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This post is probably going to set me for a chorus of "A ................. hole!"

But thats nothing new.

So be it.


Coz, some things - -

Behold the following -

In January of this year, I had a breakdown in my mental health and admitted myself to a psychiatric ward.

It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was necessary as I had been struggling with a multitude of stressful events over the previous few months:

Moving house (twice!)
Coping with family illnesses
Overload of client work
Emotional stress
Furnishing a new flat
Managing with the pandemic restrictions
Dispute with a neighbour

With all these events, it's no wonder that it tipped me over the edge and I needed help.

With hindsight, I can see that one of the patterns I've noticed most in my life and business is my tendency to be a people pleaser.

With the help of my transformational life coach, I've begun to see myself in a new light and will be putting myself first as the number 1 person I need to be kind to.

What this means is a recalibration of my life and my priorities. I won't be chasing after validation from other people - I already am enough. I believe I have a lot to offer yet in life and it's time I took the opportunities to become the best version of me possible.

I'm looking to surround myself with people who support me in that goal.

Could you be one of those people?

Now, of course this post got a multitude of likes etc  .... and the usual "I'm soooooooooooo sorry" and "No, dahhhllllinnnnn, you're SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brave!" idiotic comments.

(Ever wondered why sometimes posts that make sense get zero engagement (seemingly, but a lot of VIEWS, so people are reading, hehe) while the wackjobs hog the attention?

In this case, she checked herself in ...

Worry not, my friend.

The bottom line counts, not appearances. Do it right, and YOU will be the one with the better, far better bottom line - but anyway, this ain't about "how to post on social media".).

To let you know as well, back in the day, I had a girlfriend who'd at the slighest hint threaten to "commit suicide" or check herself into the looney tune bin.

I remember a time in NY where I was bitching about the "hard disk" of the computer not showing up along with the damned monitor (we moved from the South to the Communist Paradise of NY State) and were in one of those "apartment style motels" and I was setting the damn compute rup for a week for whatever reason (I think we woul dtake that long to figure out our final apartment? Dont know, can't quite recall why!).

I still remember my ex getting pissed during the argument, driving off in a huff in a white rental Toyota.

"I'm going to drive this over the edge"

Not that I thought she would, but I called the good ole men in blue, and soon enough, a fine gentleman - an older guy showed up.

"I've got a daughter just like that", he grinned.

And told me to "calm down" and ...well, women will be women!

she drove back, he did the usual "calm down" thing and left.

Great guy!

As I read about the Commies in California (at an Univ no less) wanting to defund the police, and Mike Pompeo's Twitter note on it, I let my feelings be known in NO uncertain terms.

"Why does it not surprise me that the defund police shouts are loudest in the Socialist Republic of Seattle and the Communist Paradise of Californa! Then these people scream about increasing crime the next day!

What Bozos!"

(for background, apparently the leftist buffoons at the University of California felt that "campus police stressed them out due to past experience or some bullshit" ... )

Anyway, the lovely ex used to do this quite a lot, including "check herself into the looney tune bin on occasion", because, didnt you know?


For reasons that you and I would LAUGH At.

Of course, she had "mental problems" and I was insensitive.


People that don't help themselves are just LOSERS my friend. Period. Yes, there are some times when people need help - many times, but by and large, folks need to toughen up!

(not to mention, these idiots dont know how lucky they are that they can call 9-11 and someone will help 'em when they dont need it. In China, they'll LAUGH in your face. In India, they might not even answer the damn phone, hehe. In fact, the cops won't be shy about telling you that either!)

(And before the left starts - yes, I know this isn't about India, but it IS about keeping it real)

And this plague is bringing that home in more ways than one.

Anyway, these reasons ...

Moving house (twice!)

Rahul - Boo hoo! I've had to move FOUR times at one point within the period of six months in CHina, all by myself ... big friggin deal.

Coping with family illnesses

Rahul - well, checking yourself into the looney tune bin doesnt help them? It just puts YOU in a place where you can kid yourself "I'm recovering" but in reality you know you're HIDING from the probems you oughta face!

Overload of client work

Rahul - I swear, these people are idiots of the grandest order. When they dont find work, they complain. When they find "too much", they bitch about being stressed out. Or, they'll bitch about the pay. Or something.

