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I've written a post on wokeism here - an immensely popular one. 

But before we proceed, a bit on the "royal Cock up" as Phil ... we'll get into that, just told me. Hehe. ... 

It means "f up" for those not in the UK, or without an imagination. 

And obvously, for you on this list, that means I was not just talking to YOU on this list, but also my erotica (one time) publishers - but it's the most amicable split ever, they still sell my books on their site, and I love those guys - GREAT guys - common sense galore, and I've always supported them, and will continue to do so!

Yes, I'd have written all those books on the other site, 85 plus anyway. 

But there is always something about the first time, pun intended and not given the content of those books. And the first people you work for, your first job, and so forth ... 

Anyway ... the cock up on their end was something I pointed out to them (well, I was mostly asking about royalties from their end, although I sell myself for the past X number of years, and am doing extremely WELL, I still sell there too so ...) , but the cock up here is that we are, until Nov 1, apparently, down on email. 

No issues with the provider - it was a bit of a mess up at MY END. hehe. 

But, should be sorted soon. 

And wokeism aside ... let me just past the convo, it makes for better reading than anythng else! 

Hi Rahul

Yes, a right royal cock up! I had copied the site to play around with the Multi-Vendor option I’ll be offering sometime soon hopefully. Forgot to redirect the site and disable the newsletter programme!

Anyway, all good here and whatever is happening in this crazy f…..d up woke world just passes my by. Listening to one of my team who has just reached the magnificent age of 24 we are doomed anyway. Not a scrap of historical knowledge sits in his well-educated head let alone what life was like before social media and the sharing of everyday events that have become international news. Ah well, that’s life!

The website sales are moderate, Lulu distribution of our books is not as good as it was when we had Amazon direct. We have tried a number of pseudonyms to open new accounts but get found out everytime.

I’ll run a little promotion on your titles in the coming weeks and see how that goes.



OK, so yours truly .. 

Hi Phil

I have to agree, these young 'uns, social media addiction and dumbphones ... you are probably better off banging your head against a brick wall in that regard! (and as a customer said, that brick wall would likely make more sense, hehe).

Yes, this woke shit everywhere, this "forcing everyone to conform to some "big brother" BS or else", this "ostracization" of folks with INDEPENDENT thoughts ... Just pathetic to be honest but thats how it's all headed before (I believe, at least) "natural selection" finally does its thing (Darwin or whatever) and things get back to "normal" again i.e. what it used to be like in the 90's, that was the last time I saw anything remotely resembling normal, hehe.

Or, post WWII though I wasn't born then!

I'm dating myself by saying all that, I KNOW - LOL - no pun intended!

"Cock up", now thats the first time I heard it, and SO appropriate, hehe. Yeah all good buddy - was just giving you a "headsup" on that one. I'm sure those with their cocks already up would click through anyway! Hehe.

Thanks as well for the offer on the "mini promo" - my suggestion would be to try it on the<chopped> series, and perhaps the <chopped> books - or I dont know, maybe you could choose, but those are what are "appealing" to a lot of folks right now, especially in the UK and Germany for whatever reason. Haha. Always knew there was something about Hitler and why he wanted the swastika. LOL!

And, noted w.r.t what you're saying - yeah, Amazon accounts for most sales obviously, which probably explains the lack of or reduced loyalties. It's strange they de platformed yall, but thats Big Tech, and another reason I keep saying best to sell on your own site ...

(though Amazon, although they banned my account a couple of times for overly racy stuff, hehe - so they claimed indirectly - has never been an issue for me, so not sure why - perhaps it was something not related to the adult nature of the books, Amazon's algorithms can be strange that way i.e. the reason they ban accounts!).

Great to hear back - dose of reality as it were - and keep GOING!



PS - Don't EVEN get me started on panixations etc. LOL.

Well, that should explain my thoughts on it! And trust me, people are as tired of woke as YOU probably are reading this.

We just dont hear about the folks that are nigh tired of it, because their voices are never heard (though they're in the silent majority).

You will see why in the next conversation I quote!

But a coupla other things … and our friends from Germany will know this – the “Hitler” fantasy – either male or female is a surprisingly COMMON ONE – and as thought policing keeps getting more and more insane, “behind the scenes” people want a return to NORMALCY – desperately!

Dont get me wrong.

The guy was despicable and a madman, but as far as fantasies go, I dont think we – or anyone – have the right to judge anyone’s fantasies so long as they “conform” to SSC!

And of course, LEGAL and and of age …

Hey, those jackboots for one! Hehe.

I’ve written MANY a multiracial book - erotica themed – its never been an issue for me, and NO, it isn't the woke "colored over all"

It’s about the MIND!

And the workings of the mind that makes things, and life more interesting!

Second, of course, remember – and I’ve grown hoarse saying this on all my businesses.

Build your OWN business above all else.

Sure Amazon, Google etc might give you more sales short term or long short term.

But, Big Tech is notorious for deplatforming people – unfortunately, my last publisher was one of them – no plausible reason given either.

Just look at what Twitter did to a sitting U.S. President for one!

And one fine day, you’re doing GREAT On Insta with 1 million followers, for instance, next day you’re banned, and if you have all your eggs in that basked, you’re essentially screwed!

It's happened to me on the other business too, I got banned off Insta for ... posting NO nudity, not even close!

No reason given either.

Other than "sole of someone's foot" was deemed "NSFW" and fell under nudity! 

If you can believe that.

Some idiot like Bozo Schofield probably had a hissy because that is what he salivates after, it hit home, and ... well, you know how it is when things HIT HOME! 

