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Tuesday, 09 February 2021 06:56

"Rahul will drink all the beer you give him!"

My Dad once made that comment about SOMETHING. 

I cannot for the life of me remember why he said that or when, but it was WAYYY back in the day, that I do know. 

Nothing is ever lost or forgotten, as the great Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing, and thats a book YOU NEED TO READ - now! I mean, really. It's one of the classics, and most practical books out there ever. 

No, my "salesy ass" gets NOTHING for promoting it, but promote it I will, because Bristol was the best (along with Napoleon HIll). 

These men through their writings have inspired me WAY after they passed on. LEGION

And so shall I, someday. Hehe. 

I know. Nothing if not "humble" am I. 

But anyway, Dad was right. 

There ARE a few things you could beat my ass on, but drinking beer ain't one of them. 

Communication probably isn't either, hehe. 

Remember that line I keep parroting about "that ONE thing that even your worst detractors cannot find fault with?"

Well, I just gave you two right off the bat - and I've given you two more before - and three more no doubt at some stage - and I ...well, you know what I am going to say! 

But so can you, bro. So can YOU. 

Trust me, if I can do it, so can you. 

Now, where I BE leading up with all this, you ask? 

Well, great question!

(on a side note, the only two people I've ever known that could "last" with me in a drinking contest were General Michael back in the day, and my great friend back Stateside now - him who is mentioned in Gorilla Grip at the start, and rightfully so! - and an ex Marine amongst other things). 

But I managed to outdo them too, hehe. 

Got the liver trouble before the age of 30. 

Was told (by Dad), that I'd die if I kept it up. 

Well, truth be told I didnt just keep it up. I increased it. 



And at the age of 36, I finally got that long overdue physical done. 

All fine. 

NOthing doing!

All those retarded medicines or what not designed to enrich no-one but the CHEMIST (which I stopped taking by the way) did NO good. 

Rolls Royce Fitness, and the HILL did it!

I did kinda overdo that too, but hey. Hehe. 

But anyway ... 

Point being this. 

Burning a candle at BOTH ENDS doesnt work for long my friend. 

Eventually your body WILL give out. 

And even yours truly has taken breaks from guzzlin beer, often for the period of a year or so (again without planning it. Much like I quit smoking finally without planning it!). 

That subconscious mind is the best!

And we all have it ... 

But anyway, CAN you make great gains while drinking up every night? 

Amazingly enough, although I say the opposite in my books, and I'm RIGHT - you CAN - if you do it right. 

Proof right HERE

And while I dont recommend it long term - think about how good you'll have it if you cut out the booze or reduce it, and THEN continue with the program. 

You truly WILL turn into the human version of a Jaguar!

On that note, shout out to CHARLES MITCHELL!

My daughter was (apparently) very impressed with the testimonial you left. THANK YOU, SIR! 

You're the best!

And while I'd have liked nothing better than to give Charles (the friend) - the party of his LIFE when we met up, unfortunately he fell asleep. Hehe. Too much Chinese whisky or what not ... 

Anyway, such as it goes. 

Get the JAGUAR of physical trainign here, my friend - AFTER picking up that purring ROLLS ROYCE! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I'll be back again - soon! What a DAY it's been and I'm just gettng started. YOOOOO HOOOOO!

PS #2 - What did my daughter like the best? The part Charles said about "turning into an indestructible human". And so will you, my friend - if you get on the course HERE. Jump on this NOW. 

PPS - One of the complaints oft made about the Bozo (scofield) is that he shows up uninvited at people's houses, drinks all their beers, eats and craps out all their food, makes a royal MESS everywhere, and a PEST OF HIMSELF while sitting in his room with wanker in hand, trolling away. If you see him anywhere NEAR your house, get the "gendarmie". Hehe. 

I wont "kick ass and take names" for once, hehe. 

(that isn't my trademark - but I'm using it. LOL) 

But anyway, a prophetic indeed comment from a man who I once did some business with at THAT company - and then again later down the road. 

It fell apart both times. 

First time, it was the company. Second time, he said it was me. 

"Rahul, you did the same thing to me that the earlier company did", was what he said. 

I actually didnt. 

He was paying peanuts - and he got, well, monkeys. 

(the company - well - much the same thing - but thats a different story there) 

Thats just as simple as it gets, and he knows it. 

But this man was sage, my friend in many regards. 

A comment a couple of days from him went as such - 

"We both know this is a piddly little amount, but the budget is very limited for now. 

