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Hypocrisy. Dishonesty. Backstabbing. 

Those are probably the top three pet peeves I have. 

And then, of course, we have something else. 

"those that dont reply to long, well thought out well crafted communication for topics that are important". 

I cannot tell you, my friend, as to how much it IRRITATES me. 

When you write someone a long email - which you've thought out well - which makes your points in a logical, rational manner such that the other person should discuss them as opposed to ignoring - and when said person, individual, or company - just doesnt get back to you, or if they do, they reply with a cursory one line copy and paste it took them perhaps ten seconds to type out. 

You can just tell they ain't read what you wrote!

I get this sort of attitude all the time - from big companies, small companies, medium sized, and of course - individuals as well 

We are how we think, and it's no surprise that this sort of thing has just increased these days. 

It really started happening to me a few years back. 

I'd write back. I'd message. I'd contact someone. 

And then ... Crickets. 

Radio silence. 

Or, an irritated "we're too busy!" reply when you ask the other person. 


No-one's too busy, my friend. 

Fact is, if you're important enough, people will find time to reply. 

As Marc the African Silverback Gorilla rightly said when I complained about all this to him. 

"You're right, Rahul. I agree. If they dont get back within 24 hours it's just plain disrespect". 

(I usually give people at least 24 hours to get back, but beyond that? I agree!) 

And to me it isn't just about disrespect. 

To me I feel irritated and aggravated that I wasted my time typing or otherwise explaining or making a point - and the other person just flat out ignores it - either because they cannot logically reply to the points being made - or because they dont know how to "mollify" the person writing in i.e. sometimes the other person is just right, and we gotta accept that in a rational manner - or, because they're too lazy to read. 

I gave you the example of utterly horrendous customer service from Google in an e-mail or so a few days ago, no? 

Yes, I think I did! 

Back in the day, when I was working I.T for Freddie, one of the managers had some issue. 

I wrote them a polite email back asking them to please detail HOW it happened (note - this wasn't one of those useless emails where you already explain what happened, and they write back asking you the obvious yet agian - this was a first response) and so forth ... (or the emails which yo ujust open, and you know from the BS up top that they're interested in mostly platititudes, but not SOLVING the issue). 

I got a terse, annoyed response. 


Rather than writing long emails you shoudl come here and fix it!" 

Freddie was copied in on that too. 


Problem was, he wasn't willing to explain what and how exactly it happened, and if he didnt, well, all the "going there" wouldn't fix jack shyt. 

But again, thats another example. 

He simply couldn't be arsed to reply. 

Lots of people aren't. 

"Too busy". 

Personally, nothing irritates me more than not getting replies, and this is just getting more and more frequent these days. 

I mean, inaction is pathetic. 

For instance, if I send an email, write back with your thoughts - unsubscribe - do SOMETHING - anything!

I suppose "no news is sometimes good news". 

But to me I'd rather hear back from my customers, talk to them, find out whats going on in their lives etc, and then (if they're interested) - tell them about myself, and so forth. 

All requires communication, my friend, which is a skill sadly lacking in most people. And companies! 

"The passionate 2% will always rule over the demotivated and non-passionate 98%" was the summary of something I read on Twitter the other day. 

It's so true!

Live life with gusto and passion, friend. It's theo nly one you got!

And as far as the getting back thing, and actually making customers and people feel like, you know, they've been HEARD - its only Amazon thats doing the job right these days I feel. 

True, their frontline service has become nigh atrocious. 

True, some of the canned bot responses and "ignoring" I get is insanely aggravating and annoying. 

But at the end of the day, if you're persistent, someone with an actual grasp of the issue you've raised, and a proper understanding of it will actually get back to you and make you feel that you've at least been heard - which to me is the most important. 

Make your voice heard !

Write back with reviews, questions about exercise, training, anything - I'm here for YOU, my friend. 

But the radio silence my friend is what "irritates me the most" - because to me time is money, and time spent crafting well thought out pieces of communication that garner very little response might or might not be time wasted, and ... ah, but we got into that! 

Back soon - I had to get that off my chest. Now I have!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Be sure and pick up the most "non time wasting", "get down to brass tacks" JUST DO IT Fitness system here

PS #2 - Oh, on that note, another thing that irritates the heck out of me? Folks trawling the internet, or bots or what not, and sending me auto emails to the tune of "hey! We want to feature our article on your site" - or some recent lunacy about me adding someone elses link onto a strength and conditioning email I sent out "to get exposure i.e. they'd expose me once to their social media list, or actually, they never told me how many times they'd do it" - or asking if I want to buy beer kegs, or so forth, and of course, to these people, when you email them back its what? Radio silence!

Pathetic to the say the least ... 

Like, people seem to forget when propositioning the other person that everyone functions on the principle of "whats in it for me!" 

PPS - Thank you again Amazon - you did the right thing (I wont get into that story here, but they eventually did the right thing). Hopefully, as I said in my email to jeff, you guys manage to sort out the issues (that have really magnified as of late) in India. I'm sure you will. Persistence solves all, and I'm sure Mr Bionic i.e. Jeff "Relentless" BEzos would be the first to agree!

Henry Ford, my friend, is peerless! 

