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I’ve written about that before, of course.


And it’s one reason my products are priced HIGH, but thats not the main or only reason by far ...

But what I SHOULD have titled this one is this.

“Idiots that give you “titles” at work but NOT the pay that goes with it”.

(despite you delivering results like they never ever expected).

Por ejempelo, THAT job I mention SO OFTEN and that I dedicated a BOOK to.

And yes, they NEVER in their wildest dreams expected the results they got from me and said so much.

“..... (I’m leaving names out) is very happy with your performance! Most people take at least two weeks to settle in. You didnt, and you just hit eh ground running and brought in MONEY”.

(This from the same boss that believes in “letting people sink or swim” and NOT training his employess (hint – it costs MONEYYYYY, hehe))

(The Name is the boss that I’ve “left out”)

And though they did their best to retract that statment (it was made by a lackey who I often drank with – he was the boss “in theory” but I Reported to the real boss anyway) ... it didnt really work.

Some things just cannot be retracted!

And I just had an idea to write about that on the other site. Hehe. 

I’ve truly written my blogs, emails and books while writing others!

But anyway, I later re-joined that job (be on the outlook for the Second Volume of the 10 Commandments of Successful SALES which details that – so much to do – so little time!) .. BIG mistake.

Big mistake – and based upon some crappy “sh” advice I got from I’ll let you guess who (and that I even more foolishly listened to).

“You got your job back! Yay!”


Like who cares.

At a salary LESS (well, marginally) than what they were paying me when I first joined, and a lot less than the raise I deserved, and got.

And halfway through that job I became the assistant VP.

In theory.

My pay?

Didnt increase.

Needless to say, being a bozo doesnt go down well with me. I left.

Much like I did all those years ago with Freddie, where I had the title of “engineer”, but did the job of a MANAGER. 

(True I got paid triple what the other local engineers got paid, so good on Freddie for that. And in all honesty, Freddie was “boudit”. I should NOT have quit that job the way I did!)

(But live and learn, hehe).

My Dad’s often told me “Do the thing first, and they’ll give you the title and money later”.

Well, I Can’t wait for the money Dad.

And these days, most companies (not yours, I know, but not everyone runs their companies based upon loyalty, and truth be told, end of the day, that “loyalty” thing or at least the way your boss does it helps YOU save money too, hehe, and you KNOW it) would just say that, and fire when it comes time for the raise or title, unless they really need yo, and they did back then in THAT job, but of course thought they were “so smart” in making plans to replace me anyway the minute I asked for a raise.

They thought I “didnt know”. 


Sometimes, IDIOCY shines through.

But titles.

I dont ask for them generally. They’re GIVEN to me anyway.


Because I DESERVE it.

Mercurial. Flat out brutally honest. Caveman. “El Wolf”.

And any of the other names on that 1119 long list ...

Mr. Handstand pushup, for one.

My wife just gave me the title.

Because I can do them better than almost anyone out there!

I did it – GOT the T shirt.

But if some clown shows up and asks me to do it while never having an intention of giving me the T – shirt ... ah, but we went there did we not?

This whole “Stream of consciousness” rant can be summed up as such.

Rahul Mookerjee doesnt work a job, no matter how much stability it might give him, or not.

IN short I’d rather NOT be a BOZO (not saying those who work jobs are, but employers for the most part want just that these days – mindless bozos who just “listen” and deliver the moon and dont ask for the right pay -- and well - - is it any wonder that he world is the way it is?)

Can’t change the goddamned world tho, as Alonzo said. 

And I ain’t trying to.

But I AM trying to turn YOUR LIFE AROUND in terms of fitness, bro.

And HERE is the system that will do it.

Jump on it NOW. Truly worth it (And the “best damned fitness system MONIKER that comes WITH IT!)


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Yes, Charles. We gotta keep fighting the GOOD FIGHT – kudos to YOU and the rest of the 0 Excuses faithful for doing so, day in and day out. Keep at it!!

PS #2 - A publisher I once worked with said "Rahul, we'll need a whole library just for YOUR books". And given my ouput, I'll say he was right, hehe. (that was for another site, another venture)

Thursday, 31 December 2020 07:23

On yelling like a BANSHEE, and more ...

It’s strange, but in my neck of the woods “growing up” when yours truly was “ye small”, he quickly learned something.

Not really, but he “inculcated it” to an extent.

That impotency can always be covered up to an extent by one thing.

Yelling like a banshee.

It’s sad, but I have very little, or any positive memories of my childhood growing up.

And I suspect a lot of us growing up in the 90’s (am I dated? Hehe) feel somewaht the same way, especially if you’re from a dysfunctional family like I am (I like to say WAS hehe)

Everything could be solved by one thing, according to my Dad.

Yelling like a banshee.

It mattered NOT whether you made sense or not.

Might is right. Yell long enougg, and those you can bully will “do” the thing (or so they thought. Hehe).