For now, lets see what you can accomplish on next to nothing" .

Well, we accomplished - a little more than next to nothing. LOL. 

(Unfortunately I wasn't of the "cheapskates outta here bent of mind" that I am NOW back then. Mistake, I know!) 

(and hence the price rise I've been putting off for some of my products) 

You get what you pay for, my friend ... 

If you want a Royce, you PAY for the Royce. And if someone says you can get the Royce for far less than that, then you best be suspicious at best, and NOT do the deal at worst. 

And if yourself tried to get the Royce for less ...well. 'nuff said! 

(I should rename the 0 Excuses Fitness System to the "Rolls Royce of Fitness!

(come to think of which, I better do that NOW). 

But anyway, thats a paraphrased comment. 

THe amount was tiny, granted. Not even enough to throw a hissy over. But I've got a great memory (as that guy himself said) - and it popped up, and it bears relevance now. 

One of the questions I've often asked of people is this (this is on my WeShat too). 

How would you function if your house, fancy shmancy degrees, cars, everything was stripped from you one fine day and you were told to FEND for yourself all over again? 

Believe me, this has happened in the past. 

And the meme that I posted said THAT is when you get the true measure of a man. 

It doesn't necessarily give me any great pride to say this, but I've been there more times than I care to recall, and I'm sure some of you on this list have too! 

And right now as the plague just doesnt seem to go away (China, you beauty!) - the Universe is asking us this same question. 

It was great when times were a rollicking (tho really, for years they've been going down in many regards. The Universe always warns in advance!) 

But when you have the bare minimum to live on - to survive - to spend - what choices will YOU make? 

CAN you stand up high - hold your head up high like a MAN - and march ahead anyway? 

Fitness wise, and life wise, this is a very pertinent question that needs to be posed, and I'm asking it now. 

I asked it on the Animal Kingdom Workouts page too .. 

Only you, of course, can answer it!

But I know one thing my friend. 

THe hoopla the gyms have fed you is a CROCK. 

No, you dont need machines, gyms, cute trainers, Swiss balls, tai chi dusters, fancy white robes, Baba Shabas and other such rubbish to get in the best shape of your life. 

Folks have been doing WITHOUT all that age for ages. 

So can you, my friend. so can YOU. 

Start today - right here


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, HERE is the link. 

Sunday, 07 February 2021 17:39

The most retarded analogy I've ever seen!

LinkedIn, my friend, much like social media in general which I don't get on at all - never ever fails to disappoint. 

Here is a gem of a comment I just got - 

"We need to reopen schools"

People think schools are closed because they are online instead of onsite.

Do we think Amazon is closed because they're online and not in physical stores?

Anyone that makes such a comment expecting to hear "positive feedback" needs their brain checked. 

If they GOT one to start with, that is. 

And while the picture itself didnt necessarily tell me a lot about the person (I can normally tell a lot about the person by looking at their eyes) - I looked at the profile. 

True to form. 

A blooming "ESL" genuis (not) except this time he's in Indonesia, not the PRC. 

I have lived in Jakarta, Indonesia since 2008 and have been working in ESL/EFL education in a variety of capacities during that time.


My response HERE - 

This is the most retarded analogy I've ever seen. In person teaching works SO Much better than online, it ain't even funny! Especially when you're talking younger kids ... It's not like all you gotta do is pick sizes and colors for clothing or what not ...

And really, if someone has an issue with that, they've never ever actually taught anything let alone kids or school. 

CERTAIN subjects - perhaps you can get by to a degree with online teaching beyond a certain age. 

But by and large, try getting kids to pay attention in the first place even IN PERSON - especially in this day and age of dumbphones (which I just read the PRC has BANNED outright in schools). 

So they say, at least. 

Whether or not they also ban the annoying little watches on their hands that feature no less than WeShat the kids keep messaging on is another story. 

Personally back when I was a highly paid dancing monkey (very sparingly!) I had a rule in my class. 

Either the phones stay, or I do. 

A lot of pissing, moaning, whining and groaning later (yes, yours truly Lothario taught mostly females for whatever reason - NOT by choice, but I kinda enjoyed that part of it to an extent) ... 

They'd put their phones outside. 

As opposed to with a few other Bozos who were told to leave or the phones would stay. 

Quality, my friend, stands out - as do principles. 

NOTHING is more annoying than teaching a class anything, and then having them "look it up on the phone". 