I've often spoken about his "I want it, and I shall HAVE IT!" quote - which oddly enough is one I've been using all my life, and most doers have too - without even knowing it in most cases. 

If you're the sort of person that always ultimately achieves a goal, unless a better one shows up - ultimately GETS what you want - hardly, or ever "loses" in this game of life or others - (at the end of the day) - then YOU too, my friend, have been using this line. 

The more, of course, you say it to yourself, the more power it has and permeates that much deeper into your subconscious! 

Anyway, today's quote from Ford is this. 

"An educated man, is one, I think, who doesnt just know a lot - but knows how to do a lot of things!" 


And another slap in the face to the jackasses and Bozos that moan and groan about "you're a jack of all trades!" and "those people that do everything!" and "You need to specialize in thissssssssssssssss"! (and then of course, when "this" goes down the commode, then they act like you should find something to do pronto, but forget what they themselves said about being specialists). 

Nothing wrong with being a specialist, nothign at all. 

But you should always have more than one tool in your kitty, friend. 

Business wise - the number ONE, as I wrote about before is a bad number. 

Life wise, same thing. 

And SKILLS wise - same thing!

Lets see, for me .. 

I went to school to be an "Engineer". 

Quit that first semester, and moved into Computer science, beer drinking, and a host of other unmentionables. hehe. 

Along the way I got a Math minor, was urged to go to grad school (Princeton was one which one of my favorite professors always told me to apply for! i.e. no Mickey Mouse classes) - never did. 

Was urged to specialize in some code monkey job - never did. 

Went to China, not because of the IT support job, but the adventure it offered me. 

And there was tons!

Moved into SALES!

Then did my own thing a while - web development. 

Had a side fitness thing going, which yes - there was another blog before all of this! - that started in 2006! I spoke of a billion dollars in the last email, I can only imagine what if if I had kept that up. 

No advice to do so, of course, learnt from the school of hard knocks. 

Did lots of Bozo jobs, ESL etc along the way. 

Truly, put me in a job - and I can do it! 

That would never have happened, my friend, if I didnt have the smarts to be someone that (instinctively) wanted to do "everything" and certainly more than one thing. 

I mean, why not? 

We're multi faceted - and multi-talented - all of us - even the most maligned ones of us!

(Speaking of which I've been getting lots of insidous remarks as of late to the tune of "what a toxic male!". 

My reply - thank you Ma'am - I love the compliment!) 

(and I truly, truly do). 

I'd rather be that than a cuck and/or simp. 

Anyway, Ford, I believe it was, was badgered with useless questions over "everything" when an idiotic newspaper filed libel against him for something in the 1940s. 

The opposiing lawyer asked him so many meaningless questions that even the jury's eyes began to google (such as "how many soldiers did the Brits send over to quash the rebellion":). 

Finally Ford lost it. 

"Will you tell me, Sir", he said impatiently and with that steely GAZE - "just why I should answer all this and or pack my brain with USELESS FACTS when I have at my disposal a row of pushbuttons I can push that will bring men in that HAVE all these answers down pat!" 

Now that was an educated answer!!

Ford, my friend, was possibly the greatest ever. 

In the modern day era, I'd say only Jeff Bezos compares - and not because of his dough. 

Because of his FORESIGHT. 

Amazon truly is built upon thinking the way the smart customers like me (and you, hopefully!) do! 

Their service as of late has improved as well - and today's appointment with them went swimmingly well. So they listened. Thank you, Amazon!

Fitness wise, same thing. 

If you can do 100 pushups per workout? 


Truly is. 

But what about 50 pull-ups

Can you hike hills without collapsing

Can you do a 100 squats? 

And ditto for any other exercise. 

Truly, my friend, its not just about the ability to focus on one thing and do that one thing very well - thats good, yes! 

But it's about being ABLE to do many things - and do 'em at all a certain level of competence is what truly makes greatness. 

Out for now - back soon!

And in the meanwhile, pick up the best and greatest fitness system ever out there - the 0 Excuses Fitness System - truly the Rolls Royce of all fitness programs out there!

And last, but not least - REVIEWS, folks, reviews. Write back, let me know your honest thoughts. I'll share 'em with the world!


Rahul Mookerjee

Monday, 28 June 2021 13:47

The noises your joints make ...

One of my favorite overall body stretches, if not THE most used and favorite one (along with the downward dog position in the Hindu Pushup and the "patented Rahul Mookerjee" squat) in Isometric anf Flexibility Training is also one I use throughout the day. 

I use it when I'm tired - and feeling great. 

I use it when I'm low on energy - and when I need to stretch. 

I use it before - and after working out. 

I use it to warm up - to cool down - and in between. 

Most of all, to stretch - basically, I use it ... all the time! 

What is it, you ask? 

Well, it's a stretch done on one leg that stretches the butt and hamstrings (by extension the hips) - beyond belief. 

As your joints "lock" into place as they were supposed to be once again, you literally feel things start to :flow" again. 

This feeling is difficult to explain in writing alone, but those that have done it, and especially those of you with tight hamstrings will understand!

I've always had tight hamstrings (perhaps from an overreliance on "studies" and none on sports growing up except swimming, and swimming is great, but the calves and hamstrings need to be stretched a lot, and differently from how they're used in swimming alone!). 