I mean, get real!

Emotional stress

Rahul - I won't even get into THAT.

Furnishing a new flat

Rahul - Such a pity!


Rahul - My word! Christmas! How dare it!!!

Managing with the pandemic restrictions

Rahul - Honey, you don't know the first or the first LETTER of the word Restriction x 100!

Dispute with a neighbour

Rahul - Again, cry me a fucking river . . .

I gotta say - WHAT is the world coming to with these panderers running supreme everywhere . . .

I mean yes, and again, there are some cases in which people genuinely need help.

Oddly enough in those cases those same people won't get it (Bozo Schofield for one - now that boy needs some serious, serious shrink attention! Thats a tough case tho!).

But really, sac up and grow a pair is what I'd tell this lady.

Of course, that would get me nowhere in the silly woe betide me thread she started, so I'm saying it here.

Folks- man up - and do so NOW.

And workouts like I advocate will play a huge, huge role in getting you there.

Here is where you can get on 'em - 0 Excuses Fitness Products.

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, Ship membership gets YOU free access - lifetime access to everything digitally so long as your membership stays active and valid.

PPS - Not to mention this lady left out the prime thing to include in any social media post i.e. what can i do for YOU - as opposed to "you do this for me", but then again, these whinging cry babies types do - well, just that! Me, me, me! 

(Curiously enough one of the latest unsubscribes was from a me.com address, hehe).

Not to mention she starts off with "I didnt want to, but... "

Of course.

You didnt want to.

Like anyone "would want"!

Then again, she called them and got herself checked it so she did want!


Chuck made the comment about the Bozo eating all his food, making a mess, and a pest of himself (and drinking all his beer for which he got thrown out of Chuck's beer house as well in his underwear, of course) .. .

"He eats all my food, he drinks all my beer!" was the refrain.

Of course, in that case it was ... WARRANTED.

But anyway, this brings to mind something else.

I remember growing up in India, there used to be a washerwoman and their family - with a strapping young lad of about 23 or so.

My family never really liked them.

Mom used to choose another washerwoman ...

But, she often made teh following comment about dude.

"He's so big and fat! He must be eating all their food!"

Which thinking about it ...

Maybe he was a bit fat, but certainly not as obese as I got at a certain stage, and certainly NOT as obese as certain women get if you get my drift.

But anyway ... I remember thinking that was a silly comment.

I mean, dude was working - and he can't even EAT?

Then of course, years later, I often heard this from another lovely lady if you get my drift.

In a direct or indirect manner, when it was no warranted.

Blame games are what Nazi feminists love, my friend, and you should avoid them like the plague - more in the book.

But sometimes they are so ridiculous and NOT true ... that ....

I swear, if I tell you some of the nasty things I get accused of all the time, it reminds me of ...

Well, Wei Jia Jiang from CBS and President Trump.

Jiang constantly asked him questions in what even I thought was a MEAN, Nazi feminist tone!

Right down to her accusatory eyes.

And Trump rightly called her - and the media out for being hostile and told them to play nice.

Which of course, the Bozos didnt like!

Ever notice why a lot of reporters, especially those that ask SNARKY questions are female?

But anyway, women!

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em, except I've perfected the art of the latter, because you live with them, and they turn into Nazi feminists (I'm sure there's SOME good women out there - I'm sure YOURS is the exception to the rule, yada, nada, schnada. I sure hope so, bro!).

B/C I ain't seen an exception to this rule in my very storied life so far!

Anyway, women!

I've had a girl in China once exhort me "not to eat rice" at night because I'll get fat.

Then I had one tell me to eat "double dinners" (way back in the day during THOSE days when I was talking about food portions in China etc, of course, if it led up to something? She'd probably swing the other way!).

it's just retarded, my friend. Retarded.

Anyway, I gotta tell you ...

The ONE course you can buy to piss the Nazi feminists off, more than all my others is Animal Kingdom Workouts.

It'll make you hungry as a horse, even more so than the rest of what I promote.

Speaking of which, I'm off to gorge on some EGGS, hehe.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I'll give you TWO , or maybe ONE guess to guess whose got WEIGHT PROBLEMS, hehe.

PS #2 - But of course! You can't body shame women, but you can call MEN all the nasty names you can. I know. I know.