Didnt bother me none, my site – which has always been my main focus - is going great guns, always will.

(the hell with Insta is what I said when I was deplatformed, despite my 1000 plus followers, all SOLID followers not finding me there, they've all come on to my email list there, "swelling it" WAY PAST 40K!)

IT's about giving people what they want. Period!

And third, but NOT least?

The books I suggested to my old publishers was the first series I wrote, it will always be close to my heart, "Madam" Jyoti was so NICE!

Those sparkly eyes, those pink flip flops … the shorts, of course. Hehe. All made for an unbeatable (PUN, lol, for those familiar
with the content of the books) - PACKAGE! (pun intended again, hehe, and not if you're Salivating Bozo Schofield, hehe - he loves those books too, hehe, though he can't GET NONE).

I suggested the promo on their site be done with those titles, because THOSE are what most people LOVE the most! (other than CHinese you know what, hehe).

And of course, WE hav e a lot of promos going on too for our cock up books – some expire at the end of October.

On the other site, people know about those! Hehe.

As we do for our fitness books - HERE!

Thoughts transmute, my friend, better than the written word ever could – provided we give them a medium.

No-one can really censor your thoughts my friend, try as they might - they FIND A WAY!

Anyway ...

Lets see what the great John Walker, one of my best customers had to say recently in an email about staying in touch.

That "what the hell is going on email".


Thanks for reaching out, sorry for not staying in touch but life just gets in the way sometimes.

I'm not sure what's going on but I just feel that with all the pandemic shit that's flying about that it's really getting me down.

There is so much pressure being ramped up to force people to get vaccinated, we are bombarded every day with new restrictions like so called vaccine passports without which you're basically locked out of everything but essential shops.

All that is bad enough but when your sister refuses to speak to you because "you are selfish" for refusing to get vaccinated, well that's the last straw.

There are so many brainwashed people doing all the world's governments bidding that I'm struggling to see where all this is heading, that uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach that we spoke about previously has not abated, in fact it is now a knot that seems to tighten with every passing day.

Please understand you are my brother from a different mother and that will never change.

If I go quiet from time to time it is nothing personal, I've always been a lone wolf even as a small child and sometimes I just need a pause to sort things out in my head, I'm sure you know what I mean.

Anyway mate enough about me how's life treating you? Well I hope.

All is quiet in the mainstream media with regard to India, have things improved to any noticeable extent?

Just know I love you man, take real good care of you and yours.

Warmest Regards


Yours truly - 

Hey John -

Great hearing back from you - and no worries, I was never doubting either the "lone wolf" part (I'm sure you've seen the emails on my Uncle for one calling me a "wolf", hehe) - I've always been that way myself! - or the "brother from a different mother" part.

Yes, I figured it was "everything going on" that has gotten you down big time, I understand; people in general are just not acting normally. Sometimes I feel as if I'm the odd one out acting "as if its all normal" - which it is, really, it's just the panic driven "sheeple" thinking that has brought the world to this "cross roads" as it were.

(and, as you probably figured out, the "where are you" email ... haha, there's plenty of people that needed to hear that!)

You are right to have the uneasy feeling in your stomach (as you spoke about before), but (and as you know) remember that OUR OWN thoughts are what create, and destroy, and that there have been men and women (and I believe I wrote about this in a recent email) that have not just survived, but thrived during Depressions way worse than what it is now globally (though it's all going south - rampant inflation etc is just the tip of the iceberg). . .

I know you know that, but we all need a "buck up" every once in a while!

Yes, I hear you regarding the guilt trips etc people give you about not getting panixated as I call it. I just laugh at them and say "yes, Im selfish" - because, there is literally no point reasoning with fear stricken (panic) people ... or sheeple. It DOES hurt when your own sister - or relatives dont talk to you, I guess for me, as you know, I've never once had any sort of real relationship with any family (my younger sister for whatever reason played right into my mother's hand of "ruining the son's life") ... so it's easier in that regard, I'm used to it from a very young age - but hey - I hear you - all I can say is "to hell with people who cannot accept rational thought and/or another opinion" - even if those are relatives...

I know, not the nicest thing to say, but there it is, my friend . . .

As for me? One thing after the other, but thats life these days, we strive for better PERSONALLY - and I've found what I keep telling everyone to be true - hang in there, and things will get better. Precious few people listen anyway even during good times, but now? Like zero, hehe.

But it's true ...

And that is that for now. Thanks again for stayin in touch John - much appreciated! By the way, and importantly, DID you figure out what book you wanted to get next (I remember we spoke about that in July)? Just curious, of course, some sanity if nothing else, and a real solid dose of it as you know i.e. REAL LIFE sanity!


Rahul (The book on training with implements will be done as soon as I can get the kettlebell section finished - other than that, for you? I think you've got a lot of my books already, maybe Advanced Hill Training, and a few others, not sure - but either way - if thats still "on the menu" - let me know!)

And that, friend is truly ... THAT!

Back soon (oh and yeah- note the part abotu the books above, applies to everyone!) 


Rahul Mookerjee

It sometimes amazes me, the similarity I see between a lot of my customer's private lives - and what I've seen growing up - and what I continue to - and the constant reminder of "why I CHOSE to be the way I am". 

Growing up,and indeed until now, the concept of "life should be relaxed" was never a thing. 

Its always rush, rush, rush - if you're free, then "find something to do" - if you're earning money comfortably - then "slog to earn it" - or so forth. 

Basically all "driven" by my mom who always needs to "have something to do" - except that isn't HER doing something, it's her tossing the entire house up and down, involving all and sundry - on a weekend at that - when it's time for all to rest and relax. 