And it feels great every time I do it. 

It also feels ... noisy!

Like literally, bones knocking into place but without the "grinding on top of each other" that happens when you're injured. 

Like, muscles and ligaments knotting back into joints ... 

Like, tendons stretching OUT - and the tension cracking out - kinda like when you crack your knuckles!

With that in mind, a reader from the U.K. Amy asked me this the other day. 

Hello Rahul, 

(there were a few questions on 0 Excuses Fitness that I won't get into here, but the last bit was...) 

My limbs seem to be make a lot of noise when I bend down in the squatting position, and especally when I stretch and move about like you told me to. 

(she's a personal coaching customer) 

Is this something to be worried about? 


Long answer short, in case you didnt get it by now - - no! 

In SOME cases, if it's excessive, you might want to check and see if you're doing something wrong .

But in most cases, the clicking, clacking, locking back into place and stuff - it all happens because things are realigning inside. 

Because ligaments and tendons are getting stronger - both when you train and stretch. 

This morning, when I woke up, I rested my weight on one arm unconsciously. 

And ... POP!

My entire neck / shoulder region popped. 

It felt loud as heck to me, even amidst the air con running ... 

But it felt great too without trying! 

Ditto for when I squat down occasionally, or do other stretches ... 

Anyway, this sounds like a simple enough thing. 

But believe it or not, many people have asked, so I'll address it now. 

I just did. 

And I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Truly the missing link that connects everything else I've written in my other books is the book on isometrics. Pick up your copy NOW. 

This was renaming itself to "shop", almost! 

But that shop where I sold green tea and other items (physical items - a much "unnnoticed" part on the 0 Excuses Fitness site but it was THERE) - is deactivated - for now. 

If you guys still have an interest in buying green tea etc off this site, let me know and I'll set it up. 

But for now, I'm doing it through the following site - www.shristiimports.com. If you want to source anything physical from China or anywhere else - (Bozos and women not included, hehe) - then contact me via that site, and we'll see what we can do. 

In the future, the 0 Excuses Fitness products page will also have a link for physical products - Tshirts will be one. Sweatshirts too, as a lot of you have asked! 

It will also most likely include a link to my OTHER physical products - tea - coffee - cardammom - spices and so forth. 

All of which are doing roaring business right now despite the so called recession. 

Truly all about man's thinking!

Anyway, this isn't about any of that. 

It's about the much vaunted and superb 0 Excuses Fitness Ship - possibly and probably the very best in fitness memberships out there - bar none. 


Truly for the elite of elitest doers ... was that the other way around?

Well, you get my drift. 

And until now - what made this membership so worth it? 

Well, two things ... 

Unlimited access to ALL our products and courses for "one single fee" as it were - as long as your membership stays active, you get access to everything year around, 24/7/365 ... 

Second, more access to yours truly. 

And third, a form wherein YOU guys can talk to EACH OTHER - remember, it's one thing to seek advice from a teacher, but quite another to compare notes etc with fellow students, benchmark, mark your progress etc. 

So those were the three "main" benefits. 

But others that I had before - but have temporarily deactivated - well, for one, I had an area where you guys could uplaod your OWN documents (training manuals etc) - and keep them for your perusal. 

A "my account" section - although thats back now obviously. 

But in the future, actually going forward pretty soon, here are more compelling reasons you'll want to sign up for the membership - 

One, for now, physical books aren't included in the Ship membership - because of shipping etc. Although we offer free shipping globally as of now for paperbacks, it's just too tedious to work in a "one price meets all" thing for physical books. 

So Ship members - as of now, you're buying them at the regular rates. 

But in the future, I plan on offering even more special discounts etc for paperbacks off the site - often times as low as 30-40% which is a steal. 

Special coupon codes etc which won't be offered to "regular" members. 

Perhaps most importantly, VIDEOS!

That ole bugbear I so hate, hehe, yet do on occasion  - when it's warranted, such as the stellar and superb videos I did for the 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

By itself, any ONE Of those videos is worth the entire investment of $249.99 you make in the system - but you get five, and two superb books too. 

But I haven't done any other videos other than that, apart from a few brief snippets. 

But, that might change soon!

The more I look at Lumberjack Fitness for one, the more I think I'll be doing some videos for it - but as part of the Ship membership. 

The more I think of the pull-up books, I remember that I never did a workout video either on pull-ups - or Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

And all my great courses, actually. 

I might rectify that down the road - I likely will. 

And while these will likely be a purchase option for regular members too, remember - price. 

It makes far more sense to get it all for one price ... 

... and if you're part of the Ship, all of it will be freely accessible to you at any time. 

Download, redownload, do so as many times as you want - your choice!

Or burn them on CD's, hehe, and keep them with you (a couple of folks have already done that - I dont blame 'em!). 

So those are some very , very compelling reasons to sign up for the Ship now. 

And last, but not least remember. 

The no refunds policy holds very true. 

Again, no refunds for whatever reason. 

If you think you can sign up, then cry wolf about somethng after getting access to all the goodies, then cancel - nope. It ain't gonna happen. 

My payment processors have been informed of this in advance too. 

