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Monday, 22 March 2021 05:32

Does marriage "soften" the individual?

I still remember the time when I gave my daughter a dumbphone, something I was advised roundly NOT TO. 

And something I often thought about a lot - but ultimately gave in. 

Let me tell you, I ain't no fan of the dumphone or smartphone or any damn phone, and even less the inantiy and videos that go on all day long. 

But at least my daughter watches a lot of educational stuff on there, which is better than nought I gues (and certainly better than the rubbish going on out there in the world TODAY). 

So I took the plunge, restored an old phone of mine to factory state (finally! That damn bootloader just wouldn't WORK for the life of me! Took me four hours plus...) and gave it to her. 

My old xiaomi it was, I believe. Lots of memories, all gone obviously - but very much alive in my mind. 

As if they were yesterday. 

As my marriage in 2008 was, a "covert" affair which neither family knew about, and when they did, no-one was too happy about it. 

And of course,we all know how that "ended". Hehe. 

Nothing if not interesting is my life, as ole Milan Bujak told me (i've got a situation going on there too!). 

Its odd though, and I dont know if he realizes it (I do business with him) "Milan" is not just a city in Italy. In Hindi, it means "meeting". 

And given the websites I host with him, I wonder if it's truer than I'm writing. 

Anyway, esoterism aside ... 

The question begets. 

"He's married now! He's over 30! He's got a kid!....." 

And so forth. 

And then the usual "he still hasn't settled down! Still wild! When will he ever!" 

Marriage, my friend, DOES have a way of taming even the wildest of horses. 

Even my wife despite the state of whatever relationship we're in now (I'm not sure what to call it!) DID manage me to get me to chop off my beloved locks, hehe. 

I'm sure ole Benjamin's wife did too at a certain stage! (the guy you see on the dollar bills, hehe). 

But it's funny, right down to his quotes about "why spoil a young girls life when you can make an older woman very very happy" ... the similiarties between him, me, and any other achiever in any sphere of life. 

Passion, committment, spirituality etc aside. You'll notice ONE damn thing. 

None of them lived "with a partner" for long. 

if they were forced to, they eventually broke out whether they consciously wanted to or not. 

It's amazing. 

I originally wanted to "live" with my wife. 

She wanted to get married. 

I thought I'd give it a shot. 

Hey, why not. 

Adventurous as always is yours truly! 

And then of course, the Delhi Police saga, the royal mess, but anyway ..  where was I? 

SOME of us beasts, my friend, can never ever be tamed. 

We'll be stallions no matter what. 

The world will "hate" us for it, but they'll also think about the million things we have DONE and they haven't (while cursing us for it, hehe). 

And thats fine. 

Takes all sorts! 

But yes, marriage, and the influence of a woman does tend to tame the toughest of men in many regards, but not all. 

Yours truly is a shining example, and so is ole Ben. 

I could give you tons of other examples too. 

Curiously enough, you'll notice they're all DOERS and achievers in life, at some point, in some area ... 

Now anyway, where am I leading up to this. 

Certainly not asking you to date older women hehe. 

Charles the former friend once made an idiotic comment to me about "you like older women with three kids". 

Hey, even if I did, what is wrong witht hat? 

It's about the mind, BRO. 

It ain't about age, looks, or anything else. 

Only an idiot would think that about either men or women. 

Thinkers know different!

But he didnt say "flab hanging off tummy". Hehe. He left that to the Bozo... 

Now, the nub of all this. 

Even if you're married, even if you're being tamed in many regards, there IS ONE thing you can do to turn back the ravages of time. 

To turn back Father Time, as it were, and reclaim your MANHOOD - become an unstoppable STUD again. 

Become the way you were "back in the day". 

When you feared no-one, when obstacles were there to be SMASHED THROUGH. 

When you were a BEAST INCARNATE!

And the way to do that, my friend, is by engaging in primal, BASE, and tough as heck workouts that get you there. 

Believe me, Animal Kingdom Workouts is the course to do it, and when you do it, you'll beome a beast automatically. 

They might not "know it", but they'll feel it! 

Just trust me on this one! 

Anyway, back to my daughter. 

I didnt know I "unleashed the beast" when I got her the phone! Hehe. 

She loves the dumbphone way more than she should, including cuddling it like a baby .... LOL. 

Anyway, more on that later. 

Reclaim thy manhood NOW my friend. 

Join the ranks of the SUPERHUMANS here


Rahul Mookerjee

A month or so ago, or perhaps two months, I'm not sure - my wife made the following comment to me. 

"I wonder how much you write about ME!" she said in one of those very (rare) moments of self reflection she has. 

She was of course wondering that after the numerous fights, arguments and everything else that goes on both online (and especially when I'm there at home - which is why I live A-LONE for the most part) ... 

And given that I rarely, if ever (at least from last year) engage in pissing contests with her (actually I didnt even back in the day), but I'd get annoyed. 

Now, it's just like whatever. 

Nazi feminism central continues ... 

For some inane reason, that makes my wife think she's "won". 

So be it. 

I'm hardly concerned about winning or losing in such stupid thing - my mind is always focused on those STUPENDOUS goals which I still ain't told you about, and which you would honestly think I'm nuts if I told you!

But anyway ... 

The same thing for most people, I'd say. 

Bozo Buttblower Schofield (who sometimes seems like a bonafide woman instead of a "sissy man") coud well be a Nazi feminist too. 