But it’s funny.

Anytime I remember my father getting into a REAL fight – with other men his size – he ALWAYS backed down.

I still remember an argument over parking where he yelled like a banshee, and the men told him to either “put up or shut up”.

He quietly folded his hands and did the latter.

Literally. And really.

Yours truly and sister (7, 4, I believe) were at the dentist’s .. 

(when all hell broke loose outside, hehe).

Curiously enough my father was right in what he was insisting upon, but the way he did it was the wrong way.

You dont bring a knife to a gunfight, bro.

I remember him getting into one on one tussle in a “road rage” incident.

And ... then nothing happened.

They locked arms like wrasslers, and neither man FOUGHT.


IF that would have happened to me, someone would be in hospital or six feet under, I remember thinking.

And I wasn’t even six at the time.

(in that case, I’d have either broken the guys fingers at the very least, or I’d have pulled out a ROD if I couldn’t do it myself).

OK ..... 

End of rant.

I’m not a violent person, my friend.


In fact I’ll do all I can to escape from it, as my buddy from the Marines knows.

(but when cornered and when there is truly no CHOICE - watch out. Yours truly "lurking tiger" turns into a hyena - which will do the exact same thing i.e. run when it can, but when cornered, most likely even an African lion wouldn't compare in terms of sheer FEROCITY of it's fightback!) 

Crouching tiger, hidden hyena. LOL

Couple of incidents in China stick out in mind in 2018, one when a dude and his son took pestering me too literally, and they were trying to get me to teach English (for free) when I was working out of all things, and, well, you get the drift!

Even the Chinese told the other dude to piss off, and that dont happen too often when there are foreigners involved, especially not in these hyper nationalistic, jingoistic, chest thumping “we hate foreign devils in general” in China these days. Trust me.

And the other instance when I was out drinking with my buddy, and a few drunken Bozos showed up, and the first thing I told my buddy was “watch my back” (I was sitting with my back towards them)

They were trouble.

I could FEEL it, bro.

I asked my friend to leave.

“Let’s bail, and ... “

HE didn’t/ 

Sure enough, trouble erupted ...

Anyway, point of all this is this.

Yelling like a banshee rarely, if ever does any real good.

Far better to be the knife that cuts deep and silently.

Could be me with my daily emails. Hehe.

Could be me with my daily fitness tips.

But really, no matter what I say, one thing stands out.

IF you dont agree with me, the last thing you’ll find me doing is trying to convert you and certainly NOT in a “yelling” manner.

The nuts who puff and buff in the gym and wax lyrical about the chest press for one.

You won’t hear me trying to convince these idiots of anything.

Some people are better left to their own devices!

But you WILL see me doing the thing and silently as said people slyly and jealously look on.

“Man, I sure wish I could do those!” 

(there's a reason I say handstand pushups will truly make you the ENVY of the preeners, posers, pumpers, toners, weight lifters-shifters, and so forth...)

(that strike a chord with those of you unwilling to admit you’re fat so you can’t do pull-ups?)

I bet ...

How dare I.

I know.

How dare YOU, I should say, NOT get into the best shape of your life ...

Ah, but some things are best left unsaid!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the best there is in terms of fitness and motivation right HERE – 0 Excuses Fitness Products. Ahoy 2021!

Thursday, 31 December 2020 06:45

That feeling of sheer and utter IMPOTENCY

I’ll never forget all the arguments I had with my Dad in general (Mom too, and to an extent my wife) about ... well, India.

Speaks volumes too about why I dont LIVE there.

But anyway, if there is one way you can sum up the country it is this – unfulfiled potential and FRUSTRATION.

Apathy, perhaps ...

No-one cares!

And while that might be true to an extent in the ROW too, it’s more true in India.

I still remember my Mom mournfully complaining growing up.

“But we have soooo many problems ... “

And truth be told, as we think, so we are. The great Claude Bristol said it, and he was right, and it holds true for countries – companies – individuals – relationships – everything!

Thoughts truly are things, bro.

And In India, apparently throwing trash in the dumpster – or even HAVING one to throw it in is not something “essential”.

Having running hot and cold water 24/7 like in most of the rest of the civilized world?

How dare I, hehe.

Asking for ESSENTIALS like beer, food etc to be delivered to the house?

Food, maybe a little bit.

Anything else, no way Jose.

And if anything is delivered, they’ll show up at insanely early hours and jangle and jingle the doorbell no end, and the doorbell being another thing that Indians in general seem to have a morbid fascination with.

Thats how it is, I remember my Dad angrily yelling at me every time I “dare” to bring these things up.

Hey, let’s be honest.

Some things are BASIC. And in a country that tom toms itself as being an “emerging superpower”, precious few basic things (that you and I take for granted) are available at all in India (let alone be “luxuries”).

It’s thinking in general in India that hasn’t changed.

