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Or I should say one of her candidates was asked, and being the bozo couldn’t answer a simple ‘un like that, she posed it to me, and I answered it, and . . .

Ah, but wait a minute.

Let me back up.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but my wife’s a recruitment agent. Both full time and part time, mostly part time now from what I gather, but I’m not really sure.

But I AM sure on the “what she does part”.

As opposed to what she says when people ask her “what I do”.

“I have no idea”, she says. “Honestly!”

And then the other day (to me). “I wonder how much you write about me!”

Well my dear, lovely, other half probably doesn’t know how much I write about her. Quite literally and not just here. On other sites as well, other businesses, and . . . ?

And she doesn’t know what I do either in that regard.

Sometimes, certain “Secrets” are best kept, even if they’re OPEN ONES!

Ok, salaciousness aside, whats up you ask.

Well, this.

“If an ant walks three miles up a wall (hypothetically) in one hour, and goes down two in another, then how long would it take to walk ten miles?”

(The question was posed in Hindi, of course, being the candidate was in India and being her language of choice is, well, Hindi, and being she thinks . .  ah, but we’ll get there. Hehe).

And this was a while back, I think, but I still remember answering promptly.

And No, I’m not going to reveal the answer here, but apparently the candidate got this wrong.

And was dumped.

Funny thing, memories . . .

I once remember (when Imet my wife) her asking me to “be formal and act professional in a job interview”.

For reference, she called me out of the blue (I was at the job before THAT Job at the time! ?) and told me the following (when I told her I was NOT going to wear anything but jeans, and that was that”).

“Rahul, come on! How can you even say that! Do you realize what a huge company you’re going to walk into?”

(again, paraphrasing)

“Uh . . . “( I was about to tell her I could give a rats ass less, and the only reason I was talking to her about it was, well, HER but hey . . . )

“No ifs and buts!”

And that was that.

Of course, I didtn get the job.

And of course, it was a job where she just sent me without reading my CV at all.

When I quizzed her about it and the fact the job was as much a fit for me as supporting Joe Biden currently is (NOT!! Ugh!), of course, no answer.

Gotta love them recruiters, hehe. Most about as useful workwise as a screen door on a submarine, especially if they’re ESL recruiters, which thankfully my wife refuses to deal with, period (smart girl – I don’t blame her one damn bit either ?).

Anyway, just where was I and what was I gonna tell you.

That both this and what she (apparently, if I heard right) tells my “siesta loving” lovely daughter (who loves to sit over meals for hours forking at her food, much like they do in Spain for one – or did, pre China plague anyway) have a parallel to fitness.

“The brain sends a signal to the body in 20 minutes that it’s full, and if you don’t eat before that!”

She trailed off (again, if I’ve got this right).


At least it’s better than what “Twinkle” Khanna married to the famous Indian actor Akshay Kumar told her kid apparently (who was the same).

“The butcher will cut your fingers off and fry them!”

Ugh. Now is that what you really want to tell a kid?

And no I ain’t lying either. Google, and you’ll see (and her husband’s response to it too, hehe, and can’t say I blame the dude!).

Anyway, point of this ramble?

Is to do things FAST my friend.

And do them the right way.

In terms of fitness, way too many people get on pushups, for instance.

They get good at ‘em.

Start cranking them out like there’s no tomorrow.

People comment.

With jealousy usually (well, jealousy and a mixture of “how dare he! I can’t!” – kinda like the CCP right about now . . . ).

And of course, the comments come in thick and fast.

“You’re skinny!”

“Pushups do nothing for overall strength” (usually from people who can’t do a single one in proper form, and I ain’t talking handstand pushup either!)

And pretty much soon, he decides to mix (back) in boobybuilding with GOOD stuff.

Two steps back my friend.

Don’t be one of those people. Get on the GRAVY train, and STAY on it!

And do things FAST.

100 pushups done RIGHt should take you NO LONGER than 12-13 minutes, preferably 9 my friend.

And you can see proof of this in the 250 pushup workout I take you through in the 0 Excuses Fitness videos. Hey, I even throw in bridging and handstands at the end of it for good measure, though the book doesn’t really cover the latter, and yet, total filming time as the lovely and redoubtable Miss Cindy would tell me, less than 25 minutes tops!

And that’s how it is with life too.

Keep moving ahead. No regrets.

Do the right thing.

If you screw up, so what. Who careS!

IT’s about the steps you take forward, not necessarily those you take backward.

Last, but not least, remember what I once wrote about, and what the great Vince Mc MacMahon had to say on this.

“sometimes, in order to take one step ahead, you gotta move THREE backwards”.

And that, my friend, is the final spanner and monkey wrench into all this. I’ll have more on that too soon!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Pushup Central is truly the very best in terms of conditioning there is, my friend. Pushups will WHIP them saggy butts into shape like there AIN’T no tomorrow! Get on the gravy train right NOW, right HERE! , BOYO! Hurry, my friend. Time waits for no-one, and it ain’t gonna wait for YOU EITHER. Invest NOW. And be prepared to be GOBSMACKED. IT really IS that damn good, the best (and your FAVORITE) course ever on the mighty and one and only PUSHUP, and I challenge you to find one better on pushups on it ANYWHERE on the Internet!  

PS #2 – and I just remembered. ESL, and recruiters. I wrote a lovely story on that back in 2014 I believe, the protagonist being a certain Jessie, and a fat, unfit yours truly. What exactly was that about you ask? Wel l- stay tuned – will reveal all shortly!

Friday, 02 October 2020 07:40

Red ants, black ants and MORE . . .

And my thoughts on this little meme that seems to have sweeping social media as of late.

Basically a somewhat (not to me really as it’s obvious and common sense and has been for a WHILE NOW) “interesting” take on the EXTREME polarization that’s been sweeping the world and that I HAVE WRITTEN about it multiple times BEFORE . . .

(Yes, I told you so, and it happened. Yes, there are no prizes for being right, but there sure aren’t any for being wrong either, and I know which side I’d rather be on at the end of the day! ?).

I saw this first posted by a friend (typed out) and I thought he created it.

Apparently not though as I see the same thing in various forms and guises being spread all over the Internet (except perhaps of course in mainland China where of course “all is always well”, and the roses always bloom, and “there is never a problem”, and thus forth ) . . .

And since you guys on my list won’t get this if I attach it (believe me, yours truly would do so in a flying jiffy if it made his task easier), I’ll type it out too.

(On another note I was going to do up a “how dare I” email for y’all, but that will have to wait until this one, hehe).

Here goes then –

“If you go to the South West desert and catch 100 red fire ants as well as 100 large black ants and put them in a jar, at first, nothing will happen.

However, if you violently shake the jar and dump them back on the ground the ants will fight until they eventually kill each other.

The thing is, the red ants think the black ants are the enemy, and vice versa, when in reality the real enemy is the person that shook the jar.

This is exactly what is happening in society today.