Apparently weekends and holidays are when "work gets done". 

Which to me has always seemed the most inane thing ever - yet, women in general, I've always seen it that way with women!

Could be ANY woman I've been with for that matter, right down to women "hurrying on holiday" so you can see more places. 

I mean, Jesus Christ, why GO on a holiday if you gotta rush through the whole goddamned itenary without pausing to rest, relax, let it all sink in? 

Perhaps that is why, as John Walker said - I'm the guy thats lived life on his OWN TERMS and will continue to as well. 

I figured it out, yes, I'd have to - or I'd have gone bonkers by now - or become a Glyn like cuckold. 

It's amazing so many men put up with it of course, the constant do this, do that crap! 

The constant "there's something to be done around the garden". 

The constant, "there's always something to do be done around the house" - usually the most ANNOYING, insane crap ever - which requires you to wake up at freaking 6 o clock on a weekend of all things!

John, looking at how my mother does it, always has, always will - I feel you! 

But of course he's different from my Dad in that we share most of the same values (myself and John - and a lot, if not ALL of you customers!)

Most of all, a LOVE for hard training, and a knack of sorting past the BS, and saying it - and doing it - like it is!

But really, this insanity that women get up to "housewise", just insane, even more insane that men put up with it!

I'll be back. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the fitness system that will turn you into a he-man not just physically, but MENTALLY as well - the 0 Excuses Fitness System

PS #2 - There is a reason I wrote the book on COMBATING and profiting from Nazi feminism. Believe me, there is!

I gotta be brutally honest about this one, all the news I see on this is so hopelessly either politicized, or goddamn WRONG. 

And missing the point - boat - entirely by a country mile or so forth. 

Politics aside, this won't be one of my typical "conservative" pieces either by the wya - let me roll up my sleeves, and give it to you straight as someone whose been there, done that, way back in the day - and it was a lot better, the overall situation back then!

The libs for one keep pushing back against the assertion - which I believe holds TRUE to a large degree - that giving people huge amounts of aid (in a comparitive sense) -  over and over again does nothing but enfroce the feeling that "Big Government will always be there to help", and end of the day "the government will do something". 

Sometimes, this can be good. 

I believe Trump did the absolute right thing when he announced those initial COVID checks and aid but it's gone on for way too long, my friend. 

The piper has to be paid sometime, somehow, and a lot of people - NOT all - but a lot - simply got accustomed to getting paid for doing nothing - and therefore, they aim at just that. 

As the great Jeff Bezos rightly said, human beings are naturally lazy - and they'll find a way to do LESS no matter what (or get the job done in an easier manner no matter what). 

Laziness aside, yours truly is the perfect example of the latter - finding ways to creatively make more money as opposed to slogging through broken glass on my elbows tthrough the figurative field to deposit checks in an account, hehe. 

And I'll take it!

But the aid, or lack of it NOW is NOT the main reason in my opinion. 

Does anyone ever talk about what these businesses are OFFERING? 

Crappy wages that haven't risen in forever, and the minute the employee wants more, they start looking around for a replacement. 

Or, per hour employment "ad hoc" with no health insurance, no benefits, nothing ... 

Or, as some companies do, be cheap on wages by saying "we offer you free housing, free this, free that!" 

Hell, son, I dont want your free housing, I tell 'em. I'd rather have the CASH IN HAND and figure out what to do with it and where to live MYSELF!

They complain these days about people saying they'll show up for interviews, then never showing up - or showing up, getting the offer, and then bailing. 


How it feels funny when the shoe is on the OTHER FOOT!

BAck in the day, I'd ask people EXACTLY what people are asking now. 

i.e. can you pay me what you want, and if you can't, then it's a waste of time me even coming in. 

More than 11 years down the line, people are only starting to ask that, and employers are already up in arms. Haha. 

Hell, I remember some interviews I went to where I knew it was a waste of time. 

I went anyway for the long drive. Hehe. Or to get out of the house. 

These days, heck, if I were in that position, I'd save my cash - and gas - and get a six pack instead. 

Then you have a lot of employers quietly getting fat on their stock options, bonuses or what not - do we EVER hear about them saying they're "doing well"? 

No, it's always "cut throat margins", we're under a lot of pressure etc. 

We woul dnever know Jeff Bezos's worth if it wasn't for the internet, given how little the man, who is by far the businessperson I admire MORE - speaks about his immense and WELL EARNED, truly DESERVED WEALTH.... 

Think of it from the employee's perspective though when businesses use every excuse to extract that last bit of flesh from the employee "pound of flesh". 

Then apparently people "dont want to do the grunt work". 

I got a solution. 

Offer them enough, they WILL!

Hell, this has been going on for a long time, friend. People dont want employees with BRAINS that will demand more, that will want just rewards for their work, and so forth. 

That caused me to entirely drop out of the workforce years back - and that aint gonna change - ever - no matter WHAT. 

And another bottom line, there are simply too many people int he world, and too much, as I've said before, "me , me, me!" going on!

Attracting what I want - OK, great. 

But when everyone is focusing on me, it aint gonna end up purdy in the long run ... 

Anyway, what do I know. 

I'm just the fitness pioneer and in many other areas too - where when I first started, I had ONLY Digital products - NO paperbacks or hardcovers!

EVERYONE told me that wasn't the way to go. 

Everyone pointed me to the gurus, how they "shipped hard copies of everything". 

Aint nothing wrong with that, friend. 

But there is a time and place for that - and customers that want that sort of thing - and theyre great customers, dont get me wrong - but NOW? 