So bear in mind - once you sign up - for either a six month period or one year - once you're in, you're well and truly "in". 

And that, my friend is that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I've been getting so many people apeing me on Shitter, yet not getting the results they want. Look, fella, you can ape all you like but you cannot duplicate Mozart or "be me". Just like I can't "be you". That sage fact for whatever reason doesn't quite penetrate for most thinkign "if he does it, I will too!" 

Yes, you can. 

But not by apeing... 

It just makes you look like an ape if you do so. Hehe. 

Alright, enough for now. Back soon!

PS #2 - Freddie was right when he said "yo udont work cheap!" all those years ago. 


I dont. 

And nothing will be cheap on this or any of my sites. 

So price shoppers, I realize you are getting pissed at "why is everything so expensive" and "if it's him, it's a lot of money i'm going to have fork out!" ... 

And I can sort of understand where you're coming from. 

But the price remains what it is - if you're part of the elitest of the elite, or want to become one? 

Well, gotta pay the price first!

Nothing if not a glutton at times as I like to say, hehe. And I am!

But of course, Eat More - Weigh Less - or Advanced hill Training, depending upon how you look at it takes care of the fat accumalation and thus forth!

YES, the stories I mention on the sales page - right down to the FIGURES - are spot on true, and they'll be the same way for you too if you dot he thing.

But, can't keep burning the candle at both ends and neither would I advise anyone to.

But the occasional indulgence is fine!

One of those for me is chocolate - and pancakes!

The first was an admittedly unhealthy dessert I just had - chocolate cake. But, I had it last year and not after that, so ill be fine!

Second, the pancakes!


And healthy too!

I remember when we (ex girlfriend and me) went up to New York, and visited Vermont. We literally carted back crates of beer - and maple syrup!

Straight from Vermont or Canada (some of it).

The real deal!

Awesome stuff!

And of course, I remember all the all night breakfasts at Shoney's.

My favorite was Waffle House though!

Anyway, what I BE waffling about now, you ask.

("waffling" is Aussie for babbling. Hehe).

Basically this.

I had pancakes tonight, and chose HONEY - natural - instead of maple syrup - and it was great.

Great, great, great!

The GENUINE maple syrup is great too, if you can find it.

Unfortunately a lot of the stuff out there, especially these days is fake, and jampacked with too much sugar, preservatives etc.

And if you're a Simple and Effective Diet reader, you know what I say about sugar possibly being the MOST dangerous thing, even ahead of alchool (which is packed w.sugar) for weight loss!

Rightfully so.

Anyway, the honey was great.

And at this point, you might think I'm working up to "an alternative to being a lazy ass".


I am, but we'll get to that later.

First, its about ... :an alternative to an even deadlier in my opinion plague (certainly worse than this silly Wu Flu).

The dumbphone addiction that has taken hold of damn near everyone in society and the "video mania" i.e. if it's not on video, people won't "read it"!

I'm the opposite.

If I cannot say it in writing, I wont - and I do NOT watch videos. That much has been made clear, hehe.

YEs, I created some great videos for the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

But thats a different story -s ome of the exercises you "need to watch" to get the form down etc.

And I'll probably create more for my other courses etc depending upon demand.

Anyway, thats the extent of my videoing (no, I dont do You Tube and the other nonsense bar a few snippets).

I know.

But thats me!

Anyway ...

Dumbphones do the following (amongst many other things) -

They humb your brain to the point of addiction - much like drugs.

Dopamine "drip" x 1000 - and the withdrawal effects are much the same the minute the phone is taken away!

They KILL Creativity.

They WASTE time/

They turn you into a lard ass and lazy phock!

And far, far more.

Dumbphones, my friend are by far the mot useless thing ever invented, and many of my customers dont even have 'em.

I only use 'em for the banking and such ...

And as Charles Mitchell once famously said, "they've got dumbphones out there to addict us all, but they can't cure knee problems for folks that can't do sprints".

He's right.


And a far better alternative (oh, the Charles comment has been well addresse din an email a while ago) ...


Which people do way too less of.

Makes you more creative, reverses the dumbphone effect, makes you a better writer, forces you to think, expand your mind, vocab, broaden your horizons and much else not mentioned here!

Much more else thats not mentioned here. (just dont read the porno Bozo Schofield is addicted to!)

And that, my friend is the "gyan" for today.

Thats Hindi for "advice".

dont know WHY this "redneck from Texas" or "hombre from El Paso" or any of the other 2000 plus names on the list or "illegal at the border", hehe (nah - really - no!) used that term, but I felt compelled to, so I did. LOL.

And I'm out!

(The Bozo did once make the comment about me being illegal or some rot with his "its' only whites allowed in America" retarded statements, but coming from a Nigerian (most likely) with a fake passport running around in Britain, thats a lot. HA!).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pimp her e- Rahul's bestselling fitness BOOKS and products!

So, in response to the "I won't eat lunch with my students in China" post the idiots at Linked-In did what I've been thinking the're going to do for a long damn time.

And hey, it's a prime reason why you (if you are on social media, and it's your primary source of income) - need to build your OWN business model that is NOT dependent on social she-dia for one.

Or even any one source of income.

