to lose a battle temporarily.

But trust me, I don’t lose the WAR.

And some of what I do, but by NO means the entire shebang has been detailed in “Zero to Hero”.

Saleswise, in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales.

And I Could write second and third volumes for BOTH those books right NOW if I wanted to.

Because trust me, there is so much more.

But anyway, Zero to Hero initially was intended as the story of MY LIFE!

It was intended to have a tagline “From 120-60kgs – from FAILURE to SUCCESS – CONCEIVE – BELIEVE – ACHIEVE!”

For some odd reason, after I put the book on for sale in 2017, I removed it almost as quickly.

I don’t know why.

Within a few days, 0 Excuses Fitness came to LIFE. Everything else did. And of course, the other site was alive and kicking for a LONG, LONG time prior to that … Ten years and counting!

Why didn’t I simply morph all I do into one site?

Well, I thought about it a LOT!

And Bozo Schofield had nothing to do with my thinking, trust me. Hehe.

Neither did the trolling etc.

But I thought about it a lot.

Then I did what I Do best, make an “on the spur of the moment” decision.

Just do it, said my mind after a loong walk on a lovely CALM afternoon in Southern China.

That lovely walk by the pond nearby, "talking to the golden fishes" ... 

I did it!

Anyway, so the story of my life.

It’s sitting on a hard drive SOMEWHERE.

Except with all the crashes, I don’t know WHICH ONE.

I might re-write it someday if there is demand, and actually there is.

But it will be a BEHEMOTH! Trust me on this one.

A 2000 plus page behemoth if anything … sort of like Gregory David Robert’s Shantaram that I so enjoyed reading.

(Curiously enough, his book was torn apart by prison guards not once, twice, but THRICE. Great minds go through similar experiences, hehe). 


That was almost a 1000 pages, and he wrote two more I believe after that.

Lots of folks told me “he had a photographic memory”.

Which I agree with.

But of course in the same breath these people told me yours truly was useless, and I didn’t.


Proof, my friend, is truly IN THE PUDDING NOW!

And Greg – if you’re even in Colaba again, be sure and enjoy some of that Kingfisher beer, and do some boxing, hehe.

Anyway, thats it for now. That book won’t be coming out anytime soon as I’ve got too many projects on my hands I need to get done fitness wise.

But for now, it’s back to relaxing, green tea, and RUMINATING.

The thinking that this man does, and that YOU do can truly CATAPULT you to places and levels you never DREAMED OF, my friend. IN ways you never ever imagined possible.

Too many different things! You wouldn't even believe ... as I said on the other site! 

Trust me, bro.



Rahul Mookerjee aka Mi … ah, but I didn’t reveal all on one of the other sites, so I wont do so NOW HERE. Not the right time, but it’s “Coming”, pun NOT Intended. Hehe.

PS – Pick up our Grip Compilation right here -truly the best and greatest compilation of grip tips out there. Yes, I know. I need to do up Vol #2, but my lazy ass hasn’t gotten around to it as yet, hehe.

PS #2 - Spanish versions for Gorilla Grip and Gorilla Grip (Advanced) available too - contact me, and I'll direct you to the right pages etc! 

PPS - Bozo Blowfield once told me in his trolling to "get a gorilla grip". LOL. 'nuff said! 

Wednesday, 27 January 2021 09:04

The pants that split up the ASS

Written by

I can’t remember the exact name of the book.

But it was a PG Wodehouse special, replete with Jeeves, Wooster and the inimitable Aunt Dahlia, and the rest of the gang. Heh.

(The Inimitable Jeeves, I believe is what it was…)

And we had a certain “shrinking daisy” and lily livered poltroon “Gussie Fink Nottle” who was supposedly an admirer of “newts” (I don’t know how to pronounce that rightly, LOL, so let’s say “flies”??) and little else.

He was trying to also muster up the courage to get “married” to the girl of his choice, and to tell her about it.


Well, I won’t get into the plot here.

But suffice it to say that Bertie Wooster was pulled into “presenting the prizes for “kids annual day” or something” at Market Snodsbury School or something, and that was something he absolutely did NOT want to do i.e. present prizes to gaggling schoolkids!

And he got out of it (smartly, so he said, hehe) by fobbing the job off to “Nottle”. Who didn’t want it, so he (despite his own initial reluctance) got drunk to DO it.

And got drunk in the funniest manner ever.

Wodehouse is one for the ages!

But anyone, before getting drunk, Bertie told him the story of a “headmaster” whose pants once split up the ass as he bent down to pick up a prize or something (it happened in front of the entire audience). 

Or actually, Gussie in his mournful way brought that up I believe while Bertie was trying to “chuff him up”.

“How we laughed!” said Bertie. How could we forget!

Indeed, much like the plague from China, some things and some people and some characters will never be forgotten, Donald Trump being one.

Anyway, the Nottle got drunk, went on stage, and the rest is in the book. So drunk that Aunt Dahlia called him “Bottle” from there on it.