I mean, learn from the blasted phone then eh. Why pay me. 


Same thing with the jokers who buy my books and then claim "it's done this way online". 

OK, then learn online. 

They then rant about "how dare I". 

I had a question recently about why I teach handstand pushups the way I do, and I told the person because thats the best way, thats how it is, etec etc (same thing I say in these here emails). 

"But so and so does it this way". 

OK no problem I told him. Learn from "so and so". 

But I want to lean from you, he continued. 

But I want you to teach me this way, he ranted. 

And so forth. 

A roundabout NOT worth getting on my friend! 

And - anyway - - getting back to it - -  online just don't work in terms of teaching ... with kids that is. 

Books, of course is a whole another story. 

And fitness routines with pictures and vivid descriptions etc ... 

But even there nothing beats in person "advice" and coaching, hence the page on that. 

But for the most part, yeah. 

One of the most retarded ever comments I saw up there. I'm not sure what the poster will reply with, but I'll keep you posted!

And on that note, be sure and pick up some products HERE

Truly the best ever in terms of fitness - giving it to you STRAIGHT!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - But no they're not for the cheapskates or those with low attention spans or those that dont want to do the thing. If thats you they won't work for you. Might as well save your dough. But if you're a DOER, by all means - get 'em! 

Saturday, 06 February 2021 07:27

Khota Sikka

My wife other than calling me Mr Handstand Pushup, once made the following comment about me with regard to THATJOB. 

"When he wants the JOB DONE - he calls you!" 

In other words, a money player. 

And hence the book ... 

But the words she used were Hindi. Not English. 

"Khota Sikka". 

And I never quite got around to asking her the English translation for the words, but the above was her import. 

I looked it up today, and it said "counterfeit currency". 

LOL. Maybe that was her meaning too in a way ... 

But really, I dont think so. What she meant was "in a crunch, a TRUE crisis, who do you call?" 

Not necessarily the guy that does the best "normally", or the so called VP of the company or what not. 


You call on the cranky 800 lb gorilla who delivers - with ONE BLOW. 

In other words, a money player. 

The guy who you never notice, diss as being useless etc, and constantly complain about but yet "just keep around because you never know someday". 

And then he produces that sheer brilliance in a CRUNCH situation. 

Trust me, it has happened on many an occasion to me!

ONe recent occasion was in October 2018, when I was literally put on the spot with NO plans at the time. 

And I had to make a choice either way (well I didnt "have to" - but I suppose I "wanted to have to" - and in a way I did HAVE TO - and I DID!) 

And guess what. 

Doors that I never thought would open for me - and the people who were EGGING me on tom ake that same choice never thought I'd have the option (they told me because they thought I had no choice and would grovel - except they forgot one thing. Rahul Mookerjee never "never" has any option even when he doesn't, hehe. And he doesnt do the G word except when counting it!) opened and HOW. 



ATTACK BACK x 10000 and then some.  

That doesnt mean life was smooth sailing from there on in. 

It took me a coupla months to resolve the situation - the actual doing. 

But had I not taken that on the spur of the moment decision - doing what came NATURALLY to me - UNDER PRESSURE - then I wouldn't be where I am NOW. 

True story, Jack. 

I've always been that way. 

The normal BORES me - and I'd rather EXCEL and do whats INTERESTING. 

And tough. And challenging. 

Dr Kolibal had it right all those years ago when he said "you dont need these MIckey Mouse classes! You need a CHALLENGE!" 

At the time I didnt fully understand what he meant. I took it as just praise and nothing else. 

But he was RIGHT. More than he knew. 

Anyway, not all of us are like that - but we dont necessarily have to. 

But fitness wise, think about this - if you're put on the spot - if you have to sprint to save your life - CAN you do it? 

If you were asked to climb up a building to rescue someone you like - CAN you do it? (or climb down)

If you were asked to buddy carry a buddy, or a member of your family up a hill a while - CAN you do it? 

The answer most so called booby building "men" give me on this one is an angry "how dare you". 


But if the answer is no, and it is - well - work on building up my friend. 

It's daily PRACTICE, either consciously or not that builds one up to the point you take QUICK decisions on the spot, and BACK THEM - and do NOT change them. 

It takes gut to listen to your GUT. 

Thats how 0 Excuses Fitness was "born"! I could have well continued on this site ... (so it certainly was NOT born out of "necessity" of any kind). 