His dialogs, and the laughable garbage he left as reviews on some of my most inspirational and BESTSELLING books speaketh Volumes to that regard!

But I wonder if he knows other than here how much I "really" write about him. 

He'd be SHOCKED. Hehe. 

Anyway, I reveal all later ... in that regard. 

But for now, where am I going with this?

A, and I've said this before, virtually anything that happens in your life is a GOLDEN opportunity to sell and make money if you know how. 

And if you're a DOER. 

And two, well, that discount I've been offering ends TODAY, I believe ... 

I think it does - yes - I just checked - it DOES. 

So if you're indeed interested in my in depth knowledge of fitness and finding out more - check out the products page. 

Actually, I think you should start here - The 0 Excuses Fitness System

Build slow, go from there!

And remember to pick up some of our great motivational reads; you'll love 'em. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - "He cheats on his wife, so what can he do to his friends!" 

Poor Bozo. The second part of that is self reflecting The first is too, except the jealousy shows from one who "can't get none if he paid for it", hehe. 

Anyway, think about it. The book was Fitness Pioneer - and that was the comment he left. That, more than anything else proves why he belongs in a padded cell far away from Hannibal Lecter (for the latter's safety). 

As Charles his one time friend said "A known lunatic!" 

Friday, 19 March 2021 06:06

The Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove

Well, well, well. 

More interesting things goin gon on the "home" front - email, and another site of mine just went "kaput". 

Again, things beyond my control - but fear not - the Phoenix will rise from the Ashes yet again in that regard. 

(That last one is an administrative sorta thingy - not much control I have over those things. It happened once last October, and took a few weeks to get sorted, but sort it I DID). 

Now, this iron fist in a velvet glove part . . . 

I'm not going all BDSM on you - don't worry. 

But it's something that has often struck others - and people in my groups - and the 0 Excuses Ship, for one. 

Other than the "Keeping it Real in China" group I once adminstered, which I must admit I allowed Bozo Schofield way too much latitude than I should have - and way back in the day, Dongguan Expat, which was as rambunctious and noisy as could be in a Jerry Springer sort of manner (with even the admins firing missiles at each other) - most of what I do is CALM. 

And run with an iron fist, as I mentioned in the other posts/emails. 

I don't tolerate rule breaking, excuses and so forth. 

And Ive got strict rules. 

And yet, people line up almost daily to join the groups. Especially the employment and networking ones, all free ... 

But anyway, I try not to be an ass about the rules in that they're enforced, but not "rudely" if you get my drift. 

In fact, most of the time I dont even participate in discussions etc the members have because first thing you know, if I say something then the chorus starts. "The admin agrees with him/her!" 

So I dont say much. 

But enforce the LAW I do. 

It's the same thing with fitness, my friend. 

I give you those brutally effective workouts - because they WORK. 

Flat out just WORK. 

But I do so nicely, and I work UP to them. 

The basics can never be empashized enough in my books. 

And if you see me in person, and train with me, you'll find out that I'm anything but the strict taskmaster I appear to be (unless you're not a doer, in which case I won't train or be with you, period). 

When doing pull-ups with the CHAMP boxer, Marc, he couldn't do a single one or hang on to the pulling bar without shaking like a maple leaf in Toronto (same for the dipping bars). 

I taught him HOW to do both of these exercises or the Keys to doing 'em. 

We all start someplace, bro. 

Key is being willing to start, and he was. 

Annie, another girl who helped me greatly in the past was once training with me in the park. 

Doin gpull-ups again, and I coached on the monkey bar swings. 

Next day, she showed up with CALLUSES. 

Big time, on her soft palms. 

I could have just laughed it off, what with my constanty bleeding calluses and what not, but I didnt. 

I told her how to take care of them - and that the skin would "toughen" eventually. 

But all of this my friend, doesnt mean I encourage you to slack. 

Slackers get the BOOT, and so do wankers, wackos and Bozos that like it anyway. 

And thats why I mentioned it all in one of the most exclusive fitness groups there is out there - the 0 Excuses FItness Ship

Remember, one time memership gets you ALL here - so jump aboard NOW. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Feel the fist of "pain" in your muscle as you do the workouts in Pushup Central - the same workouts the Greats did and do, and I bring to you NOW. 

Wednesday, 17 March 2021 06:46

What "RB" knew about the value of LISTENING!

Fitness wise, Sly Stallone might never be the paradigm of "bodyweight exercise guru", but he's an inspiration to many! 

And I'll start this one out "from the bottom" as it were. 

The Bozo Bottom, hehe. I cannot stop cuckling - I mean chucklin - as I think of him! 

But anyway he said this about achievement in life - and this holds true for fitness too. 

"You've got something great to bring to the world! It might seem no-one is watching, but just keep on doing it anyway!" 

"The reason I succeed isn't because I'm the best, richest, most talented, and so forth. It's because I keep going!" 

(like the Energizer Bunny, hehe). 

These are a couple of Sly quotes I'm pulling from memory, and it applies to fitness too. 

It might not seem at the time I did the hard slogs up the hill that anything was happening. 

People called me crazy left, right and center and still do, but the results eventually? 

Same thing for you, and say pull-ups. 

You keep trying, people keep "pulling you down, or trying to". 

You keep AT IT, ignoring th eBS out there and especially the moronic pull down machines etc. 