Liberal VS conservative

Black VS white

Pro mask VS anti mask

The real question we need to be asking ourselves is whose shaking the jar and why”

And there endeth that one.

Now, really, I could have said this in a far more pithier fashion.

I mean, really.

“Why is the world so bloody polarized”

Well, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it againm and people are going to HATE me for saying this, but here are the facts boyo.

One, polarization and HATE is exactly what needs to be done in terms of marketing – for anything.

I don’t care if it’s getting re-elected, or selling fitness books, or even selling lemonade down the road and outdoing the other sellers by a huge margin.

You HAVE TO SHOUT from the rooftops, and how!

There ain’t no sense (and more importantly MONEY) in “being as shy as a dormouse” or “worrying about what others will think”.

Of course that needs to be blended in with a proper degree of ASSURANCE in that your PRODUCT is actually a GREAT ONE and that you can back your talk up!

Yours truly CAN. As you can see from the testimonials page. Yes, I’m bragging, and unashamedly so.

Donald Trump can too, and as I write this, the SAD news just came in.

HE and his wife have tested positive for the China plague, and although it didn’t look even remotely likely to happen a day or so ago during the debate, hey, what can I say.

Other than DAMN this damned plague and DAMN the people that created and wifully spread it to all corners of the globe.

He WILL Recover. We WILL Win this war together.

Anyway . . .  that topic could go on forever. I’ll write more about it later, but for now. . .

Let’s talk about what is happening in the world NOW.


Left VS right.

Fitness VS “so called fitness”

And in all of this, there are two things that really stand out.

One, doing the right thing and being open enough to SAY the right thing and being unapologetic about how many people it offends is an art, bar none.

And if you can do so in a brutally honest fashion (manner! ?), all the better.

If you can say it like it TRULY is – believe me, very few people can, then you’re one of a RARE breed mi amigo.

And of course, people are too scared to SAY IT LIKE IT IS!

Take for example (a small example).

From what I hear, my daughter’s school lessons in India have been reduced to an ultimate FARCE.

The China plague means lockdowns again, and schools don’t look likely to reopen until March next year. Assuming full scale war doesn’t break out, and it most likely will, and in that case all bets are off.

And the fact is that online teaching just don’t work.

Especially not when it’s peppered with, as is going on in CHINA and India now, overly simplistic and in your face jingoism, religious ‘programming’ done on young, impressionable minds in the very nastiest manner possible and more . ..

Believe me, I could write tomes about what the education system in both countries has descended into as of late!

At least leave kids out of it! But they wont.

And that’s my point.

(Well, not really. The point there was that people are still forking out fees - that have been recently INFLATED! - at that for these idiotic and utterly USELESS lessons the kids hate, and so the schools keep doingit, because there are still tons of bozos out there that believe they ain't got a choice. Good news though, some people are apparently (from what I hear) NOT paying the schools anymore - hopefully that boycott movements keeps up!)

The world, my friend, is going to hell in a hen basket and has been for a while, and most people are scared to come out and SAY IT.


“I’ll offend people”.

“I’ll lose business”

“My friends may see that post”

“The backlash may be severe”

Well, goody.

But when someone DOES come out and say it like it is, people brand it as stirring the pot, and in some ways it is, because it instantly gives people something to argue about SAFELY (hey, I didn’t say it, he did – there’s your scapegoat eh).

And of course, the other “side” will come out and tom tom their beliefs too.

Question is, who is RIGHT?

Should be bloody obvious (if you look at what is going on in the world today).

(Remember what I wrote about calling out a dude in my daughter's school for bullying once? NOBODY would dare to post about that (whatsapp I believe) and when yours truly did they all jumped on the anti-bullying bandwagon behind me. People truly are SCARED! And this coming from a person(yours truly) not even in India where her school while the rest of  the parents WERE and bloody well could have spoken UP, but didnt!)

Unfortunately the wrong side thinks they’re right too (Nazis, anyone?)

And here’s the MAIN point.

Why do people CARE?

Because people globally are FRUSTRATED.

A lot of people are “tired of waking up to the same old shit daily”.

Deep down inside, EVERYONE (almost) wants change, and they want it NOW (2020 being the year of the survivor, and thus forth).

And when someone comes along and says it like it is, those INNER feelings boil up the surface.

What has been bubbling along in the subconscious is finally given a “vehicle” to ride out. And when that happens – watch out!

‘Tis unfortunate, but ‘tis true my friend. As my buddy from the Marines told me a coupla of weeks ago, the world needs a cleansing.

And how!

The Universe has it’s own ways of dispensing justice my friend, and that is precisely (in a way) what is happening right now in the world (and the “why” should be OBVIOUS again).

Anyway, that’s my take on it. It’s gotta happen my friend.

Best thing you can do is be on the right side of it.

And as Charles Mitchell said, be prepared for anything, both physically and MENTALLY, and if an ex cop with years of service on his belt says you better damn well believe it!

And he’s right, actually. That’s what I base my entire training system upon.

Look, pally. When someone’s got you to the ground in a chokehold, or arm bar, that bench ain’t gonna save your ass, and neither will the deadlift.

A strong grip, the kind you get from doing pull-ups right, and lots and lots of them at that might well break that chokehold and reverse it and then some . . .

And that’s the fact of the matter my friend.

Train RIGHT. Train hard, but RIGHT.

That’s how I do it, and that’s how YOU SHOULD TOO!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – My best wishes for the Trumpinator once again. I’ve posted everywhere but if there is ONE takeaway from all this I’d like y’all to share, it is that. Share away, and lets do this TOGETHER!

This one may come across as a bit of a strange one to write about, but it’s really not.

And other than the obvious “well, bottom feeders suck, so you obviously shouldn’t be enabling them”, there are other reasons behind this.

Reasons I, after chatting with my friend Charles the other day would have told him but being he’d just ignore it (or he’d “listen, but wouldn’t hear” if you get “Alonzo Harris’s drift”, hehe), I’m saying it HERE!

To you guys, and indeed it holds as true for business and life as it does fitness.

So, some of you might remember Wacko Glyn.

The same wacko who made threats against me a while back, is (and has been on) on drugs for God knows how long, usually lives on either welfare or charity, and has stolen money from about a dozen different folks.

And “borrowed” from even more, with no intention to return it.

He currently owes my buddy money for flying him back (very gracious of Charles I must say, after all that’s transpired, but silly as well) from the Philippines where he fled after he was booted from China and apparently Hong Kong too.

(And don’t even get me started on the guy’s personal life, his weird fetishes etc. Hey, nothing wrong with a fetish if you have one, but judging by the number of women that came up to me and showed me screenshots etc of this dude literally pestering them up and down for related rubbish, I have just one thing to say – LOSER. With a capital L, and the rest too. Hehe). 

The same dude who even Hannibal Lecter (fictional obviously) would be leery of sharing a cell with, and even the mental facilities in Baltimore Maryland (I don’t know if that part was finctional! ?) would probably balk at accepting him.