I'm SO glad I continue to operate as a one man show (which Charles once famously derided "you know nothing!" - apparently one's worth or biz success is determined by how many employees one has) ... with VERY little overhead - other than my own time, labor, input, and expertise, an dso forth. 

And therefore, yours truly is sailing through all of this relatively unafffected. 

think it's just me doing this? 

Think again!

There's people now on Amazon literally packing stuff in bags you'd expect to find at Walmart - and shipping them out that way to save a buck. 

I was horrified when I ordered a product, and saw it packed that way - true, it wasn't a product that needed fancy or even extensive packaging, but still!

But that, my friend, will keep happening... 

And last, but not least, this goddamn supply chain crisis? 

SOME of it is inevitable yes, but I truly believe a lot of the so called crises are man made. 

And getting back to biz, and businesses not being able to find employees or what not, I'll quote ole Boris in the Uk when he said businesses basically need to stop relying on low cost labor and actually , you know, PAY their employees a bit more!

So goddamned true, my friend, despite him being pilloried from all ends, he's HIT the nail on the head. 

Sometimes, employers do need to get their GAME in order. 

Anyway .............. 

Thats my take on it. 

And if you have another, write back, tell me!

And of course, remember that a solid, strong immune system is the very best thing you can do for yourself NOW. 

This linK HERE will get you what you need right NOW- The 0 Excuses Fitness System. 

I'll see yall!


Rahul Mookerjee

Charles Mitchell, a customer of mine once made the following comment about learning of my "love" - and great aptitude for Math. 

(remember, walking in drunk for exams, acing them all, hehe) 

(that's a TRUE Tale!) 

(as most of mine are) 

"If you wrote a book on Math (or maybe he said Calculus) I'd buy it too!" 


Perhaps he would. 

But I dont have any plans to become Professor Rahul, despite a long ago photo on Facebook that caused people to call me just that. 

True, it was me in one of my more idlyllic, "staring into space" moods... bearded, with glasses, yet the surroundings where it was taken was anything but. 

A lesson to all social media addicts and "judging how his life" is right there. 

Tru, Tom Tom's - perhaps you ccould - but people that know how to read minds, camouflage etc - not so much (yours truly). 

Parenting is also one of the areas I could write tomes on, as I'm sur eyou've learnt!

And I'll always remember what my Dad's friend once told my Mom when she was trying to stop me from guzzling cold BEER ... 

"How will you stop him when he's no longer at home!" 

SAGE, hehe. 

From a man that did it himself! 

But more sage was this comment he told me . 

"No matter what you do, even if you get a girl pregnant, come home and tell your parents". 

Ah, if only I could. 

I remember asking my father about it the next day (I was 17) 

He said I shouldn't take "the words literally but the meaning". 


Therein lies the nub, my friend. 

In my family, it's always been "pleasing my mother first and foremost above all". 

Kids be damned, world be damned, all of it be damned. 

Maybe thats good for cucks and Nazi feminists, but for kids growing up? 

(and I'm glad to see more people are coming out with all this after reading what I write - a lady recently wrote about how her mom told her "you've ruined my whole life!" - so much for women supporting women eh? As my "wife" said, women are often each other's WORST enemies!) 

Yours truly never ever had the reassurance that no matter what I do, I could tell my parents and "ultimately " all would be fine. 

I remember my Dad once telling me when I quizzed him on why he had kids. 

"Because they turn out alright in the end". 

He was saying - or hoping "turn out as Mommy wants". 

And from a guy that has been put in the role of "unwilling enforcer" (which trust me, he's LEAST suited to be) his whole life, I found that interesting - and not - both at the same time. 

But anyway ... 

For me, with my daughter, I've always told her this. 

No matter what you do, you'll still be my little girl. 

I mean every word. 

Not for me the "my house doesnt include you" (when it comes to my daughter) and other nonsense people like to spout. 

I'll support her till the day she passes - or I do. Hehe. 

Now, this needs to be taken with a grain - or pinch - of salt. 

I do NOT mind I will support her being a brat - not working hard - not wanting her to go through the school of hard knocks, and so forth. 

I WANT all that to happen i.e. "naturally". 

And certainly, some of the parents that do their best to cover up horrific and grisly crimes their offspring commit, both male and female - I would never go to those extremes. 

But, other hand. 

Children need to KNOW that their parents, and Dad plays a huge role - has their BACK growing up. 

THAT is what I never had, and THAT is what I want to give most to my daugther, and THAT Is what I am telling you, my friend. 

Kids need to know there is a line to everything. But, they also need to know your parents have your back no matter WHAT. 

And that, my friend, is the message for that one, as this afternoon I sit and ruminate about a lot of things. 

Ok, enough on that. 

Kids also need to knwo that fitness is numero UNO, friend. 

And two things - one, ADULTS need to set an example first. 

And Two, if you've got young kids, they need their OWN programs to follow. 

And that, my friend is that .

You know whats coming next. 

Take action!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For those in the "ignore" i.e. those that read and do nothing, would it be too much to ask you to click "unsubscribe"? Thank you! And if someone reading this falls into that category, yet doesnt do, I'm sorry, but nothing to me screams out LOSER MORE!

(I mean jeez, dude, or lady, you can always get the free stuff from the site, but why clog up a list if you never have any intention of buying anything?) 

Thursday, 07 October 2021 09:59

Why kids love dinner table conversations

Often times, when on the phone with people - or if I am on the phone with people, which I generally NEVER get on - because if someone's calling me, I've found out it's only because they are trying to dodge some fact I've brought up via text or email and want someone to "listen to them" as opposed to two people having a conversaton and the usual "I'm your friend" bullshit when really it's a matter of the other person being a fuckin leech for the most part... I get irritated. 