(neither is any of the stuff I do. I could well choose to be a highly paid dancing monkey in China - but I dont want it!) 

But really, fitness wise, same thing. 

PRACTICE, my friend is what will make your perfect, and damn near perfect if not perfect - and enable you to become that "khota sikka" we all love, hehe. 

And on that sage note, I'm out. BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If you guys can find a dubbed version of Emraan Hashmi's 2008 blockbuster "Jannat" (Heaven in English) - well worht a watch. You'll get what my wife meant. Curiously enough that was one of the dates I tried to grope her, I believe. Hehe. 

Friday, 05 February 2021 10:30

Staying positive VS acknowledging REALITY!

This is going to hit home, bro. 

And it's going to be even more anti self help guru shuru style stuff you see out there about "Law of Attraction" and all this other stuff. 

There is a reason, my friend, I do NOT - I repeat NOT - talk about "laws of attraction" or success (not that there is anythign wrong with calling a book that - Napoleon Hill was right to call his that!) in Zero to Hero, or any of the 51 tips in Gumption Galore

Its because these names lure people into a false sense of security. 

Unless you KNOW what you're doing, these laws can backfire and put you on the back seat. 

Sound familiar to some of you? 

I thought so ... 

(there are "laws" far more important than that ...) 

But anyway, I was talking to the lovely Cicy today ... and she was asking me about my equally (dont ask me who is lovelier, hehe) wife. 

"Why you dont want to stay with her! She's so beautiful!" 

And I have no doubt my wife would say the same about her ... at least the FACE

But women aside, I told her this .

"Because looks aren't everything, Cicy"

In other words, beauty is indeed skin deep. 

I say that ALL the time on a certain other site, and NO, this is NOT - I repeat - NOT - "just for my wife" either! 

This is in general, and my wife probably feels the same about yours truly, except she'd probably use expletives. Hehe. 

And probably does ... 

But anyway, that aside, we were discussing other things. 

And of course, the plague. 

Cicy is under the firm belief that the CCP didnt spread it. 

Being she's member of the CCP, well ... (albeit a very friendly, helpful and LOW ranking one and a SMART one, hehe). 

But anyway, she told me what she does usually. 

"Everything is very good! Business always going up, up, up!" 

Actually, I said it BEFORE she did. 

"YEs, I know, Cicy", I said laughing. "I know everything is always velly good for Cicy". 

Her response was to ask "why not look on the bright side always". 

I could paste what she said, but thats what it boils down to. 

But there is looking on the bright side, my friend, and there is REALITY

Which often bites, hehe, and even more so if you IGNORE IT. 

And unless you're a CCP member (obviously biz is always goo d- HA!) ... and if you're living REAL life which most people are, then you're just as likely to get afflicted with a case of the blues as the next person, and rightfully so. 

Point is this. 

You can visualize all you like, bro. 

But IGNORING the PRESENT will not - I repeat - NOT - make it go away. 

The secret - the REAL secret you're not being told is something quite else, and something obvious I've mentioned here several times if you read between the lines, and it's mentioned in probably the first few tips and indeed ALL in Zero to Hero!

And, Gumpton Galore as well. 

If you can read between the lines that is (well, it's there in PLAIN sight too. Haha. No "pay me more money" here. Hehe. Once you get the book, you've got it - now if you want more, thats a different story). 

Point being, you can't just ignore reality and say "all is well" when it's not. 

All ....  be well is what you can and SHOULD say, if you get my drift, and while none of this might make much sense, think about it - and it WILL. 

I've just given you the answer to the "fill in the blanks above". 

So much for sales shales, hehe. 

And last, but not least, sometimes you have to TALK. 

If there is an issue you need help with - TALK to the other person. 

If you're genuine, and really "need the other person to do something for you which is within his or her own power to do", then chances are they will. 

Dont believe me? 

Well, I just had a case of someone doing just that for me ... 

And more on that later - but for now - "talk" shouldn't be interpreted as "piss and moan" incessantly. 

Some of you great, great customers out there have emailed me privately and asked for discounts - and I've always given them - and guess whart - did it make me think "any less of you"? 

Not a chance, my friend. 

Not a chance! 

If you're a DOER, I'll be able to tell, and Ill most likely work with you wherever possible. 

It's the DO NOTHINGS and freebie seekers I can't stand. 

Alright, enough of this garble. 