You become part of a select bunch of ACHIVERS and DOERS! 

And eventually, you succeed at a grander level than you ever thought. 

Anyway, what does have to do with "RB", you might ask? 

Well, first off, I've had a great affinity with and for "RB's" - ever since college, hehe. 

Dr Bisland, that great Prof of mine I've always admired (along with Dr Kolibal, another great dude) used the name "Arby Bee" quite often in his great teachings. 

The same guy that once told me "You've got a strange way of doing things - but does it WORK? Hell yes! And if it does, well ...

Brings to mind what another person Michael told me (he of Dongguan Expat). 

"It might not look purdy". 

"But does it WORK? Congrats, Rahul! There is NO plugin for PHP-Nuke as of yet with this functionality. YOU might be the first one!"

All true quotes, bro. 

Any of that ring a bell with YOU fitness wise

Hopefully it does! 

Unfortunately at the time I didnt believe " I could be the first at anything" despite having all the proof to the contrary and a very hefty bank account to back it up too, and - most importantly - NO "strings" in the form of relationships etc. 

Young, single, the world was my OYSTER. It still is, of course! 

But anyway, lets get to RB. 

He was my boss at "that job". 

And he knew the value of LISTENING. 

I still remember a time when yours truly along with the HR Manager and Operations Manager, both earning way more than me (I was woefully underpaid there - I DID get some other benefits, but I had To "wrest" those rather than get 'em!) were discussing sales (obviously my forte). 

I spoke up, was interrupted, didnt speak again. 

If I'm not wanted ... hehe. 

The BOSS spoke up. 


He silenced the rest. 

In his own polite manner. 

"Wait a minute! Let me hear what Rahul has to say!" 

A few weeks ago, I had (since I was new at the job) - for once in my life "asked if I could do something". 

"No, it's your call", said the boss. No need to ask anyone! 

My type of guy, hehe. 

Anyway, he knew the value of listening, and that is the job that I've mentioned in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales, which if you on this list WANT to achieve, you want to get - grab - NOW!

But, here is the point. 

He didn't listen because "I was his favorite". 

Maybe I was at that point,  but that wasn't the real reason. 

The reason was this - he knew I gave it to him straight - and he knew if I said someting in that regard, it was TRUE. 

Which is why I was hired in the first place. 

Same thing with me. 

When I go to seminars, when I read books, when I listen to people talk about how they did things, I dont sit there and say "I know it all". 

Even though MOST of the stuff they say is stuff I've been doing naturally all my life, I do NOT say that to myself. 

I simply check the "do" list. (i.e. I've done it). 

Then I absorb like a sponge, and move on. 

There is a time to listen, and there is a time to learn, and a time to talk . . . 

And right now, I hope THIS particular talk with all it's quotes helped you! 

Anyway, I'm off. Back soon - and in the meantime - if you workout today - make it a super one!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I give it to you straight, no punches pulled in the Rolls Royce of Fitness and the FIVE included videos - grab your copy NOW

Recently, I made an investment - a fairly minor one - or so I THOUGHT I did. 

The money - or again, I should say, the transaction - never went through. 

I asked customer care what the deal was when the "transaction" never reflected the next day. 

Much like a highly moronic bank I used in the past that would take DAYS or even months (in one case, they took THREE years and it took me numerous rounds of badgering, pestering, and offical complaints to get it resolved) to reverse "transactions that did not go through" - customer care never replied. 

Four days later, I asked them again. 

Today, six or so days later, a reply came "regretting the inconvenience" and "could I please try again". 


Will I? 

I dont feel like it, thats for damned sure. 

Maybe if their customer service had been up to the mark, but given it wasn't - and the abnormal delay - I dont think I'll be proceeding after all, my friend. 

If they had their shit together right the FIRST time, and yet goofed - would I give them a second - and third chance? 

I think YES, brah. 

Sometimes though, you have to do it RIGHT the first time. 

Or, "next time may not come". 

Many a times, sales can be like this. 

You strike when the iron is HOT. 

Same thing for getting a product here. 

If you feel the urge to get a product now, then get it NOW. 

That discount, for one might not and will not last forever, and the urge, which is probably your gut saying "Dude, do the RIGHT THING fitness wise for a change!" is guiding you in the right direction. 

Postpone, and the time may go away. 

it may never happen. 

Claude Bristol makes an excellent point in the Magic of Believing, and this has been repeated in Think and Grow Rich, Zero to Hero!, Gumption Galore, and ANY other book on succces of note - that being, when the urge strikes to do it - do NOT postpone what you have to do. As Napoleon Hill rightly said in Think and Grow Rich, NOT doing so could be FATAL to your success. 

Or, you'l lhave to wait donkey's years for round #2, if at all. 

Point is this. 

Fitness wise, same thing. 

Lets taking losing weight, and lumping muscle on to your frame, two things everyone wants. 

If you go with the Bimbos and Bimbettes jacking around on the treadmill for hours "the treadmill to nowheresville" and the idiots that tell you "it's about keeping your heart rate in the target 80%" (while these same morons suffer one heart attack after the other), and then get no results, you're less likely to want to go for round #2 w.r.t somethign that DOES work. 

Demotivation, my friend, is contagious. 

Building muscle, same thing. 