Ever notice that some conversations go around and around? 

If you're having a problem, you tell someone pat comes the answer - well, what are you doing to solve it (without you asking for help in any which way).  

Like, dude, how would YOU solve the same problem? 

When you tell these idiots that, they hem and haw. 

And of course, for most people they're bored and looking for pseudo - entertainment, but it brought to mind something interesting. 

And sad in a way. 

Kids all over the world, even today love for their parents to sit together at the dinner table - all together, chatting etc. 

"Dinner table conversation", I believe they call it. 

Growing up, I can't quite recall, but I think until the age of 15 or so, the kids ate first, by themselves or otherwise, adults later ... 

And given the relationship between this "unruly" kid and family (everyone having their own opinion on whats right and wrong, wrong people unwilling to change etc) there was never much meaningful convo to begin with. 

It's sad though, when my daughter wants this - I can hear the longing in her voice for Mommy and Daddy to "sit together". 

It's sad though when she REALLY wants to sit - and not just be entertained, but provide her input - have some NORMALCY for a change. 

Yet, that will never happen! 

Whats even sadder is the world these days, and of course, neither parents, or both, or one not making the effort to "be normal" even for a while. 

Hey, it happens - I get it. I should know!

People hate each other basically. 

But - why bring kids into the mix? 

Unfortunately, that is exactly what is going on amist all the other craziness............

Anyway, on the topic of normalcy. I wrote about this before from an adult perspective, and I'll write about it now from a kiddie perspective. 

Many of you reading this have kids. 

And stubborn though you might be to accept the fact, FITNESS - and movement is what is required for most kids. 

Know whats sad(again)? 

Even physical education teachers etc, those tailored towards KIDS - or supposed to be - are either phat as phock themselves, or aren't qualifed to instruct to begin with!

Look at the fockers in most schools teaching fitness - so FAT they can barely bend over (if you think Bozo, think 1/3 rd his size, which is still a lot!) - let alone teach anyone to do the most basic of movements when they can't do it themselves, or of course these idiotic schools siphoning off the top, "saving a buck" and putting people in that dont know the F of fitness, to save a buck, of course, on hiring qualified people... 

Not me - dont get me wrong. 

Been a while since I taught kids pull-ups - I'll happily take the memories, but not again! Hehe. 

And whats sadder, even the qualified ones, and I've seen this have LOWERED their standards for kids - simply because most kids cannot do even the most basic of movements today without becoming cranky as a bear - or plain not able to do it.  

I can't help but wonder, for instance, when a child of 8 is unable to bend over properly, tie his or her own shoelaces, and such - it is WAY more common than you'd think - not to mention expanding bellies, and the same Grandma's that castiage their own children for stuff way less "doting" away on the grandchildren because of course, it's OK for them ... why? I dont know!

Crazy world, indeed, its come to!

And sad, to me... 

Anyway - try and be as normal for your kids as possible, my friend. 

When they grow up - TRUST ME ON THIS ONE - that is the one thing they will remember above all i.e. GENUINE love and affection, not the kind you "fake". People - andkids - can feel it!

And make sure to get them started on REAL kid's fitness routines, not the crap being thrown around these days - all taught in Kiddie Fitness

Write back - let me know how it worked for your little one!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Adults, for YOUR version of this - go HERE

"Everyone has a story"

It's true, my friend. 

As I was thinking about future plans and visualizing some things - I hit upon this idea, and it's been there for a long time actually. 

You guys - me - everyone - we ALL - want ONE thing above all (or equally important). 

We want someone to LISTEN to us. 

That doesnt mean cry on a shoulder necessarily, it doesnt necessarily mean friendship either, not validation, certainly not Bozo like "nose in ass" (opportunity for same) or anything like that. 

I believe what most of us want - even the anti social ones - even the "bedroom types" (myself) i.e. work from bedroom types - above all ?

Is to TALK - without being judged - abd be HEARD. 

We dont necessarily want the other person to agree, or even get into a debate - THAT - I believe is what most people get wrong about a conversation. 

Lets take politics, Trump, Biden etc. 

I'm am an unabashed Trump supporter, always have been. 

But I'll ALWAYS LISTEN to the other person's viewpoint, friend, though I might not agree. 

And loony as it might be, so long as the other person just says "hey, this is just what I THINK" - and neither party attemps to convince the other of the "right and wrong" or "sane and insane" of what the other person is saying - its FINE by me (so long as it's nothing illegal, underage, and so forth). 

To each his own. 

Not everyone can remain as calm and detached as I do - or many others do, Jeff Bezos for one, I recently saw a clip of him being interviewed about "do you think government will break big tech including Amazon up or is it just a fantasy". 

I'd say a fantasy in Amazon's case, they are SO MUCH more than just big tech! 

The big 4 otherwise, I dont know... 

(with the most recent facebook outages and all that) 

But he never answered the question, instead, in his calm and analytical manner, he went off on a tangent in a manner where everyone could (with brains, that is) see he was avoiding a direct answer,, but went off into something about "all large corporations should be scrutinized", and said nothing more after a brief "my story" tale. 


Jeff Bezos has this way about him ... 

If I was the interviewer, I'd push him for an answer ie. Jeff, is it just a fantasy, or CAN IT HAPPEN?

I'm sure he'd find a way to stymie me - at least temporarily. 


Anyway ... 

We all have a story, hence the recent email "doers only" - for SUBMISSIONS

I already feature a lot of you guys in the emails here, so hey - if there is something you want to share - do it!