Wodehouse, I repeat, is ONE FOR THE AGES!



And I remember an instance where I was out drinking with my buddy from the Marines, wearing those tight “Straight fit” jeans I so love.

That show you off at your BEST when you’re in shape, and WORST when you’re NOT (if you can get into them at that point, hehe).

Thats always been me, of course. 

When I’m fat, I’m a lard ass. When I’m fit, I’m a virtuoso at it. Never any “in betweens”, hehe – and if the Bozo Trollfield is reading this, it aint THAT in between.

Anyway, I was showing him how to do Hindu squats (my friend, not the Bozo-nator).

And stopped in the nick of time.

We don’t want these pants to split, I laughed.

He laughed back.

“No, you don’t want that!”

Curiously enough, this is the SAME thought that came to mind to me today while doing my SQUAT workout. Hehe. Even though I wouldn’t tear my pants (track pants).

And sadly, this is more reality for most people than TRUE.

Most people are at risk of TEARING their pants if they bend down to pick up a pencil – if they even can

And most people expel flatulence at the SLIGHEST hint of bending anything – knees, back, anything – again – IF They can get past a certain point.

And if there ever was a category of people that “break Chinning bars” without trying to (hey – even those poor things have a limit to the amount of tonnage they can hold – they weren’t meant for ELEPHANTS!) … THEY Are it.


Sad state of affairs.

But hey, I was once in the last category.

All good things happen for a reason tho for us true ACHIEVERS, and it only led me to do MORE pull-ups when I was FAT – on thick bars outside!

I was the exception rather than the rule, sure.

But so should you!

And good news, you don’t HAVE to be an exception if you don’t wanna be.

But, being a wannabe is NOT how you should spend your life. “Being jealous” (as the self projecting Schofield keeps accusing people of being) is NOT how you should spend your life. Looking at others that got good at pull-ups and claiming “they say just do it” when you yourself are FAT, I repeat FAT – and cannot even hang on the bar is NOT the way to go.

LOSE that weight, chump.

Be a CHIMP. Not a CHUMP, I should say! (and I might well send out an email on that too!) 

It’s just that simple.

And don’t tear any more pant asses than you have to (I’m not talking to the Bozo here either. LOL).

He has to tear ‘em apart, or he goes nuts.

And on that sage note, pick up what is possibly my best damn course ever on whipping THY BUTT into the best shape ever pronto – Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Just do it, my friend. Really. Just click over, lift a butt cheek up, pull out a card or something, and then just do it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – You know those rooms you avoid because “they just smell like farts no matter what”? Well, most bedrooms and offices are like that. Ugh. What a sorry state of affairs mi amigo, and even sadder part, it don’t need to be that way. REVERSE the “flow” (LOL) starting NOW.

 I know what y’all gonna think when you get this.

That Mr. Handstand pushup did one too many, hehe. Or drank one too many. Or fell on his head. And is off his rocker finally!

High time eh. LOL.

(No, Sco-Blow, I mean NOT That high time!)

That came out as “rocket” the first time I typed it. Hehe.

But anyway, I’ve falled on my chin while doing handstand pushups so it wouldnt be a first!

But hear me out, please.

When I say insult, what I mean is ...well, NO insult to be frank.

I just sent out an email about … making love of all things on another site.

One of my numerous sites, and obviously NOT a related biz.

But it was not so much about doing the deed, as NOT doing it.

A combo therein.

No, I wasnt talking about sexual transmutation either as Napoleon Hill did in Think and Grow Rich.

Some portion of the email might be considered as graphic by some, mundane to others.

Downright BORING to some (yours truly even tho I wrote it).

But end of the email, the post script included the following. . .

“I wrote this email to weed out the NON-BUYERS, and there BE too many of them on this list. If you’re one of them, please do leave “silently” and I’l lmake sure the door does NOT bang you in the ass on your way out”

I believe I said “hit you”, not “bang”.

I also believe I BOLDED The “NOT”.

It was actually a very polite request.

Velly velly.


The result was spectacular tho …

A list no more than – get this – 61 people.

One is yours truly, so 60.

NO LESS than – I repeat – no less than 35 unsubscribed.

I haven’t checked emails as yet. Probably a ton of hate email in the Inbox, which I welcome. Hehe.

In the same breath almost, that email made me $495, some of which are recurring payments.

The amount itself might not sound large, my friend.

But when you have a list of 60, an 35 bail, it speaks Volumes to the efficacy of two things – one, saying it like it is, and two, catering to the DOERS, not the if’s, but’s, maybe, no money’s, and so forth.

I cater to Mei.

Mei’s. Hehe. (meaning women in Chinese, or little sister).

But NOT “maybe’s”.

I cater to those with a GOAL and purpose in life.


Not idiots with no aim other than to troll. 

And most of the people that quit were either non buyers or Blowfield’s, or Blowfield wannabe’s.

I Say the last because Glyn “Blow everyone in sight” is truly the BEST troller – from the bottom.

Truly the best I should say.