Hey, there’s a limit to “bravery”. Or insanity . . . and associating with said wacko in any way, shape or form is just INSANE.

I’d rather run for the hills! Hehe. Which I’d rather do anyway of course, preferably in a sprint! ?

And enabling the dude’s lunacy takes it to a different level altogether.

Here’s how it usually goes down.

Dude wants help. Charles helps him.

Dude says thanks.

Few weeks later, he turns into the scorpion that bit the frog, and HOW.

Charles vows to “never help him again” as does his girlfriend (don’t get me started on that one, hehe).

And dude shows up sniveling a few weeks later, and apparently gains “sympathy” from the duo above.

“He’s turned over a new leaf”, they think. If there is one thing these sociapth types are good at it it’s making others think they’re “normal” and “turned over a new leaf”. Look at Ted Bundy for one, and you’d hardly think a maniac lay within!

Or Lecter in the movie . . . a cultured doctor outwardly . . .

. . . And while I ain’t saying above nutter is a cannibal or even a murderer he’s the “non violent” equivalent of the above.

Anyway, after the sympathy he’s gained, he needs help again.

OK, one last time they think.

They send him cash.

Which he blows.

On . . . well, we went there!

And round and round goes the merry go round my friend.

Now, there’s not much I can do if people continue to enable bottom feeders like this wackjob, and believe me, he isn’t the only looney tune running around there. Tons of them out there!

But I Can tell you this.

Anytime youre doing business, as my friend Dwayne said, there’ll be someone tryuing to put their hands into your pocket.

And (as your favorite fitness guru says, hehe) it’s usually a bottom feeder.

The kind that trawls the internet all day long looking for free or cheap stuff as opposed to paying for quality info and implementing it, and being done with it . . .

The kind that leaves idiotic reviews because “the information wasn’t worth what he paid for it”.

Yeah. Right. While my books ARE PRICEY, and while I DO NOT and never WILL offer any discounts (unless circumstances warrant it), the info in there is worth every penny and then some in gold.

And those that truly get it KNOW what I BE Talking about.

More than this though, the bottom feeders waste your time. And energy.

Bazillions of emails. Meaningless rants. Idiotic messages (in the case of nutzo above). And all the lot.

All in all, a massive DRAIN and drag me down.

And in business, you do NOT want to be associated with someone like that, and neither do you in life.

And there endeth “this particular sermon”, as they say.

As “Father Rahul” says, hehe (kidding).

Kiddin aside, if you have someone in YOUR life like this, write back and let me know – let US know – and we’ll give you advice on how NOT to enable him or her, if you are!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I have always had a policy of NOT helping those who refuse to help themselves. And that’s why I keep telling people, simply investing in the product won’t get the job done my friend. YES, you do need to invest, but that’s the first step. Getting off your ass, and DOING what is said therein is the next and most important step. And if you’re not willing to put in the hard yards, well, you might as well NOT invest in my products. I only want people that are dead serious about fitness, and not the lookie lous, bottom feeders, time wasters and such. Sorry if that offends, but ‘tis TRUE, my friend. It’s true!

I can just feel it . . .

The China tom tommers, the naysayers, the lefto nutjobs, and nutjobs in general willing me NOT to say what I’m about to (because deep down inside they know it’s the TRUTH and has, as a friend of mine once said, the “ring of truth to it”) – and hate me for saying it even before I say it, hehe.

So be it.

Say it I WILL, regardless of what others want me to do my friend.

And as always, it starts with a story or two. ? (Hint, Hint!)

I was speaking with a friend from Taiwan the other day, a person that took forever and a day to get back to my “Hi” message. Which is all good, of course. She’s got business and matters in her personal life keeping her less than “not busy” (yeah, we’re talking China, so I better get roundabout too eh ?) so thatsall good.

Anyway, we were discussing the current situation, and of course, given the state of affairs, war in general.

And Taiwan is likely to be one of the first places (along w/the heavily militarized on both sides now India – China border that war breaks out, so . . . she was a little more than interested!

And a comment she made was interesting, if just for what she said AFTER that.

“I hope India and China have a massive war soon!”

Hmm, OK. It’s pretty much inevitable, and what she meant was “since China is doing the wrong thing and being brazen about it on multiple fronts it’s time for India to stare it down (as the other big power in Asia) an dtell it to, well, sod off).

And she’s right.

But she hates India. By her own admission, the “government of India does nothing”.

India has a terrible human rights track record”.

Then she went on to refer to the casteism which unfortunately is still rampant in India. And the general shoddy state of affair, and of course, the crimes against women.

And she pretty much tarred the entire country with ONE brush, that being “I like India, but only because your enemy’s enemy is my friend!”

Now, was I “offended” by any of this?

Hell no.

In fact, I’m glad she trusts me enough to give me her TRUE OPINION of the country.

And as far as China and the CCP goes, the less the better on her opinion.

But here’s the point.

Amidst that entire India rant, there was not ONE POSITIVE thing said about the country. Despite us discussing Donald Trump before, and how by this lady’s own admission, NOT MINE “I don’t like Trump’s comment on woman, but overall he’s right, and we have to look at the overall picture).

And did she look at the overall picture, or even START to in terms of India.

Again, a resounding hell no.

And this ain’t surprising one damn bit. The Chinese in general (Han Chinese, NOT The minorities) have this concept of racial superiority over EVERYONE (don’t believe me? Do your research, and you’ll see!) and in terms of India, they’ve always thought the Indians to be INFERIOR in ever regard.

“How dare India punch above it’s weight (or what they think it’s weight is)” went one stupid little editorial in the Global Times recently, but I digress . . .

Racism, for those that don’t know is rampant in China, both amongst their own people and to expats in general, and is not only encouraged, but condoned. And if you’ve seen the “blacks not allowed” signs in Mc Donalds in GuangZhou etc that were doing the rounds even on heavily censored social media in China, well, you know what I’m talking about.

Words have a vibe my friend.

And the vibe I felt from what she was saying was simple.


Which is fine, of course. At least she was honest about it!

Now, am I saying said problems don’t exist in India?

Hell yes they do.

Big time, and yes, she’s right on a lot of those, but again, overall picture anyone?

Was Taiwan the beacon of democracy it is now when Chang Kai Shek took it over?

Hmm. No to say the least!

Is mainland China without it’s issues? Forced abortions, mostly female unborns, due to the one child policy.

An economy built on shaky fundamentals to say the least, with callous disregard for human rights, and the environment and HORRIFIC treatment of anyone that opposes the She She Pee in any way, shape or form (publicly)?

And more . . .

My point is this. Overalll picture.

But it’s funny how it works. My Dad once told me I “hate India because I think the people were dark and dirty” (along with the requisite facial expression).

Now, I’ve made no secret of the fact that my family and me don’t really have a relationship. Haven’t for ages, and it don’t look likely to happen any time soon.

But I gotta say this.

NO, Dad, the “white man is not secretly racist”.