The DOERS will be featured permanently for free (always going to be free, that part) on 0 Excuses Fitness, and you even get a $50 "submission" coupon in that regard!

Anyway ... this orignally started off as something about storage, eh.

And while writing my numerous stories with all the computer crashes and so forth, all Winblows update inspired - I KEEP having to go back and forth from my numerous backups, download, redownload, upload, and so forth ... 

If only there was a way to make it easier, I thought. 


(Because yes, while desktops now have "apps" to backup automatically - those crash too!) 

End of the day, much like Coca Cola, if you can believe it, shipping via COAL frieght ships - what they did in the 1960's!!!! - due to the current shipping bottlenecks being so severe ... MANUAL, old school , often works best. 

But anyhow and this is very applicable to all of you digital download customers, that make up the bulk of my customers, andj ust increasing (nothing against you paperback and HARDCOVER guys tho! Hey, I personally prefer those..) ...  

THAT is another advantage of the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship, my friend. 

The first, is obviously, the price. 

Despite the prices for my COURSES going up all the time, the SHIP hasn't gone up since inception, and I dont think it will anytime soon either. 

Well, it went up by $200 in January, but that was after three years, and I dont think there will be another price increase anytime soon. 

You get - for that one membership, as long as it stays valid - ALL OUR PRODUCTS - via digital download "forever". 

In perpetuity - so long as your membership stays valid. 

And it's just so price effective. 

Compare the price of the digitial downlod for Animal Kingdom Workouts, for one - with the Ship membership price. 

Or, perhaps any of our compilations ... 

Not only that, it's EASY. 

You dont have to store on your pc, or kindle. 

Just login to the site - its right there for you!

I believe the option is there in your "my account" section right now too. 

But, the Ship is different - you dont have to scroll through all your purchases to see which one you want to re-download, my friend. 

Just go to the product page, and you'll see a download now button instead of the buy button if you're a member. 

Of course, only catch, no "sign up and cancel within one day". 

Once you're in, you're in. 

And, we're currently expanding the FORUM section for that too - which is basically another area you can connect with your "fellow" fitness enthusiasts, and just share your experiences, and so forth. 

It's one thing to get advice from me. 

Its another to talk to your fellow trainees, see what they're up to, a community, and so forth. 

So that, my friend is why you SHOULD be a 0 Excuses Fitness Ship member - makes perfect sense to me, at least. 

Probably to YOU too, I'm sure... 

In the future there will be another "all encompassing" option where for ONE price, you can get PAPERBACK books - for any product - shipped to you - or hardcover, if available - with no shipping costs (already the case per product on the site, but that would mean you get anything via paperback or hardcover depending upon your choice - with that one membership). 

So, had to say that, now I have... 

Ball's in your court, friend. 

Take action now. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS and Edit - I remember, this storage issue REALLY hit me hard on my phone for one! No longer, but for years, I used a 13 GB Phone - but it occured even on the 128 GB phones, they'd constantly run out of storage that annoying little "storage full" sign. Ugh. 

All rectitfied now.


I'm truly on a roll today. 

As I finish making some edits to the Chinese verion of (yes, we're doing books in Chinese now too!) of a book I once wrote - which Bozo Glyn would LOVE - about sissies , maids and all that (rather extreme) - I gotta say this. 

One of the main reasons I could never live in India long term - was this reliance, on overreliance on "maids". 

I know, I know. 

My customers - YOU reading this have gotten back tome several times saying "wtf". 

"Not everyone is so rich as to hire maids!" 

Ah, but there in lies the nub, Indias cheap and abundant labor - except it comes with a catch, and it ain't cheap either. 

When you hire a maid in INdia (which I absolutely NEVER EVER DO - maids there give me the SHIVERS - they always have since childhood!) ... you dont hire a maid apparently. 

You hire someone to "sweep the floor". 

Except, apparently sweeping cobwebs off the floor costs more and is an extra service. 

You hire someone to "wipe the floor". 

Except, removing stains doesnt come with it. 

You hire someone to "wash the clothes". 

Except, drying the clothes doesnt come with it. 

So much for the cheap labor. 

Not to mention, all these tasks - in other , far more developed countries, when you hire a maid, you pay her a set amount per hour - and she cleans - and thats that!

India apparently if you ask her to clean the bathroom - then "cleaning the basin is seperate" and "toilet is seperate" 

It is just insane,of course, when I dare to bring it up (I never do) I get yells aplenty. 

"Who do you think you are!" 

"Thats real life, not the fun you have overseas". 

Ah, so overseas wasn't real life and is all "fun". HA!

"They're graduates, those girls", my S.O. once sniffed. 

OK, well, so they are in many parts of the world, especially these days. 

I mean, I dont know, I know TIC i.e. "This is China". 

But TIC really, it PALES in comparison to "TII". 

Like for fuck's sake, cleaning is cleaning is cleaning, friend!

I hire a maid in China maybe once a month - I dont need anything else. 

She cleans - I dont even tell her what to do. 

She washes the dishes - I dont stand guard over her. 

I dont even need to tell her to wipe the floor etc .. 

It is the same EVERYWHERE, apparently just not "in India". 

It seems almost insane to me, but who am I to say anything, of course. 

Truly, keeping in mind all this, I really Bozo Schofield should give up his Nigerian passport and apply for an Indian one.Hehe. 

He's be hired as a maid instantly, at least by guys. 

And given women generally do a better job of cleaning their own apartments than guys do ... Glyn Bozo would be a god send. 