He could give you lessons how to troll, and LOSE money …

Have an account almost always at ZERO. LOL. Or -ve.

As one of his best friends said “always a step away from being homeless”.

Perenially broke. LOL.

Hey, if he could get his head out of asses long enough to actually troll with a brain, he might make something off it …

But anyway, thats the email I wanted to send now, and have.

True story that

happened a while back.

And, why do I bring it up here of all places?

Because fitness wise, it applies brah.

People need to be TOLD like it is.

If someone is FAT and out of SHAPE and cannot hang on to the chinning bar for any length of time, guess what.

They need to hear just THAT.

It might not be an insult. It might be said nicely. But they may take as an insult, but guess what.

IF its true, it needs to be said.

You’ll see I do PLENTY of them in “what is probably my best book till date” (customer words) - - Animal Kingdom Workouts.

But again, like I Said on the page, it NEEDS TO BE SAID.

Not just this.

A lot of the other stuff I said there on the page DESPERATELY needs to be said, because people NEED To hear it.

If it pisses them off, well and good. Not the sort I want anyway.

But those that GET it – the DOERS in life – will JUMP to action, my friend.

If thats YOU on this list, get the book NOW.

(and no, this here email isn’t one designed to drive non-buyers away. Hehe. Some others are, but not this one. And truth be told, NOT every email I write is with that intention in mind, but sometimes, it needs to be done).

And that’s that for now.

The BOZO be a stewing. Hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up some more products HERE.

It’s getting nigh on HILARIOUS.

And though I read about this last year in India, an unusual country to say the least, I never ever thought it would extend to Bali.

A tourist spot of all places.

Apparently lao wais (don’t know what the Indonesian term is, hehe) are being “punished” with 50 pushups for not wearing a mask, and apparently 15 if you wear it incorrectly

Yours truly has never been one for breaking the law, no matter how RETARDED it is. Anywhere in the world!

Wherever I live, I make sure to follow the law or I don’t go there (in terms of these bloody MASK-SHASK regulations).

People in general choose to run scared and wear ‘em.

That is their business, not mine. I don’t. And I don’t go places where masks are MANDATORY.

In China thankfully now they aren’t, but of course, we all know who spread this damn thing. And with the anti foreign devil sentiment even in China, well, tho it’s not mandatory, you’d be surprised at the ruckus people create if you’re NOT wearing a mask.

Anyway ..

From Foreigners Forced to do 50 Push-Ups for not Wearing Masks in Bali - Sentinelassam

Lest you think I’m making it up.


A Video footage circulating on social media shows tourists in T-shirts and shorts being made to do the exercise in sweltering tropical heat as masked security officials stood over them. Meanwhile, more than 70 people paid a fine of 100,000 rupiah ($7), however, about 30 foreigners said that they did not have the cash, hence they were ordered to do push-ups.

Those who were not carrying a mask had to do up to 50 while those who were wearing a mask improperly were punished with 15 push-ups.

Um …

Well, first off.

Sweltering heat.

I wonder if the good Indonesians know of the workouts yours truly accomplished daily in even more sweltering heat, and the SUPER HEALTH it got me into. Hehe.

Five climbs up that hill in weather far more sub tropical than on Bali.

Think rain at any minute. Soaked. And then you’re soaked again the next minute in the HEAT AND humidity.

Kelly was right when she told me “This is real hill climbing!”

So were the other two ladies (I know, yours truly Lothario, hehe) who said “Sir, you’re really killing it – you’re an IRONMAN!) .

But anyway, for the vast majority of people out there.

Indonesian and expats alike?

I’d say it’s a great punishment.

Except they may collapse on rep #1. LOL.

The average pot bellied “man” couldn’t do a pushup to save his life, let alone one PROPERLY.

(Asians aren't immune from this these days either. Gone are the skinny days!) 

Curiously enough some of the foreign devils in that picture look all pumped and toned from the Jim Sim.

Highly doubt they’get past FIVE perfect REGULAR pushups – and five is a good number for Jim Shim maniacs!

Apparently five reps in the Jim Shim means you’re “Strong”.



So yeah, good punishment for most.

But really, for the 0 Excuses Faithful, we’d LAUGH at such stupidity and wouldn’t think TWICE about doing it.

Even with the intrusion on civil liberties and what not.

Which I HATE, but thats how a lot of Asian countries India and China included are.

Back to that ole rant about RIGHTS – and GUN RIGHTS.

When thy personal LIBERTY is threatened, thy got but one option (no, not storming the capital or not following the law, but the law shouldn’t make you do pushups in the first place!)

(Then again, giving the world is turning into Lardass Central, maybe thats a good thing in a way!) 

But if it does?


I’ll crank 50 out all day.

Much like my friend Lilly (a guy) told me …

“If he doesn’t think you can do ‘em, drop down and show ‘em!”

End of story.

And please – stop the panic, folks!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Heard that “Hidin” Biden is going to make masks mandatory in the good ole US of A too if you’re going to federal property, or interstate travel too. Ugh. Never thought he’d be a good leader, and with his 17 HIGHLY retarded actions (reinstating the US back in the Paris accord is another MORONIC action), well, he’s proving me right on DAY ONE.