Perhaps the government, but I’d say the THINKING.

The Chinese were even worse off pre-1980’s.

But their THINKING was changed and modified en masse by the government.

Of course, China ain’t perfect either. Neither is America. The UK. What not.

But certain basic living standards are there everywhere, including from what I hear Ethiopia and recently Sudan.

India, no, and thats why I dont live ... ah, but we went there, did we not. Hehe.

But point is, every time I bring it up?

I’m either the guy who “argues endlessly”.

Or, the idiot to be yelled at (because he’s actually saying something that is TRUE and that the next person can’t do shit about except acknowledge if he was honest enough. Hey, ask anyone. Bottom line is this – anyone that can leave India usually DOES. Unless they’re chained by the ole ball and chain, hehe, or other reasons but really. ALL of my Dad’s brothers done left. My mom’s nephews all left. I did. And ... well .. the list goes on and on and! Except Mom and sis, there are precious few in the family that actually stay there).

And of course, say anything about the place, and out come the flames from people that dont even LIVE there.

Hey, hey, hey.

The sheer IMPOTENCY shines through ...

Anyway, why do I bring this up all of a sudden?

Well, fitness wise lots of guys feel the same way when looking at those “bodies they can never get”.

When they look at dude pumping out pull-ups smoothly like “butter” in the park ...

(I still remember an S.O. of mine wayyyy back inthe day at a pedicure place or something where they said that to her. Trust me, my pull-ups are even smooooooother, hehe).

When they look at REAL men with REAL strength, fighting skills and such ...

Gun skills. (I'm missing that Glock, hehe)

The list goes on and on and on.

But here’s the thing.

Rather than feel impotent, GET OVER IT.

DO the thing.

You might not be able to change a country. Or the (Alonzo “Rahul” speaking, hehe) – “goddamned world”.

But you CAN change your own life. 

It requires two things.


And not being a lazy ass and making excuses.

Just do it, my friend.

If I did it, trust me – so can you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Last and final warning for the SHIP. The price WILL go up by $200 next year. Consider yourself “alerted” and “Warned” for the umpteenth time, heh.

Not that I have many of either one of the last two categories (well,not as of this moment, hehe).

The Bozo is no doubt itching to know “how many girls asked for my WeChat today”, and truth be told, some did.

I didnt give it to any though.

Yours truly caveman “gets a lot” yes, but he does so in a manner that would confuse most .. but the results count!

But anyway, that ain’t the point.

A long time, back when my wife and myself were still on speaking terms (now it’s “get away from the other person as quick as possible” and make sure to make the other person’s life a living hell if IC an (for her, not me – I just want to be left alone and I am, hehe)) I discussed biz with her.

How much was “coming in”.

Biz costs. Etc etc.

As I would a partner, actually ...

What happened from all these discussions?

A big fat ZERO.

That was when I was just starting out and had plenty of moola in the bank, so she wasn’t making my life hell.

But business wise, she wasn’t giving me any ideas on how to ADVANCE the biz. It was always "oh, we have money, so it'll be there later", and when it wasn't well ... 

Not how life works my friend. 

More to the point though, it ain’t just HER. 

Don’t expect others to understand, my friend.

Dont expect ANYONE to understand simple facts of life and biz such as “you get what you put into it”.

My own cardinal rule (one of them) of doing biz is this.

INVEST back into the biz.

I’ve been following this rule for a few years now and oh boy. You’d think it was day and night, the difference in my results!

Sounds silly that I didnt do it from the get go huh.

But we ALL live and learn, my friend. And for someone thats always been dissuaded from doing his own thing, from “not selling” because “sales people do nothing” (what an idiotic and inane comment that was – speaks tomes as to my family’s thinking on MONEY – I mean, sales brings home the BACON my friend, and more often than not gets to deal with crappy executions etc. Not me, of course, but I’m just sayin’....)

End of the day, everyone I grew up around saw the “here and now”, but the words “do it differently” and “potential for HUGE gains”

Was NOT there in their version of Oxford, or Webster, or what not ...

Until it “happened”, of course. When I wasn’t fit, they said I’d never get fit. When I was, they hemmed and hawed, and never admitted that I was. And so forth. And we’ve all dealt with it, and back to business?

Many other little things which even most so called “Seasoned” businessmen don’t do.

Anyway, this isn’t so much about business as fitness.

I recently (and I wrote about this) received a note from a man – a warrior -whose wife doesnt get it in terms of “training”.

She keeps telling him “not to train” and that he should have stoppe dyears and years ago.

And that he’ll get a heart attack from all the training he does (this to a man that has been doing just that his entire life).

And so forth.

And I’m sure she’s not the only one saying that either, hehe. My own Dad kept telling me “I had a huge belly” (when I did) and that I “overexercised” (I didnt).

Huge belly.

Exercise less, not more?