He'd get a kick to the wazoo if he talked any rot about asses, and so forth, he'd be told to shut up and just do the thing. Hell, so long as he didnt wank all over the place I for one would give him S/M magazines to look at while he worked before I booted him out. 

Best part, he would probably do it for dirt cheap, if not free. Hehe. 

But really, the lunacy that passes for real life these days boggles the mind - my mind, at least!

Maybe we can ask Glyn to set up a "maid service" in India - run by him, and he'd be the sole worker. 

Hey, he'd make a great, great "protagonist" for one of my erotica tales. Hehe. 

Not so much Glyn's China rants, as I once thought of writing (trust me, with his rants on washing machines and such, thats a tome unto itself!) 

But .. and I remember a guy "Cliff" once commenting in a Keeping it Real in China group - my super group. 

"Send her here! My hous eis a mess!" 


I dont know if he meant Bozo. 

Probably not, hehe. 

"I'll stop". 

Yes, Cliff, I got that from Americana and you ... 

But poor Bozo too, hehe. 

He deserves every bit, and hey, he enjoys it, so might as well! 

As Chuck so famously said, the more the merrier! 


I'll really stop now, LOL. 

Back to SANITY - pick up the best and most results producing fitness system home based - right HERE. 

Remember, you'll be doing your bit for the maid ecosystem too with all the sweat you'l lleave on the floor, hehe. 

And remember to place your pre-order for Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness - truly a once in a lifetime book - upcoming. 


Rahul Mookerjee

Saturday, 02 October 2021 05:20

Is email too impersonal?

I was going to write about Mike Pompeo in this email - who I truly believe is the best Secretary of State ever!

I'll always remember his tenure under Trump - one of the best ever!

But while that was the plan last night, I received this email this morning - 

Thanks Mike, I don't like doing emails with new contacts. It’s too impersonal. Surely you have a phone number? Also I only market books my firm publishes, so if you don't want to publish with us I'm afraid I can't myself help though I know someone who can. But we would need to speak first.

Very best wishes, James

Now, this is with regard to some additional marketing I've been doing for my great books on the other site (not the fitness books, the adult books i.e. erotica and so forth). 

I received an email out of the blue from him one fine day - introducing his publishing firm, how they help with marketing and selling books, how they even have "contacts in Hollywood they could introduce books to", and so forth. 

Now, it didnt strike me as being anything out of the ordinary, if anything, their self-marketing was OTT. 

But just out of curiosity, I replied back to him - 

Hi James

Thanks for the "bulk email" on this one!

I've written over 80 books in the erotica genre and more on fitness (for another business vertical) - but while I worked with a publisher in the U.K. years ago on the erotica, I'm currently going it on my own, and that doesn't look to be changing anytime soon.

However, I'm curious - what sort of "marketing" services do you guys provide? The "biggies" are notoriously cranky about advertising erotica and the such as you no doubt know, and I read the part about "Hollywood contacts" etc - so, just wondering what sort of specific marketing services you guys provide, and if that might be something we could potentially work together on down the road ..

I market myself currently and am doing fine, but I'd like to ramp it up to the next level. I can handle ads myself, but the "contacts" part got my attention so figured I'd ask you . . .

Just wondering ...

Let me know - and thanks for the contact - much appreciated!

Now, yours truly doesnt run after publishing firms - or either seek them out. 

I publish EVERYTHING I do - myself. 

And obviously I dont need any help with marketing - given the way things are literally BOOMING on the other site, with reviews to the tune of "I just stopped to SLEEP while reading, and got it done as soon as possible!" - and "“The situations are so well described that many times one can feel the pain felt by the protagonist.”"  (he means mental anguish) ... and way, way more ... I dont need any extra marketing help on either that site - or this one (fitness). 


Nothing if not a natural born sales and marketing person am I! 

But, I figured I'd reach out to him and "just ask anyway". 

Although their reluctance to communicate via email on their site which I wont mention here DID throw up some red flags - I figured what the hezey, and asked him anyway. 

As always, my gut was proven RIGHT when I got that email above. 

Look, first off, all business is done in writing - especially initially when you do not know the person. 

I mean for one, look at the "bulk emails" he is sending (which dont even include the recipient's name - it's clear its one of those "bulk mailing efforts")  - then he complains that email is too impersonal. 

If it's not too impersonal to badger people in their inboxes - people you barely KNOW - then how it is too impersonal to discuss business with those same people over email? 

I mean, when you meet a woman on Tinder or something, I dont think you instantly ask for her phone number (unless you're the Bozo) - no? 

Same principle applies here. 

You CHAT. 

You TALK. 

And THEN you take things to the "in person" meeting level. 

Jumping the above two steps doesnt work - and leads to catastrophe ultimately - either business wise or romantically or otherwise. 

More - EVERY publisher I've worked with in the past - EVERY real customer of mine - its ALL been done through email!

I've made NO secret of the FACT i dont like the phone. 

Certainly not the dumbphone. 

And getting on the phone for every little thing, or discussions that could be better done on email is a waste of time and even more precious energy. 

Sorry, it ain't gonna happen. I suspect it will be a massive waste of time and him trying to sell me what I don't want, and need... 

I'm sure James has good intentions in mind. 

Maybe thats just how he does business, but it ain't me - and it ain't anyone I've worked with in the past either. 

Yet more - emails being too impersonal?? 

Y'all on this list - what do you think? 

I think we know each other better through emails than we would through any amount of conversation on the phone - because when you WRITE something down, you truly KNOW what you're talking about - and you truly explain yourself WELL - and you get it all OUT and down on "paper"! 

As Freddie said, if it can't be done in writing, then ...! 