NO, Dad, I do NOT hate India. I hate the problems, and most of all the fact that government is so corrupt and inept that they do nothing to address problems that should have been addressed EONS ago.

That doesn’t equate to hating the people, or thinking what you said I did!

And of course, this brings me back to Claude Bristol.

As we think, we are, and if Communist China got that way due to thinking and tacit acceptance by the Chinese public, then in India . . .well, you get the drift. Hate me for saying it, sure. I don’t care.

But, it’s TRUE.

Anyway, where was I amongst all this.

Ah yes.

Why the West will stand w India . . .

Because amidst all the chaos, India is at least HONEST about its problems, and even the callous attitude towards SOLVING the problems.

People openly don’t care, and that’s at least taking a stance on things! I might not agree with the stance, but it’s a stance regardless, and I respect the right of folks to take whicver stance they so choose.

But China?

I have said often that China is all smoke and mirrors.

And despite what the China tom tommers blather on about “China being the next world power” (sorry guys, but it ain’t, and never was), their economy is built on the same thing.

Take away the gloss and glitter, roads leading to nowhere, glitzy almost empty malls and roads leading to nowehere, and you have the same sorry mess that is currently there in India, except it’s suppressed and hidden.

AND THEREIN LIES the NUB of the matter.

The ring of truth as my friend from the Marines once put it, and “India’s always been a little different!”

Or, even the lady from TW.

“India’s a free country!”

And THAT freedom, that OPENNESS and that HONESTY is, more than economics, I believe why the West is standing with India NOW, and has for decades (never so much as now, but they’ve never been really against the country either).

Democracy, openness, and HONESTY.

Sure, there are problems in both America and India.

But in neither country are those problems covered up.

Take the plague for instance.

The Chinese figures are obviously all BS. Even for a country that planned and released this hell onto the entire world (and stockpiled masks etc in advance), the number of deaths or cases reported is way, way too low than it should be or you’d expect.

At least India and America, and the rest of the civilized world are TRANSPARENT about the havoc that it’s wreaked on them!

There is no second guessing. It is what it is. No smoke and mirrors. Just the TRUTH.

Take it or leave it.

And therein my friend lies the reason why people will ultimately side with India, and the side of true civilization (indeed, India is reported to the oldest civilization in the world as opposed to overhyped China).

And are, for that matter!

And that’s my two cents on it. Take it or leave it, and this sort of thing is EXACTLY what Secretary Pompeo, Donald Trump, and a lot of others have been saying, albeit in different words.

And it’s about the FEELING.

What feeling do you, the dear reader get about all this on India – and China?

I think that one last question can answer this entire debate, and it also answers why I consider Donald Trump to be not just he greatest U.S. President of ALL TIME, but also the greatest marketer.

Not only does he say what people think, but more importantly, what they FEEL!

And that, my friend, is really all there is to say about that. Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – If political pieces piss you off, well, the Unsubscribe link is there for a reason. At the end of the day, I ain’t gonna muzzle my opinion on nuttin if you get my drift. And if it’s just fitness you’re after? Well, this here page is where you go my friend: 0 Excuses Fitness Products.

Friday, 18 September 2020 12:55

Float like a butterfly, sting like a BEE!

Whoever said boxing was a “barbaric” sport and not cerebral is an idiot.

Bar none.

And my own family has plenty of them, unfortunately.

Boxing is probably one of THE MOST cerebral sports my friend, and even if you don’t know the B of boxing, you gotta be dumb if you think comments like the above (made by Muhammad Ali no less) don’t show a SUPER BRAIN behind said comment.

Or, a comment like Mike Tyson’s “you can have all the plans in the world, but they ain’t gonna help in the ring when you get punched in the MOUTH!”

Or, sheer BRUTALITY combined with intellect.

“ I want to punch his nose through his brain (or something like that!) “ (Tyson)

And back to floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee, the best of both worlds is exactly what that is, and is precisely what you need to be a champion boxer.

As I wrote in the last email, brute strength is great, but you gotta match that up with THINKING.

If you give me two massive guys, one dumb and one smart, the dumber one being bigger, all other things being equal I’ll take the smart guy.

Take a look at Marc, for instance.

Champ boxer.

And when I sparred with him, he put his defense down, and invited me to “hit” him (touch him while sparring obviously).

And I tried my ass off.

You’d think it was easy with the guy’s hands down, but dude’s a big guy, but has lightning fast footwork.

THAT is what you call black mamba in the ring!

As he once told me.

Snake’s tongue, Rahul. Snake’s Tongue (when I was jabbing).

I think I could barely keep my jab up during round #3 of sparring.

And I got him - - sum total of ONE time, and that too when he probably let his guard down a bit (and it was never fully  up!).

Or, when he once showed me a bare knuckle punch.


IT came out of nowehere, and hit me on the shoulders.

I FELT it. Believe me. It didn’t “hurt” me, but I’ve been hit far worse, and he didn’t do it to hurt me obviously.

But point is, it came out of nowhere, and though I was expecting it – POW!

He later told me that was 70% of his regular striking ability. Man, I can just imagine what he’s like at 100%, hehe.

And this sort of thing is precisely why I advocate bodyweight training, jumping ropes, squats etc as opposed to the mess at the gym.

These things keep you lean, mean, moving QUICK like a jungle cat. Or a fighting machine!

And they build your strength up to the point you can float like a butterfly all day, but when It comes time to strike?


Black mamba, or perhaps a BEE.

And that, my friend is the message I want to give you in this one. Take it or leave it - - up to YOU!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Sunday, 13 September 2020 07:47


The kind of moments that COUNT, that make you really feel it . . . and as I almost burst into tears (literally).  .  .

But wait. Let me recount from start to finish (or mostly everthing, for that matter). As is the case I’m writing this here first email of the day for ANY of my businesses BEFORE I check my email, sales, the news, sh-news, and the latest “chit chat” on Weshat, whatsapp, or any of the other apps.

In fact, I SHUT down all those apps on my phone before I go to bed.

Which for whatever reason right now is a . . . ah, but we’ll get into that later as well. But anyway, I shut down all those annoying apps - - and in the middle, I used to turn off my WIFI and data as well.

I think I wrote to you a while ago about turning off my WIFI service, and seeing if I “lived”  without it. Turned out I did just fine, and the reason I do what I do is so I’m not besieged by annoying messages the moment I wake up.

I’d rather have my FIRST thoughts of the day.

Anyway, my wife and me were going at it. As usual, or sometimes I should say. We can be an “Italian couple” on occasion!

“Yes, and the car DOES matter”, she was pouting (I believe).

“I’m buying a new one next month!” she triumphantly said. “A Skoda at that!”

Does any of it really matter, I remember asking her.

“Yes it does!”

Whatever, I replied.

And there we were a few hours later sitting in a “get together of sorts”. My wife’s friends mostly, all huddled around to convince me that it “did matter”.

I took it for a while. Listened to all the BS.