... but guess what, I could care less, and those names WILL be called if a woman deserves it.

I've always been a "wear his heart on his sleeve" sort of dude.

I've never been one to accept the status quo.

I've never been one to "accept" life's reverse gear - no matter what.

And perhaps it's because of all these attributes, and many more that I've had an existence (thus far) and experiences (thus far) that most wouldn't in several lifetimes.

The ups, the downs, all uncannily reminds me of my favorite author Napoleon Hill, to whose life mine seems to most closely resemble in most regards, along with Donald Trump's bar the "public part of it" and as far as I'm concerned, thats perfectly fine by me.

Both great examples!

But I've always been a yes or no guy too.

Like it or don't!

No "in between".

And what I cannot understand over the past few years, or maybe I can, is the APATHY that is slowly taking root and STRANGLING people globally.

Some countries, the people are even more apathetic than the others.

China to an extent.

India -big time. And it's getting bad in the US too in terms of people "not caring about anything".

My friend, I dont know if you've noticed this, but apathy and fear?

Was exactly how the Nazi movement took hold, and it's precisely how any dictator CONTROLS!

The people either don't care , or are too scared to speak out, or a combo therein ...

And both, to me are toxic.

Problems stay unaddressed. Progress don't happen either on a personal or other level. Nothing really "moves" or happens. (I mean, if one doesnt care, then ...)

I've been noticing this a lot with my social she-dia posts where people "stay away" because it's controversial, some of it, but the "views" etc are through the roof.

People come to my social media stuff, and say "yes, he's right".

But, for some reason, they dont feel comfortable saying just that in public despite yours truly being happy to be the nail that sticks out!

Anyway, I dont get it. Really.

If you wanna say something - say it!

And in terms of this list, though I must say this is a very responsive list - so I'll say, a few other lists I have ...

I keep telling people on another business list of mine this - if you'v ebeen on the list for more than 5 years, haven't bought a product, haven't read an email or the bare minimum, and so forth ...well, WHY are you on it?

Of course, with an especially apathetic list like that one (though the biz vertical in that case has got something to do with it), I just cull folks personally.

No sense keeping the dead wood on.

But really, I'd rather you, or anyone be more than a bump on a log when you read these emails, my friend.

If you like 'em, say so.

If you hate 'em, say so!

Same thing with reviews etc, I cannot remember the number of times I've asked people to leave reviews pro-actively, but they "forget to", or just omit it (Which is fine, I get it ... I'm not the best in terms of that either).

But I don't know, the apathy is STUNNING - especially when our freedoms are globally being taken away step by step, and NO-ONE seems to care, in some countries more so than others ...

Anyway, write back - and let me know what you think on that one!

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - In terms of a "different kind of move", constipation, IBS etc - all problems I'm very familiar with myself have all shot through the roof during the current Plague. People are sitting and doing NOTHING.

I dont advocate this at all, as you know, but if you gotta sit, at least do it the way taught in Isometric and Flexibility Training.

LOTS of your problems will disappear. Try it, I'm telling ya!

PS #2 - Folks, you'll never understand the value of what you have, no matter how trifling it might seem when it;s gone. Wake up, and smell the roses - NOW!

Monday, 10 May 2021 09:15

The ugly plague that is Nazi feminism

And we see it rearing it's head EVERYWHERE, in all aspects of society (unless you push back).

And in some cases where the person, usually male can't push back, do so in means the other party has no control over. Which ties into marketing and a lot of other things.

I've been speaking of the first part though with MANY people as of now.

Not everyone talks about it.

But believe me, the reason I talk about it is because a lot of men face these issues, and a LOT have come out privately and told me.

That, and plus I think it needs to be talked about.

Sure, there are WOMEN that are good out there - and that speak up against it too.

But by and large this Nazi feminism thing is still running rampant, and it needs to be CULLED. ASAP.

Along with a host of other rot in today's society.

Here's a case in point.

I recently read something about two cops in the Netherlands.

The woman, I believe, had some issue (medical issue) - and she had to go to the hospital. She did.

There were five kids at home.

And she left 'em there - and the cops took care of them until she got back - and they even cooked dinner for the kids!

Now thats real man for you.


And I'm sure, my friend, that you can find the link if you google.