Anyone else feel this way?

(I know you do. Speak up!).

PS #2 – I don’t plan on going to Bali either, no thank you. They can keep their tourists!

PPS - Goose and Gander, anyone? I didnt see any ladies doing them pushups, hehe. 

(I know, I know. How dare I! They're ladies! But really, folks! THINK. GOOSE AND GANDER!) 


Thursday, 21 January 2021 08:25

Everything in life is a SALE my friend.

Written by

If there is one thing I tell my daughter almost daily, it is this.


And no, I am not saying that because the inimitable Trumpinator said it.

In fact I Didnt even know he said it until 2020!

But I’ve lived my entire life that way – and guess what. WE ALL DO!

You “sell” yourself on a daily basis my friend.

To friends. Co-workers. To your COLLEAGUES – and CUSTOMERS. To your spouse. To your …

(and believe me, all of those relationships take work and selling in some way, shape or form!).

I’m from a family where for the most part sales people are treated as pariahs, and thought of as “easy money”.


As a colleague of mine once rightly said, if that were to be true, why would CEO’s of ALL companies – REAL CEO’S do one thing – SALES?

Dont get me wrong.

Your product is damn important.

If you talk up a big game, but your execution doesn’t back it up, your and you have wasted your time (and I give you examples of this in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, a book which is steadily climbing up both the sales charts and the hater charts, hehe. Both happen together for a reason!)

But really, sales is what DRIVES anything – companies included.

If you don’t sell hard enough in life – fitness – business – whatever … well.

You’ll have skinny kids!

And I don’t mean FIT skinny kids either. Hehe.

On that note, do remember to pick up Kiddie Fitness – with the entire world in lockdown shockdown over this damned Chinese plague, it’s the BEST gift you can give your little one. Trust me. And if you follow along, even better!

But anyway, the other things I tell my daughter (with all the pressure she seems to be getting for those ridiculous and RETARED online classes).

That in life, makin ga DEAL is what counts.


Never stop attackin – anything!

Be physcially FIT – the RIGHT WAY!

Be good – damned good at handstand training. The extra blood flow to the head results in far more than physical benefits!

And so forth.

Along with that, I tell her to be a good COMMUNICATOR (by that I don’t just mean language).

How to NEGOTIATE your way through life.

Yes, how to SELL your way through life!

And many other things (when I can).

And deep down inside, I can feel it.

She’s tuning out the BS already .

End of the day, much like those that hate me, ultimately they all “Follow” me.

And if there is one thing I want my daughter to be?

Not a follower.


If Kamala Harris can do it, my daughter damned well can. If she wants!

But anyway, to lead you have to LEARN first.

And you have to be willing to put in the “time in the trenches”.

And a lot more, and that forms the backbone of all my courses.

My stuff’s not for those that want quick fixes.

You gotta work at it. HARD!

And if you don’t, I don’t want you ANYWHERE NEAR my stuff.

Really. I don’t.

Thats why I have a very long list of people I do NOT want on the 0 Excuses Ship sales page (most have told me not to put it there, butI did, and will. The bigger the sale, the less people I want!)

Anyway, thats the stream of consciousness for now. Be sure and pick up a product or two, oh, and some comic relief before parting.

Here is what Glyn Bozo Hannibal Schofield the one and only XXXXXV had to say about Kiddie Fitness


Awful, terribly written, horrid author (RM - yeah. How dare I. How horrid I BE, LOL)

Having a four year daughter myself I thought I would try this. A friend I first met in Seoul, Korea, a certain Charles R T Bingham the Third recommended this book (turned out he was trolling me). Ineffably bad, it seems to have been written by a small and particularly stupid child. Avoid.

(RM - That “Bingham” is the Charles that helped him more than anyone else. Need any more proof of the Bozo being a SCORPION - - well there it IS!)

(I wonder if I should send this to Charles. Nah. I’ll let it be).

In the meantime tho …

Sometimes, you can’t help but LAUGH – UPROARIOUSLY!

(much like a certain “Thomas from South Africa” ..ah, another story for another time tho).

Bozo Schofield, you’re indeed the best. Keep it up!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The Bozo got immensely worked up about the advanced book on pull-ups as well, hehe. I wont post his review here, but check out the book right HERE. You’ll love it!

And with the China plague showing no signs of going away, it’s interesting – but true – to see more and more people come around to this way of thinking on a daily basis.

Por ejempelo, Madam “Dani” as she calls herself, a lovely translator for one of my “other” books. (not fitness, though those have been and are being translated into various languages as well by other folks).

(All good folks!)

(and I especially love the latest Spanish translation for Pushup Central).

But anyway, here is what she told me when I asked her how the China plague was treating her in Spain (not literally obviously).

Life in here is going good... I mean "the plague" is still here and every day getting worse but people just do not care anymore. Everybody is living their life "carpe diem" 

Ah. Finally!