Try building a load of muscle with shot shoulders - painful elbows - a wonky lower back - and pain so severe in the upper body that you can neither lift your arms up to put on a shirt, nor to hang a painting, and if you had to carry Granny up a flight of stairs. 

Lets FORGET about that last one! 

Start right, my friend. 

And it's much easier when the path has been BLAZED and laid out for you. 

I've been saying this forever. 

The only difference now is I'm getting sick of ungrateful folks (those that are) - the price wank jobs and the like - so I have Not reduced but INCREASED the prices on some of my stuff and that is how they will stay. 

They're still way more "affordable" than the idiotic memberships at a gym, fancy gadgets, dinners out, expensive liqors and the such ... 

Truly a case of priorities. 

I know where mine lie. 

Do you? 

Only you can make that choice - but remember. 

Do it right - or not at all!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And to add on to this - when you invest in my products, please remember that while pulling the credit card out STARTS the process, it doesn't take the first step for you. YOU have to do it. YOU have to be willing to put in the hard yards as I tell you. Way too many people buy something and expect it to "perform miracles". Not how it works, bro. Not!

Yall on this list know that when bodyweight exercise fanatic, fitness Guru and indeed many others things "el supremo", Rolls Royce "best of the best" style says something - he damn well means it. 

And I'll tell you right now, that ... I'm ... 

Well, let me back up a bit. 

There was a Bollywood movie once I cannot remember the name of for the love of Mike (hehe). 

Right now, I can't. 

Nothing is ever lost though, as the Magic of Believing said, so it will come back to me. 

But the name of the movie isn't as important as the tale behind it. 

Two boys from grinding poverty from the SLUMS of India (no this ain't the insanely idiotic Slumdog Millionarire movie either, and no yours truly didnt grow up in a Bombay "chawl" either - that was the great Emraan Hashm's character in the 2008 blockbuster Jannat) have a DEEP DESIRE. 

To be rich and one day become the crimelords of the damn slum, who apparently even in real life control it. 

I still cannot remember the name. Bhool Bhulayia? I dont know, probably not, but it's a massive and famous for this reason slum in Mumbai. 

Anyway, they start early by indulging in minor pick pocketing etc.

They get put in jail. 

A sadistic jailer heaps all sorts of indignites and suffering upon them - but they refuse to let their WILL And SPIRIT be broken! 

Years later, the two young men are released - strapping young men. One that THINKS, and the other that is "hot headed" to a T and doesn't think much - he just "does". 

Shades of yours truly in both of 'em, I thought. (minus the crime part obviously). 

They hatch their plans silently, and rise up to control the slum - their dream for years and years and years. 

Then they want to go to phase two of the plan, exact revenge on the jailer. 

Guy numero uno sees him sitting in a restaurant with a cup of tea, hands shaking, the ravages of TIME - Father Time - along with the fact he got fired from his job as well when the "power that be" found out about his atrocities and coulnt' find any other job other than minimum wage security guard crap . . . 

Suddenly, all plans of revenge fly out the window. 

He drops him a quarter, shakes his head, and then (doesnt even grin!) heads home in his large SUV to his gorgeous gal. 

This same thing has been the subject of many a book, not the least of which the Sidney Sheldon bestseller "Master of the Game" - I believe? 

I can't remember, but its the tale where a lady is jilted, thrown in jail, had her baby aborted, and makes it her mission in life to destroy "Charles" the unfaithful husband but when she sees him sitting there in a dreary, captive marriage, she forgets all thoughts of revenge. 

Thats revenge enough, she thinks! 

Guy #2 in the movie isn't that "forgiving" tho. 

He asks #1 "why". 

Later on in the movie, #1 renounces crime. 

#2 says he will FIGHT till he dies, and sure enough, he does. 

#1 goes on to live a happy and fruitful life with a bonny baby and more. 

Now, lessons in all this? 

One, revenge is a dish best served cold. 

Two, it's best not to SERVE it all. 

Three, vendettas aren't worth it in most cases. 

Yet ... in SOME cases, I disagree with what the great Dr Maltz said in Pyscho Cybernetics about revenge being truly "a scalpel that heals all wounds". 

Lets say Hitler. 

Would anyone in their right mind forgive a maniac like that? 

Or, people that want to hurt you - destroy you - no matter what - when you did NOTING to them (the opposite, actually)? 

Well, that is the story with Bozo Schofield, who is currently the laughing stock of England in many ways, and I'm just getting started. 

He thought I'd wilt under his invective as so many others have. 

Bring it, boy, is what I told him then - and do NOW. 

YEars passed. 

I tried to dismiss his stuff as the (as his friend Charles said) "the ravings of a certified and known lunatic". 

(I addded the certified part). 

But some of the latest nonsense he's sent me, well, I've had truly had ENOUGH NOW. 

So here is the last message to Schofield in this regard. 

Continue down this path bro - thats fine, if you so choose. 

But be prepared to reap the whirlwind. 

I dont mince words, or say something lightly. 

I have NEVER ONCE lost a war in my life, and today I (openly) declare war on YOU. 

And two others I won't name here, but will when the time is right. 

There's still time, Schofield, to back down in your little cubbyhole in the basement, but that time runs out at 00:00 today. 

The choice is yours, bro. 

And no, for the idiots that are thinking I'll drag this idiot out of his hole and get physcial - sorry, but no, I wouldn't dream of doing it. 