No matter how reliable you think it might be, that ONE source of income might dry up - then what?

No matter how many swoooooooooooooooooooning fans you have on Instagram by showing titties or what not, guess what happens when Insta bans you?

You go back to square zero if you dont have a fallback, and if you're main business isn't structured on a different model.

I've written TOMES on this in the past - recent past - TOMES. Do a search on the blogs, you'll find it!

If they can ban Trump they WILL ban you.

Freakbook censored my posts, and I never got back on there.

I've been saying for a while now LinkedIn - I'm gonna get off on ther eSOMEDAY.

They made the decision easier!

They basically logged me out after their last ruling "deeming" what I posted was blocked in China, and if that was all, I wouldnt care!

But then this -

Your account has been restricted
Why did this happen ?

We have placed a restriction on your account because we detected behavior that appears to violate our Terms of Service.

For more details on the kinds of behaviour that can result in restriction, refer to the "Do's and Don'ts" section of our User Agreement.
What to do if you believe this action was an error.

If you believe your account has been restricted in error, you can submit an appeal by first verifying your identity with us.

Once we verify your government-issued ID, we will review your account to see if it has been restricted in error. If you are eligible, a Customer Support representative will reach out to you to let you know if the account restriction has been lifted.

Even this BS wouldn't matter much.

But, take a look at the bolded last sentence.

ever heard of any social media wanting Goverment issue ID like passports etc for one??? To unblock your account?

I ain't never heard of it. Normally all they ask you to do is verify your email, phone number, and then reset password or something, and thats that, and thats all they need to do. They ain't got no biz with your personal ID!

Unless, of course, it's WeShat.

WeChat for what it's worth is famous for banning accounts and then requiring a "facial" scan to be done and an apology to be tendered in case you're deemed to have fallen foul of their rules (which is why after the new idiotic security law in Hong Kong, I stopped posting on Weshat altogether).

And LinkedIn, I've long said, and people have hemmed and hawed but didnt listen (much like they didnt about the plague from China, and how it spread, but they're listening - NOW!) ... has been quietly pandering to china for a while.


Ever wonder why Shitter and Freakbook and Shoogle are banned in China, but not Linked-In?

And as of late, they've gotten MORE aggressive about keeping the paid trolls on there, and booting people with a right wing bent of mind, or those that are freedom lovers or what not.

Basically, anything pro China, no matter how false or Tom Tomming is kosher.

And anything even remotely critical of the See Xi Pee?

They'll delete the posts.

Enough times, and theyll block your account - then terminate it.

Well, guess what - you fools at Linked-In.

I aint' interested in supplying you with government issued ID, so that you can supply it to your Chinese masters.

(they probably have it if they care to look, but I ain't gonna make their task easier).

And I sure ain't gonna stop saying it like it is either.

So, 10 k plus followers on Freakbook "in limbo".

7 k plus on Linked-In - gone unless they folow me here (lots do) or I decide to accquisce to Pinked-Out - it aint gonna happen.

Fuck their professional network. I'm getting sick and tired of this lefto pandering mania, and I'm sure you are too!

And in any case, if they banned Trump (well, FB, Youtube And Twitter did) - then I'm in hallowed company. Hehe.

Anyway ...... so much for the idiots that claim "I only do it for the money".

If I did, I'd be wagging my tail every time the social she-dia companies asked me to.

I dont.

I do the precise opposite.

No pandering.

And no easy workouts!

The best comment, or one of th ebest ones I ever got -

from a patriot, Charles Mitchell....

"Don't ever become a pussy trainer to make more money!"

Never will, bro. Never will. It's about PRINCIPLES AND STICKING TO THEM, and it's that simple!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - My grip is SORE, and thats the Gorilla Grip guy saying it! But yeah, check out the book now - you'll love it.

PPS - What else? Ah yes, Advanced Hill Training and Animal Kingdom Workouts - after all the emailing I've been doing on them - lots of people are on those workouts too now. If you haven't gotten on 'em - do so now. but be warned - BRUTAL!

PPS #1 - And if you like BRUTAL x 100?

Battletank Shoulders!


Monday, 31 May 2021 07:02

The "we're" nobody thinking!

All the time while growing up, I heard the following from one person or the other - in one way, shape or form.

"We're nobody!"

This was of course most commonly heard in family when I had an issue, or somethign needed to be resolved (per my satisfaction, not what someone else thought was right, and so forth) ...

I heard it directly often.

But I've heard it INDIRECTLY more often - via vibes and feeling.

Ever wonder why a lot of people, my friend - never get to enjoy LIFE like it should - or perhaps dont attain whatever financial goal they deem are important to them?

Because deep down inside "we're nobody" is what drives them - though they might not show it externally.

I've seen it with more people I care to talk about.

It's also a fact that birds of a feather flock together - so if you've got people thinking that way, those you attract to YOU will naturally think that way too.

Except, if you're the free bird that dies when caged, and refuses to be in the first place.

And, if caged against its will it might break its beak getting out - but get out it will!

When confronted with a problem - an annoyance - a customer service related issue - anything - arguments - etc - ANYTHING - you'll never once hear me say the above.

In fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to say I've never thought the above or said it in my LIFE.