Lets end up with one of those sales pitches you guys are so damn familiar with - Get in the best shape of your life NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - "best" as well, hehe. Hey, if Bozo Schofield copied it...! LOL. Talk about something even your biggest detractors and Bozos can't NOT copy, lol. 

I dont know if y'all on this list know it, but other than my fitness business, I have several others I've dabbled in. 

Web development was one thing, but I rarely do that anymore (the preponderance of idiots that think "its just a website! How dare he charge high prices!" caused me to finally say BYE to that biz vertical for the most part) . ..

(And of course, you tell these idiots to do it themselves, and you get the predictable enough response. "How dare he!")

Indeed. How dare I! 

How dare I do something different, be different, but I WILL be that way, regardless of what the morons think or say. 

Anyway, as you've noticed (if you have) on the shop on the site, various forms of green tea are also something we've been dealing with for ages, but all was put on hold last year due to the plague that the lovely China willingly and knowingly spread everywhere. 

And so all that is pretty much at a standstill for now. Green tea. Spices. Cardammom. We do many things! We even have a website up in that regard that I ain't update in donkey's years . . . 

So if any of YOU do anything in that regard, let me know! Who knows. Dr Lamar who unfortunately passed away due to the plague was a great man and a great, great customer and I dont know why, but his face comes to mind. 

Always positive, always smiling (despite dealing with a very difficult daughter indeed at many times) - kinda like what Tracy said about me eh. 

"You're always so positive!" 

Anyway, Mike Pompeo made the comment last year about "If you're doing business with China, remember that ANY money you send them in any way, shape or form ultimately goes back to the CCP who then uses it for their own nefarious purposes". 

He said a lot more, but that was the gist. 

GUess what. 


You on this list are well aware of my admiration for Pompeo, possibly the greatest Secretary of State ever. 

But even he back in the day had a biz in Shanghai. 

Some things, well, just are what they are ... FOR NOW!

For the life of me I can't figure out why India for one doesnt get it's act together so we can ALL dump the China beast once and for all. 

Vietnam is going to take a while. Indonesia? Nah... 

Until all of that happens, guess what. 

In many ways, we still "have to deal with China" whether we like it or not. Much like I still deal with my wife, whether I like it or not ... 

Anyway, Pompeo was right. 

And most of my tea is imported from China (well, we export it from there I should say) and it's the real deal. For some wierd reason India drinks it's tea "British style" with milk, so green tea isn't big there, but it really should be. 

It also is one of the (but NOT the only) weight loss secrets (and no, just drinking tea isn't the secret either) I've mentioned in the Simple and Effective Diet - as well as the story, I believe, of how I quit COFFEE back in the day (you know about the cigarettes, and how I quit, but maybe not the coffee!) and how I never looked back after that, and it's yours FREE - gratis - with a purchase of the 0 Excuses Fitness System (if you get the digital download). 

And that, my friend, is that. 

Sometimes, and often times, I do seperate business from politics. 

The world slept on China for ages. So did yours truly. We ignored it all. No more though, with this plague they spread, but on the other hand, decoupling isn't as easy as it's made out to be either . . . 

It has to be done though. 

No question about that. 

But the elephant in the room, India, will ultimately determine if all of us can or not. 

Anyway, on that note, there it is, as we head into the year of the "Ox" I believe. 

Sturdy if nothing else. HA!

Best ,

Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Build sturdy, OX like shoulders with the course here

PS #2 - And remember, if you want the flexbility of a cat coupled with the strength of an OX - well - the 0 Excuses Fitness System will give you just that. My marketing might sound and IS bombastic but it's TRUE. Which, my friend, is what COUNTS. 

IN case he’s reading it, and from the teeth gnashing I can hear across the pond, yes, he is!

And the point of me saying this is to ...well, rile him up a little more, but also have mercy on him

As Glenn once said about a certain idiot “Thomas”, “we’ll let him be for now”.


Curiously enough, or maybe not Glenn (a stellar dude!!) was who I gave “Keeping it Real in China” to, and the Bozo got it from him.

Now without further ado, here it is 

Bozo Schofield, here it is.

If you’ve had enough, say th efollowing PUBLICLY. Hehe.

“Rahul, you’re right. I’m indeed a jackass that did everything you said, and what the others have said too.

I’ve never worked out in my pathetic little life, and I apologize for trolling you on Amazon”.

Now, in case you, my dear Schofield don’t want to say it?

Hey, no problem.

Say the opposite, and fume a bit more.