I wouldn't dream of getting my hands dirty with that sort of human tripe, trash, and indeed pure GARBAGE. 

Even if he came up to me, I'd knock him back down into the hole and then some. 

Anyway, point is this. 

Revenge is NOT an emotion conducive to progress. 

Rage might be, and has been for yours truly his entire life, but only because I've channeled it RIGHT. 

But revenge,vendettas - best avoided due to obvious reason. 

Unless it's absolutely essential in which case you go full bore, full steam ahead. 

Anyway, I've gotten that off my chest!

So fitness wise, rememmber this. 

Keep the GOAL in mind. 

You'll have many minor setbacks along the way. 

Hell, I know I did! 

But always remember, what counts is winning the WAR - not the battle! 

They sure did think of it right when they said "RAW IS WAR!

And on that note, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And in case you're the sort that is into physical combat sports - well - HERE is the one and only course to turn you into a human beast, bar none. 

And THIS course HERE

An idiot from Italy recently wrote in with regard to Isometric and Flexiblity Training. 

A true pisser and moaner this idiot was. 

"Just simple static bodyweight stretches!" was the theme of his comment (this idiot apparently forgot to look up the very definition of Isometrics). 

"The photo quality is unwatchable!" 

And of course, the REAL "stinker" for him - and the common thread in ALL of the Bozos (worldwide) rant's. 

"Never all of this for 46 Euros!" 

The entire sh-view is posted on Amazon, and no, I will not "ask for it be taken down". I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Some monuments to idiocy - shall - REMAIN. 

For all to see and titter at. 

But anyway, I dont know what he wanted in a book on Isometrics - a Steven Spielberg movie starring Sylvester Stallone, pumped, preened and posing? 

(like in the Specialist, hehe). 

BTW, Sly is a great - don't get me wrong - there are few men I admire more, but even he'll be the first to tell you just how unhealthy his own training regimens were back in the day, but the stretches they show in the Specialist are at least worth watching, if nothing else. 

(and Stone's legs. Hehe). 

Anyway, when I say Indian wrestlers of yore, I mean real wrestlers. 

I do not mean the WWE! 

Those guys are great guys, super entertainers, and Ive often said there was nothing better than the WWF(E) back in the day, and the Attitude Era. 

Vince mc Mahon is a GENIUS. 

I love the WWE! 

But those guys - a lot of them have real wrestling background, especially the old timers like the "Hitman" Bret Hart and such, but the end produt is showbiz and showboating which makes a ton of moolah. IT ain't real wrestling tho. 

Anyway, I was watching a segement on Indian wrestling last night, in order to check up on some facts I already know, but just making doubly sure. 

Training with clubs and maces will be part of Lumberjack Fitness which is an upcoming book. 

And Indian wrestlers do this all the time, so . . . 

I was spot on in what I wrote (won't be revealed now). 

But I was amazed - and not - to see that what these wrestlers do a lot of times - indeed, some of their signature moves were exactly what I teach in Isometric and Flexbility Training! 

One legged work. 

ROPE climbing (not taught in that book, but it is one of the best things you can do for yourself). 

The Hindu pushup "static stretch". 

And many others. 

Do you know what the Great Gama, undefeated in God knows how many matches (nah - I know - check it out here) did for isometrics? 

He pushed against a giant tree, my friend. 

That is all. 

And when you have idiots saying "it's too easy" - when you give them something MORE advanced than what the Greats did ? 

You simply feel the need to pick 'em up and throw 'em out of the window, hehe. 

I don't do that, of course. 

But thats why the PRICES are high for what I offer, and will only go UP. 

Case in point being Animal Kingdom Workouts - a book whose sheer value for money is unrivaled by ANY fitness course out there, including my own. 

And of course, the vast majority of people weep about "money". 

"It's too expensive". 

So be it, my friend. 

If learning the secrets of the old timers is something you put a price upon, do so. 

And continue to live a life of frustration and obscurity in terms of fitness, and indeed life itself. 

But for those that realize that TRUE value is PRICELESS - well - go HERE - and grab the course before the price goes up. 

Believe me, when I say something goes up, it does, hehe (unlike the Bozos's non existent qiu dian). 

And thats it from me. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another course that is truly spectacular and without PARALLEL is Pushup Central. GEt your mitts on it NOW if you so choose. 

PS #2 - And again, my fingers weary and yet never do of saying this. Please leave REVIEWS! If you're the guy or gal that recently bought THREE paperbacks from me (Rolls Royce) - then PLEASE get back and leave a review. Yes, I know you loved the book - but remember - if you don't leave a review - the Bozo with nothing better to do than twiddle their fingers will jump in with their rubbish. Yes, I know, leaving reviews can be a pain sometimes - I often neglect to do this myself - - but please, please, please take the time out to do it for my books etc! 

PPS - Some have asked why I Dont just "write reviews for them" since I know they loved it (and they truly did). Because of this, my friend - I NEVER EVER FAKE reviews. NEVER! It has to be in YOUR words. So, again ... 

Y'all probably noticed one damn thing by now. 

That the recent email glitch hasn't slowed anything down at all. 

If at all, it's INCREASED sales, site views - both from the DOERS and the Bozos, both of whom cannot get enough of me. 

That bit aside, though, what I am saying now is this. 

GREAT things have been happening as of late, and in a so called depression, we're "thriving and spawning" like never ever before! 