I give up. And this from a person who hasn’t done a pushup in his entire life most likely, and would not just collapse, but likely have several heart attacks if I put him through ONE minute of what I do in Advanced Hill Training, for one.

So I haven’t, hehe.

But anyway, thats the point.


No-one will understand, my friend.

Do it yourself – and enjoy the results YOURSELF.

Because, as Major General Michael once told me.

“YOU did it, Rahul!”

“Now YOU enjoy it!”

(and I did. I was having a few cold ones when he called and told me, hehe. Ah, them days. I miss 'em! )

True indeed my brother. Sage indeed.

Is it any wonder I chose my “English name” to be Michael?

I think not ..

Anyway, enough on that. Those that haven’t taken advantage of the $799 offer for the SHIP – do so now bro. The clock runs out very soon indeed.


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – HERE is where you can pick up the best compilation on pull-ups. But remember, keep it to yourself, hehe.

PS #2 – My Dad once asked me if I have “more than one wife”. I still remember him looking at the babes “out of the corner of his eye” when they went to China ... LOL. I best not go there though.

“You only have one as far as we know” ...


A customer recently told me that “Anyway my friend I envy you as you seem to have figured out how to live on your own terms and very few men can say that, especially the married ones”.

Yes. I have. So can you, bro – maybe not at “my level”, but in terms of training, business. Oh, YES, you can!

(and for those reading, yes, I WILL continue to live life on my OWN TERMS).

Tuesday, 29 December 2020 08:47

Work SMART – not “hard”!

Nothing against hard work.

In fact it’s required. But there’s something more than hard work that goes into success, my friend. It’s your thinking, and working smart.

Otherwise, and Claude Bristol said this in the Magic of Believing.

If “hard work” was all that was required to attract money, then all the laborers in the world would be multi-millionaires!

That isn’t a verbatim quote, but it’s the sum and substance of what he said.

Now, I Still remember it. And have mentioned it in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales.

Really speaking, I should say TWENTY or more, and you wll know what I mean when you read the book! 


I had closed a sale and got the payment or something, but the client had gypped us.

He ended up paying us less than we were owed, and our operations team ended up doing MORE.

Of course, and this is mentioned in the book that was one of the reasons that that job didnt work out despite my prodigous (sales, hehe) output there as well.

Ultimately if operations doesn’t back you up with stellar service when selling, then ALL the sales in the world won’t help.

Because your customers will decide your product isn’t worth a crap, and in many cases ours wasn’t then.

Anyway, thats one of the reasons behind my underpromise and over-deliver mantra for this site.

But anyway, the boss had this to say.

“Work smart, not harder” (he was saying this to operations).

He was right. Hehe. Pity he didnt use that reasoning when it came to my own one hour workdays and the results I delivered. More on that at the end of the book, and a prime example of how as a boss NOT to demotivate your highest performers ... big time! 

But anyway.

Work smart, not hard is something I LIVE by.

Dont get me wrong. I put in a lot of hours!

But I dont do what the bozos do.

Thats another reason my family and myself doesnt get along. My Mom and Dad for one have this idea that life is supposed to be a grind in ways you’d never imagine, and that the basics of life aren’t the basics apparently, and thats there is nothing called “standard of life” – it’s only “grovel for a min wage paycheck”.

So be it.

That is their thinking. They’re entitled to it.

My thinking has always been the polar opposite.

As I sit here finishing up another one of those 20,000 “volume one” books (this one will likely extend to four) for another site, the thought came to mind.

(and I can see the readers asking for MORE already. Hehe. "I look forward to more by this author!" was the latest comment I got on one of my fiction novels) ... 

Prodigous output.

And one way I get it done (other than exercise, being motivated etc) is to REPURPOSE.

Why do people have this idea that everything you’ve written has got to be original always?

It doesn’t.

Now sure, ALL of my writing is original. Thats not what I mean.

But you can pull from what you’ve written already. Get ideas. Re-word. Re-write. And believe me, you can pound out BOOKS – both fiction and not that way if you know what you’re doing and have them ORIGINAL too.


And yes, all the workouts I give you are original.

But I know how to do it, and therefore my original books at the prodigous rate at which I put ‘em out .. .

And so it is with workouts for me.

I train SMART.

Not hard.

I always have a purpose.

Yes, like Jason Bourne!

“There’s no random. There’s always a purpose, always an objective”

Sure, I WORK HARD - - but I don’t train for hours like a Bozo (unless I’m hiking etc, which is different obviously).

But my sessions RARELY go beyond half an hour these days. 20 minutes mostly.

And I’m in the best shape of my life approaching the age of forty, and my output has never been more.

In case Bozo Schofield is wondering, in all regards. Ugh. And hehe.

And thats what I gotta impart to you today.

Wisdom of the day and indeed a quote for the ages.