On Amazon at that. Honestly, you’ve got no idea how much money you made and make me, so please – keep going (ther’es another G right there, hehe).

Now, Gorillas aside, you could also say the following.

(please do NOT, I beg you, repeat the name of the gorilla part that turns you on the most. It ain’t the BLACK HAIR, I’ll say that. Hehe).

“Jahapanna, Tussi GREAT HO!”

And please do not even think of doing what the guy did in 3 Idiots after saying that to the “3 idiots”, hehe.


Anyway, your call.

Do a Tony Grieg.



(and for those reading – that “satirical” groveling on the cricket field by Greig, should NOT, I repeat NOT be taken as something negative against ole Tony. He was a GREAT – we ALL MISS HIM! And he was a real man, unlike ...ah, but you get my drift!).

Anyway, I’ll be back soon.

Until them, feast yerself on the Gorilla Grip series …


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And now, I think that should be THAT for the day. Off to count a G or so!

PS #2 – Bozo, in case you’re wondering, NO, your emails don’t reach me. Your IP is blocked. And so are all the other alternate ones you use, hehe. Unfortunately much like your public trolling, and attempts to besmirch yours truly lovely indeed Gorilla like reputation, redeeming yourself needs to be done PUBLICLY too.

If not Amazon you name the platform. LOL.

Seriously guys. This Schofield is the best. Lmao.

Bozo Glyn.

I promised myself I wouldn’t write about him or mention him today.

But as I get done (just got done) with a massive protein filled “lunch” (too late!) I gotta say this.

(six eggs, hehe, or maybe 7, all boiled).

Speaking of which, Humpty Glyn.

He looks exactly like TWO eggs on top of each other, one small, and the other round.

And hence the comment which is so spot on from a customer that truly GETS IT, John from the UK,

“Glyn Schofield, you’re a clown. Clearly you’re never trained in your pathetic little life!”

That he is my friend.

That he is!

A circus joker if any…

And he’s interested in gorillas too.


He sent me those weird emails about cucks and gorillas … ugh.

The Bozo is indeed interested in the very part of the gorilla that you and I would never even think about.


Anyway, on that note, Animal Kingdom Workouts. Gotta pimp it.

I did.

So whats the story, you ask.

Well, my daughter has the GRIP and the “girl” part down, hehe. Not to mention the gift of the gab!

And sans the girl (as far as I can tell), Ive got all the above down pat.

I truly AM grateful for everything, my friend

Including Bozo Schofield. Hehe.

But the G’s aside, and G strings perhaps, hehe, you’d be surprised at another one of my businesses that makes me more money than this one, and which is ostensibly the polar opposite of the one HERE.

Always shades of GREY!

Another G.

What do we call that?

When you have two letters repeateing?

Alliteration, I believe. We love it. So Do I.

Hence Corrugated Core, and all the Gorilla Grip books …

Or, Pushup Central.

Should be NPC though. Not politically correct!

On that note, Bozo once told me to "get a grip". I wonder what he's thinking now, lol. 

Anyway, I met a lady back in the day before going to the PRC in 2004. I was gonna say girl, but I said lady. She’d want me to, hehe.


She was a customer at the company I worked from. Had traveled from the US no less.

Looked me straight in the eye, and shook my head – and damn!

It wasnt the “soft” handshake you expect from women.

It was a solid handshake, so much so that my fingers were done crushed, hehe.

“Man, she’s got a strong grip” I told a co-worker later.

But curiously enough, when I gripped her hand in a not so strong grip (I made sure to do it gently), and remember these were pre Gorilla Grip days, what did she say?

You got a strong grip, boy!

Not “boy” … but you get my drift!

And that was sage indeed.




There I go again, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee aka …. M. Hehe.

PS – Pick up the Gorilla Grip compilation here, yes, in case you didn’t notice, you ladies can do it TOO! Better than men almost in many cases!

PS #2 – Lots of G’s – INDEED!

Napoelon Hill outlined one of the following reasons (two, actually – therewere many, but I’ll mention TWO) as a cause for failure, or people not succeeding “yet” in The Laws of Success, and Think and Grow Rich.

Even if munee doesn’t interest you, well worth a read!

William Munee, the name pops up in mind, the crabby and yet inimitable Clint Eastwood that last I checked at the age of 80 plus could do one arm pushups and then some …

(if that doesnt shame the average tubby modern day male, I dont know what will?) 

Anyway, he said the following.