Now, point of this isn't to put men in the kitchen or what not (although some men do a fine job at it).

Point isnt to encourage Bozo Schofields ...

POint is, the response it got?

The first one ..

"What a great mother they had!"


I mean, why is it that anytime a man is good, the woman is celebrated, and any time a man is BAD, the man (father) is torn down?

Can someone please tell me why goose and gander is such a hard concept to understand?

Can someone please tell me why men can't make good parents and are always seen as abusive and other bullshit, when the FACTS are that women can be just as abusive and destructive, if not more?

I dont know, I'm asking!


Anyway, thats yet another reason for the upcoming book on Nazi feminism.

And in more cases of HEROS?

Dude from mainland China who stands on a bridge in Nanchang, the world's #1 spot, saves people from drowning.

And believe me, suicide is a real issue in China!

I wonder, of course, how many credited his father for it, and how many his mother ...

And I'm out.

Back soon!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS - Brutally honest, politcally incorrect, and the best ever - Pushup central. Get this NOW!

This one will likely come across as somewhat offensive ... but hear me out.

(well, it may or it may not).

But judging by the increasing almost "nutter like" following that videos seem to get i.e. Joe Blow gets out of one day (or Jane Doe), decides to create a video weeping about something, or "teaching" something (that maybe they did twice of all i.e. the so called experts on Hindu pushups for example that claim you're supposed to do them dive bomber style which is utter BS - I mean, do 'em like that if you want, but they were never and are not meant to be done like that!), and all perfectly made up to a T at that, with the obligatory "sea" in the background and what not to make it look "relaxing" (after all, people have it tougggggggggggggggggghhhh!) ... manages to get a few likes, maybe a ton of followers down the road, and all of a sudden?

He - or she - is an EXPERT!

A "goooooo rooooooo " as the great Ben Settle loves to say. Hehe.

He's right.

And unfortunately? The sheeple generally follow the "goo-roos" ...

And I've always had the thinking of "ok, videos are great, but just because he or she has a video, or several, does that make the person worth following, listening to, or an expert?"

Anyway, in one of the last few emails. I wrote about the rare occasions on which I do watch Joo Tube, or videos, and WHO I watch (President Trump's interactions with the press are classic videos I love to watch, hehe, and those make up the majority of it - and I've told you WHY i.e. great marketing lessons for free even for someone like me thats been selling since I was born, on auto pilot, naturally, much like the Trumpinator ... a person you either love or hate, no in between, and so forth!) ...

But, in all these cases?

I RESEARCH the person first.

And I do that via either their writing - or what others have written about 'em!

And hell, even President Trump right now is doing his own version of a blog after getting kicked off Twitter etc as y'all may have noticed!

That little thing I keep talking about - multiple emals a day ... hehe ... Trump is NO stranger to this!

He simply did it differently via social media.

Anyway, I research the persons first.

I look at their track record.

I look at what they have WRITTEN.

I look at HOW they've written what they have - their pictures -how long they have been in BIZ - and the general vibe from the person.

I can usually tell right off the bat if the person is a poser or Tom Tom or "the real deal" as it were.

I'm pretty sure a lot of folks reading this can too ...

Its a vibe thing!

And dont get me wrong - once the boxes above are all ticked, videos - or not - are fine. Depending upon your preference.

But it's really the "1 million followers, Mommy!!" or inane "feel good" videos or "she offers so many freeeeeeeeeee tips" (which if you think about it are available via Google anyway) with nothing other than that that I'm a bit suspect of.

More than a bit.

I'm admittedly very biased against most videos i.e. if it cannot be SAID in writing, then I might as well not say it.

But there are many cases in which videos are good - especially if you're teaching new exercises etc where form is mega important.

(for example, and I've said this before - the 0 Excuses Fitness System).

Or, if you're showing things and tricks that you have to "see" to understand (such as perhaps taking a piece apart if you get my drift) ...

But in all these cases, I'm always the person that researches the person first, reads his or her books - or writing - and as a last resort, or only after all the boxes above are ticked do I watch videos.

As an aside, Pres Trump?

I was a huge fan of his - and guess why?

All from what he SAID - via WRITING!

His Tweets - or the news.