Which, of course, is one reason I've been known to offer (no, I ain't gonna use the term "hand out!" because it is NOT!) generous discounts to some people - especially DOERS and repeat customers that deserve it! 

And while you might think THAT is the reason I'm saying what I am (it's part of it, but not hte entire shebang by a long shot), you'd be wrong. 

Or, off base. 

The real reason is this - it allows the bodyweight Guru to serve YOU MORE!

Thats right. 

Serve - YOU. 

Give you - the DOER - what you like (and in an insane, perverted Bozo like way, I'm giving Schofield and his posse what they like ie public humiliation for free). 

Except, unfortunately, it isn't a Domina doing it. My hairy self is. LOL. 

Poor Bozo. 

But he likes it, else why would "Poodle Schofield" keep coming back for the pet on the head! 

Anyway, pink poodle puppy panty wadded Schofield's aside ... 

IT allows ME to give YOU  -the DOER - MORE OF what you want. 

Believe me, the books I have right now? 

They, as you might imagine, as the doers KNOW - barely SCRATCH the surface of what I got to offer ya. 

Both in terms of fitnes,s and life. 

Remember what a great customer of mine from Greece once said? 

"I introduce you to all these other books in the hope you give us something more. I see something in you!" 

That was Panourgias from Greece!

Hey P - Great stuff - I've finally got through a few of those books - and I hope you're doing great with the FITNESS videos in the System!

Truly a purring Rolls Royce, and the next thing for yo ushould probably be Advanced Hill Training, or the book on pull-ups, or perhaps,both, I dont know. 

But he was right. 

I've got so much to offer, and I bring it to you anyway NOW, but I plan on doing seminars etc in the future as well. 

Fitness seminars, and more . . . 

And obviously, the "more the merrier" in that regard. 

While what I am doing now can be done "as things are now", I'd never settle for anything less than max. 

Remember the boss at THAT job that said "maybe thats why we never grew beyond a certain point"? 

Well, yours truly isn't of that bent of mind!

I think big - do big - and want YOU to do the same!

But anyway, last, but not least. 

Y'all probably have also noticed my insistence bordering on "obsessed with" - REAL REVIEWS

One reason obviously is to push the Bozos away. 

But the second, of course, is to grow - that select bunch of doers - until we truly SWEEP the globe, my friend, which we soon will! 

And all the other reasone mentioned above. 

And again, please do NOT think I'm "too busy to reply. 

I might be, yes. 

But I have always got time for YOU - the DOERS! 

PAnourgias once told me "Just tell them to do what Rahul says, because it works!" 


and thats why you haven't seen lengtheir reviews from him, but remember - even if you've said it before - even if you think I'm busy or what not - I NEVER TIRE of hearing how my products have helped YOU because thats what it is all about! 

Last, but not least, Charles Mitchell - 

"... after getting on these, my grip has never felt better!" 

(fingertip pushups in Pushup Central - he (in his own words) thought "there was nothing beyond the two knuckle fingertip pushups in karate training until he got to THESE!)

And he isn't the only one. 

John Walker - 


The exercise in this book is quite difficult to master but once you crack it, it will blow you away at how good it makes your entire body feel, I’m 63 and let me tell you, this one exercise has done more for my overall wellbeing than anything else I’ve ever done. A masterpiece, thank you."

And so on, and so forth. 

This, my friend is what it's ABOUT. 

Real stuff, real benefits, real man training, and ...well, need I say more? 

So don't hesitate to buy products - but remember - WRITE IN and let me know too!


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 15 March 2021 06:12

Do I do "F ALL"?

Bender Blowfield, Bender Blowfield. . . 

LOL. (I almost said "come here, boy!" but he might like that. Ewwwwwwww. But, if I wanted to, I could refer him to some Dominas in the UK, but they might want money which the Bozo doesnt have .... LOL). 

Anyway, here's the latest (this is part of an email I wrote about last night). 

I worked for charities too and I was on TV and movies too.

Cuck never said I did anything wrong to anyone. I win awards for charity work whereas you do F All.

Now, we've covered the TV/movies part before, so I won't get into it here. Hehe.Basically the Bozo paid to be on some stupid commercial where a chinese lady was flushing a "fat phock" down a washing machine to "clean the clothes" or some rot. I pity the machine if the Bozo was actually put into it!

The Chinese have the most wierd and openly racist ads though. There was one where a fair skinned woman was putting a black dude in a washing machine and he came out "white". That caused quite the stir! 

"We no racist". 

Yeah. Right. 

True story that on the commerical - Google's your friend if you want to go Raegan on me, and "trust but verify".  

But, as far as the "Cuck" is concerned, he meant Chuck. He didnt mean Chuck was a cuck, I'm assuming, but given he used the word so liberally throughout his entire beer bender sodden email (the subject line was "Cease, Cuck! How dare you!") 

No, I'm not lying for those that cannot stop laughing. I Can't either - this guy is truly the REAL DEAL in terms of utter insanity. 

But it's interesting. 

A customer and me (well, three of us actually - there was another guy asking) were talking about Einstein's definition of insanity. 