Finally people realize that life is meant to be lived IN THE FLOW.

The HERE and NOW matters the most!

Ricky, a friend of mine (and I think I brought this up before) once made the followign comment about yours truly “footloose”.

(He’s a college buddy, and knows me very well indeed, perhaps better than MOST).

And he’s a good man at the end of the day, though we don’t agree on EVERYTHING. Good man, biz partner, and ...well, can’t ask for more!

But anyway.

“Tu thehra mast banda! Na aage ka socha, na peeche ka!”

And in English that means “you live in the flow! You don’t particularly give a rip about plans, the future etc …”


I don’t.

Yours truly Lothario and footloose never has. But life also has and always has had a funny way of working out for me when all was said and done and it was needed the most!

Without me even trying most of the time.

My wife often refers to me sarcastically (well, this was back last year – not sure about now – it’s probably a worse name now, hehe) as “Yukit”. 

Apparently tthat means something in Hindi to the effect of “careful planner”.

I gawked like the Bozo with his head up you know where the first time I saw her use the term.

Me??? PLAN???

I’m the last person you’d expect to make formal plans, stick to them, and so forth.

I truly live life kingsize - - and in the FLOW. I do what my MOOD NOW tells me to do – not what a plan drafted up years ago tells me!

But hindsight is 20/20, and that grand plan LIFE makes for us if we LET it – I can sort of understand why my wife would feel it was all carefully planned.

In the subconscious, hehe. Certainly NOT consciously!

Now, does that means I’m against plans, or those that make ‘em and swear by ‘em?

Nah. Not at all.

Napoleon Hill amongst other has stressed the importance of proper plans in terms of achieving success in any endavor. He was right.

But even he acknowledged the importance and sheer NEED for communicating with and being in harmony with Infinite Intelligence when in Outwitting the Devil and all his other courses, he stressed the importance of “going to prayer with a positive mind and letting the plan be decided by those that KNOW more about the overall planning than the person praying”.

Intentions, belief, and FAITH are the most important my friend.

The right plan will appear, if you let it!

As opposed to consciously and well meticulously “logical” plans. If I had to choose between faith and logic, and the results from each?

I’d choose #1 ANYDAY regardless of the path it took me on.

Then of course, Mike Tyson and his famous quote on plans. And he was RIGHT. SPOT ON!

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.

So sage, so crisply said, much like a Tyson blow to the jaw. Hehe.

He’s right.

And workout wise, or life wise, or financially, does this mean you shouldn’t have a plan? Goals? And what not?

NOT at all!

Have ‘em all you like. WANT ‘em. Work upon ‘em! Make plans if you so choosE!

But end of the day, remember one thing.

All we really have is the “here and now”.

Our next breath. What we’re thinking NOW.

We can control NOW. Not the past, or the future. And if there was ever anything more logical than that, I’m yet to hear it.

Workout wise, you got a plan to do a 100 pushups daily.

Right now, you can barely do TEN.


Does this mean you stress over the ultimate goal every time you get down on the floor?

Does this mean you show up with a carefully planned itenary and “all hell breaks loose” if something doesn’t go according to plan?

Or do you show up with a “lets enjoy the workout, give it our all” attitude while bearing in mind that no plan is ever “100 percent” and numbers are just that, numbers?

I adopt the last method in ALL areas of life.

It’s paid rich dividends.

Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes “planning” (strange as that might sound).

But living in the moment, carpe diem - - is so, so worth it!

Oh, and just to be sure I googled the meaning.


  1. used to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.




Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Get cranking on a few workouts RIGHT NOW, my friend. Invest NOW. Stop thinking about if’s, but’s, maybe, and so forth. The time to invest is NOW – there has NEVER been a better time. Opportunity is usually where you see it the least, and right where you ARE, and fitness wise, you’re at the right damn place!

Friday, 15 January 2021 10:25

Whats a bozo?

Written by

Short one for once, hehe. 

The lady I referred to int he last post got back with this. 

"Whats a Bozo". 

And I was like ... lady, if I gotta explain THAT to you, then you're missing the entire point of the post to begin with! 

And probably why she's stuck dealing with idiots and bozos as well. You know what they say about ATTRACTION. LOL. 

Anyway, this email will likely hit your Inbox very soon after the last one, as I wanted to give you up and update on this. 

But this lady aside, this is a PRIME reason I do NOT get on social media anymore. 

LinkedIn being one exception, but even that I get on only VERY sparingly, and only for another lady whose posts are interesting. Actually interesting, hehe, not so much the content, but her THOUGHT is ... 

(which of course precious few peope will have actually picked up upon). 

Is it just me or the more I write, the more I get IRRITATED at the idiots and bozos out there? 

How can people be so damn STUPID? 

Or "brainless" ... 

But they are 

And thats why I got off social media in the first place. 

I can just hear people telling me now. 

"Don't say you'll do it! Just do it! "

To which my response will be this. 