NEVER the videos - that just came in as of late for "entertainment" as it were (and to be honest, I wish he were Prez now, as he's got balls as opposed to Hiden).

And anyway, thats my take on it - again!

Let me know if you agree!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Biz owners, this email needs to be read in conjunction with the one where I said these idiotic platforms can deplatform you ANY Time, and then what? Precious few people think of this, but if it happened to Donald Trump, might coudl happen to anyone!

(and it is, with all the censorship going on on social media nowadays)

Or beautiful someone, depending upon the person's perspective, hehe.

Bozo Schofield truly doesnt know how much he has in comon with ... LOL.

But anyway, this person was talking about something and we were referring to, how in China, the kids are taught how to clean their classrooms etc and they do it. Inded, I've never seen a sweeper in a Chinese school for one.

I'm sure they have 'em around.

But and this is important - it isn't making the kids labor so much as teaching them the value of staying clean, living by discpline and so forth, all things sadly lacking in many other countries/places/cultures (India appears to be ONE MAMMOTH example of that).

In Japan apparently they take a step further.

Apparently kids are taught how to cook, which to me seems a step too far.

I haven't seen that in Chinese schools., and neither have I seen kids taught how to clean toilets etc, but apparently Japan does this?

I wouldn't know.

The lovely you know who claimed they do, and claimed "watch a video if you dont believe me".

I responded with "I dont watch videos, so I'm asking!"

OF course, she never misses a chance to accuse, no matter how small. Remember, blame and shame, no matter how meaningless it might be.

(hence the upcoming book on Nazi feminists).

"You watch all the time, you just hide and watch!"


Why would I need to?

And videos?? Hell, even my customers know I don't watch 'em - and rarely if ever make 'em, and the only ones I've made, despite it being the video age . are the 5 STELLAR "worth their weight in gold" Videos (dumbphone friendly) for the 0 Excuses Fitness System - other than this, search up and down, and I'll be a SOB if you can find ONE single video I've made (other than snippets).

And here's more -

I never even watch my own videos (for the System), hehe.

What I DO watch?

I must admit I love watching Trump take reporters apart, not because I can't do it myself, and not because I have not been doing it since I was born pretty much.

It's because everything about Trump - right down to the way he walks, talks, gestures etc - is a MARKETING MASTERCLASS that even marketing genuises (like yours truly, and I'm DAMN good at marketing!)  would be stupid not to study.

Therefore I do.

If I showed those videos to her, or someone, the point would fly over her head.

Speakin gof which, the clouds truly thundered - thrice - as we were discussing all that.

Even the HEavens are in accordane with me, hehe.

But anyway, other than that?

I may watch "fine babes" doing videos occasionally for a five minute burst or so before I wonder just what the heck I'm wasting my time on ...

Or, I may do some research for the other site that way.

And then back to writing.

Last movie I watched was an utterly awful straight to "Prime" Bollywood movie.

Puff, buff, huff, puff ... that was the whole movie.

But again, what do I know hehe.

The powers that be do !

Anyway, I'm out.

Thought I'd keep you abreast, hehe.

Pun intended - and not!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And I meant what I said about the price of the System this morning, so hurry before the price goes UP.

PS #2 - Oh, and I DID watch a video on the Illuminati which I shared on social meda. Other than that, your guess is good as mine, hehe.

PPS - I keep getting reminded of Henry Ford, and what he was asked in court about facts that meant nothing .... Hehe.

I wonder, if the "founts of knowledge" would actually use that knowledge?

Blasphemy, I know!

Lots of you have been hit by the infamous troll (not Schofield, again on this one). There's plenty of his ilk.

And lots of people have one or more of the reactions -

Back down.

Get pissed off - upset - angry!


Secretly check websites etc to see "what the person is up to" (like the Bozo does me, oddly enough. He's on block on all social media, yet he's so obsessed with me he can't keep away hehe).

Quite literally!

Or, worry. (will it hurt sales, what wil lpeople think, and so forth).

And more ...

Trolls can literally ruin lives in some cases, and have in many.

But guess what.

Its if you LET THEM.

Give a troll power, and he'll wield it. In the most unfair of manners (you'd think).

But that power, my friend, is mostly mental and trolls dont get it - and most people don't either.

For example, the attacks made on yours truly - not just by trolls - but people of various shapes, hues, genders, colors and more ...