Work smart – not HARD!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the smartest damn fitness system out there – the 0 Excuses Fitness System – authored by yours truly “smarty pants” and video’d by the lovely Cindy right HERE.

 I said I’d explain a bit on this one in an email prior to this, and now I will.

When you see someone that is either going nowhere in life, or DOWN – and fast – chances are (and no the economy “shonomy” ain’t to blame either, and neither is yuour family, or parents, or friends, or Bozos, or what not. Jimmy up, bro. Take CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE!) it’s either one of two things.

One, the person is in a cushy position of sorts.

Which won’t last forever.

If you’re not going up, you’re going DOWN. Nothing stagnates in this here Universe (other than the Bozos that putrefy and you can smell their skunkiness from a mile, but I digress) ....

And two, and more commonly these days, the 2D’s .

Depression, and DEMOTIVATION.

One feeds upon the other.

Both are caused by each other.

And both breed a third child called “dicking around” i.e. procrastination. Which is just as terrible, to be honest.

Those that dilly and dally go NOWHERE in life, my friend.

You strike while the iron is HOT. NOW.

You write when the urge strikes you. NOW.

You just do it. NOW.

As Napoleon Hill (and I must admit yours truly knew this for a long time!) was fond of saying.

The time will NEVER be right. IF there is something you want to do it – just do it – NOW!

And there in above can be boiled down the THREE main principles of FAILURE and one of success.

There’s more of course.

But that the gist.

And back to demotivation.

You see it all around you, I’m sure.

You might even be affected by it yourself. 

Symptoms include, but are NOT limited to ...

Being “violently aggressive” or otherwise rude and condescending to those that point it out.

Expecting the world on a platter, while doing squat all to MAKE it happen, and ZERO for others.

Doing NOTHING of your own, and depending upon Bozo Shozos for jobs, and going nowhere in life in min wage jobs, and yet be UNWILLING to quit because “who knows what the future holds”. Yeah. Right. I know, for one, that if you continue down this path bro – it’s a path of RUIN – for YOU.

Guilt trips. Agitation. Constant “annoyance and irritation” for no reason whatsoever.

And the list goes on and on and on.

And while there are many things you can do to snap out of this, I promised I’d tell you one thing, so here it is.

One, a kick to the ass (figurative).

And two, MAKE AP LAN!

Get a goal of your own, and work on it.

Without expecting instant results.

Our minds only function at their optimum when they’re faced with solving a problem, and doing (usually what we enjoy).

IF you do the latter, a LOT of your problems will fade away into nothingness, much like the darkness does into dawn daily.

Believe me, I’ve seen it happen for MANY people – and it will happn for you as well.

It has happened for me as well ...

And thats one reason I put out Zero to HERO! - which is a must read in terms of motivation along with Gumption GALORE!

(More Volumes coming out on both these, so stay tuned).

But anyway, my coaching calls go into MORE detail on this as well if you are so inclined, and if not, no problem. Truth be told the above two books - - any OEN Tip in them - - should get you FIRED UP AND READY to go – NOW!

If it doesn’t, you need some serious GLUTENEOUS kicks up the MAXIMUS, hehe.

Last, but not least ... remember the world waits for nobody, my friend.

If you want something you gotta go GET IT – NOW!

Procastination is indeed the “Devil” when it comes to achievement.

So if you’ve been looking into ordering our products, do NOT put thy decision off any more – it might could cost you – quite literally!

And thats it for now.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

I Wrote a while ago about doing it OPPOSITE i.e. doing the toughies FIRST.

But there is a caveat I didnt mention. If those toughies can be done QUICK, well and good!

But if not, then what I generally do is the easy stuff first (again, even if it’s not smoething that can be done quick).

And it’s usually the tough stuff I ENJOY, and the annoying crap that I do NOT.

What do I mean.

Well, let me give you ane xample.

This morning I finally made my decision on paperbacks, somethign I’ve been VACILLATING on for way, way too long.

And the decision was (is) final – based upon feedback, paperbacks will be sold now.

Bear in mind, I did not need to do this. The hassle of dealing with shipping etc can be very irritating for yours truly caveman (along with other issues), so for a long time, despite noticing that a lot of, and in fact, the VAST MAJORITY of my customers prefer PAPERBACKS, I was stubborn and Balaam’s ass in that I only offered digital downloads off the site.

But this morning, a massive light bulb struck.

Thank GOD. Hehe.

The ass got a kick up the ASS. LOL.

And when yours truly sometimes gets a kick up the booty, he get to work -in more ways than one if youre on the other site too, hehe.

And I figured. Hey. If theses guys all want paperbacks, lets make it easy for them and let them GET ‘em!

And not only that – the digital option is still there.

So, you have two choices.

One, get BOTH the digital option (instant download) and then the paperback within 2 weeks or so. No waiting involved, and the best of both worlds.

And TWO. JUST the paperback.