"I've done so on MOST social media (except occasionally Freak-o-Book but some people choose to stay in touch with me that way, so ...) (sometimes yours truly decides to be JUST that less of a hermit, hehe) ... and I'll do on this too - but on MY OWN TIME". 

Actually I don't get on LinkedIn at all now, to the point of not using it. 

Company page etc on there is all BLANK. 

And so it SHALL BE. 

Those that want my stuff can sign up for the list - or just flat out GET the stuff

Curiously enough some of my BIGGEST and repeat customers are NOT on the list. 

Which in itself speaks Volumes, hehe. 

Smart guys all of them. 

Not that it ain't smart to be on the list - but ah ... thats more a marketing related thing I'll get into. 

And for those that have a problem wth me saying "I'll do it on my own time" - - I got this to say. 


And on that note, HERE is the program that will GIVE YOU that UNSHAKEABLE, animal like CONFIDENCE SEEPING through every pore of your body when you LOOK them in the eye and say it - Animal Kingdom Workouts

Get after IT - NOW - BRO! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Social media, and the buffoons that populate it, UGH! 

PS #2 - Just do it? To those that say I dont, ever take a look at THIS page? LOL (not to mention the products?) (or the idiots that whine about me telling them to drop the FAT and just do it when I talk pull-ups?) 

PPS (Edit - and I normally dont edit) - Maybe I'll introduce "Chloe" to the one and only BOZO NUMERO UNO - Bozo Glyn Schofield! More on that later as he gnashes his teeth reading this from his padded cell with internet. 

I'm pretty sure I'll get a lot of backlash over this, but that in mind, here goes.

Here is a comment I recently read from an Indian national cricketer on being forced into lockdown shockdown in Brisbane apparently where they are playing the Aussies.

(And you on this list are well versed with my views on wearing masks, lockdowns etc. Believe me, I have not worn a mask since the so called pandemic that China spread started, and I've avoided situtions when I NEED to wear masks, because I dont believe in “panic shanic” and so forth ... and, well, we've been over this haven't we?)

but it's hilarious.

"We are locked up in our rooms, have to make our own beds, clean our own toilets. Food is coming from a nearby Indian restaurant which will be given to us on our floor," members of the travelling Indian contingent described the hotel as to The Times of India.

Now before I continue, here is what a female Aussie cricketer said on this.

(curiously enough, the dudes haven't been responding. HA! Either way, LOL)

👋🏻 - the Aus and NZ women’s teams did their quarantine in the same hotel last year. Here’s a shock - we survived....

So said a certain “Alyssa Healy”.

I haven't followed women's cricket as closely as I follow men's (I know, I know. How dare I).

So, I am not sure, but I think she's the captain of the ladies's cricket team, or something to that effect.

I DO know she's a well decorated player, and has recieved awards etc, so she's a “somebody” in that regard.

But it isn't so much the complaint itself which is funny and which I don't necessarily disagree with.

I'd be PISSED. Big time.

Seems they are too ...

But “making our own beds”.

“Cleaning toilets”.

And so forth, hehe.

I know housekeeping does all that in a hotel (perhaps at home too for some people, but yours truly hasn't any such luck in YEARS).

Yours truly “caveman” probably wouldn't WANT IT either.

Last I was in a hotel was before the plague in January.

And housekeeping literally had to pester me to (as the Chinese say) “Qing” (please) get the room cleaned, beer bottles taken out etc after three days.

And the bed made, hehe.

I still remember the giggles the girl gave me.

Maybe the purpose was different, but hey.

A few days of living alone and doing the things mentioned doesnt hurt no-one, even if you're NOT a caveman that is admittedly allergic to maids, housekeeping etc clanging doorbells and showing up JUST when you're about to write something.

And what not.

I would rather just do it myself.

So I have.

So it is in the military for one, and so would say Mr T who “lives alone and trains alone”.

SPOILT brats is the term that comes to mind here.

And I'm sure Sunil Gavaskar if he is reading this would agree to “some extent”.

So would another former India player Irfan Pathan who keeps urging players NOT to complain as Alyssa healy did – when they're getting to travel, PLAY, and be handsomely compensated for it while the whole world?

Well, you know that part of it.

But perhaps the Punteer, the one and only Ricky Ponting said it best when he said you don't see the Aussies, who are putting up with it too complain.

Neither did the Indians complain when the same thing, or close to it was done during the Indian Premier League (held in India). NO-one did, actually.

Mollycoddling and being SPOILT brats in a country with cheap labor is one thing, and they DO have the right to be that.

I wouldn't be that though. Hehe.

Fitness wise, I want NO PART of such pampering and mollycodding.

Those that expect something for nothing.

Those that expect me to “go easy on them". 

The fat asses who complain about “me saying just do it” when I tell them to just lose weight ... and so forth.

Anyway, thats my take on it.

Get on with it, bro. It's just that simple. And a few days of caveman like living never hurt anyone. Who knows, you might learn to make beds like those ladies do all the time for us (not me, but you get the drift LOL).