Nary a day passes by without me getting attacked in some way, shape or form.


And nary a day passes by when I Dont WANT to!

Sounds odd, I know.

But the minute I see people NOT hating on me - the minute I see I'm going down!

As Emerson said in the Laws of Compensation, "I'd rather have BAD things written about me than honeyed words of praise everywhere".

And you don't have to look further than one of the most successful men in history (since certain wack jobs reading this will say "Oh, he doesnt have 2 million followers on I-blew-Tube!" or some such inane nonsenscial
social proof), US President Trump to see the truism in this.

He ain't the only one by far tho.

And yes, the elections were stolen, and the real Prez in my book is Trump.

Anyway, these trolls are mostly lonely and broke people at the end of the day my friend -usually trolling away in Moms basement for cheap thrills (to them).

When the Bozo infested Charles's house, until the infamous break up - or after it, I remember Charles angrily telling me.

"He sits here, he messes the room uip, he doesnt clean after himself, he eats all my food, he drinks all my beer, and doesn't pay for any of it!"

Quite the unwanted house guest was the Bozo, and I suspect after getting thrown out, face down in his underwear on the street he too knows it.

So do the cops in J ... Jieyang??? I forgot, but I think thats it!

But anyway, before that?

"Oh, Glyn's alright. He sits in a room and trolls people all day and night, but other than that he doesnt do much".

Well, Charles, you're right.

Hannibal, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde all rolled into one.

He's the king of trolls yes (or the third gender King), but they're all the same essentially, and you, my friend, would be an idiot NOT to profit from them!

Maybe I'll put out a book on in in the future - stay tuned.

But as for perfect houseguests, Charles then mentioned a certain other friend "Nick" who was the exact opposite of the Bozo in he kept the place neat and clean, asked before bumming all of the beer etc, paid for what he ate, offered to help in the cooking etc - like a good houseguest should!

"Now thats what you call a good house guest!" he said.

I agree ...

For now, remember there are many ways to beneift, and immediate financial gain (although that DOES happen a lot) isn't just what I mean.

Trolls can boost your biz long term big time.

And one secret to understanding this is that no-one, not even trolls themselves are perfect.

Far from it, bro.

Always an axe to grind ...

Anyway, more on that later.

But thats why I dont mind the troll attacks as much as I perhaps should. Again, more later, but I had to get that off my chest.

Anyway ..................

Lets end with a question from "Patrick B" (last name withheld upon request) who found me through social she-dia.

"Why should I buy from you? Can you convince me?"


My answer -


If you'r enot convinced by now, assuming you're on the list, you never will be. So please, do NOT Buy no matter what!

And two?

If you're not on the list, and not following me on social media, do so NOW.

And if you're not convinced then, well, the Internet's a big place my friend ....

Sorry, but I'm not going to bend over backwards to convince nuts who never ever will.

As for this social media thing, yes, I dont use it a lot.

I've started as of late, but I'm not really using it for sales.

More to say "on the spur of the moment" things such as what I did about MMA fighter John Wren, truly a REAL HERO in my book.


And thats basically the reason why ...

But above all, stay on the list -its the real McCoy!

I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

Friday, 07 May 2021 10:52

More on serial refunders ...

And at the outset again, this is one where Schofield is not the "guilty" party.

If he was, believe me, I'd call him out on it, but his sum total of two followers he's sitting on right now, and the fact he doesn't even know how to leave a review that would truly impact sales (Bozo has no clue, hehe) - and write or read anything beyond "rumpus" ... well, it ain't him on this one.

He simply goes to the book page and then "Rahul said something, so I will!"

Like a little kid as it were.

So it isn't little man Schofield here if you get my drift (yes, I know I said that before, but I gotta be clear!).

These wackos, though, and I forgot to say it in the last email fall into a bunch of categories.

And if you're a business owner, or planning to write a book, or just interested in these things in general, then listen up.

The first category and this is by far the most - it's people that are addicted to the dopamine drip of "buying" and then experience buyers guilt shortly thereafter.

A certain "Cesar" from Vegas falls into THIS category. HE ain't alone either!

The same sort of people that watch Tv when they're supposed to be working out and doing something else either, and then feel the pangs of guilt/conscience if they have any bite at them.