PErhaps thats why I'm doing what I am now!

Despite everything else ..

It boggles my mind - always has - just what gives someone the right to not just tell themselves they're nobody (bad enough) - but try and foist it on to others too?

Of course you're a somebody - we all are!

THAT is the foundation that Jeff Bezos built his fortune and Amazon on, though precious few realize it, and those that read this will probably just pass on by without thinking much about it.

Ho hum, they'll say.

But think about it, friend.

It might seem like "you're just one man with no power to change anything".

So were all the greats you see NOW that have changed things beyond imagination.

In many, if not all cases they were "less than nobody" and left for "finished".

Yet, they didnt give up on their ideal - their goals.

Which they didnt necessarily share with the world!

So this thinking, my friend - is what YOU need to change - right NOW - and if you dont have it - well, you may want to do a self analysis, way more people think this way than they'd otherwise think themselves not to if you get my drift.

Personally, if I thought I was a nobody, I wouldn't have gotten the superb results I have in all areas of my life - despite some tremendous lows that most people will never ever see - but the highs made it worth it.

And still do.

But anyway, fitness wise.

Why can't YOU, the current "dud" at pull-ups (if you are) - become a stud - or super stud - or better?

Or, the pushup guru par excellence?

Or, the guy with the six pack with real strength everyone envies?

Or, the guy that BETTERS Rahul Mookerjee fitness wise?

Or ...

You get the photo, friend.

Can you tell me ONE single good reason as to why it's "not possible" or wont happen?

If its logical, I'll listen.

Thing is, there IS NEVER a reason why you aren't a somebody - or if you want to be one, why you couldn't become one - in any area of your life.

Fight against this all you will.

But it's true!

I'll be back.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Lots to share, so much!

How it goes, eh. It's odd I should be thinking of this right about now . . . Thoughts truly do transmute sometimes without "us" meaning for them to!

The Universe my friend, never, ever forgets.

As Emerson rightly said, that compensation for your actions might not come NOW - either good or bad - or in years - or 10 years - but come it will - and come it will with compound interest.

You can find the exact quote in his own flowery language on the blog if you search. I couldn't be bothered to type it out in its entirety here, but the Laws of Compensation are a must read for ALL of you - period.

No matter what you're interested in, or not - period.   (Edit - no, I get nothing for bringing it to you)

Maybe a lot, if not all of what is happening TODAY will make sense to YOU when you read it.

Maybe thats why the Sage of Emerson (Edit while putting links in - Concord, I should say) showed up in 2019 during the hill climb in China!

"Youve got work to do, boy!"

True. I had been neglecting it, but anyway, where was I (nah -  Ididnt really neglect this ever - it was just not done at the amped up level I am now - and I'm just getting .... started!)

Anyway, where was I.

Friends selling each other out, eh.

Let me refill my cup of tea because this will likely be a long one (no itsn't about the Bozo selling me out in the most inane and yet the most cruel fashion after all I did to help his sorry ass out) ...

Bozo isn't part of the story.

BRB (Be right Back).


Now that I am!

Green tea at my side - let's GO!

At the outset, I'll pen a quote from one of the parties in this ungodly mess/saga.

"500? I can barely do 5!"

So says (lets call R #1 - "the Lion" as it were) a person who had never done Hindu squats before, and after I introduced them to him.


This ain't about fitness.

Its about back at THAT JOB!

Back at that job, when I left it (although tempers were beginning to fray long before, and yours truly doesnt and refuses to back down - boss or no boss, it dont matter to me!) ... or right before, I snagged a client.

Who came from another client (through another client).

Who came through another.

Normal, eh?


Except that "last" client came through yet another client who I had snagged the year before (when I wasn't working at that company).

Lets call him R #2.

R numero two built a website with THAT company.

I did the sales, handled the deal.

He then introduced another person to the company - with the stipulation that he get 10% of the deal no matter what.

Remember, these were school pals we're talking about (and no, I'm not goin gto name and shame other dude - he ain't involved in this so...)

Then he introduced R numero ONE to me!

Now, as is common with web design projects, I got his stuff done - first, the design.

He was never happy with it. We did, did again, did AGAIN, redid again until we finally hammered out one he was happy with (he was one of those unreasonable clients you hear SO much about these days).

Especially on pinkedout ...

Then we did the (I should say, "we" refers to my company, not THAT company) programming part of it.

His requirements kept increasing, kept increasing, kept increasing.

Anyone thats done any web development will tell  you cannot keep recoding until the cows come home with no additional compensation.

Thats like going to a Honda showroom - buying a car - then coming back "because something included wasn't" (because it wasn't) and then attempting to get a whole bunch of new stuff done for the car without paying a dime more.

It dont work that way, my friend. People expect web development, writing, even books to be like that - why?

I dont get it, my friend.

Product like any other (but that attitude is why I stopped doing web deve years ago - I still do it, but now - only if I'm compensated x 1000 UPFRONT for the entire project first, if not, well, no problemo amigo - find another sucka).

At the point the "relationship" was about to fray for the final time, I requested R numbero uno to get involved and calm #2 down - the same thing you'd expect any account manager to do - the same thing I did for that company all the time.