I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Here is where you can find the MOST brutally honest fitness system that just flat out WORKS – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PS #2 – Goose and gander. But that isn't a concern for many that complain!

PPS - My living quarters, sans maid and such aren't actually so nasty (for those, and I'm sure certain women are wondering that are wondering). But, more on that on the other site, hehe. 

I’ve been writing about it on the other site, and “write”fully so, hehe.

Trump supporters getting kicked off planes for doing nothing other than support Trump.

People getting pilloried in public for not wearing mask shask (curiously enough the people that SPREAD it get pandered to left right and CENTER).

And so forth.

Its literally become “my way or the highway” everywhere!

It’s one thing living a-frigging alone (for the most part) and NOT dealing with the situation at home (which is so ridiculous that even thinking about it doesnt work – hell, even my wife made this statement “there’s no logic to any of this!” and shes actually right on that one – there is NOT – it’s just full on and idiotic NAZI feminism) ...

But the whole world?

I mean, really, fella.

China can say what it likes. Do what it likes.

But the ROW – on ITS OWN SOCIAL media or any media – cannot /

What the hezey, bro.

What IS the world coming to where everyone has to pander to the PRC?

I’ll tell you one damned thing – I ain’t gonna do it.

China has many great things, but their system of governance ain’t one.

And while they DO have the right to do as they please on their own social media – that doesnt mean FlakeBook and Shitter can do the same thing!

Especially not Shitter, but I guess they’ve teamed up with Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife too . . .


I mean, I’ve mentioned how FB routinely censors my posts on China, but won’t do the same when the shoe is on the OTHER FOOT.

I’ve written about how China and their social media do it too (I believe).

But have you heard a PEEP out of me for the latter?

You haven’t (and curiously enough, even WeChat hasnt really censored anything I said other than “monitor” it. Slippery slope yes, but not as “dangerous” as you might think if youd o things right).

And you won’t.

Because, their playground, their rules.

But Shitter. F***book? Wazzzz-app?

I dont think so, bro.

And I don’t accept it.

I WILL continue to express what my thoughts are.

I WILL Continue to support President Trump, who to me is the best damned president the nation ever had (Raegan is another strong contendor).

I WILL send out emails full of typos, hehe.

I WILL profess my support for GUNS.

The invasion? Violence? Not so much?

Nope. I do NOT support that. 

But other hand, when YOUR freedom of speech is being curtailed and taken away – what are YOU going to do?

When YOU are being pilloried and it’s their way or the highway – what are YOU going to do?

I know that those with any sense would FIGHT against it, and keep themselves prepared for what will happen.

I do.

So do most of my customers.

Especially those that writ eto me saying “you always HAVE to be prepared because guess what. It COULD happen!”

I mean, we never thought the world would be locked down, but locked down it was!

And curiously enough, China is now going back to where it all started last year.

Lockdown shockdown.

The Universe DOES see, and DOES dispense JUSTICE in a manner no-one can escape, not even the PRC.

And on that sage note, I’m out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Always stay PHYSCIALLY prepared my friend. End of the day, that has never been more important. YOU KNOW IT! And thats what it WILL boil down to ultimately despite the bozos who think otherwise . . .

PS #2 – As always – please DO SPREAD the word. This has to stop – NOW. (the freedom being taken away etc). And of course, for the 0 Excuses Fitness System, and all my “great books”, hehe.

PPS – Please leave reviews too!

I can still hear it.

A bunch of friends and so called well wishers telling me (in days bygone) “Life would be a lot easier if you got along with your family and did what they wanted you to”.

I’m glad they told me that. It only made me more determined to do my own thang and blaze my “muh” hehe own trail!

Which I am ...

You could replace “fall guy” in my case with black sheep. Skeleton in the closet, albeit one with meat on them bones, hehe.

But no matter what you call me, the overwhelming “rally” (I’m borrowing one of my beloved PG Wodehouse terms here) in the Mookerjee family (at least this one) is this.

“Rahul is always wrong”

“something bad happened? Rahul must have something to do with it!" 

If the sun rose int he West tomorrow, Rahul would be to blame, hehe.


I still remember a time in 2012 when I figured I’d try and make it work with family (well, it was 2013).

My daughter had just been born. Due to my familys prior antics and a host of other reasons, we had just returned from the Middle East.

Pregnant wife, not that much money (though we had enough to eat etc – dont get me wrong!) ... and of course, no transport either since I sold my car off before moving there.

(Which in hindsight was another one of those moves decided to hamstring yours truly, but hey. All for a good “cause” at the end of the day, the way it turned out!).

And of course, a mother that wanted full control of the baby.

We had got back from some inncolulation or the other. Two month old little girl in my wife’s arms.

And of course, Mommy dearest and wifey dearest got into it again over “who was going to do whatever to the child”.

I gotta side with my wife on that one though – she was right. Mommy’s version was to shove chocolate down her gullet pretty much as soon as she was born. NOT a good idea!

And when all was said and done, or while it was being said and done, Daddy dearest piped up.