And these people never have any intention of using the products in the first place.

Then second, "el cheapos" - like SChofield.

Like Charles rightly said, and this was proven roundly (pun intended, hehe!) when we met the Bozo showed up for dinner when Charles was supposed to, and gorged like a pig.

Really looking at him eat, you'd think he was a starving SOB that hadn't been getting fat on welfare induced crap food for ages ... (I mean really, dude's REALLY fat).

And of course, when it came time for the bill, he was nowhere to be seen.

"I gotta look for an ATM", said the Bozo.

As Charles said, there is always an excuse with Glyn.

He truly is pathetic, so I paid and I was done with it. Whew!

Not like I care about the piddly dinner anyway, but the only time Glyn lifts his fat butt cheeks up to pull out expired credit cards is when he snorts drugs in Chung King mansion in HK for some reason. I've got proof, yes, Charles ... (like I said).

But the el cheapos I'm referring to are looking to "quickly" read and then refund.

Before the refund time frame expires, and you can tell by how "quickly" these nutjobs refund and how Amazon then blocks their accounts a while later.

Which they should!


Like a certain "Andrea" on Amazon I won't mention here ...

But anyway, the third category are THIEVES looking to plagiarize, and thats happend to me a lot.

It worries a lot of writers and biz owners to be frank.

And rightfully so, but remember on thing - and most don't,

The bozos can never copy and be YOU.

and if you do it right, and have real customers - then they're buying YOU - not so much the product - that cannot be duplicated.

You, my friend, once you're authentic and honest, like Dr Maltz said in Pyscho Cybernetics and rightly so, are UNIQUE.

And you can't be duplicated no matter how people try!

I keep telling folks that.

Precious few listen, but remember, these scam artists can make you a LOT of dough if you do it right!

So these are the three main categories I've come across.

And my most trolled book - I'l llist FIVE here.

Pushup CEntral.

Animal Kingdom Workouts.

Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!

Shoulders like BOULDERS!

And the king of them all, Isometric and Flexibility Training.

Do with this info what you will, friend, but there it is!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Back soon!

Business wise, I've been hit pretty hard by this lot on the other business (but it hasn't impacted profits - if anyhing, they've been impacted hard too - positively!).

They've gone up - big time!

So I really shouldn't be saying this here, but before I do - listen up.

To most of you on this list - this doesnt apply because after the recent cull I did on THIS list, MOST of you are FINE, OUTSTANDING real man and women!

The DOERS - and I Salute you.

Freedom LOVERS - and I salute YOU!

And so forth!

There might be the odd wacko in this list, and judging by the spam folder which I haven't even checked, Bozo Scho-Fo is going insane (like a 100 so far, but like his emails they're on auto block, his signs up are too, so I'm happy in that regard).

I had to do it. The lunacy ... LOL.

But anyway, if there are two things I dont' love about Amazon, admittedly in my view one of the best companies out there to do biz with and the ONLY one I really invest in if you get my drift?

Jeff Bezos - again - YOU ARE THE ... MAN!

But two things I dont' love is this - one, their very "liberal" policy of returns.

So wackos in most cases can buy products, copy and paste, then refund.

Or, wank off to the for all i know (oddly enough, that is what a lot of the wankers do anyway, hence the complains about "the pictures dont look beautiful!")

To which I gotta say, I mean really, dude, why me.

Plenty of "gay" sites with free pics, so you bozos (the ones that complain about the pictures in the book on isometrics for one) can go haunt 'em.

But second ...

I dont like their policy of allowing people that never bought the product to leave reviews.

And admittedly both these policies have their upsides, and the good people far outnumber the trolls (though it might not seem obvious, but they do when it comes to bottom lines).

i.e. yes, if you got Fast and Furious Fitness from someone, and you TOO really loved, it, then hey, you'll leave a review. OBviously!

And of course, the return policy is there for people that "clicked buy" by mistake twice - which happens all too often with Kindle etc.

Trust the wackos to take advantage of it though.

Yours truly does all he can to WARD these types off.

In fact, I've got a very strict no refund policy as well.

For ANY reason.

And with good reason.

And I keep telling you to do your research FIRST.

Only buy if you really want it, and if you don't hey. Plenty of other sites to haunt, troll etc ... whatever gets these idiots off, if you get my drift!