One, wrong choice of spouse (he then went on to say that if either wife or husband let their interest for the other die out in them, it is on them).

Of course, the book wasn’t about divorce or one of Hill’s many failed relationships!

But that, my friend is exactly how things are sometimes.

Ever wonder why a lot of successful people are not just divorced ONCE, but twice, or several times?

Even the old timers. Even those “not from this day and age”.

It is not just “the modern lot”.

Some stay married, sure. Divorce ain’t a pre-requiste for either success or failure in my opinion!

But the second reason he stated was also this – “You cannot make excuses for your failure by saying “its because of your spouse, or smelly sock, or cruddy life, or so forth” …

(I’m being farcial here, but thats the point he made).

(no spouses aren’t smelly socks or what for the overly literal minded).

Anyway, many on my list have wondered, and I’ve never told ‘em, but I will now.

And a certain Carol often asked me.

“If she hates you that much, wont support you, why not divorce you and be done with it?”

Well simple enough.

Carol knew why.

But put in the same boat, Carol herself reacted differently. Her ex wanted a divorce, and she didn’t want to give him one.


She did it.

Most cannot!

What do I mean?

Well, my friend, MENTALLY moving on from anything – disappointment – heartbreak – anything and using the residue of that emotion, or the emotion itself to spur you on to greater success is probably one of the many lessons this lady taught me, and she had no idea she was doing so or things wouldn’t have turned out the way they had!

But either way.

When I’ve wanted a divorce, my wife didn’t grant one.

Ditto for when she wanted one – well – I didn’t “not grant one” so much as “not be physically there to sign the papers”, but it didn’t happen either way.

Mentally though, yours truly done moved on a long time ago.

I believe my wife is 80% or thereabouts.

And that, my friend is truly what matters – the mind 

Mind truly over matter!

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Divorce, seperation etc are not a “set in stone” thang.

Individual situation the way I see it.

It aint good, bad, it ain’t his fault or hers, it ain’t something to be avoided or attracted, it aint any of those.

It’s what works for you – either individually or as a couple.

I mean, whose to say that the husband made a mistake, as I keep getting told?

Maybe I did in a way. But I was nothing if not flat out HONEST in certain ways, including the one area which really, really kills my wife inside and which she will never be able to understand, and what she thinks I NEVER understand (but I do).

And I was nothing if not flat out honest about my past etc, so much so that I blabbed it out on Google Talk the first day I”talked to her.

Hehe. True story!

It sure wasn’t her fault either. Her candor, verve and honesty attracted me in the first place.

To me, sometimes people make mistakes, and you move on if you so choose.

Simple as that.

Right? Wrong? Bad?

Are all the divorcees, divorce lawyers, guys that divorces etc any of the above?

I don’t think so my friend.

I just think that to err is human.

Thats all!

Moving on doesn’t imply not living together, not providing financial support, not takin care of kids, or any of the above.

I remember Maria, my “Jie Jie” once telling me that maybe the reason my wife was leery of divorce was men in China, at least, not giving their ex-spouses any money after divorce despite the courts asking them to.


But it happens both ways.

There have been cases the man is forced to pay when the woman earns 6 x him in the Communist Republic of NewYork, for one …

And as far as yours truly is concerned, money ain’t what it’s about. Never eve rwas.

I’ve given her, and continue to give her money. 

That ain’t it for me…

Life, despite what it might seem like to some on my list is about SO much more than money my friend.

So much more … 

And long answer short again?

Michael (not the General) Harding (he on my testimonials page) once told me not to divorce because with a kid you never really divorce.

Coming from a divorced guy, I find that … well. Apparently according to him his wife wanted it, and he granted it, but sometimes he thinks he shouldn’t, and what not …


I Dont know, man!

It is what it is for me – for once I won’t addon “for now”, hehe.

But I do know one thing.

And something which is going to sound completely unbelievable given my background and proclivities right about NOW, hehe.

I have no plans of shacking up with someone, or getting into relationships or what not.

Yes, never say never. I know!

But I’m sick of the mess to be honest.

Again, indidivual thing.

But much like MR T, living and TRAINING alone to me is what it’s all about.

No, for those asking, I’m not a full convert to the MGTWO movement, but they do make certain points the rational minded can’t argue with.

Read The Rational Male for more on this. Marc the African Silverback Gorilla recommended it, and you know that if THE one and only GORILLA, hehe, right down to the brawny shoulders does so, he’s doing so with good reason.

And so it goes.