He never did, claiming "thats not how things are done", thats not the deal.

Actually, it WAS an unspoken part of the deal, and he knows it. he would never have made the deal if not.

OK, fair enough.

I then asked him to fork over a bit of his 10% because really - I was getting gouged for above and beyond what I was paid for - WAY above.

And he wouldn't say a word, so I figured hey - lets just get this done and be over with it - but I saw no reason to ask him what he did.

He got back with some whiny BS about "this is not how it's done in Canada" (he was in Canada at the time apparently).

Funnily enough, another Candian client gypped us months ago - just ran away without saying a word! (in this case us "refers to" - you got it - that company!).

But anyway, it all fell apart.

Numero Uno kept blaming me for not doing the job when the truth it was done OVER and beyond his written requirements (yes, I've got PROOF - both financial and otherwise of all this).

He then "set a price" and asked for a refund i.e. ok, I'll give you this much, but you refund this much.

Like telling me "I'll set a price for the book you wrote".

Insane and retarded.

Naturally I refused.

(this was after I told him about number TWO because number two was starting to really, really tick me off with his behavior and implications of "I'm superior because I'm Canadian and the ROW doesnt exist").

All he had to do was pick up the phone and TALK!

Anyway, I told numero uno to get a refund from his "bosom buddy" who sold him out for "10 %".

That part of it was never addressed, apparently, or was it?

What I do know is the following - #1 did all he could to slander me and besmirch my reputation - he kept it up for a while. HE also filed requests with Paypal etc - all roundly and obviously denied, and Jeez, if even Paypal and banks refuse to accept your so called evidence of fraud - hmmm! Something not right!.

I also know that number two got back with "I'm goin gto sue you!"

And with ... "You've destroyed relationships that go back years!"

Without, of course, mentioning the two friendships he sold out FIRST - before ANY of this happened.

Of course, I got blamed for the entire mess, not to say at that company where the lovely boss claimed "it was their client".

It wasnt, and I've got proof (but if he reads this, and has his own version of it, I'm all ears, pal!)

(No, saying "because Im the big boss" doesnt mean proof).

Apparently I was supposed to work on the pittance they were paying me the rest of my life.

Minute they upped it grudgingly (and this is one of the mistakes I mention in the book - bosses - this a must read for YOU in terms of why employees LEAVE) - they expected x 100 more.

Sorry, pally.

Ain't how it works for ME. Never has, never will, never should!

Given the money I Was making for them, you'd think they'd be happy to focus on that other than inanities about "he works from home all the time! He doestn come to office!"

And now?


All come full circle hasnt it boss.

Anyway ... the Bozo Schofield saga prompted me to write this.

It's also yet another great reason of why mixing business with pleasure (I wrote a tome on that a few months back, remember?) is NOT and NEVER a good idea - even when it's male friends involved.

And that off my chest - why did I bring this up?

Well, because years later (more than 12 years now) - I have an uncanny feeling numero uno is thinking of ME.

My uncanny gut is always right ...

So, I figured I'd write this in advance.

Anyway, have YOU had any similar experience?

Write back - let me know - I'd love for you to share it!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS - I'm stirring the pot a bit I know. But hey. I've always found it better my whole life to DO first and ask questions later!

PS #2 - Another pot stirrer of a course - two in fact - three, actually, and the most roundly trolled yet admired?

Advanced Hill Training

Pushup Central

Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Along with the 0 Excuses Fitness System ya'll will want to get your mitts on this - NOW!

PPS - This also reminds of me of Charles - but we've been over that one multiple times!

Always the consumnate salesperson and bestselling author and shameless self promoter am I - hence the book, hehe.

PPS #2 - And this is an edit, I normally never do 'em, but I had to here!

.... but I'm HONEST. I dare you to prove me otherwise.

Brutally honest (as opposed to the conniving, THEIVING from multiple people), philandering in butts, MORONIC (profoundly so) and COWARDLY Schofield who didnt have the guts to do what he did to my face, hell, even blocked my WeShat before he started!! What a PANSY! - and amazingly, this sort of person still gets pity and sympahty from the one person he screwed over the MOST i.e. Charles!! Insane!) - - -  thats the one thing (and another) even my most brutally honest detractors have never ever been, to the point of utte frustration, hand and head wringing and more been able to accuse me of NOT being.

Anyway, couple things -

The "company" threatened to sue me as well and sent me some silly notice typed up in Microsoft Word by someone I wont mention that just copied and pasted off Google, and used another guy's officious sounding title to cap it off. HA!

I'd have loved for them to do it ...

Naturally, they never did - it would have been the most laughable so called suit ever, and probably get called out for Contempt of Court!

The other thing, and Nazi feminists globally will love this.

My "wife" (interesting how my "girlfriend" got called my wife eh! By Bozos who didnt pause to think) at the time was somewhat blamed for it too.

I've been very verbose about why you shouldn't mix romance and business with no less than two stellar and shining examples before so I wont get into it again here.

But ... her ONLY involvement there was as an "account manager" of sorts from my side, and she did what she was expected to.

OK, end of tale.

Sunday, 23 May 2021 08:50

A couple of small changes ...