But once you buy, you buy.

And to the serial refunders, I'm going to start calling out by NAME now, so you best be prepared.

I'm sick of people insulting work - especially the lazy copy and paste trolls out there who have NOTHING better to do with their lives.

So if that doesnt deter the wackos, then by all means, keep bringing it.

Watch this space for more!

BAck soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - My bestselling products getting YOU into the best shape of my life, truly the best in terms of fitness, life and motivation - right HERE!

PS #2 - And no, Glyn ain't the ringleader there. He has a sum total of TWO followers, both of whom are too rotund to do much and he's sitting on both right now if you get my drift, so now, not him.

He truly is the king of "cheap" trolls though, hehe. Kudos to "Sco Bro" for accomplishing at least that "from the bottom". LOL!

I just saw a coupla interesting things on Pinked-Out ...

Here's the link https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2021/01/light-led-crops-pesticides-sustainable-agriculture/  - I dont know how "good" or bad this idea is of using "lights" to artificially stimulate growth in plants, personally I think the sun does just fine, but who I am to say - they seem to have hit upon an innovative idea the Dutch!

And then there was something about an "artifical sun" providing (according to the video shared) - "beneficial light that kills 99.99% of germs".

I, of course just HAD to respond with this - (always up for a bit of Trumping, hehe, but it is WARRANTED)

Interesting how now that the Dutch are saying it, no-one says a word. In 2020, Trump said the same thing ie. UV kills germs, and look at the hoo haa it created!

That, of course brought the Bozos out in packs.

One fine Bozo responded with this -

Well, Trump's idea was to place things up your hoo haa to clean you out, like a child asking if one could just swallow soap. Here is a link to his childish, no offense to children, and unhelpful comments.


I must admit, thats the first time I heard the usage of the term "hoo haa" that way, and it made me laugh for a good five minutes or so.

But here's the thing.

Trump never SAID that idiots like Schofield for one should be putting bleach up their nether regions - all he said was what the article here says i.e. that UV light has been shown to kill germs, and "what if" the light could pentetrate human skin and kill the Wu Flu. Thats all!

And of course, idiots globally went to town - and then the emergency room - globally - by testing this out by dumping bleach and househol cleaner up their backsides.

Really, how stupid does one have to be.

But Trump is a classic case of (like yours truly) getting flak for something, and then the same thing being Tom Tommed roundly later by the left. (because another leftist said it).

Trump closed the borders with China - he was one of the first to do so in the US - and he was called a racist.

Then when the ROW did it, they were applauded!

The current Indian travel ban (to the US and many other countries) - I can just imagine the (excuse the pun, hehe) hoo haa if Trump had insinuated the ban. Of course, it's Hiden Biden now, so anything goes...!

Anyway, I must admit I love using the word hoo haa, hehe.

And hoo haa aside, there'll be a LOT coming a certain Bozo's way (in Brum no less) over the next few days as I've upped the ante considerably after recieving more complains of him harassing folks.

I'll keep you posted on that!

But hoo haa, my friend.

I've continually made noise about bodyweight exercises that were derided as being too tough, and not for everyone, and for "professionals only" and so forth, and yet TODAY, with the lockdowns everywhere, guess which exercises are being used as the bedrock of most fitness programs (apps etc).

You got it - the Rolls Royce!

The book on isometrics caused a great deal of consternation amongst various circles when it was released.

But people all over the world, and more than a couple on THIS list are now writing their OWN books on it - no doubt inspired by others wanting it, and/or in part by my efforts, if just for the fact that I've written one on an immensely useful topic, so why not them?

Then of course, SPRINTS.

Sprint training and the concept of brief workouts throughout the day - I've been parading the benefits of the same since forever.

And a month or so ago, even the CHO (China health organization) recognized the worth of this concept by referring to it as something like "exercise snacks during the day".

And so forth.

Such, my friend, is the life of a pioneer - a fitness (and many other things) pioneer too!

Anyway, remember that my first and perhaps (in some ways) MOST pioneering book Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's Edition - the last book is still sitting pretty.

First come first serve, because once gone, I won't reprint it.

So, if you want it - jump on this now.

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Check out Fitness Pioneer too while you're at it.

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