Yes, I read Charles's review on Battle Tank Shoulders, it is good to see that others have reached the same conclusion about the book that I have but then again being a genuine customer I wouldn't have expected anything less, I cannot think how any right minded person could have come to a different conclusion than either Charles or I.
How can anyone trust a review by anyone who has not actually purchased what they are purporting to review, that just does not make any kind of logical sense and I agree totally that amazon has got this wrong but given how massive amazon is this is unlikely to change anytime soon as it does not affect amazon in any meaningful sense.
What does it take for these goons to realise that anyone with half a brain can see right through their antics? For the life of me I cannot understand what they think they're achieving, from everything I've seen so far they're "definitely not" achieving what they hoped for indeed the reverse seems to be the case and yet they still persist, I agree with Einstein in this regard "continually doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of madness".
Yours truly - 

Hi Again John

Yes, I completely agree - any serious DOER and anyone that has any real knowledge of fitness (he, like you, used to be into martial arts) would come to the same exact conclusion in terms of Battletank Shoulders and the other books - that they deliver, above and beyond "par exellence" as it were, which is yet another reason I am uber confident about "backing my stuff 100% and then some" if you get my drift . . .

The trolls, well, they get some perverse satisfaction from "dragging others down to their level " or trying to, but they're so stupid yes that when confronted with someone that fights back x 1000 with them, they go into "self destruct" mode more so than normal, which as you can tell is happening with the Bozo right about now given the madness emanating from him (his most recent rants are loony to the extreme even by his non existent standards, haha).

Now in terms of Amazon, they do put a "verified purchase" tag next to those that have actually bought the book (I think this holds for just the e-books though) but yeah - it isn't really that helpful since they allow anyone and everyone to post reviews. But yeah, it is what is it in that regard! You may actually be right in "any publicity" can be good, so in that regard, probably good for Amazon either way which is likely why they have that policy, and likely why (if you have noticed) they have removed the "reply to comment" feature they used to have (it went away this year) . . . (they were probably worried customers were going direct to the source, as you are now, though honestly, I dont get it there either - one could argue "the more the merrier" in terms of madness/comments, but hey, like you said - - it's Amazon! LOL).

With regard to Einstein's definition of insanity, thats an interesting one! Often times the reverse holds true for those actually trying to accomplish something i.e. persistence usually breaks and shatters ALL barriers - - but yes, when it comes to banging one's head against the wall and expecting a different result, that IS insanity ... but then again, these nuts aren't exactly the most logical to begin with, hehe.

Keep training hard!




That was an interesting conversation! 

But let's see, the Bozo doing charity? 


He sent me an odd picture of him sitting round a table drinking beer with some equally odd looking folks from the Phillippines. One of those "shacks". 

Apparently the Bozo shacked up in the shack until Charles gave him the money to return to infest the UK. 

It's interesting though and more on self projection, the Bozo used to accuse other dancing monkeys of "flaunting their passports" to get jobs. 

(I still remember him going nuts on a baijiu fueled bender (engine oil fueled) accusing some dude "Andy" going by the nick name of Americana doing this. Weird! That guy didnt even work ESL from what I knew!) 

(Not everyone is a dancing monkey like Schofield is, hehe)

Yet, his email tom tommed his own passport for whatever reason. 

"UK passport! I dont need visas anywhere!" 

Well, goodie. I wonder why he felt the need to prove that? LOL. 

But charity

I dont know, his bald dome aside, there wasn't any evidence he could even support HIMSELF, let alone do charity. 

PRobably drove the poor shack dwellers insane too! 

But anyway, the definition of insanity is what I want to cover (finally, hehe) - - as well as doing "F all". 

Lets see. 

Over 35 books here, over 82 on the other site, and over 3000 or so blog posts - and so much writing that most people wouldn't be able to get it done in a lifetime, and WORKOUTS - and tinkering with them - my coaching calls - usual family drama etc - and then of course, my travels all over the world. 

And my OTHER busines interests ... 

ANd thats just off the top of my head, bro. I'm not even getting into web development and the rest of it . . . 

But the "do F all" is a familiar refrain from me, and one I've heard from others as well (no prizes for guessing who). 

People that actually themselves do "F all" and then self project. 

What I do my friend is I work SMART. 

You may think I'm just "sitting there and doing nothing", but THOUGHT moves mountains. 

And once I move, I move with the speed of a jungle cat (indeed, my buddy from the Marines once told me "Rahul, you've got the instinct and reflexes of a wild cat!") and I make MONEY. 

Lots of it, if I so choose, and I do so without mooching around with jobs etc or other Bozo like thinking that the masses have been fed to believe. 

Fitness wise, you too can do the same, my friend. 

Train HARD - and smart - not necessarily for Bozo like donkey's years (he apparently went for 10 mile walks or some such nonsense which he did perhaps once a year - I could tell by the wheezing etc on the dumbphone!) . . . 

And get RESULTS. 

Do things my way, my friend, and you'll start to get the results I do. 

And always remember, persistence wins out bro. 

No matter what. 

So if you're been working these exercises hard ,and haven't yet seen the results you want - give it time. 

It'll come - if you let it - and when it does - you'll be BLOWN away. 

Alright, this has gone on for long enough, so I'm out. For some reason I've done long form emails today! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If having the fitness, strength and REFLEXES of a jaguar in the wild, or wild cats in general "turns you on" - get Advanced Hill Training right NOW, my friend. This is another one of those gems a lot of people ignore. And again, please. No "it's too expensive" and price refrains. Just as you woudn't mention price when you talk Rolls Royce or Jaguar, it's futile, idiotic and STUPID to wail about price on this course. Truly a gem, truly priceless. 