Or, you could stick with digital only if you want. So three options, actually.

My first thought in doing all this?

Although I welcomed the decision, I BALKED.

Lots of coding, clicking etc required for each product ...

But being I do NOT outsource stuff to assistants, and probbaly never ever will (hey, what can I say. I run a highly well regulated and very tough and tight ship) ...I have to do it myself.

So, slowly, I got around to it.

Did the first column done.

Phew. Done!

Tea time!

Got a brief pull up workout in (btw, that compilation BE waiting for you at the SPECIAL price bro) ...

Back to it.




And as I sit here writing this, everything except 5 products BE DONE.

A mammoth task - - done in oone hour or less, and likely would never have gotten done if I moaned about the enormity of it all.

Same thing for workouts.

Lots of the workouts I give YOU are 8-10 point workouts.

Bullet points, and each a workout unto itself.

If you just keep thinking “thats too much”, then you’ll never get going, and that BOOTY will keep EXPANDING. Along with the belly.

But if you do what I say in all my books, that being to EAT a bear – but ONE bite at a time – then you might actually – and WILL actually get somewhere.

And thats the wisdom for this one.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Yours truly “wise ass” will probably be done with the 5 remanining products by the time this typoooo ridden email hits thy Inbox. Lots of emails I know, but hey. Underpromise and over deliver, hehe. And therefore the HIGH prices which will STAY HIGH.

PS #2 - NONE of this advice will work if you're a "victim" (not really - hehe - we ALL have the ability to SNAP OUT OF IT) of the 2 D's that I'll write about soon. Depression and demotivation. Both worse than the plague, yes, even the plague that the PRC sent! - and both feed on each other. Uggggggh. Napoleon HIll was truly right about avoiding any and ALL negative influences, because of the havoc they can WREAK on your mind. 

And no, you dont need counseling - shounseling - bozo like whatnot and what not to SNAP OUT OF IT. 

You need a kick to the BOOTY and something else - both of which are explained in my coaching calls for ELITE DOERS IN LIFE - - so apply today in case you're interested. 

And I'll offer you a bit of a sneak peek into ONE of the secrets soon via the emails - stay tuned! 

So, it’s interesting!

Wayyy back in the day, yours truly worked in India and he “quit” a job without being asked to.

Sort of by mutual consent. The boss was a great guy!

Not so much the nutjob he hired as a “consultant” who never expected me to quit.

After I did, he sent me a voice message (well, I called him up to tell him and he told me then) saying this.

“We dont want to lose a talent like you! How about you work at REDUCED pay?”

You can well guess my reaction to that , hehe. Funnily enough depending upon your mindset, perhaps some people would have jumped at it, he’d have saved the company some dough and gotten paid MORE as a result. Hehe.

Lose talent. Pay less. My hairy ass.

Pity the exact same thing happened at the NEXT job – THAT job (pity for them, certainly not me as i went on to do my own thang, hehe).

Anyway, I told Mommy about it, and she ranted instantly

“you should never have left! Take the reduced Pay!”

“At least something is coming in!”

Now, if we were starving to death, perhaps.

But yours truly wouldn’t do it even then.

It’s a matter of thinking, and being valued.

My wife’s been in a foul mood all morning along, and all week long, because an employer she works with (not for) hasn’t been paying her dues for a while.

I keep telling her to do her own thing, but she says “it’s not possible”. Ah well. Can’t make the horse drink, hehe.

But either way, this employer apparently takes on clients at rock bottom or even less “money” and then never gets paid, and then bitches about it, and then doesnt pay my wife (who is NOT connected with sales in any which way either – she’s supposed to get a fixed sum and that is that).

Now, the specifics of the situation don’t matter. I gotta create another product, and I’m in a hurry, and it’s cold, and my fingers need a warming, so I won’t get into it all here.

But really.

(and then apparently “Madam” went into all her WhatShat groups and complained about my wife in a most girly and unprofessional manner)

(sort of like mom in law and wife complaining to each other’s friends (sometimes non existent ones, LOL) about their mutual dislike of each other and how it’s always Rahul’s fault hehe).

Unprofessonalism aside though, it’s about thinking, and thats what I told my “lovely” wife.

Her thinking is bottom of the barrel, I said.

So guess how clients treat her.

And that bro, in a nutshell is why I will NOT reduce the price of any of my books and courses, especially not considering they’re the BEST – by far – damn books on fitness, health, strength and conditoning out there. NOT necessarily in that order either, eh.

Ditto for when people ask me “why my prices are high”.

To keep out the bottom feeders, of whom there are SO many ...

Truth be told, it’s all about thinking.

You attract – as you think – as you ARE!

And on that sage note be sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System right here (but remember, it ain’t el cheapo deapo, so do think about it hard and long before investing!).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up the best compilation on pull-ups right HERE. Price WILL go up in 2021, so hurry. Only a few days LEFT, bro.