And if you’ve got past all this without yawning. Goodie!

But it had to be said, and now I have, so for those with this question, guess where I’ll direct them in future.

Best savethis one before the computer crash, hehe. Seems that is getting more and more common by the day. Dani, my translator told me the same thing happned to her system, and I can understand the frustration.


As Charles said, “at least you know how to fix it”.

To which I’d respond the following.

“I don’t just know bro. I learned, and it wasn’t in college either”

School of hard knocks, and that is the best school ever, and on that note, grab some “school of hard knocks” products right HERE, bro.

Or sis.

They’ll get you in the best damned shape of your life, no punches pulled.

Guaran-damn-teed, and I don’t know about you, but ID ont say that a lot about life in general!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Stay (or get, actually) in tip top condition without investing a whole bunch of time either by doing what I tell you in Advanced Hill Training. Sometimes,my friend, more is indeed less!

PS #2- Build Gorilla like forearms via the exercises right HERE, and the BRAWN on your shoulders via the movements detailed HERE

I should have named this post “Am I a rascal”?

But, I didn’t for whatever reason. The “PS “ of the email has shown up in the subject. Always unexpected is yours truly!

But it’s true.

Anyway …. that might sounds strange from a bodyweight EXERCISE, health (True and LASTING health from the inside out lik eONLY I – I repeat, ONLY I can give you) and fitness guru, but its TRUE.

Yes, it is!

Anyway, hark back to a “time”.

I gave my (really) lovely little girl a big wet kiss on the cheek.


She revolted.

“Youre a rascal!” she went.

If you were thinking this isn’t my daughter, and a little girl at that, you’d be forgiven for thinkning it was an adult “Princess” that said that. Hehe.

Some have in a giggly manner, and my daughter is more “adultish”than she knows.

My crime was …?

Giving her a “wet” kiss. She prefers “dry” for whatever reason where you “don’t let the lips” touch the cheek, and only the upper portion of does, or some kiddie something!

Lot of things we can learn from kids, especially special ones like mine.

I let her get away with a ton. Some things that admittedly would put her in hot water with just about anyone else.

But, end of the day I see ME in her.

That ain’t saying she’s a copy of me or what not, but she’s as close to it as it gets!

And given the relationship yours truly has with family, parents etc, and given she’s the only one I truly do care about, well …

Id rather handle her the way I should have been handled myself

Through the mind, hehe. Not mindless beatings and asinine and idiotic threats.

Like Bozo Schofield the one and only, hehe. Makes me laugh some of the stuff he STILL says. (in his mind, which I can read. YES!).

Now, where was I?

Ah yes.

I’ll answer the question.


Or, YUS!

And many a girl would too, hehe.

But despite “bad boy” being #3 on the 1210 long list of names that I’ve been callled (yes, that damn thing grows daily the more Schofield writes and his thingie shrinks. LOL. TMI!) … “rascal”for some reason ain’t ther.e

Maybe it’s there.

I Dont know 

Word search didn’t find it. Perhaps I mistyped. Very probably, hehe.

And I continue to misttype too, as thos ethat get it chuckle.

As one of my best customers said.

“Good fitness books ain’t about mis-spellings or what not. Bozo Schofield, you’re a clown”.

Sage! (that wasn’t the exact comment, but it’s close enough).

And its there for all and sundry to see …

But anyway, yours truly rascal is out.

But before that, why do they call me that?

Well, end of the day this rascal FINDS a way to get what he wants, hehe.

And in my rascal like way, I got into the very best shape of my life, hehe.

Without anyone even noticing.

Learn how here.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – For the trolls out there, visit Animal Kingdom Workouts, hehe. Lots for you to learn, and troll from.

PS 2 – Thats the one course that ain’t been trolled as yet. Perhaps even the monkeys amongst us HUMANS and REAL MEN know that some things are sacrosanct, hehe.

Anyway, check out the review I referred to above.



This is one of your best books to date, clearly you understand what it takes to create the perfect beast.

Mastery of one’s own bodyweight is so much more important than some random goal of adding 10kg to your bench press.

Moving your bodyweight with strength, grace and power is how the human animal was built to move.

People, do yourself a favour and buy this book and learn the lessons in it so you too can join the ranks of the superhumans. Yet another masterpiece Rahul.

Warmest Regards

John Walker.


Again – sage bro. And thank you – keep it coming!

And like you said, train hard until your last BREATH!!!!!!!!

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