“I told you to take your beautiful wife away from here!” he said.


First thing you know, I wasn’t even directly involved in the decision to BE There in the first place. Sure, I did it, but I tried choosing the path of least resistance although I didnt want to.

For a short while, hehe. A fox doesn’t hide it’s true colors for long!

And one thing led to another, and the free bird returned to being free and living A-lone in China.

But it’s funny.

The infamous email episode I’ve mentioned in past emails where I wasn’t even consulted or directly involved, and most certainly did NOT give an “ok” to – and did not even KNOW about until it happened.

And yet, of course, guess who got all the brickbats.

(I didnt hear the end of that for MONTHS afterwards. UGH!)

If you’d ask my Dad why, he’d say “because thats just how it is”.


Maybe in your reality, Dad. I know thats how you prefer it. And thats fine, but I dont.

I’d rather prefer the “Colt Severs” way.

That show wayyyyyyy back in the day that I’m sure ya’ll remember! The “Fall Guy”.

I cannot remember the name of the actor? Hasseloff? Nah, that was Baywatch.

Boobiewatch, hehe.

But this guy was equally beefy, strong as heck, and used to sit in hot tubs smoking cigars with women by his side.

My type of guy.

Fall guy. I think he was a stuntman per his “job” and a bounty hunter “by night”.


He lived a life full of excitement – much like yours truly.

He was the fall guy, yes, but he lived on his OWN terms.

And lest you think this sort of thing is limited to you and him and a few others, think again.

IF Amazon, for one, the most successful company in the world by far goes belly up tomorrow, it won’t be Bezos’s senior team or his wife (who controls 30% of the stock now) (ex wife I shoudl say) that will be blamed.



(On that note, feminists reading this - has there ever been , or will there ever BE a "fall girl"? Not that I know of, hehe. So much for Goose and Gander?)

Of course, do something right and make Amazon into the success it is, and he gets castigated by the majority for offering low wages and crappy work conditions.

Hey, no-one FORCED anyone to work at Amazon, did they?

But anyway.

President Trump for one.

The man’s been nominated thrice for Nobel PEACE prizes and has brokered historic peace deals in the Middle East for one that NO prior president, at least not in recent times has.

Bush. Obama. No-one.

Trump did it.

The reaction?

He gets called a war mongerer for rightly pointing out the real threat to all of us – the PRC leadership. (and the PRC in general).

When he wants to send $2000 checks to people instead of giving it to other countries and being blocked by the Democrats, he ends up getting the flak for it.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, but thats the life of a fall guy!

And yet, how many people at the end of the day can lay claim to doing even a quarter of what he’s done, experienced what he has?

I rest my case.


And I’d rather that life than the “plain staid ole boring life”.

I’ve lived life on my own terms all my life and continue to do so.

I’ve been to places and done things most wouldn’t do in two or three lifetimes.

SO has most likely Trump, and a lot of the other fall guys mentioned here either directly or indirectly.

If you march to your own tune – well – guess what.

It ain’t easy, but it’s rewarding in ways the “beaten path” can never ever begin to give you!

Anyway, where am I going with all this?

Well, it’s this my friend.

My REVOLUTIONARY fitness methods do NOT require you to be the fall guy for one red second – or cent, hehe.

EVERYTHING I give you has been tried and tested by yours truly WAYY (in some cases years and years) before I ever put pen to paper on it.

(In other words, yours truly has and is very willingly the fall guy, guinea pig, and anything else you can think of for EVERYTHING I give YOU).

Therefore (another reason) I do not offer any refunds on anything.

If you do what I ask you to fitness wise, I GUARANTEE that barring a seismic earthquake, global tsunamis, mass plague and what not – you WILL Get to your fitness goals.

And truth be told, you’ll get to ‘em even if the above happen!

And that, my friend is something I can SIGN my name to (and do on the sales pages).

Get on the shtick NOW my friend. Start living a life full of JOY, abundance and fitness.

The way it was always meant to be.

Do it – now!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Hilarious, but true. I usually start any and all conversations with my Mom with the following “Yes, I know it’s my fault”. Might as well cut right to the chase eh. LOL.

PS #2 - Funnily enough, if you ask all parties involved in the family thing I mentioend above TODAY as to "if it ever happened", they will hem and haw and say no. When pushed, theyll say yes it happened, but "so what". Of course its Rahul's fault. And even though he wasn't directly invovled, he got the short end of the stick on it anyway. 

It's hilarious, really. 

I used to get pissed off about it before, but now? I welcome it and LAUGH about it. LOL. Some things - thats really all you can do! Makes for a damn good story too, hehe. 

PPS - And in terms of being a pioneer, iconoclast, much hated fitness and bodyweight guru, and a host of other (1114, actually) things ... well, here are 51 MORE pioneering, bucaneering, and unashmaedly SWASHBUCKLING fitness tips to get you in the best shape of your life. Have - at!

PPS #1 - Rule #1. No matter what you do -ENJOY it and then dO IT! I sure do, hehe. 

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