Or healthy and profitable, I should say ... (and no, I ain't talking about the idiotic bench press, though YES, getting that dumb weight off thy chest and moving on to productive exercises WILL benefit you, but you know this already!)

Back in 1999, I was having a bit of a smoke out with an Italian buddy of mine in college.

We were in “Elam Arms”. Fourth floor I believe. And smoking was prohibited, as was drinking beer, so naturally the first thing we and most other college going dudes (not sure about the gals tho) would do would be to ... well, smoke and drink.

Yours truly has never really been a Marlboro man.

He has plenty of hair on his chest from working out and drinking a lot of beer, but smoking? I dont know – I smoked heavily for years, but it never really “made me happy” or whatever it is a good beer does me. Not dopamine, I know that much. How could it. LOL.

Lots of people tried to get me on weed etc.

Just didnt work.

Anyway, my buddy and I were there, after having lugged the cases of beer up four flights of stairs we needed a break.

“Take the weight off your legs, Rahul” he said.  

(Maybe he said "load". I'm not sure, hehe)

And now, despite this being about taking weight off your CHEST, lets start with the legs.

Some of the best upper body exercises are done when you take the weight off your legs.

Handstand pushups, pull-ups, and more.

Yet others when you KEEP the weight on your legs.

Pushups again! Really – pushups work the entire body in a way nothing else can.

But the main thing is the FEELNG these workouts give you. The “top of the morning” sort of feeling that LASTS all day.

And the feel good “cartharis” feeling (however you spell the word).

I dont know about you, my friend.

But EVERY Time I’m feeling down – or slightly lethargic – or not quite “all is well with the world”, I go to my ONE AND ONLY fall back option.

(well, other than mental tricks).


I’ll climb that hill. My favorite exercise by far, and there are many!

If I dont have time – I’ll knock out a quick set of pull-ups or handstand pushups.

Or, and another favorite – Hindu squats.

Not only do these exercises get the heart pumping and blood ROARING and lungs BURNING within a very short span of time – they also make you feel like “all problems cease to exist”. 

You feel calm, relaxed, on top of the world, and like a tiger ready to hunt it’s prey down, or take it on face to face if need be!

Truly a “weight off your chest” eh.

And HERE is the real nub of all this, and where I’m leading up to with all this.

Making MONEY is the same.

MOST, if not all of my “grand slam” emails for one have come about by the simple matter of getting a massive weight off my chest, or mind.


I said it!

And this might come across as anathema to the nuts who claim “you just say just do it”, and don’t give us any instructions.

Well, my dear friends (those in that category) your shining and glaring lack of MARKETING knowledge shows through in that statement, as well as your assumption that “the entire world needs to be given to you for free”.


It doesn’t (and even when it is, you dont value it anyway).

So, three lessons in today’s email – see if you can spot ‘em! The last is admittedly a bit hard to spot, but you’ll get there if you try.

As you will your fitness goals if you keep at it with the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Grab it now.

NO goal shall be impossible once you’re ON it!


Rahul Mookerjee

(PS – Would you believe it, but one of the emails that pulled in a ton of money the FIRST day I wrote it – and I wasn’t even expecting sales from it – was titled nothing other than “Bulldog Tenacity”. Do a search on the blog an dyou’ll find it, but thats truly the nature of this BEAST, my friend. More on this on my coaching calls – and if you’re so inclined, apply for one on one coaching right HERE, and we’ll see what we can cook up for YOU.)

(PS #2 – But I’m not cheap. I know!)

Quite a bit to get off my (hairy) chest today, eh.

First being China. For a long time a lot of people globally weren’t just sleeping on the China threat – they were content to “ignore” it for the time being.

Practicality, some might say ... (though I dont know – the shoddy made Chinese goods and “copy central” I’ve encountered in China and the very rapidly rising labor costs seem to outcut any of the other advantages, but whatever).

They were willing to ignore everything they do internally. Their lack of democracy, brutal suppression of their own citizens. Everything.

And then they sent the plague over, which obviously was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  

Now if there is ONE reason China managed to pull itself out of it’s post 1960’s – 70’s slump, it ws Deng Xiaoping, who despite his faults is a modern day great leader in my opinion.

And his economic policies.

I still remember his UN adddress saying basically that if one day China became a threat to the world, “the world and Chinese citizens themselves must unite against China”.

True story and quote (though not verbatim).

And Xiaping threw the DOORS open in terms of the economy, and the results showed.

Those were heady times. The WORLD was in a phase of progress (though keen observers could see what lay ahead....).

And the 1990’s and early 2000’s created a wave of entrepreunerus globally.

Jack Ma, Alibaba scion being one.

Matt Furey, another “internet” millionaire.

That was about the time the Internet came out, and anyone smart enough to know their ass from a hole in the ground USED it – and made a fortune off it.