And then, as is my wont, I piped all of a sudden.

“Look dude”, I remember telling one particularly annoying fat slob (a doctor if I remember right!).

“I could care less if you think your three houses, fifty cars, retinue of servants and what not is the most important thing on the planet. Hey, go for it. But I don’t!”

“He doesn’t care about anything!” my wife sagely noted. “All he’s interested in is writing and getting those darn books of his out. And talking about topics that don’t interest me at all!”

“Well, why are you still with me”, I Remember laughing.

“You have a great job, a great paycheck” (NB – this isn’t exactly the case in real life, but we’ll get into that more below! ?.

“Yet, you continue to choose to stay “stuck with me”” I said.

And back to dude.

“Dude. What I care about it shit that matters. And what I care about is that I CAN knock your damn lights out if I want to regardless of all your external accrouments if you pester me up and down all damn hour long like you’ve been doing a while”.

That seemed to shut him up.

A short while later, the “doorbell” buzzed I believe.

“Ugh”, I said. “Again!”

“There”, my wife piped up. “HE’s a hermit that prefers to live in a cave!”

(Hey, I wrote about THAT before too! ? Mr Wolf doing handstands . . . )

Anyway, the seas were a rolling outside.

Wave after threatening wave, and the skies were GREY, dark, and overcast. We were out at sea on the USS Alabama (I don’t know why that name comes to mind!).

And then I left the “soiree”.

Retreated to my quarters, talked to my mates.

All of whom were heavily bandaged from the war.

The kind you don’t see in the movies. Not the pretty scars that leave the hero looking even more like a hero.

REAL scars. REAL ugly stuff that occurs in battle, and we huddled around in solidarity.

And there was a book lying on the floor.

A green hardcover book, and idly I looked at it.

The cover was flipped open, so I flipped it back.

And I saw it. The silverback gorilla staring up at me, and the words “Gorilla Grip – Advanced” staring back at me.

It was MY BOOK!

And obviously one of these men had bought it  . . .

A wellspring of emotion bubbled up in me, but I kept in check.

And then one of the dudes piped up. Heavily bandaged, barely able to move.

And he stooped down (I know I make it seem like he was old, but he wasn’t. Some were young, some middle aged, but none old. The travesties of real war as it were. Men up top make the decisions, and the brainwashed masses believe they’re fighting for their “country” and EVERYONE in the middle dies. Not mine, but a short version of what Rambo said in Rambo IV) and picked up the book.

“You know, that’s a damned good book!”

And I woke up, ready to burst into TEARS. Literally, so powerful was the emotion that I wrote it down pronto in my dream diary, and am now sharing it with YOU.

My buddy from the Marines once “broke down” when we were sharing a few beers together, and he called me up the next day and said the following.

“Hey man. I’m sorry! I lost control!”

My response?

“Don’t be! That happens, man! After all, what do guys drink together for? Man, that happens!”

And it does, my friend. It does. Especially when “old war horses” get together to share memories, drinks etc . . .

Anyway, before all this the current India China conflict where the situation is very dangerous poised right now (despite what the “sh-news” tells you, the two countries are already in a limited conflict that could involve the whole world) was flashing HEAVY in my mind.

I was dreaming about SOMETHING related to that all night long, and a sentence was appearing in my mind just as vividly as all the above did (I can still remember the color of the sea!).

And oddly enough, I’ve forgotten what it was, since that was the “first dream” of the night, and I never did write it down.

I DO write everything down, of course, but sometimes, when Im in deep sleep, I just turn over and let the dream continue and figure I’ll write it down “later” which usually works, but sometimes not!

Anyway, I will probaby read about the exact same thing on the news later, or hear about it somehow. Prophetic I know, but that’s how these dreams tend to be for me.

Point of all this? The emotion?

Why did I almost burst into tears?

Because my work is getting into the right hands, my friend. People that matter. People that do the right thing, and are willing to fight and die for the freedoms the rest of y’all enjoy.

People that don’t believe in kitty party BS.

People that are the REAL deal.

Real MEN. Real soldiers. Real WARRIORS.

And to all of you out there, my friend, a tip of the hat, and a cold one from me. You guys are the reason I do this, and you deserve it! ?


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And yes, that was a real dream. Happens to me often . . . often times, I’ll see sales in my dream before they actually occur!

PS – Anyway, HERE is where you can pick up the original Gorilla Grip. And HERE is where you can pick up the COMPILATION - https://0excusesfitness.com/gorilla-grip-the-compilation/

Monday, 07 September 2020 07:11

On lower back fat, and more . . .

Last night as I slept, I had another one of those dreams that revealed so much about myself to me, stuff I already knew, but stuff that is hammered home MORE every time I see it.

And part of that dream, or I think part of what I saw when I woke up and was between the completely unconscious and the “semi conscious” . . .

. . . It was a picture of me. Yours truly.

From the BACK.

Now I’ve often had dreams of me doing pull-ups etc succeeded by workouts where I did exactly the same.

But I’m not quite sure why I saw my BACK – specifically, my LOWER back in the dream . . . but I get it now.

Actually, it came to mind while I was brushing my teeth, and now here I am, writing to YOU about it!

(There in itself is a clue in terms of the inner workings of your REAL mind, the TRUE seat of power, and no it ain’t got nothing to do with brushing your teeth either!!).

What do I mean?

Well, simple.

It’s not always and usually not the fat you have that is VISIBLE.

I’ve said this in terms of subcutaneous and visceral fat, the latter being invisible and far more harmful, lapping around your organs . . .

And in terms of fitness, it’s really the BACK that shows you how fit and strong a person is my friend.

The ENTIRE back.

Upper, mid and lower. And the forearms and legs.

It’s NOT THE chest and six pack.

Sure, those might come about as a result of you training the right way, but they ain’t the only indicator by far.

I still remember a dude telling me the following a couple of years ago (which I did write about).

“Do you go to the gym? Your back is built!”

And this was when I was somewhat out of shape (well, not really, but by MY own high standards) and had more fat around the midsection and arse than I’ve had liked.

Yet, he could tell.

And one of the litmus tests of fitness (note – not necessarily piddly body fat levels and all that) is the SIDES of your core.

Notice how Apollo Creed’s trainer playfully gives him Rocky one to the sides before asking how fit he was.

And Apollo goes, we’ve been living MODERN, but we’re going to train OLD style now (this while standing in that dank, damp dungeon which produced CHAMPIONS!).

For me, it’s always been about my lower back which I cannot see.

I always “reach around” (when in doubt) and try and “grab” the area around the spinal erectors for one.

If there is ANY “meat” on there I can “hold”, well, I’m getting out of shape.

But in general, and usually – there is nothing.

Just smooth skin and solid MUSCLE.

And the same thing for my entire back.

And that, my friend is the real litmus test of whether or not your overweight etc.

It’s not about the front of the body. It’s about the BACK. You truly do gotta “back it up” as they say!