A couple of small changes that might not seem like much, but they are given my plans to ramp up x 10000 to the next level!

First, the sign up pop-ups on all the sites should now REDIRECT you to ... another page.

You'll notice you can sign up on that page.

And no, "clever spammers" or the #1 troll in the world the Bozo won't be able to get past it for the most part, because there is a double optin.

For you genuine customers, that means you have to optin - AFTER you sign up!

In other words, you'll get an email (if you dont, check spam etc) AFTER you sign up to activate your subscription, and if you don't, well, nothing doing.

Sorry for the extra step, but I should have done this a long time ago.

Pretty soon, this will be implemented on the contact forms as well.


To stop idiots like the below - (or at least give them food for thought) -


Getting a home loan as a freelancer or contract employee is no easy feat. That’s why I am writing a piece that details what the “self-employed” need to know before they apply for a mortgage. Would you be interested in posting it on your site for your readers if I send it over when I’m done?

Hope to hear from you!

Adam Taylor

Like, WTF, Bozo Taylor.

I've stopped responding to these fools, but it'll give them more pause for thought, hehe.

Second, and more importantly, the button on some of the popups - for the Ship - wasn't working.

It is now, and should redirect you to the  Ship page, if not, let me know!

And that, bro is that.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The best and most trolled course on pull-ups that gives you results beyond your wildest dreams - is - HERE!

Picture this, my friend.

A guy that pays the bills around the house - 90% of them.

A girl that "chips in when she can" - and even then she's constantly moaning, groaning, and bitching up a storm about money.

A guy that "either by hook or crook" does half of the dishes, or at least unloading the dishwasher etc as a "job" while the girl who does it "when she wants to".

A guy that gets NO benefits around the house other than what the Nazi feminist woman "wants".

(or, that she has no choice over). (The ones she DOES? She'll make sure to make his life hell "until he pays for it in one way or the other" - except when the shoe is on the other foot i.e. HE wants the same? Nothing doing! "Those big bad men! Wail! They torture us")

And of course, anyting the guys wants - needs - anything at all - last priority, if at all!

It was a great customer indeed that made the comment about women being windup artists, and NOTHING MORE in the grand scheme of things.

That might sound harsh, but think about all the nasty and incorrect things women say about MEN?

Anyway - back to it -

A guy that is constantly working to improve his life - while a woman who does NOTHING to improve hers, but bitches up a storm about "it being the guy's fault" all the time.

A guy that is supposed to bring home the bacon, and DOES - and a woman that ...well, she's a "Chinese or Korean or American or American Australian" soap opera fanatic - and a woman that is supported by other Nazi feminist women and cucked men in doing so.

And of course, a woman that will threaten to stop doing her share of the chores (which equates to a big fat ONE i.e. cooking as an example) at the slighest hint of "disobedience".

This, my friend, is the scene in most Nazi feminist dominated households, except ...

... more and more men - and WOMEN are waking up to it!

And not all of the men living in said households are cucks.

Some are very vehemently NOT.

And therefore ...

I might not agree with Charles on a lot of things. (the friend).

But he was dead on right when he told his girl the other night who was bitching about "his romantic entanglements and how she didnt agree with 'em" (like someone asked her).

"Look, this guy is here on his own! It''s none of your damn business!"

And he was right. No-one asked for her silly opinion on it.

He was right too in that he didnt get into the right wrong BS part of it, when truth be told, sometimes, there "is no right and wrong" because you look at the overall situation, not the idiotic blame game these women in general play!

And a girl who Chuck himself once told me "she doesnt do SHYT around the house" (basically the same thing as the situation above).

And a girl (the one in the situation above) who does everything possible to irritate, annoy, delay, postpone, put off what has to be done, make the guy do WAY more than his fair share etc . . .

And of course, Chuck gets routinely blamed for "mistreating" her when she probably does more than her fair share of it too in one way or the other.

The shoe is always on their foot, it seems!

Anyway, did this strike a chord, my friend?

Yours truly has plenty of experience in all this - not the being cucked part, because I never was, and refuse to be.

No matter what.

But, I've got plenty of experience dealing with Nazi feminists, and can help YOU - and I know a lot of YOU are dealing with way worse than what I've mentioned above.

I can help YOU get past all of this - wait for the book on it. Whenever it comes, along with all the rest of the "to be released" books.

Over the last couple of days, I've been busy dealing with Amazon.

If it ain't one thing it's the other.

Then, software has stopped installing on the lovely laptop I have.

If it ain't one thing, it's the other!

And so ... again, books on hold "for now".

But anyway, fitness wise, there is a lot to learn HERE.

(we've been redoing the look of the site, newsletter functions etc a little as well).

Anyway, then they wonder why "men leave".

And the idiots call those that are smart "deserters".

Until, of course they're Jeff Bezos or the like, and then of course "anything they do is acceptable including a harem right in front of them".

Pathetic it's come to this, hehe, but I just told you rule numero uno in terms of dealing with all this very succesfully if you can spot it!

And I'll be back.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Ever notice that Nazi feminists NEVER call women out for cheating?

Married women cheating on their husbands - cuckolding them with yours truly - I told other women about it, and the reply?

"So what! Women can do it!"

And men cant.





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