(Yours truly made a considerable amount of dough working a "job" in those days, so never really got around to it. Pity, but hey. Live and learn!)

Would they still have done it today?

Well, thats up in the air.

But I believe YES.

True success stories dont piss and moan about tough times. They find a way – I should know!

(Some of the successes of YORE have been built during unimaginable Depressions and times FAR tougher than the molly coddled majority find themselves in NOW)

(Those of us old enough to remember or read know, hehe. I guess I’m dating myself by saying that, and hey – my birthday is coming up soon too! Stay tuned on that front. Something special planned on that date!)

Same thing for fitness, bro.

If you’re stuck at home and can’t go to your favorite gym, there isn’t much point whining and groaning is there?

Might as well take ACTION ...

Back to China though (yes, this one is a bit of a “different” email than what I normally send but so be it) ... the chinese growth story has been on the ROCKS For years for those in the know.

Yes, I know. The English teachers tell you how they can make a fortune there while barely scraping by (truth be told, even they’re coming around to acknowledge the painful dancing monkey reality) and the nuts living on their wives and girlfriends while masquerading as “China biz experts” or “China watchers” (in reality all they’re watching is their own bank accounts, desperately hoping for some “red” in that account – China’s the opposite from the ROW in that RED means UP and black means DOWN) saying China’s the best place in the world to do business, there’s nothign wrong with theplace, and thus forth.


It’s not.

Ask someone that has been dealing with Chinese factories for AGES now, including a nascent venture I started a couple of years ago that has been put on hold now funnily enough due to the plague itself.

China, I’ve always said is a giant and carefully constructed SMOKESCREEN that covers up the true filth of the place.

India is much the same without the smokescreen. WYSIWYG with India, and truth be told, end of the day, that approach works far better.

Same thing for my fitness books – of course – I dont mess around. I give it to you STRAIGHT. What you see is indeed what you get!

But anyway, the chinese recklnesses in extending inane amounts of state backed “loan shoan”, mindless infrastructure building (ghost towns anyone) and a general and massive economic slowdown over the ages they’ve done all to cover up is coming back to bite them in ass.

Has been for years.

The plague has made it worse.

And the icing on the cake I believe is Xi Jinping’s slow but gradual stranglehold on the economy.

China for those that think otherwise was never truly a free economy. 

No private ownership of land for one.

And ANY business that gets too big is eventually taken over by the Chinese government, unless it strictly toes party lines which get more repressive as the biz goes.

WeShat, for instance is never in trouble despite it’s monopoly on the Chinese market.

But AliBaba, and Jack Ma seem to be getting in progressively bad books with the Chinese goverment in general, mostly because of Ma’s propensity to say it like it IS.

And he is SPOT on in that Chinese lending practices, government oversight etc needs to be TONED DOWN, not “increased”.

You either control the economy with an iron fist, or you have a free market economy.

Can’t have both, brah.

And Xi JinPing is slowly doing all he can to take China back to the 1960’s cultural revolution days.

Still not so bad that yours truly can’t blog about it, but there are lines you cannot cross. (despite the Bozo making these posts “famous” on WeShat, it hasn’t crossed any red lines).

But you gotta know what those red lines are. And these days, things are becoming increasingly tougher.

And the free market is all but dead in China now practically speaking.

Lesson here?

Well, I wish I could say there is one.

Move away from China yes (in terms of production lines etc). Thats the obvious lesson.

Where is the question.

I’d love to say India, but under NM, much of the same thing is happening in India (though honestly, I’d rather NM 1, 2, 3, 4 and 1000000 and his inept handling of the economy as opposed to the Xi the utter dictator. At least NM has SOME sort of weird vision for the country as opposed to running it as his personal fiefdom as Xitler does. OK, I dont agree with it either, but hey ...).

Vietnam? Perhaps 10% there ...

So there’s no real obvious option either....

Wait and watch, but thats the tale on China my friend.

From one that truly KNOWS what he BE talking about. 2003 - 2020 and COUNTING, so to speak ... 17 years. Dang. Even I didnt realize it was that long! OK, lets take out a few years between 2008-2011 or so off and on, but still mostly in China. Whew. Been a while since I first showed up in the heady days in 2003! ANd I have some very very fond memories of thoset imes too! ;) 

Yes, this was a rather long one, but given what China has done to the ROW, I occasionally do write about this sort of thing (have this year TWICE in the past).

Those articles ran well over 2000 words too, hehe.

Anyway, thats it for now. If y’all need stuff sourced from China and are looking for a reliable person to get it done than won’t BS you – let me know.

And fitness wise, of course – half of my products were “filmed in China” and the other half – well – where I “may be” at the time, hehe.

Be sure and pick some up here – truly what you need for home based fitness!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – We’ll be back to regular programming tomorrow. I gotta get these things off my (admittedly "hairy") chest every six months or so, hehe.

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