Rahul Mookerjee

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Monday, 31 August 2020 12:44

My thoughts on Matt Damon

So I’ve written a LOT about the Bourne series, haven’t I?

The training montage, specifically, the pull-ups and the sprints (after which I actually modeled my own personal workout way back in 2018! ?).

Sprints make you feel like NO-ONE can harm you once you’re done my friend, and I don’t necessarily mean that muscle wise, I just mean the FEEL Good feeling.

And muscle wise, they build a ton of it as well!

Anyway, I believe those emails are how some of my MOST loyal customers (Charles Mitchell and Jason, you two are at the TOP of the list! ?) found me.

And with good reason, of course.

Now, I was watching a bit of the Bourne Supremacy this morning.

And I don’t know why, but the SPRINT – the ALL OUT SPRINT – and the accompanying music throughout the scenes was what was playing in my head since the morning since I woke up with that great, great feeling I wrote about on the other website.

Bourne running . . . for his life, quite literally!

Through crowded streeets, through chaotic roads (try tossing in a full out sprinter on a busy highway! ?) and the PULSATING, RESOUNDING music that accompanies it. No wonder The Bourne Supremacy is my favorite in the series! ?.

And anyway, as he runs, runs, and runs he sprints up a flight of subway stairs, much like I did back in 20016, except I did it with a heavy duty laptop slung on to me and office clothes, hehe.

And then he does what to me has ALWAYS STOOD OUT, if just for the sheer PHYSICALITY of it.

People talk about the Expendables etc when they talk muscle, and rightly so, but try doing what Bourne did in the movie.

NOT LITERALLY! Let me repeat that, not literally!

But try the equivalent of two subway trains rushing towards you FULL TILT post a sprint (right after it), and then you jumping onto the tracks and jumping OUT Of harm’s way in the NICK OF TIME! . . .

. . . and then doing the same on the adjoining platform before jumping off onto a damned barge of all things!

 Boy oh boy. You gotta be in shape to do that, and that’s a magnificent plyometric if any. I’ve no idea if they used stunt doubles during the movie, but from what Damon said, they didn’t. Sure, the subway trains were probably put in there cinematically, but still, to even DO that ONCE, as opposed to twice . . . damn!

And that brings me to my central topic. Damon.

Damon is one of my favorite actors, and not just in the Bourne series, but overall – but yes, the Bourne series is how I got to see the guy the first time, and my favorite by far.

Now, here is where I will say something some might not quite agree with. sOme might call me a lunatic. Some might call me “wrong”. And so forth.

But (much like my buddy from the Marines! ? and anyone that truly IS IN THE KNOW does) I make snap judgements on most things my friend, and I’ve written about this before.

Ford, for one had the habit of reaching a final decision very quickly, an dchanging it slowly.

Doesn’t mean he didn’t put thought in before the decision was reached, but when it came time to make a decision, BAM!

And that’s how I get my initial impression of folks, either in person or online.

You either got it, or you don’t! You either HAVE a good vibe, or you don’t, and so forth.

And Damon (and by the way, I have NO idea what the man’s politicial affiliations are) and myself might not see eye to eye on everything, especially (I suspect!) politics.

And no, I could care less about the supposed Ben Affleck thing (I don’t know much about it; that’s another thing about yours truly - - I try to steer far, far away from gossip in all regards, especially celeb gossip).

That don’t mean I don’t study how the celebs became who they are NOW, my friend.

And it doesn’t mean I don’t cut past the BS and see them for a PERSON, and the OVERALL DEAL.

And overall, Damon’s a solid dude, the BEST fit for the Bourne series by far, and a damned good actor.

And a damned fit guy when he has to!

They talked about how they got him in shape for the Bourne series(and especially the last one, where he was almost 40 I believe. Or 45, perhaps).

Running up hills. 11 km runs a day! I can relate, hehe.

Pull-ups galore (Damon couldn’t do a single pull-up when he started, and got up to 31 in a set!).

Heavy bag work, and a lot of it.

And a decent diet without being over cautious about it.

All in all, fitness wise, Bourne aka Damon wouldn’t be a bad person to learn from at all (and neither would his trainer most likely, hehe).

And on that note, I’m out. Those are my thoughts. Write back and let me know what yours are if you so would!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Yours truly makes for a damn good trainer too (I know, I know). But I CAN put you through your paces like NO-ONE else ever has! To find out if you truly do “got it” – apply right HERE.

Boy oh boy!

From “American dog” (which I wrote about a long time ago on Medium) to being called an
“Indian Nazi” . . . and more!

Quite a journey eh, and probably #101 on the list of the already very long and burgeoning list of names I’ve been called.

My first thought upon looking at that was “dude keep going”.

As the Chinese say “add oil”. Or “Jia you” (apparently a Wuhan version of “keeping on going” when the CCP unleashed the Chinese virus on their unfortunate souls). 

And yes, while I don’t call it Kung Flu, Prez Trump is right for using the term, and I can understand why.

Anyway . . . why was I called this beautiful term?

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess, given my posts about China and their Nazi like behavior in general.

And being I’m NOT the sort of people to shy away from calling a spade a spade, and for those of you that still buy into the liberal koolaid of “China didn’t spread the virus”, well, here are some facts.

They didn’t just know and spread the virus. They DEVELOPED it. The initial strain came from Saudi Arabia, and was modified by none other than the mainland Chinese. It’s not a coincidence that there are bio war fare labs a short distance away from the market at Wuhan, for one.

Second, their illegal claims in the East Sea (I’d rather use that term than the south China sea) . . .

Secretary Pompeo and a host of international rulings and disputes have done a great job of pointing those out, but if there ever a parallel to Nazi like behavior before WWII, THIS is it.

Not to mention their constant land grabs in India. India trusts them (naively) and they laugh at India and simply move their armies in and refuse to budge despite the so called “negotiations”.

India is probably finally beginning to really start to amp the pressure on them though, and it’s long overdue. That’s the LAST missing piece in the puzzle – a resurgent India despite all its problems (a lot self created to be honest) and America and the ROW together, and we’ll finally see the end of the CCP.

As should be. Enough truly is enough!

Oh, and did I mention what they’re doing to the Ughur Muslims of China, practices such as forced sterilization, forced labor (since their own Han Chinese are too lazy to do any real work other than copy and paste), mass indoctrination, a refusal to allow them to follow their own religion, and worse?

Need I continue?

IF Hitler is to be called the worst pestilence of the modern era (and he WAS, most likely!), then it would be a folly not to put the CCP in the same bracket, perhaps even MORE SO.

The above are just three glaring examples, by the way. I could and have ranted before about their virulent racism to anyone non Han Chinese and their own people. Their shockingly entitled attitude. And their idiotic manner of making centuries old claims and then bullying whoever they can to GET those claims “vilified”.

Did I use the right word?

Nah, and I’m sure the grammar Nazis will have me for it.