True, you DO get on the phone ultimately, but most of the time, there is really no need to do so. 

Especially not for initial interactions. 

Anyway, what can I say, hehe. 

Thats what SOME people think. 

And other than the book linked above, I've been getting great reviews for some of my books HERE - Animal Kingdom Workouts for one. 

One was a very brief comment - like the book itself. 


The guy wrote this, and just this on a site I did not even know existed - we're TRULY TAKING FITNESS GLOBAL!

Anyway, thats that from yours truly "extremely personal" or "impersonal", depening on which way you look at it, hehe. 

(I mean really, email is the BEST way to market - and he's calling it impersonal, geez - makes me think about his own so called contacts in Hollywood and marketing skills!). Hehe. 

(Not to mention, I really dont think he knows how notoriously cranky REAL writers are about "getting on the phone"... and he runs a publishing biz? Hehe) 


Rahul Mookerjee


Sunday, 26 September 2021 09:15

Triceps, the forgotten part ...

I dont know about you, my friend, but when you haven't worked out in a long time - other than core strength and "stomach" distending and so forth - what is the first to GO? 

It's not your grip, biceps, chest, or even traps ... 

It's your TRICEPS. 

For me, and for most people, triceps are the forgotten part of the arm - which is nigh astouding, since that brute pushing strength and arm SIZE - comes from - TRICEPS!

Not only pushing - if you're weak at pull-ups, and this is one of the secrets I explain deeply in "Pull-ups from DUD to STUD - within a matter of WEEKS!" (the new and updated version on the site now) - tricep strength could well be a limiting factor. 

Dont believe me? 

I understand. 

But just make a fist, and pull down. 

Feel the parts of your arm that work, I believe you'll get the answer right there and then. 

But triceps, my friend, are an INTEGRAL part of any real fitness trainee's training regimen - or should be - and unfortunately, are NOT the backbone of most people's training regimen, even those training with weights. 

In "Lumberjack Lodestone Fitness", you'll see how your triceps are really what push, pull and move - all those heavy implements in the course!

And the one way to get strong triceps - to BUILD them? 

Is by pushing, and doing so repeatedly. 

There is a reason, my friend, boxers and wrestlers focus more on pushups than pull-ups - and why the Marines for one do more pushups - way more - than pull-ups. 

Dont get me wrong. 

PUll-ups - turn you into a battletank and powerhouse. 

I should know!

And a super stud too. 

But, pushups are and should be the mainstay of any serious fitness routine - implements, weights, pull-ups - or NOT. 

Pushups and legs, because if there is one exercise that can work the entire body ? 

Or two? 

I'd say hill sprints (or climbing hill) - and pushups!

More so than anything else, my friend, anything else. 

And the exercise in the best course on pushups do a fine, fine job of building the triceps and those huge arms you so want. 

There is truly NO OTHER COURSE like this out on the market - so says the bodyweight fitness GURU Rahul Mookerjee aka "Stella Artois of Fitness" 

Get you some now, and get started rightaway!


Rahul Mookerjee

Both very interesting things, I'd say! 

But anyway - June 10. Jun 25. The recurring dream, and the UBER POIGNANT one that I had, possibly a month or so ago, but could not locate today in m dream "diary" to tell you the exact date. 

Lots of people, I was dragging her along, then in the crowd my hand slipped off hers. 

Neither one of us "pulled away". 

But there she was, stuck, looking at me "left behind in the crowd" (she was) - looking neither forlonly nor happily at me .. just a wistful, "I wish" look, those eyes kind as always, even during the most intense of our battles together... 

Carol was someone I met in 2015. 

She did some very good things for me. 

Many things, she almost transformed my life. 

And, as I blocked her on WeChat the other day for reasons I won't get into here (no point, really) - what do I feel? 


Except, it was long overdue. 

And sometimes, things happen for a resaon. 

Carol, I'll always "love" you - and I'll always love  - CHERISH - and appreciate our time together. You know it, and you will too. I know that. 

I dont know when or how we drifted apart THIS much, but hey, you've fallen prey to it as well - what most people have these days. 

Apathy, general uncaring, and ... everything else associated with it. 

The times we spent together were the best ever. We both know it. 

It was beautiful, like few other times I've ever had with anyone. 

(they were there, but not many!). 

I doubt I'll ever speak to her again, let alone meet her. 

Sure, never say never, and the sheer unpredictability of LIFE makes it all the more wonderful and interesting ... 

But, thats how I feel at this instant. 

I doubt I'm wrong!

Anyway, dreams aside, here's some great reality! 

A "mystery" reviewer - and BUYER - has been giving us some GREAT, GREAT reviews!

On Google of all things. 

FB has been goin gon a while - I've got tons and tons of 5 star ratings etc there (the sole 1 star rating is for Butts Bozo Glyn which figures, hehe) - but on Google? 

I just noticed it today!

Now, this person has rated the books, but hasn't written anything, but thats fine!

It's OK. 

Sometimes, there's nothing to say - it's just sheer artistry and genius at work. 

Sometimes, you rate and say "F all" after that, because guess what, and i've been there - the books are just superb. 

I dont know who this person is. 

But to whoever it is - get back - I'll give you a HUGE discount as my way of saying thank you!

And, on that note folks - remember two things - 

One, I've said it time and time again, review, and I'll give you a 10% off on your next purchase simply for that review, even if it is not 5 star - my only requirement is it be honest and somewhat verbose, at least. 

And two ... 

Lumberjack "Lodestone" Fitness - get in on the pre-order while you still CAN, because it won't last too much longer. 

And that is that for now - back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

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