Just do it!

Sunday, 14 March 2021 11:51

Message to Bozo Schofield and his posse

For a change, I won't "wax lyrical". 

I'll let the customers speak for themselves -which I often do, of course in reviews etc ... 

And THEN you'll hear my thoughts on this. 

Anyway, ever since Amazon removed the "reply to commenter" button on Amazon (I guess they did that out of fear of "customers going direct to the source", or perhaps troll replies to real comments, or both - I don't know) ... lots of people have been wanting to message the Bozo if just to toy around with him a little. 

Rahuls' bunny he truly is, hehe. Albeit a rather nasty and smelly one with weird preferences! 

Anyway, on the topic of troll reviews, and such which I've been really enjoying (The Bozos make me a lot of sales), here is what a customer John from the UK had to say on the topic (we were discussing, and I brought this up in an email prior to this "why Amazon allows trollish reviews") ... 

Hello Rahul

It would appear that amazon lacks the conviction to really vet who is and who isn't a genuine customer, could this be an example of the belief that there is no such thing as bad publicity? 
As you and I have previously discussed this you already know my thoughts of "reviews" as I've said before, I couldn't give a flying fig about anyone's "opinion" the fact is when I see a negative "one star" review I immediately sense that there is some kind of an agenda behind it, especially when the reviewer feels they need to point out that the book has typographical errors, "get a bloody grip".
I have read hundreds of books and I've yet to read a single book that didn't have at least one typo, so what? Who cares? What bloody difference does it make? All that matters is does the book contain the information that you seek, does it teach you something you did not know before? I buy books to learn something not to check if the author managed to write the book without making any typographical errors or spelling mistakes.
If all that you care about is whether or not a book has any kind of errors, then you're not really interested in the book and what it can teach you, you're just an agenda driven moron who's got nothing better to do with your time.
Rahul, if you choose to put this to use:-  This is my message to all the arseholes out there that deliberately write bad agenda driven reviews in the hope that people will believe what you say and not make a purchase just because "you say" it's not worth it.
Give it up, you're fooling no one but yourselves if you think that people cannot see through your obvious bias and know that you're full of shit!!!
Warmest Regards
Amen, John - and he's just given away (or everyone with any sense knows it, at least - Dejon, real strongman was thrilled when we discussed the Bozo and his obsession with yours truly - "The Glyn files must be great for sales", he said, hehe, and he is right!) the reason I keep talking about all the time about the Bozo like reviews, and why I enjoy them, except he's done it in a great manner, a very down to earth and REALISTIC manner! 
Kudos John! 
Yours truly ... 

Hey John

Indeed, often times there is no such thing as bad publicity especially when it's people like Glyn "the Braying Jack-loves-ass" Schofield with an obvious bias/agenda/axe to grind - I'm having great fun with the Bozo today as you can tell. He keeps trolling, and I keep "bunnyin" him back which he of course hates, but as far as Amazon is concerned, I'm not sure why they have that sort of policy. Obviously any serious book seller would want only buyers to leave reviews,  but then of course you have people that may have "borrowed" books that want to review it?

I dont know, if I were Amazon on this one, I'd only allow BUYERS to review, even if those reviews are trollish reviews, at least the person bought 'em, so they have "some basis" to review, as it were ... but apparently Amazon doesn't feel that way!

So maybe it's "any review is a good review" ultimately, if not for the buyer or (and) writer, then for Amazon at least. No idea, like I said, if I was running a book site - and indeed on my own www.0excusesfitness.com site, I do NOT allow anyone that has NOT bought to leave reviews, but then again, thats just me!

And yes, I completely agree - if someone is buying the book to "prove the author wrong on something" - like the Bozos do - then their opinion truly does not count, because neither is factual, nor is it any way realistic. Information products at the end of the day are there to provide INFO, not "look purdy" as it were, and like you said, if the books provide more and newer info than anything else out there, then that is what counts!

Well said - and I'll post this on the site soon enough - thanks for sending it over!

On that note, Bozos aside - did you see the latest "real" review for Battle Tank Shoulders from Charles Mitchell, a long term customer of mine? I loved it - now thats why I do all this! (you guys are what make it all WORTH it at the end of the day).

Keep up the great work - and the "advanced book on pull-ups" is WAITING For you! ;) (i.e. whenever you're ready)



And that, my friends, truly is THAT . . . 
Sometimes, I can't say it any better!! 
And, Bozo Schofield, you truly are well on the way to your goal of becoming the laughing stock of the century - international Bozo at that, hehe. 
Rahul Mookerjee
PS - Grab the advanced book on pull-ups - you, the real and serious trainee will - LOVE IT!!!!!!
PS #2 - Here is another email the Bozo wrote me (note the "get a grip" part) 

Please stop writing about me and get a gorilla grip, otherwise myself, Chuck and others will be paying you a visit


Poor Chuck. Poor Bozo. They have NO IDEA. LOL!

(anyway, serious trainees, DO get a Gorilla Grip...) 

 PPS - Last, but not least, I do check books for typos etc, but there might be the RARE one - nothing like in my Tai-Po Riden EmailZ though, hehe. 
I still remember a great Editor I worked with in 2014 Steve - - but even those guys sometimes miss it. Hey. We're all human, hehe. 
But seriously, yeah, I do check books for typos etc. Not that it matters either way! 
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