But really. Hong Kong for one while it’s a Chinee issue was handed over by the Republic Of China, NOT the CCP, and therefore should have gone back to them if one were to really look at “historical claims”, and yet, do we see it going back to Taiwan anytime soon?

I think not!

Anyway, why do I bring this up.

Because anytime you say it like it is, my friend, people are going to get PISSED off.

Big time.

And part of the reason Donald Trump for one is so successful is because he simply doesn’t CARE what people think or say of him (much like the CCP, except they’ve been secretly caring for a while now!).

And yours truly has always been the same way.

I don’t care if I get called a buffoon (someone called me just that) for claiming pushups were far more useful and better than bench presses with the bros.

My last email on CONTINUITY (the sheer power of it) got a lot of likes, and positive comments.

And MORE than a few unsubscribes.

“Who do you think you are to call us out”, ranted one person. “Not everyone has a nice life like you where they can do what they like!”

It’s amazing perhaps, but yes, that was a response to the above email, meaningless as it is. I really did hit a chord eh.

As I apparently did with my recent comments on China.

More to come in both regards.

Stay tuned!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Here is the BEST damned fitness system ever – https://0excusesfitness.com/0excusesfitnessystem/

PS #2 – Here is what a long term customer had to say about the email on continuity, and this is a man that KNOWS what he BE Talking about. Read, and digest!

Amen.  No truer words were ever spoken!  Why do you think the military special forces train PT every day.  Love your emails.  Very motivational.  You are the man!

PPS – The read part holds doubly true for the nutjobs on LinkedIn who do the precise opposite while copying AND pasting what the CCP told them to . . .

While doing my pushups today it struck me that what is currently going on in the world on many fronts - - including the mess that India has currently got itself into (more on that later) with the Chinese, the overrallying cry seems to be “lets do it later”.

Let’s postpone the inevitable, though we all know it’s coming . . .

What do I mean?

Well, this Chinese virus for one.

We all know that the Chinese developed this, spread this and actively worked to not just contain info about it in the initial stages, but also make sure that the virus spread to ALL parts of the world by NOT imposing lockdown style restrictions etc on travel when it first began (when they first engineered it to begin).

And other than Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo and a few others in the current U.S. admin (though that number has increased a lot at the time of writing this) NO-ONE stated the blinding obvious (I should say “yours truly” too here, but hey, I’ll let it slide!).

I still remember the widespread panic that is now being replaced (slowly but surely) by a “resignation to the inevitable”.

Which wouldn’t be so bad if wasn’t accompanied by FEAR.

Hey, let me be very clear and state something I’ve been very clearly and stridently advocating and STATING ever since the madness started.

One, this silly virus only affects people with LOW immunity, and indeed, studies have shown its not just those people, but people with pre-existing serious medical conditions that have been mostly affected.

And out of those people, 1 in 10 people die, and the rest . . . RECOVER.

Am I saying that 1 person isn’t important?


I recently saw that a man who I have known ever since I was a teenager and a man that has always wished the best for me pass away due to the virus. I’ve seen people I know affected by it. Believe me, I’m not making light of the deaths.

But where do we stop my friend?

Panic, and FEAR are indeed the biggest killers, and I’ve written about the mind control that inevitably follows, and . . . . well, you get my drift.

And these silly lockdowns.

You can stop the tide of water behind a dam my friend. The Chinese managed to do it on their mighty Yellow River for ages with the Three Gorges Dam.

And even that dam is showing cracks now.

And when that dam is released, guess what.

The water don’t just go away.

Same thing with the virus. It will and is attacking with all that pent up ferocity now, and combined with the panic that is still spreading willy nilly, it’s doing FAR more to dent recovery of any sort than the actual illness it causes.

And no-one seems to “get it”, least of all States that seem to want shut everything down again, not thinking of livelihoods lost, jobs that may never come back, and so forth.

And in all this, of course. The India-China conflict, and the Chinese bullying.

And most gallingly, India, a nation that CAN AND SHOULD stand up to India not doing so.

PM Modi is hardly to be seen these days, except in poses of him doing yoga, and one “designer photo session” (so it seemed to me!) of him talking to the troops in the mountains and proclaiming that the “world has seen what India can do” and that “the era of expansionism is over”.

Hmmm . . .

All the while, Army senior, or those that USED To be in the Army are publicly calling the government out and rightfully so, because despite all the hoo haa about talks etc going on, the Indian government has quietly accepted the Chinese “claims” and literally given away the biggest slice of territory to China since it gave Aksai Chin away in the 60’s.

Something that could have been avoided easily then. The Indian Air Force, for one stood ready to blast the enemy positions away, but the pacifist government of the time didn’t allow them to fire a single shot!

And we all know what happened thereafter.

The government now is seen as anything but pacifist, but what is happening now is the same.

The Chinese have intruded upon Indian territory, refuse to leave, and have created a buffer zone on INDIAN territory, a fact the Indian mainstream media (mostly all bought or threatened by the Modi government) does NOT want you to hear.

And a fact that many in the Indian Army are DESPERATELY trying to get people to hear.

It’s not for nothing that senior retired Army officers of the rank of Colonel and above have come out and said they’re ASHAMED to be associated with a military as hamstrung as this, ESPECIALLY when the FACT is that India could easily defeat China in a dog fight!

The Indian Air Force is far superior in terms of technology and training, and so is the Navy. Combined, these two (think the Straits of Malacca in addition to the hills) would be more than plenty to stamp the dragon’s economic “might” (so called might) out (and indeed, THAT is why the U.S. has sent them three big and bad boys into the Taiwan Straits right now, so as to ensure the Chinese don’t gain control of it!) out once and for all.

The Army itself is battle hardened, and China’s mini skirt wearing “warriors” aren’t. As for the mini skirt part, just look at their National Day Parade back in October . . .

The most astounding fact is this.

The Chinese are well known for their salami slicing tactics.

They intrude, make some vague claims, refuse to fully retreat, and on the front of it all, they “hold talks”. Talks that last forever and go round and round in circles, and accomplish nothing (a very Chinese way indeed of negotiation) while they themselves quietly prepare for round #2 (and indeed, they have been preparing for this since April this year!).

The Indian think tank knew of it, and did nothing.

And they’re doing nothing NOW.

And lest you think it’ll end here, think again.

There is a very strong parallel, and I’ve said this before between what Nazi Germany did in the months leading up to the Second World War.

They walked into countries that weren’t theirs and took ‘em over, while world powers at the time just “watched”.

They built themselves up using the resources from those countries, and to those in India asking “why is this happening’ - - well - - that’s your answer my friend.

Believe me, the Chinese done ran out of the most important resources there are - - LAND - - and WATER a long time ago, so much so that they’re actually trying to construct “water highways” from certain water rich parts of their country to other more parched areas like the North.

And when I say their country, more than 60% of it isn’t even theirs.

Wasn’t that long ago that Tibet for one was independent and a PEACEFUL buffer state between the two giants, and ditto for Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and the rest (oh, and Hong Kong too in most senses, but not anymore).

And much like the virus lockdowns, delaying the war with China and deluding oneself into thinking that “it’ll stop at tiny land grabs” is postponing the inevitable which is war.

And taking back what they stole . . . from EVERYONE. Not just India.

Much like Nazi Germany didn’t stop at taking over ONE country, China ain’t gonnna be satisfied with one either.

Don’t believe me?

Have you seen what is going on in Nepal, where they walked in and took a border village as theirs?

Have you seen the Bhutan mess (yet again)?

Truly imperialistic nations are NOT satisfied with pithy land grabs.

Those are done to further their overall aims of “world domination” by any means necessary. Could be imperial Britain we’re referring to or Gengis Khan if we go back further, but the point stands.

Mike Pompeo stated that the Indians “did all they could” to counter Chinese aggression.

I laud the man for saying it like it is and highly admire him, but I have to disagree.

The Indian ARMY would have to disagree too, and they are.

A LOT MORE could and should have been done. I mean, this is a country which doesn’t hesitate to order air strikes and “secret incursions” in retaliation for terror attacks on Indian soil (and don’t get me wrong; they shouldn’t!!) and yet when it comes to china doing the same thing on a much grander scale, what do you hear?

(And yes, I know. Pompeo DID say he expected India to do MORE on the open seas. Double kudos Mike!!)

Crickets, and mumbles of “they’re too strong”.

No they’re not.

And even if they were, look how they got there.

Anyone in India, including yours truly has had to LEAVE the country to truly accomplish anything of note.

The same cannot be said for China post 1980’s, where despite all the other BAD things they did, they DID at least create a “free market” of sorts in their own country where they allowed some sort of capitalism to run unfettered.

Why can’t India do the same? Why hasn’t it?

In the 80’s China was actually BEHIND India in many areas, and the economies were roughly the same size despite the Chinese land grabs and despite them having more resources, and despite their reported figures being far MORE then the reality.

Anyway . . . I don’t think I need to say any more, do I?? ?

Simply postponing the inevitable, my friend ain’t gonna work.

And as for those that ask “why do I care”, well, other than the blindingly obvious - - it is THIS.

I’d rather be speaking English going ahead, my friend.

Not Chinese.

Much like I’d rather NOT have wanted to speak German or Japanese if I was around when the World War took place, if you get my drift!

It sickens me though that there are Westerners out there that publicly decry their own nations while a) accepting MONEY from their own nation’s governments and b) utilizing the benefits that come from having said passports - - and all the time support the rogue Chinese in the hope that their little fantasy worlds teaching English (or whatever it is they’re doing there) won’t suddenly dissolve one day.

Don’t get me wrong.

If you’re there, and you’ve got a thriving business there (or other reasons to be there), by all means stay silent and don’t rock the boat if you don’t want to or otherwise don’t “need to”.

If it privately bothers you, but you don’t feel comfortable taking a stance publicly, hey. By all means don’t. To each his or her own!

But when certain sections of the people PUBLICLY decry their own nations (comments such as “The U.S. is …… and China is where it’s at! Are not just baseless, but sickening as well given these people are accepting benefits and money from the former, not the latter!) and publicly do all they can to appease the rogues, THAT is when I start calling ‘em out for who they are, which is hypocrites with a capital H.

Let me be very clear, my friends.

The threat ain’t going away, and India as the next biggest power in Asia needs to do a LOT MORE to counter China and its expansionism.

Good news is if they do, it ain’t gonna take much. Much like when you pop a bully and he runs for the hills, never to return. The Chinese are the exact same my friend.

And as for those that bring out the (and there is a fair bit of that happening in India as of today) “you’re not an Indian supporter” if you don’t toe the official B.S. lines . . . well, I’m sorry, but that ain’t how things work.

That’s how Communist China works, sure. Not a democracy, and not a vibrant, albeit highly chaotic one at that . . .

And let me ask you this.

Is wanting one’s own land back being “unpatriotic”?

Is wanting not to be bullied “unpatriotic”?

Would you rather believe the Army officers who have been there and done that, so to speak, in terms of actually trying to DO SOMETHING, or the politicians safe and isolated from it all? (or the Chinese, who don’t even publicly acknowledge their dead soldiers, and don’t allow their family to cremate them in a traditional manner, etc for fear of having to “acknowledge the uncomfortable truth” publicly?).

I didn’t think so, and I rest my case. (but I had to say it).

But postponing the inevitable, again, won’t make the problem go away.

It will just INCREASE it if anything.

And fitness is the same damn way.

People in general are getting unhealthier and FATTER by the day.

More miserable.

More frustrated at the lack of direction and apparent control over their lives (and of course, when someone says this for the fact it is, it’s far more convenient to “shoot the messenger” than do anything CONSTRUCTIVE about the real Problem which ain’t the messenger himself or herself).

And when you ask these people what they’re doing about it?

Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nada. Zero.

“Waiting to see what happens”.

“I’ll get on the exercise tomorrow. Or perhaps day after. Or perhaps next month.

(or perhaps never) . . .

“I’m tired today”

“I deserve a break today!” (no you don’t!)

“I fought with my wife today! I’m mentally exhausted”( ok, I get it, but still . . . )

And so forth.

And all the while, as they postpone their own personal inevitable, the looming reality of the situation looms, not to mention the shirt buttons that start a-poppin and belt buckles that get loosened “on their own” if you catch my drift! ?

Postponing the inevitable never helps, my friend.

Might as well get on it now – and get it over with, or at least get started!

And that’s the most salient and indeed way too long lesson I can give you today. Im pretty sure it will cause some of the lookie lous to unsubscribe from the list, which is fine. As I wrote in another communique, which I have not sent out as yet; if you’re on the list merely for freebies, then you might as well not be there.

Youre merely postponing the . . .

. . . ah, but wait.

We went there, didn’t we?


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Stop postponing the inevitable, my friend. You KNOW you need the best damn fitness system out there. You KNOW it’s imperative you get that belly under control, and do at least a 100 pushups daily! You KNOW it’s important to be able to do at least ONE PROPER and slow pull-up if not more.

And so forth. . .

Get on the train NOW, my friend. Start right HERE!

P.S #2 – Point of a war, you ask? Well, simple. Take back Indian territory. Take back Tibet, or should I say LIBERATE the damn place. And you’ll see how quickly the Commies fall apart in other areas once that first step (and a most important one given Tibet’s natural resources!) is taken!

P.P.S. – For those that think I’m “B.S’ing”, please do your RESEARCH first and then get back to me on this. There’s no point making idiotic statements such as “China is the next superpower” with nothing to back it up. No it ain’t, and was never in a position to be so either! IF anything, it is India that has most of the characteristics you’d associated with a TRUE superpower “in the making”! Point being, of course, that India needs to (finally, at long last) get rid of the “in the making” tag and replace it with “made” . . . in India, preferably. Hehe.

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